Born To Be Bad: Why Emma Frost’s Fall Was Inevitable


One year ago, in the aftermath of “Secret Wars,” Marvel launched a new era in X-Men history – one in which, once again, the X-Men were scrambling to save the mutant race from potential extinction. One character was notable by her absence, however, even leading to fans fearing she’d died with Cyclops: Emma Frost. But, as the last few months have revealed, Emma wasn’t dead; she was in hiding, playing a long game in which she manipulated mutants and Inhumans alike.

Now, the Inhumans vs. X-Men event has finally drawn that arc to a close, and in a twist pretty much every X-Men fan saw coming a mile away, the event miniseries has ended with Emma Frost returning to villainy. Ironically, though, there’s a sense in which this heel-face-turn was inevitable. Although Emma Frost has been fighting on the side of the angels since the early ’90s, she has a seriously troubled history – let’s check it out…

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