9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didn’t Turn Out Very Well

Enter the Matrix 666x360 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Making a game is really expensive. I mean, like really expensive. Way more expensive than making a cake, or a wardrobe. Games are a lot more fun and interesting though, so it’s all relative – right? I mean what video game would be less fun than looking at a wardrobe? Especially when the cash thrown at it is so immense.

Take, for example, the seminal Grand Theft Auto V. To date, it is estimated to be the most expensive game ever created, taking a team of hundreds over five years to create. Add to that the millions of dollars worth of advertising required to hammer the game into the public consciousness and the final price tag is nothing short of eye-popping. Still, it lived up to the hype, sold faster than turkeys in December, and was unquestionably more fun than flat-pack furniture.

It was a fairytale ending. But throwing money at things doesn’t always have the effect of making them great, as Bill Gates no doubt realized after he’s finished personally burying the last Zune MP3 player in the middle of the Arizona desert. (This may not have actually happened.)

The price tag of game creation is becoming more translucent, with the rise in eminence of sites like KickStarter, and the games themselves are swallowing more money than ever before thanks to better graphics, famous voice actors, film licences and so on. They’re bigger than ever, and it stands to reason that more currency is needed to create them. But tragically, the mark of said currency is sometimes utterly mystifying. Some games are so expensive – and so bad - that you’d be amazed to hear they even cost money at all, as opposed to, say, being bartered for some eggs, or painting the developers garden fence.

“What are those games??” I hear you impatiently crying. Well stop crying and I’ll tell you, but a note before we proceed. No Call of Duty games made it onto this list. Is it because I don’t think they’re bad? No. I absolutely do. Instead, it’s because Activision keep their budgets a military-grade secret – although I can’t imagine it would actually cost that much seeing as most of their sequels are brought to life via the magic of ‘Ctrl + V’.

*Please note that this article is reflective of my personal opinion. I know that some of these games received positive reviews on We Got This Covered but for me personally, they were disappointing.


9) Homefront – 2011

HOMEFRONT 2011 01 04 15 56 35 29 620x 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $50,000,000

Everyone was all aboard the hype train for this one. The train was packed out, in fact. Couldn’t get tickets anywhere. It was like a Rod Stewart gig. It wasn’t hard to see why, either. Homefront was promising everything that disillusioned ex-FPS players wanted: an isolated and personal single-player campaign where America was finally on the losing end, and an epic, vehicle-based multiplayer.

Instead, we got something that was the embodiment of “meh.” The single player aspect certainly had its thrills, but it also had invisible walls, generic gunplay, and could be beaten in around 5 hours. The main thing it had going for it was interesting story concept and script, purportedly penned by Apocalypse Now writer John Milius. Ask any one of developer Kaos’ employees, however, and they’ll suggest that he didn’t write a single word…

And as for that intense, online, vehicular combat? Just no. Crytek deemed the game interesting enough to buy the rights to, however, so expect a very good looking sequel later this year.

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8) Duke Nukem Forever – 2011

duke nukem forever2 700 575x360 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $30,000,000

What can be said about Duke Nukem Forever that hasn’t already been said about Guantanamo Bay? It’s a horrific blemish on the skin of humanistic society, and the President himself needs to see that its wiped from history. That is to say, it was a poor quality video game.

Duke Nukem, though! That guy’s the boss, to be sure. He deserves the title way more than Bruce Springsteen. He stamps on aliens’ faces and objectifies women while wearing a vest. He’s a modern hero. Right? Unfortunately, when you have a central character this deep, getting a game together good enough to house him is always going to be a lengthy process.

10 years, in fact. And probably just as many studios. George Broussard (boss of ill-fated 3D Realms) is said to have laid down $20,000,000 on the rights to the game alone. In the end it landed on Randy Pitchford’s desk, the man who later gave us the nauseating disaster Aliens: Colonial Marines – another game that wouldn’t look out of place on this very list.

Keep clinging to Borderlands, Randy!

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7) Enter the Matrix – 2003

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Estimated cost: $20,000,000

Oh God yes, a Matrix video game! You were blown away by its state-of-the-art visual trickery and mind-bending story of spirituality when it opened at the cinema, and now you get to take control of nouveau-Superman Neo as he nonchalantly brain-slams a bunch of well dressed henchmen and stops bullets in midair with only his well manicured hand. Oh, you don’t get to play as Neo? Well, who do you play as? Will Smith’s wife..? I’m out.

OK, OK, maybe that’s not fair. She was a feisty enough supporting character, and I bet those slow motion karate ballets are fun as Hell to execute. What’s that? The animations look like malfunctioning Jim Henson puppets? The official soundtrack tunes have names like “Kick Jab Stab” and “Smelly Sewer”? It was so severely drab and repetitive that you’d be hard pressed to even call it an ‘action’ game? Seems like maybe I should have gone with the blissful ignorance of illusion and swallowed that blue pill instead.

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6) Beyond: Two Souls – 2013

beyond two souls film festival1 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $27,000,000

I would imagine that a large portion of this vast, vast amount of money went on Ellen Page’s salary. And then, whatever David Cage had left over he gave to Willem Dafoe – because surely no money was spent on actually writing this turgid abomination. I’ve written before – at some length – for my hatred for this game, and finding out that Sony gave Cage nearly 30 million dollars with which to fuel his ridiculous mind-wank has done little to quell my rage.

To recap, you play Ellen Page, who plays some other girl, and she has some kind of pet ghost (called Aiden) who floats around watching her take showers and objecting to her dating. Dafoe looks after her for a while, and he works for the preposterously titled US Department of Paranormal Activity. Then she joins the CIA. Then she’s homeless. Then she’s in war-torn Somalia. Then she’s a clichéd goth teen again. Then she goes on holiday to the Bahamas and Aiden rides a jet-ski.

Fine, that last one isn’t true – but might as well be, for all the muddled nonsensical barf that Cage insists on covering you in. And you know what else they must have saved a lot of money on? Mapping actions to the controller. In fact, I’m 90% sure that if you threw your pad out the window it’d be about 3 or 4 hours before you needed to go fetch it again to press another button. Dammit, wait, this is the bit where I can take Ellen’s bra off! Where did I throw it this time?? OH GOD A RACCOON IS RUNNING OFF WITH IT.

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5) L.A. Noire – 2011

lanoire3 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $50,000,000

I would be blown away if $49,999,999 of this didn’t go into those facial animations. I mean, look at them. LOOK AT THEIR FACES. Jesus, they’re so real. This game’s three yeas old now, and on a last-gen console, and it’s still outshining every single other game that dares try and have characters with faces in it. Even famous Hollywood characters with actual faces like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Cough.

