The Walking Dead Will Rise Again On A Special Edition Blu-Ray


The Walking Dead Will Rise Again On A Special Edition Blu-Ray

The Walking Dead will rise again on October 4th with a Blu-Ray re-release. Considering the original Blu-Ray for The Walking Dead Season 1 came out back in March, this is kind of an odd announcement. No doubt it’s being re-released to promote the upcoming second season but still, is anyone actually going to buy it?

We’ll be getting two versions, the 3 disc special edition and a limited edition. Both will include new special features that are as follows:

  • Pilot Episode: The B&W Version
  • Audio Commentaries On All 6 episodes
  • We Are The Walking Dead
  • Bring Out The Dead: KNB And The Art of Making Zombies
  • Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead
  • No More Room in Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon
  • Adapting The Dead
  • Killer Conversations: Frank Darabont & Greg Nicotero
  • In addition to the new features, the limited edition will come with an exclusive wearable zombie mask from NECA designed by the series own make-up artist, Greg Nicotero. Also, the first 100,000 units of the Blu-ray and Limited Edition Collector’s Tin together includes an EXCLUSIVE Cryptozoic The Walking Dead trading card.

    The Walking Dead Will Rise Again On A Special Edition Blu-Ray

    Aside from hardcore fans of the series, I’m not sure who would buy these new editions. Obviously if you haven’t yet picked up the Blu-Ray then this is the way to go but for those who have, people likely won’t feel like shelling out more money for nothing but a couple new special features. TV shows usually don’t get special edition re-releases on Blu-Ray and I’m surprised that they’re doing one for The Walking Dead.

    I already own season 1 on Blu-Ray and as much as I like the show, I can’t see myself buying a whole new Blu-Ray set less than a year after I got the first one. It just doesn’t make much sense.

    What do you think? Will you be re-buying it?

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