Battleship Review

There are some moments in life when you’re suddenly made to face the fact that you’re just not as young as you used to be….

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The Pirates! Band Of Misfits Review

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Darling Companion Review

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The Raven Review

Besides being a celebrated author, Edgar Allan Poe was also one of the most vicious, merciless literary critics of the mid-nineteenth century. So one wonders…

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If there’s anything positive to be said about movies adapted from Nicholas Sparks novels it’s this, they certainly excel at one or more of the…


Lockout Review

Looking to action movies for intricate plotting and attention to detail is kind of like looking to a Justin Bieber song for nuanced lyrics and…

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The Moth Diaries Review

Mary Harron is a director who’s not squeamish about using copious amounts of sex and violence tinged with dark humour in her work. In American…


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There’s no doubt that bullying is the hot button issue of the moment. Between teen-oriented shows like Glee taking on the topic and campaigns like…