L.A. Noire was impossibly well presented, and a perfectly captured slice of the the dark underbelly of ’40s California. What it was not, on the other hand, was that good of a game. It hurts me to say it, even today, but there’s no escaping the fact that it was simplistic, disjointed, and dare I say it, a bit dull.

Rising through the ranks of the L.A. Police Department – as well as having free roam of the city itself – sounds like a virtual dream come true, but in practice it was little more than an on-rails point and click adventure. It was Grand Theft Auto with the stabilizers on. Arguably that gameplay choice was within context – to begin with at least – but that context quickly dissolves when you’re running around candlelit sewers looking for a schizophrenic with a flamethrower by the end of the game. If rumours are to be believed, this technology is coming back in a big way for next gen, with formerly broke developer Team Bondi’s spiritual sequel Whore of the Orient.

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4) APB: All Points Bulletin – 2010

All Points Bulletin Reloaded APBR 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $50,000,000

APB had the same budget as L.A. Noire. Scottish developer Realtime Worlds burned through it to make this game, and it ended very badly for them. The worst part is, it’s almost impossible to see why. Whereas L.A. Noire clearly used their credits to develop cutting edge technologies, APB just kind of… doesn’t.

Imagine, if you can be bothered, a Grand Theft Auto Online rip off, that’s somehow even more boring. A sparse, empty sandbox of a game, populated by a few other players aimlessly running about. Just running, not even deathmatching. Yes, despite being able to draw and fire guns, being outside of a “mission” will mean that the bullets pass right through you enemy. The worst you can do to the opposition in this instance is type out some “your momma” jokes.

Worst of all, for jaded hacks like me at least, Realtime Worlds set an embargo on the review that was not lifted until a week after the game had been released. That, quite obviously, meant only one thing – the game was mind-bendingly average, and they knew it.

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3) Too Human – 2008

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Estimated cost: $60,000,000

If I asked you to pick a game, any game, at random that you thought would have cost over 60 million dollars to produce, I wonder how many games you would list before you got to Too Human. My guess is too many. The reason it did cost so much is probably pretty simple to identify, however. Redesigning the cover art so many times.

You see, first announced way back in 1999 for the original PlayStation, Too Human spent an astronomical 10 years in development. It saw the PlayStations 1, 2 and 3 come and go before finally finding a home on the Xbox 360. And that’s a lot of cover art redesign. Think of all that printer ink they used! The more I dwell on it, the more 60 million dollars actually sounds about right.

The game itself was a distinctly mediocre experience, comparable to a cybernetic version of Diablo, if Diablo were terrible. You run around, hacking and shooting, looking for loot drops with which to upgrade your hacking and shooting equipment.  And then… umm… no, that’s it.

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2) Crysis 3 – 2013

Crysis 3 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $66,000,000

When it first entered the fray – with its tech requirements so high that only people with an IBM loyalty card could run it - Crysis was instantly divisive. Sure, it looked like nothing you’d ever even dared to dream about before, but was it actually that good of a game? Were graphics everything? Were they not remotely important? Either way, the benchmark had been set, and “can it run Crysis?” entered the lexicon for everyone measuring the power of their computer.

Then, shock of all horrors, it came to the console market with its sequels. Could the Xbox 360 run Crysis 3? Well, as it turned out, not really. It was buggy and more than rough around the edges, and the PC master race were furious that their game had to be dumbed down for the casual console crew.

Still, millionaire PC owners could max out the graphical settings if they so desired (which they absolutely did) and only then did that 66 million dollars worth of creation start to reveal itself. The overrun, I Am Legend-style New York looked sensational, and it probably would have fared better if it had simply remained nothing more than a kind of virtual art installation. The idiotic aliens ruined it, as is so often the case in life.

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1) Disney Infinity – 2013

disney infinity screens 5 9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didnt Turn Out Very Well

Estimated cost: $100,000,000

Disney Infinity opens like a multi-million dollar game. It’s really quite beautiful to behold, and captures that “magic” of Disney perfectly. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s not long before it peters out though, and you’re left with nothing but an interactive pat on the back for the people that made the original films.

What do you do then? Well, you inhabit various characters from teeth-shatteringly cute Disney/Pixar films, and just go around admiring all the references to the films. That really is it – and I, for one, can’t get enough! I hope they monetize it by releasing DLC packs for future film releases!

In some respects it’s utterly baffling to see how this game cost 100 million dollars (!), because it’s just some run-of-the-mill platformer, no different to Spyro The Dragon or some other fluffy kids dross. Maybe developer Avalance Software had to buy the characters from Pixar individually, for like 5 million each. And if you’re sitting there thinking “Pixar?? How could they create something that’s terrible? They’re geniuses!”, then all I have to say to you in return is Cars 2.

What’s you’re opinion on the cost of games these days? Is it necessary to the industry? Let us know below!

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  • guimps

    Beyond: Two Souls is not a game, can’t be rated as one. And you call yourself a “critic”, heh?

    • Tourke Hamerwolf

      Agreed, interactive cinema needs to be it’s own genre. But he was commenting on the shitty story so his critique is still valid.

      • Rodney

        Sorry but the story is actually really good…

        • Zac

          Your claim means jack-shit unless you back it up with some analysis.

          Come on, how was Beyond Two Souls’ storyline good?

      • Ciarán Utting

        Thank you Tourke Hamerwolf. And I hope that is actually your real name.

    • MacMan

      Beyond: Two Souls was great, I don’t know what the hell this guy is talking about.

      • Ciarán Utting

        Neither do I.

      • Zac

        The game kind of has mixed reviews for a good reason. So you should know what he’s talking about, unless you’re a fanboy in denial.

        You’re better than that, come on.

    • Ciarán Utting

      No, I do not call myself a critic. I call myself an imbecile.

    • Manuel Granados

      I thought you could interact with it, by you know, making decisions and pressing buttons and it had gameplay.

      Should have known I was watching a movie so I could just press play and let it roll instead of you know, wanting more. Like not an awful game.

  • Wighead

    you forgot duke nukem…

    • Ciarán Utting

      I actually did. Plz help me write my next article.

