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We Got This Covered started as a WordPress hosted blog known as We Got It Covered. Founded by three Toronto based university students as a place to write for fun, the site slowly expanded and after a week or two, the owners decided it was time to get their own domain. On June 28, 2010 We Got This Covered was born.

Currently, the only original founder still on board is Matt, who runs the website as Editor In Chief. Helping him out is a team of dedicated editors and writers which now numbers close to 20. Though only six years old, We Got This Covered is now a 6 million page views per month website with readers from over 225 countries around the world.

With a strong focus on film, TV and gaming, the website continues to grow month over month. Recognized by major outlets like MTV, Huffington Post, Total Film, Indiewire, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and more, and with over 500k followers across all social media platforms, We Got This Covered is a strong brand name in the entertainment industry. With no signs of slowing down, things are only going to get bigger and better from here.

Thank you for checking out the site. Please direct any and all questions or comments to info@wegotthiscovered.com, while all advertising inquires should be sent to brandon.dawson@freestar.io

Our Team

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    Matt Joseph – Owner, Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief

    Matt Joseph is the owner, co-founder and editor-in-chief of We Got This Covered, having started the site in 2010 as a side project before it became big enough to take on as a job. Most of his time is spent managing the day to day operations of WGTC and thinking up new ideas and plans to continue growing it.

  • matt-donato

    Matt Donato – Lead Film Critic

    Matt Donato is an NYC-based film critic and card-carrying member of the Online Film Critic’s Society. Matt’s passion for cinema has helped him achieve success through written words and on-camera appearances, which he manages to fit between bar stops in whatever film festival town he’s holed-up in. You’ll read a wide variety of content from Matt here at We Got This Covered, but his enthusiastic coverage of the horror genre is unmatched (and somewhat concerning). Seriously, we’re not even sure where he digs up some of these titles, but if there’s an indie horror flick on Rotten Tomatoes with only one review submitted, 9-times-out-of-10 you’ll see Matt’s smiling face next to it. Whether that grin is out of pleasure or insanity is still out for debate, though…

  • shaan

    Shaan Joshi – Gaming Editor

    If you were to track down any of Shaan’s friends from his childhood, they’ll probably talk about his (unhealthy) obsession with video games, which started when he received a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a birthday gift one year.

    Over the last two decades, Shaan has dedicated himself to learning just about everything there is to know about video games, and you’d be hard pressed to find a game that he won’t, at the very least, play for an hour or two. A couple of years ago, he decided to pursue a job in the video game industry, and is currently studying computer science in the hopes of becoming a video game programmer. In the meantime, he’s taken to writing reviews for We Got This Covered.

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    Lauren Humphries-Brooks – Staff Writer

    Lauren Humphries-Brooks is a writer, editor, and media journalist. She holds a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies from New York University, and in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. She regularly contributes to film and pop culture websites, and has written extensively on Alfred Hitchcock, cult TV shows, Classical Hollywood, and the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. She also works as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader.

  • sarahmyles

    Sarah Myles – Staff Writer

    Sarah Myles is a Londoner living in the North of England, whose cinematic obsession was sparked in 1988, by Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables. Sarah has immersed herself in the medium ever since, and now, when she’s not watching movies, she can usually be found writing about movies, reading about movies or dreaming up new ones.

  • briers_small

    Michael Briers – Managing Editor

    A writer, gamer, video producer and friend to all animals, Michael’s time with We Got This Covered stretches back to March of 2013 and since then, he’s become the site’s resident news hound. A long-time fan of Fincher, Nolan and many more, he also harbors a deep and abiding love for the video game industry, and remains hopeful that Final Fantasy can one day — one day! — emulate its former glories.

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    Mitchel Broussard – Staff Writer

    Mitchel Broussard helps with the TV side of things at We Got This Covered, writing reviews for shows ranging from sci-fi to rom-com and most of the stuff in between. He’s been obsessed with decoding and discussing the medium ever since Jack opened his eyes on Lost over a decade ago, and he’s tried hard to avoid unfavorably comparing every new show to it since then. He mostly fails.

  • yaniz

    Robert Yaniz Jr. – TV Editor

    Since the dawn of time (or maybe it only seems that long), Robert has been fascinated with all aspects of pop culture. Growing up throughout the 1990s cultivated within him a near-obsessive appreciation for film and television, but it wasn’t until he started writing movie reviews for the University of South Florida’s student newspaper that he was finally able to unlock the cinephile within. A professional writer since 2003, Robert has written hundreds of news articles, features and reviews on the entertainment world for various media outlets, including his own blog over at CrookedTable.com.

    When he isn’t writing away at home or at a local coffee spot (yes, he’s a Starbucks Gold Card holder), Robert can be found cruising around blasting Michael Buble or developing one of several creative endeavors he has in the works, including a live-action comedy web series he co-wrote. As far as favorite films, Robert credits The Matrix as the movie that first help sharpened his sense of the artistic side of cinema. However, he can always be counted on to be first in line for films directed by Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino and anything featuring the keywords “Batman,” “Star Wars” or “Muppets.”

    Whether the latest studio blockbuster or a low-budget indie, Robert finds plenty to love in all kinds of films (yes, both Marvel and DC alike). He’s also never shy to share his opinion on the latest pop culture happenings on Twitter and would love to chat with you there, as long as nobody bad-mouths Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Just kidding (sort of).

  • alex

    Alex Gibson – Staff Writer

    Alex has loved gaming ever since he and his dad used spend all night trying to beat nightmarishly difficult Sega Master System games. On Christmas morning ‘97, Alex awoke to a new PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII, and the rest is history.

    Having studied creative writing and Political studies, Alex has always wanted to exercise his passion for writing, and two years ago he realized that the games industry was where he wanted to practice his trade. As one of WGTC’s editorial and feature writers he spends most days studying the world of gaming and drumming up insightful topics to share his opinion. When he isn’t hammering away on his keyboard or browsing the net trying to spread the word of WGTC, Alex is riding his motorcycles, lifting weights or playing sport.

  • gabs

    Gabs Tanner – Staff Writer

    Gabs’ favourite ways of describing her career came from a friend of her parents. A lady sitting next to this friend hadn’t heard the term ‘Game Critic’ before so was informed that, “People make these things *insert wild hand gestures*, and she writes about them.” Perfect.

    Gaming days began with the GameBoy Advance, but true appreciation of the industry didn’t come until University – as flatmates gathered to play Left 4 Dead and Castle Crashers. Gabs very much blames that group of friends for her wide appreciation of gaming genres, with favourite titles including Virtue’s Last Reward, Persona 3 Portable, and The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

    The writing side of things spawned from her child-self hoping to show others what it’s like inside her little bubble of a world. It’s held a significance that has always stuck. Reviewing games therefore offered the best of both worlds, improving writing skills and knowledge of the industry, while connecting with fellow gamers.

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    Dylan Chaundy – Staff Writer

    Dylan Chaundy loves writing about video games and hails from a rainy corner of the world called Wales. Gaming’s been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. His old cassette-loading Amstrad was his pride and joy in his formative gaming years, where he discovered gems like Lemmings and the Dizzy series. His tastes have grown and changed over the years, but his favourite genres are survival-horror, RPGs and FPSs, though, he’ll happily give any game a fair shake — the weirder, the better is his general rule of thumb.

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    Eric Joseph – Comic Book Editor

    Eric Joseph is a freelance writer specializing in comic book movie and TV reporting, as well as critiquing. A lover of superheroes and extreme metal, he can be spotted frequenting conventions and nightspots in the Metro Detroit area.