      • Wighead

        Is that a joke? Are you mad at my comment or do you really want my help for your next article? You look like a stressed out person, you might want to relax a bit, it was just a comment, a reminder that Duke Nukem Forever was said to be one biggest waste of money in gaming at the time… I’ve never seen a writer so eager to reply to all comments made by his readers and I might say insulting replies…

        • Ciarán Utting

          It was a joke, yes. Although you’re more than welcome to help me if you want to. I like encouraging new writers. I’m not out to insult anyone, this is just some internet article about computer games, not a UN Peace Treaty. It’s a bit of fun.

        • Kastle

          Dude you are a crybaby. He was being playful and joking.

          • Wighead

            Yeah at first I thought that he was being playful and joking but after looking at all his replies it left me wonder… I just hope he’s not frustrated or anything for such a comment on an article that is not really important in the history of gaming anyway.

  • CC

    Personal opinion does not make a game the worst. I have yet to talk to anyone who thinks LA Noire is a terrible game. In fact most people love it.
    Yes, Beyond two souls is pretty much universally mocked, but LA Noire isnt.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I didn’t say LA Noire was terrible. I said the gameplay was sadly very simplistic considering it cost 50 million dollars to make. That’s waaay more than my house cost, and my house is very complicated.

      • Jared

        It’s not any more simplistic than GTA V, which you had a wank over in the intro.

        • http://www.pixelgeddon.com/ Shane Stevens

          The only major issue I had with the game was the obvious lack of variety in female facial models. There were, it seems, 3 in total that were just given different hairdos while there was a huge variety of modeled male faces. It was really weird.

          • jhk655

            yeah yeah, they all look the same to you. I get it.

          • ganja

            yeah, yeah, that comment is just dumb and unnecessary .

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Prymula/100002817349876 Michael Prymula

      Beyond Two Souls has an average user score of 8.1 on Metacritic, hardly what I would call “universally mocked”

      • Satire?

        A user score on metacritic is hardly a measurement of quality.

        • Ademro

          It is definitely the measurement of quality. There are far more user reviews then their are professional reviews, and just because you are payed to express your opinion it doesn’t mean that it is more important. All that matters on games is if people enjoyed the game, and if it has a 8.1 metacritic user score, then I would think that people have enjoyed it.

          • Zac

            Mass Effect 3 has a 5.1 user score. Why? Because of the ending. That’s it, the ending. And there’s a ton of reviews that are 0, 1, 2, 3… Do you really think Mass Effect 3, even if the ending WAS awful, deserves such a score?

            So, when users are willing to throw away critical analysis and rate games because of single things that they like or dislike, I’d say that the opinion of a random scrub, or a group of random scrubs, on the internet that doesn’t have a shred of objectivity in them is worth less than nothing.

            So it’s not a measurement of quality. Especially when the people who buy the game are fans of that specific genre, anyway.

          • Ademro

            I forgot that their are some games out there that are like that. I will definitely give you that. It sucks that the community of Metacritic has to look like a**holes when it comes to games like that. All in all though, you can get about 99% of the games accurately.

          • Zac

            To be honest, either way, I don’t think it matters. Even though there are some reviews that are objective, remember that all objective means is ‘to judge without bias/personal taste’.

            Never means you’re right about the game, or if someone will even like it. I don’t think Beyond Two Souls is a very good game, and I’m not entirely sure there’s anything that can convince me otherwise.
            And, to be fair, that doesn’t matter either. Because that’s just my opinion. Even though an opinion matters more with critical analysis, who cares?

            My problem is the amount of people who throw dung at the reviewer, and call him an idiot because of his opinion. I mean, he just thinks a game is bad, he’s not saying that sacrificing babies to the devil should be legal or anything. It’s embarrassing to read how childish people are.

          • Ryan

            Your comments on this article shows you’re a hypocrite, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant, who uses physical and mental disorders as insults.

            You don’t have the right to talk about how other people are childish when your own comments are just as bad.

            You take gaming and comments about gaming far too seriously. Time to grow up, Zac.

          • Zac

            “Your comments on this article shows you’re a hypocrite, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant, who uses physical and mental disorders as insults.”

            Citation needed, motherfucker. Otherwise, you can take your baseless claims and go fuck yourself.

            “You don’t have the right to talk about how other people are childish when your own comments are just as bad.”

            Citation needed, and, actually, contrary to your dumb belief, I do. I have the right to talk about a shit ton of things. Maybe you live in some third world shithole that stones people in the street that are even semi-smart. I guess that would explain your level of intelligence.

            “You take gaming and comments about gaming far too seriously. Time to grow up, Zac.”

            I’m afraid I don’t care for your values on what should and shouldn’t be taken seriously. My issue is with people, like you, who believe that people should be censored if anyone so much as states an opinion people don’t agree with.

            I don’t even remember saying anything offensive in this comment chain. I was just stating facts. Guess people will get angry even if you state facts now.

          • Steve

            Excuse me for jumping in, but if you didn’t care so much about what Ryan’s values were, then you wouldn’t be replying back. Like you said, it is your opinion, but it would be best to keep it to yourself for those who enjoy the game.

          • Zac

            “Excuse me for jumping in, but if you didn’t care so much about what Ryan’s values were, then you wouldn’t be replying back.”

            He made a personal attack on me, friend. Baseless ones, at that. It’s human nature to be upset about that.

            And, again, what do you mean keep my opinions to myself? They’re not keeping their’s to themselves’, so why should I? Personal attacks on many levels have been made at the author for his opinion, an opinion they didn’t have to read or acknowledge, but they chose to. When I do it back to them, I’m the bad guy?

            I’m sorry, man, but no.

          • Drew

            Zac, you are my hero.

          • Zac

            Just keepin’ it on the straight and narrow. :)

          • Ryan

            All anybody has to do is read your comments on here.

            Zac (6 days ago) “Go fuck yourself. People have the right to post their opinions on this site. My opinion is that you’re an asshole.” -Proof of your childish replies.

            Zac (7 days ago) “Are you some sort of autistic reject, or what? I can’t believe you just compared the gameplay of LA Noire to Red Dead Redemption. People are such morons.” -Proof of using a disability as a personal insult and attacking intellect because their opinion doesn’t mesh with your own

            -Telling someone else that they’re childish and attacking the attackers for attacking the author proves you’re a hypocrite.

            -Attacking people based on their opinion on a game because they don’t think like you do proves the ignorant/arrogant part.

            -Commenting as much as you do in the manner you do proves you take gaming way too seriously. Gaming is supposed to be fun, but you obviously lost the plot long ago.

            -A truism is not a personal attack.

            -It’s not about censorship, it’s about acting like an adult. Something in which you’re obviously incapable of doing.

            Citation’s given.

            You’re a sad, angry, arrogant, ignorant, immature child who’s life revolves around video games. You go on the defensive the moment anybody dares question you or insults the author’s opinion with your two wrongs make a right mentality. Again, truism, not personal attack.

            You can deny and/or justify it all you want, your actions and comments prove everything I said about you to be 100% spot-on and speaks volumes of your overall maturity and character.

            Zac (4 days ago) “People are irrational and biased over things that don’t even remotely matter worth a damn, and those people can go die for all I care.” -Pot calling the kettle black. This would be almost comical if it wasn’t so sad. Can’t see the forest through the trees, can you?

            I won’t be replying to you again as I’ve made my point about you and your actions crystal clear.

            Time to own up, have a hard look at yourself, and start acting like a man. That, or erase your comments and go on, which is far more likely.

            You’re not the solution, you’re the problem. Time to grow up, Zac.

          • Zac


            Keep crying.

          • Colin Mcsperritt


            Don’t care.
            Keep crying.”

            If you’re going to ask for citation on acting like a childish cunt, don’t follow it up with childish behaviour.

          • Zac

            Oh, backing out of continuing to argue with a dude who cares so much that he’s going to post a massive essay is childish?

            I mean, let’s be honest, my response would have to be about as long. And how long would it go on for?

            This dude is a whiny bitch who attacked me ad-hominem for whatever reason, I don’t want anything to do with him. Don’t follow suit.

          • fakaaah

            BTS is a amazing game i love all the endings of it and how it pulls you inside of the story!! i close this site now for ever becuase if its this bad in rating games then i dont know why i would come here again

          • Mr_Pepper

            Most Microsoft exclusives are going to be trashed by the user as well because of the Sony fanboys. Not only that COD and Battlefield get trashed by the user because of the others fan boys. User score is based on hype and fanboyism

          • Matthew Priestley

            Yeah, I’, sure Sony fanboys spend their time giving xbox games bad rating. Jesus wept! This obviously means you, as an xbox fanboy, do that yourself because people only get paranoid about other people doing random things because that’s the thing they would do themselves.

          • Bartholomew Bakr

            You gave a humble and well-reasoned response to Zac, Ademro and then you go and say something stupid like “you can get about 99% of the games accurately”. Really?! Jeez, just say “quite a few” or “plenty” for the love of all that is scientific!

          • Logical Reason

            Not just the ending though…I found the over all game play to be pretty damn stiff and lame. Just didn’t find it that good a GAME over all.

          • Zac

            That’s fair enough. While I enjoyed the exploration and story, the gameplay just sucked really bad. It just got to the point where I didn’t even want to bother going to random planets because it might mean I have to fight. And that’s a waste of time.

            And don’t even get me started on the multiplayer.

          • Matthew Priestley

            Well I agree Mass Effect 3 deserves a higher rating than that, the game was a massive disappointment compared to the second one. That’s not because of the ending (I had the updated ending and didn’t mind it), but because the game overall had something missing over the second one.

          • Zac

            Agreed. Even if Mass Effect 3 had the best ending in the world, it wouldn’t make it a better game than Mass Effect 2. There’s a ton of objective and subjective things that I like and dislike about Mass Effect 3.

            One thing that urked me in Mass Effect 3 was the really cheesy sense of humor it had. Example: Jack and the swearing scene. Ugh.
            Let’s not forget that DLC BS Bioware decided to pull.
            There was also a lot better exploration in terms of star systems and the like, as well.

            But, still, overall, it doesn’t deserve the score it got. And was it just me, or did the gameplay in 3 suck more than in 2?

          • Matthew Priestley

            I don’t think it’s just you, the gameplay wasn’t as polished in 3. Also, I seem to remember having a big problem with the camera. It’s still a good game, I just think the second one raised the bar too high.

          • Colin Mcsperritt

            “Mass Effect 3 has a 5.1 user score. Why? Because of the ending. That’s it, the ending”

            1. The lack of Reaper intelligence, not attacking the Citadel until the late-game?
            2. The “super-weapon” story-line. Many gamers knew a shit ending was incoming when they saw that THIS was how the game ends.
            3.Not enough Reaper confrontations. Given all that we know about Sovereign and the reapers from the lore, we expected Reapers to just annihilate worlds and “darken the skies of every world”. We saw a little of this on Earth and very little elsewhere, they were pulling their punches.
            4. The Cerberus story-line, ESPECIALLY the Kai Leng parts. Seriously, this was fucking dumb. I understood that Cerberus were the bad guys but here it was just lazy writing to turn them into comic book villains.
            5. Lack of a real end-war. Seriously, the war effort goes nowhere. I expected to be aboard the Normandy during an epic battle. I expected to FIGHT REAPERS!
            6. Harbinger not present for 99.9% of the game and NO DIALOGUE with him.
            7. 60-70% of the game’s side missions are FETCH QUESTS. Mass Effect 2 had much better side-missions than this tripe.
            8. Gone was the epic music-writing of Mass Effect 1 and 2, sad piano music can be played every few scenes.
            9. The idea of a weapon being developed for eons, with the most flimsy and unsure means of passing it down from generation to generation as one of the dumbest ideas ever.
            10. They stripped the main idea behind the Story of Mass Effect from 1 and 2. Dark Energy Problem. If you didn’t know what this was, there was supposed to be a cataclysmic universal event coming that the Reapers and many organics throughout history wanted to prevent…. don’t like that? Okay, let’s create synthetics to kill you, so you dont kill yourselves with synthetics! GREAT JOB!

            No Zac, it’s not JUST the ending that gives it such a low score. Don’t misrepresent the majority of disappointed gamers that were left scratching and shaking their heads at MORE than just what I listed here. There’s a lot more behind the disappointment of Mass Effect 3 than the ending and it’ll take a lot more than “the ending was in your head” to get rid of the taste of that game.

            Mass Effect 4 has to do a lot to get the majority of people back on board. Seriously, ME3 can be equated to the Star Wars Prequels. Oh, I forgot, people only bash that because of Jar Jar, right?

            Though if you want a small list of things it got right:

            1. It looks better.
            2. The reapers LOOK good.
            3. Reaper converted enemies look GREAT.
            4. Voice-acting is top-notch.
            5. Player abilities work better even if the weapon system is worse.
            6. Level design is great.
            7. Rannoch, THIS felt like it was written by a different team and should have set the tone for the entire game.

          • Zac

            Buddy… I was talking about Metacritic, not the entire community that is spread out over several different websites. While your complaints seem mostly valid, none of them were aired on Metacritic.

            It was rated 0 by angry fans who talked about nothing but the ending, especially when it first came out. Sure, maybe there were a few that deviated, but my comment was obviously not completely serious. Obviously some people on Metacritic feel differently, I don’t believe 100% of the people that voted 0 was angry just because of the ending.
            But guess what? The mass majority of them were. Don’t believe me, then go look it up for yourself.

          • Guy Brohski

            Just because someone leaves a user score doesn’t mean they played the game, lol. User scores mean jack $#!%. Now, what’s the critic score again?

          • Colin Mcsperritt

            Yeah, if you want a more honest review it’s best to get impressions and full reviews.

          • Ike

            but people who are paid to express their opinions are actually paid to express their EMPLOYERS opinion on their behalf, to make the opinion seem more genuine.

          • grumpytrooper

            You are aware that Metacritic has the highest number of “voting trolls” of any site aren’t you ?

            People just go on there and upvote (rate them as 9/10′s)bad games and downvote (rate them as 0,1,2′s) good ones. MetaCritic is the least trustworthy rating site on the internet.

    • Zac

      I, personally, disliked LA Noire. But I recognised it’s accomplishment. Rockstar Games release art, and it’s often overlooked. Red Dead Redemption’s story is mature, and shows how the world really works. GTA is a massive satire of America, and shows all it’s flaws and how Americans see these flaws are pros. LA Noire focused a lot on gameplay, but it’s characters were so fleshed out and real that it wasn’t even funny.

    • Sean Macy

      LA Noire was incredibly boring.

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      I enjoyed LA Noire tons, it just felt short with not enough to do considering the size of the map. But that game WAS cut short compared to the original plans due to various problems.

      I also enjoyed Beyond (but hated Heavy Rain, terrible acting and story) as while it was mostly an interactive movie, I felt they got the balance right for what they were aiming for.

  • Gemelos1208

    Da fuq? Beyond Two Souls wasn’t that bad, the only bad game might be I don’t know, The Fighter Within? LocoCycle? Duke Nuk’em? Anyway, BTS was a good game.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Every time someone says “BTS was a good game” and indie developer loses their life. Please help stop this injustice.

      • ashford

        Indie developers are just up their own arises! Its good news if they die.

        • http://www.pixelgeddon.com/ Shane Stevens

          You are a complete moron.

          • Jay

            Sooo what about people with different taste in games ? I don’t give a crap about BTS but seriously though if others like it so what ?

          • MrMidstream

            Indie games DO suck.

          • Colin Mcsperritt

            MrMidstream, while I appreciate that your post is merely a troll comment and is in no way indicative of your actual intellect (I hope) I would like to point out that there are more Indie games out there than you could list, let alone play in your free time.

            It’s unfair to claim that Indie games suck, especially as you should understand that all that qualifies them for this title is that they were self-published.

            Planetary Annihilation is an Indie game that appears to be more complex than most RTS games made to date. The only difference between it and Starcraft is that it doesn’t have a big publisher behind it.

            An Indie team can range from one to maybe more than fifty people. If you judge the quality of the game by its label, then I’d have to say that I trust the opinion of a blind-deaf mentally handicapped frog, than yours.

          • MrMidstream

            IMHO, indie games suck. I’ve been suckered in to actually buying a few of them after hearing all the online hype from folks like you. Never again! I’m pretty sure the majority of gamers are starting to see how much they suck as well. Just search for “indie games suck” on google and you will see.

          • Logan

            So it’s unfair to say Indie games suck, but okay to say a major company’s game sucks, an that it’s not even a game? Kind of biased.

          • Alex Trabal


          • Al. Lopez

            so…you’re telling me that…Call of Duty OMG GOTY EVERYEAR is better than Indies. (I know I might be late, but Remember No Man’s Skys? you know, from the creators of Joe Danger? its one of the E3′s winners of the show.

            as longest we ain’t talking about Phil Fish on this subject….


          • MrMidstream

            Indie games suck man. Comparing an indie game to a game like Mass Effect (any indie game) is like comparing a turd to a Ferrari.

          • Al. Lopez

            if indie games sucks….

            then why No Man’s Skys won E3? (not Nintendo im talking about, the E3′s Games of the Show winner) and heck its FUCKING Indie game made by 4 people.

            or maybe you don’t have a good taste of games in general.

          • MrMidstream

            It did not win anything sir. Please stop lying.

          • Al. Lopez

            I’m 100% sure i did my research before “lying” to you. in fact most Gaming sites decided to vote this game anyway.

            also http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-27807167

          • MrMidstream

            lmbo oh I get it. So of the hundreds of cheap gaming sights out there, like the ones you mention, 1 or 2 of them claim it “stole the show” xD Come on man, get lost with that crap lol

          • Zeta Reticuli

            well while you are force fed a pile of shit every year by big name devs most of us will cherish quality games made by people who actually give a damn about the game they made. BTW DayZ is a indie game, So is Rust, So is No Man’s Sky the list goes on, but if you chose to be ignorant fine, more fun for us :)

          • MrMidstream

            lol ya …more fun for you…Whatever you say Bubba Nuts! =D

          • Aggh

            Rust and Dayz are nice concepts that are poorly executed because they’re allowed to get away with it as “early release” titles. They don’t really stop the vast majority of indie games from being hipster garbage.

      • Steve

        *an indie developer loses their life. Honestly, if someone hates a game or just dislikes it so much, then they should keep their mouth shut and let others who enjoy the game, enjoy the game.

        I mean you don’t see me posting my opinions on CoD forums or in the community about how bad or terrible the franchise is? I know how much the game has no originality, but since I know people enjoy the game, I am gonna keep my beliefs to myself because I don’t want to start a debate or create a flame wars.

        • Simmonds

          While people shouldn’t spout utter garbage on the internet (i.e trolling, insulting for no apparent reason etc.) I would not like to live in a world where everyone kept their beliefs and opinions to themselves, expression is the foundation of any culture, especially the american founding fathers, any american can tell you they have the right to freedom of speach. While you have a point about not wanting flame wars and whatnot you went about it the wrong way.

          You shouldn’t be afraid of expressing your opinions about CoD games just because people may or may not agree with you. I’d also like to just mention constructive criticism, you should look it up sometime.

          • Fartbucket

            Well said. I just wanna make the point that it’s important to distinguish between expressing opinion/beliefs & forcing them. I’m all for saying what you want on the internets, because it’s the internets. There are some fanatical, mind fucked butt nuggets out there that want us all on our knees before Jesus, Allah or (insert load of bullshit deity here) in public schools, in public everything for that matter, in our homes & everywhere. I want opinions when I want them, but only when I want them. In other words, make sure you distinguish things like free speech from things like lobbyism, brainwashing, fear mongering etc. “Free speech” does not include things like those Jehovah Witness assholes selling their God on my fucking doorstep! If they wanna make a website to advertise their non-sense then fine, but keep it away from me unless I come looking for it. Ya say’n?

          • Zac

            Amen and salute. Censorship sucks. Anyone who believes someone should just ‘be quiet and not state your opinion’ should be kicked in the balls. It’s not like he’s up on your doorstep like “Oh, btw… Beyond Two Souls sucks”. That’d be forcing his opinion down your throat, and he’s not doing that.

          • carolsdavis

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          • SmokinTheFuseBox

            That doesn’t give someone right to just shit on everything they dislike. Coming with constructive critism and tips to make it better next time would be more appropriate.

        • Nibblo

          I would agree with you if this was an article about how much someone loves BTS but it isn’t, it’s about (partly) how much they hate BTS so your anger is confusing to say the least. It’s actually equivalent to reading an article about how much someone hates COD and then complaining about all the commenters who agree O_o Weird.

        • Colin Mcsperritt

          “then they should keep their mouth shut and let others who enjoy the game, enjoy the game.”

          Sure, if it were a GAME. You can’t gameover, only one sitting is necessary, there’s no secrets, there’s no GAMEPLAY and you can spend 99% of it with the controller UP YOUR ASS.

          • Logan

            You still interact in it. There’s other games like it. Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain. Just because you’re not a fan of narrative gameplay does not make it any less of a game. As far as indie developers go, they are getting a lot more attention now a days with kickstarters and green light. It’s all about personal preference, you didn’t like it, that’s fine, I did, oh well. This is the shit that tears the gaming community apart. I personally don’t like WoW or LoL, but I know people like it and play it, that’s great, they’re still part of our community. So I’ll enjoy the controller up my ass while you enjoy whatever games you like. Fair?

          • Alex Trabal

            I like the controller up my ass.

          • batman’spants

            wait.. you just used other games by the same dude to say there were similar experiences out there.. try again..

          • Jamie

            I honestly don’t mind that some people don’t like these type of Narrative games but I think they’re awesome. Some people should do some research on a game before playing it instead of just assuming its a game they prefer and they ripping it to pieces. There are some games and types of games I don’t like but that doesn’t mean they’re bad games. They’re probably fantastic but just not for me.

          • Kaiser679

            Nah, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a game a movie a piece of fruit or a sex position. People are entitled to their opinions and the right to express them, whether you agree or not.

          • batman’spants

            bravo. even cage moaned about how you ‘shouldn’t see this as a game’ and ‘playthrough only once’, in a REALLY lame attempt to cover up it’s inadequacies..

        • Kaiser679

          No offense dude, but last I checked most of us live in countries where the freedom to express opinions is not only granted but treasured, and this whole idea of “if you disagree with MY opinion, you should just shut up.” is incredibly annoying. It’s the internet. If you don’t want to hear conflicting opinions, you’re welcome to stop reading.

        • Jason

          You know most people would prefer telling people what they don’t like as opposed to what they like. Its why most things on the internet is fairly negative, and they will fight to the death for the right to tell you something sucks.

      • fruitcake555

        Well, considering that for every 8000 indie games we are bombarded with
        maybe ONE is worth playing for an hour or so, we can afford your statistic.

      • kelllllllllllllllllllsie

        I love indie games, but I also loved BTS. I sure hope no indie developer dies because I *like a video game not by an indie developer*

        • Logan

          You are one of a rare breed of gamers now a days. Thank you.

      • Razzly

        Over dramatic much?

      • elixer8062

        I don’t care about developers. All I care about is whether I like a game or not. Some like it some dont. That’s life.

    • Zac

      No, it wasn’t. It was a linear, repetetive concept that wasted so much of it’s potential. I couldn’t stand Jodie and her broken logic, and how she would constantly jump on ‘hot’ guys despite having some ghost watch her. It was a lame game.

      • Chromatic

        Jusat because thats how you choose to play it, my Jodie never did that. But its linear right?

        • Zac

          Yes, it’s linear. So Jodie must have done that when she invited that one agent who was berating her a single scene before the level to her apartment.
          Even when Aiden tries to mess it up, she’s desperate to bang him. Then chickens out the second they get on the bed.
          And the douchebag just leaves her there. I mean, how am I supposed to like asshole characters like these guys?

          • EK

            Depending on how you play it, you can not even make it to the bed. Options were so subtle that people tought there were no options at all “Press x to Kill him” or “Press y to Save him” oh that’s great option dialog. SUCH choice MUCH wow

          • Zac

            Nice strawman you’re putting on there, friend. Cowards tactics, if you ask me, though it’s not like this was any serious debate, so it’s all good.

            But I’m not exactly convinced. When I pissed Jodie off enough, she to Aiden to get lost rather harshyl, Aiden just simply stopped responding to her and they went to the bed anyway.

            So, I don’t think so. Unless you can provide evidence, then I’ll apologize.

          • dee23

            “But I’m not exactly convinced. When I pissed Jodie off enough, she to Aiden to get lost rather harshyl, Aiden just simply stopped responding to her and they went to the bed anyway.

            So, I don’t think so. Unless you can provide evidence, then I’ll apologize.”

            If you don’t believe the game can play out differently you can look at youtube footage or google alternate scenarios for the chapters in the game. The game allowed me to do everything I wanted to do. It didn’t force relationships like many other games. I didn’t like the agent guy and I made it clear through my dialogue options and the way I chose to treat him. I chose the options to pull away when he tried to kiss Jodie and I told him I didn’t forgive him for lying to me when he sent me to kill an innocent man in Somalia. I left him horny and filled with regret. He didn’t even get a kiss on the cheek from Jodie when I played the game. Such is the freedom I was given as the player. I treated the agent guy so bad by the end of the game I almost felt sorry for the guy and nearly caved, then I thought fuck it ….I want to fix the game so my version of Jodie can’t be forced to have the Hollywood ending. I kept him alive just to break his heart and turned him down and then I cut him out of her life for ever. She never even looked back. She settled down with the friends she made when she was homeless, who cared for her enough to read and talk to her when she was in her comma and I looked after the little kid she brought into the world when the homeless woman she befriended was in labour. My version of Jodie homes is still a virgin and wasn’t traumatised or fucked up because I was smart enough to leave the bar scene early so the bikers never attempted to rape her. That is probably why she got weird when she was in bed with the agent in your playthrough since she still had memories of dudes trying to bone her in that sleazy bar on the pinball table, Jodie foster style.

          • dee23

            Dude! Are you serious? In my play through Jodie didn’t kiss anyone. She rejected the agent guy’s attempts to hit on her and tried to be platonic because that is how I wanted her to be and I didn’t like the guy since he pulled her away from her father figure when she was younger and was initially cold towards before he realised he could use her talents. I saw through the shit and refused to let him fuck her. I made Aiden scare him shitless and he left without any pussy. My Jodie reunited with the people she met when she was homeless since they were genuine and took her in and were the closest she had to family. The game is what you make it. If you thought the game was shit, you made it that way. It’s not Cage’s fault it’s yours. My playthrough would have made for an emotional, moving movie and was satisfying and this is coming from someone who has played GTA5 at launch,Uncharted,Sleeping dogs, Infamous,Resistance 3, The darkness,TLOU,TWD, and the rest of that generations best games.

          • Zac

            “The game is what you make it. If you thought the game was shit, you made it that way. It’s not Cage’s fault it’s yours.”

            Wow, I can’t even take you seriously after you just said that. It’s not Cages fault that his storyline is shit, it’s MY fault? Lmfao. Let me tell you something, bro. No matter the choice I make, the game’s storyline should be emotional, deep and rich with good dialogue. If you’re saying that it’s acceptable to have one path be UTTER shit, and the other paths to be awesome as hell, then you’re ridiculous and you accept mediocrity.
            ALL paths, no matter the path you take, need to be entertaining. If I want to be a villain, make it entertaining. If I want to be a good guy, make it entertaining. THAT is how video game storylines are meant to be. Jesus christ.

            Sure, you can reject him later on. But the fact that he was even forced into your view was bad writing. It was terrible. He’s constantly trying to bang you, he’s around every corner, and Jodie, in the apartment, tried harder than ever to bang him.

            The rest of your comment is just rambling. No evidence was given for rejecting him within the apartment. She tries hard as shit to bang him, to the point where it’s impossible to simply make him leave before they get to the bed. Evidence and I’ll apologize. Otherwise, please take your mewling elsewhere. I’m really not interested.

          • Zed

            In real life, making shity decisions splatters shit all over you. That’s what you got.

          • Colin Mcsperritt

            No, he got poor writing and poor implemented choice mechanics. Life is about cause and effect and there is no story. Don’t make this comparison again, it’s fucking stupid.

          • Tim Owens

            It’s true…life has no story. Life is just flavorless jello..LOL that statement was fucking stupid. Try stepping outside, and you will discover that all life is,, is one big story full of choices. If life had no story, the term “Based on a true story” would be bullshit. Your statements are even more stupid than Zacs, and I just flushed him!

          • Kate

            For me BTS was a kind of unusual experience. It was more like a movie but you can choose how the main character will act. And I liked it. Really dont get what is the difference between this game and GTA, Sims, The Wolf Among Us some MMO or stuff. They are just different games with different gameplay. Just because you didnt like it doesn’t mean its a bad game o.O. Same goes to the author of the article… The title should be like ”

            9 Incredibly Expensive Video Games That Didn’t Turn Out Very Well IN MY OPINION”, especially many of them got good feedback and good notes. So… wth? If you didnt like the plot well… one can not comfort everyone.

          • Joshua Harter

            Zac, you sound like an idiot. Dee…I love you.

          • Zac

            Well, you’re a cunt, so it’s okay.

          • Al. Lopez

            have you played Heavy Rain and any Telltale games before?

          • Zac

            Yes. Why?

          • Tim Owens

            Yes, just like in RL, no matter what choices you make, everything is wonderfull and emotional and blah blah blah…what a joke. I can’t help but wonder if you realize how little sense you make. Anyway…im done. Flush.

          • Zac

            Are you, perhaps, saying that the game has to be real life? That it has to be 100% realistic, even though it’s full of ghosts and shit? Are you retarded?

            No. The game can’t drop the good dialogue and the good story just because you made a ‘bad’ choice. If there are options that allow the story to degrade in any way, then guess what? That’s bad design.

            Stop being a fanboy. That’s the real joke. You’re pathetic in your defense of that awful game.

          • Tim Owens

            No, what I am saying, is if you make stupid and boring choices, then you deserve a stupid and boring gaming experience. As for being a fanboy, I find that actually amusing, since anyone who knows me, knows I actually dislike this game. However my reasons are valid reasons. It’s “Mish-mash” story approach annoys me, The writing was a bit boring and none of the characters are likeable. However my point is, the games not as bad as the writer of the article made it out to be, as it is enjoyable enough to complete, just not worth a second playthrough, and your complaints about being linear are just stupid. since that’s either ignorance from not researching what you yap on about, or just outright lies. Take your pick.

          • Zac

            “No, what I am saying, is if you make stupid and boring choices, then you deserve a stupid and boring gaming experience.”

            I find it hilarious that you say that and think that’s okay.

            I mean, stupid and boring choices. Wouldn’t the fact that they’re in the game prove that the game has bad design/story? Why would it even be in the game if it’s boring, it detracts from the enjoyment and it detracts from the replay-ability.

            And why is that what you deserve? That also adds to the bad design.

            And that game was linear. “Here do this, do that, oh no, you can’t do anything different or experiment with the selling point of the game or anything, just stay on rails and do what we tell you. Want to talk to these people and get background information and add depth to the situation you’re in? Shut the fuck, don’t think like that, this is interactive enough!”

            Face it, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • batman’spants

            ‘and he left without any pussy’.. greatest. sentence. ever. .. still hate the game, but you have made a friend..

          • Tim Owens

            Uh……The games far from linear…Take for instance that my Jodie never took anyone to bed…just cause you played a bit slutty says quite a bit about what you were looking for in a game…..

          • Zac

            Nice assumptions, but you’re a liar if you’re sitting there saying that you skipped an entire level somehow. There is a level dedicated to Jodie trying to bang the agent.

          • Tim Owens

            Nice assumption, but that’s not at all what I said…It’s fine, learn to read. What I did say however is that my Jodie never took anyone to bed. It ended at the dinner table as can be seen in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6qUZC2L8HI

      • Clara

        I agree on that part, I wished I could of slapped her or something or somehow avoid the situation all together, I haven’t gotten to play it myself but I suspect that in one of the past memories perhaps acting differently to what’s-his-face would maybe end up cancelling the whole date night all together. And honestly, I don’t get why she jumped at him so eagerly, he wasn’t even that interesting.

        • Duane Cotton

          It pretty much depends on the choices you make. When I played I didn’t want her to have any romantic involvement with that douche.

          When she thinks allowed that is the game asking you what you want her to do. In my case when she questioned what she should wear I made her dress casual instead of slutty or sophisticated. I tidied up the apartment but I ordered pizza instead of trying to impress the guy with her culinary skills and I kept things platonic. He didn’t even make it to first base. If he even so much as had a lustful thought about her I would have had Aiden bitch slap him or temporarily cut off his air supply. I’m over protective like that. In that scene, Aiden and I were one in the same.

    • Dirty Butt Master

      We’re those games “incredibly expensive”?

    • Guy.

      fuck you.

    • Guy Brohski

      LocoCycle and The Fighter Within weren’t incredibly expensive to make, though. Knack might be a better example than those games.

    • Paperworkdan

      I’m equally astounded to see L.A. Noire on here – thoroughly enjoyed that :)

    • jxs9

      I played some of it and hated it. Especially those controls. Definitely sucked for me. But if you enjoy it then good for you.

  • 9

    L.A. Noire was a great game. I admit that the budget was pretty damn high for a game that was more of a rental than one to own but still.

  • Pigshit99

    “it’s still outshining every single other game that dares try and have characters with faces in it. Even famous Hollywood characters with actual faces like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Cough.” thing is, L.A noire aactually had the voice actors faces in it with motion tracking or something, so that you can tell if they’re lying or not. thats kinda why they look so real.

  • Ag Da Truth

    whers is star wars the old republic?

  • yoloainttrue

    Wtf beyond two souls is like 20 dollars at gamestop

    • Ciarán Utting

      Sir, I award your gag 10/10

  • yoloainttrue

    O wait nevermind

  • yoloainttrue

    But beyond two souls may not be a great game, but is sure of a hell good story

    • Colin Mcsperritt

      “But beyond two souls may not be a great game, but is sure of a hell entertaining story”


      • Chris C.

        Do you have aspergers or something?

  • John

    GT5 should have been on this list over L.A noire and BTS

    • Ciarán Utting

      This is a very controversial opinion. Help yourself to my job.

  • Midori Inaba

    I actually enjoyed Enter The Matrix more than what I should have I guess. It was a pretty dumb game, but I had fun with it.

    L.A. Noire? I thought that had been recived as a pretty good game… but wouldn’t know. Not my type of game so never tried it…

    • Mark

      Yes! I had fun with Enter the Matrix. The hacking mini-game was really cool too.

  • Dennis Gammaray

    Is this guy on bad mind trip as Beyond 2 souls was amazing, take your hatred elsewhere

    • Ciarán Utting

      I took it to church originally, but they told me to take it to an online entertainment website.

    • Zac

      Go fuck yourself. People have the right to post their opinions on this site. My opinion is that you’re an asshole.

      • Dennis Gammaray

        wow really thats the best you can come up with, Im so hurt bwahahaha, your so pathetic that i cant even take that comment seriously

        • Zac

          I wasn’t trying to impress you, I was stating facts, you autistic reject. Your intolerance for a mere opinion is embarrassing to the human race.

          Looks like one contribution to the gene pool was better off not made.

          Was that better, little kid? Maybe you want to try your hand, too? I’ve always been curious what inbred wit is like.

          • Dennis Gammaray

            Mummy send you to bed before game time Zac, grow up you uneducated retard your making a fool of yourself

          • Zac

            That’s all you got? And you act like you think you’re something?

            Damn, kid. That’s some sad shit you got there. Go nerdrage elsewhere.

          • Ted Allfinch

            You do a fine job of contradicting yourself and coming off as a highly self absorbed sociopathic hypocrite. Just saying. Your statement “Your intolerance for a mere opinion is embarrassing to the human race” can be applied to yourself 10 fold. And that is my opinion. You’re entitled to yours. Have a nice day sir.

          • Zac

            “Your statement “Your intolerance for a mere opinion is embarrassing to the human race” can be applied to yourself 10 fold”

            Citation needed, motherfucker. I never slammed his opinion, so I can’t be a hypocrite. And what do you mean sociopathic? Retarded thing to say. Can’t help but think you don’t know what neither word means.

          • charles

            Why are you such an asshole?

          • Zac

            Because I’m aggressive to aggressive people, honestly. The only reason you think I’m an asshole is because I’m wiping the floor with fools that think they’re intelligent. I’m not even intelligent, I can just see stupid and falsehood where it’s at.

            People are irrational and biased over things that don’t even remotely matter worth a damn, and those people can go die for all I care.

  • Nathan Wallace

    Another comment about beyond two souls coming through:
    Personally, if you can’t take things like Social Statement into play when reviewing a story you probably shouldn’t be reviewing at all. The story was not played out in a natural linear fashion, you play a characters entire life separated into chunks and mixed to give the player/viewer the best experience. Making choices in ellens life as a teenager will effect her possible choices in the future. The game is complex enough if you actually look at it, but nothing is as amazing about the game as the social commentary it conveys. I don’t usually find myself as connected to a character in a game as I did with this one, and it really opened my eyes up to many different facets of how we function and interact with each other as a human race. The game literally gave me an interactive experience so in depth as to make me see certain things about life in a whole new aspect and in many ways give me a whole new view and respect for life in and of itself. Anything that can do that is worth the 6-9 hours is may take to learn such things.

    • jagtaz78

      thank you. finally someone who enjoys that game as much as I do. I can’t wait for a sequel!

      • Chris Needham

        Same! Love it and wrote a review to express how good this game is.

    • Clara

      Yay! Some one who enjoyed the game, I loved it (well watching it) *sigh* I wish I could of played it myself, but still, after watching every part of it and how it connected. I really liked the dynamics of the game. How every action has a consequence or a reward and how doing certain actions in the past can trigger new situations in the future. Really it was great to watch, loved any moment, however I do see it’s flaws and don’t blame people for not liking the game but me personally, I loved it.

    • Replying to a bunch of idiots

      / Look a bunch of morons that couldn’t see a good storytelling even if they stumbled upon one!

      • Nathan Wallace

        ^ Look, a guy who wouldn’t understand social statement if he was stuck in the middle of shindlers fucking list lol.

        Looks like a lot of people agree with you as well.. Oh wait.. That’s on my comment not yours.

  • Dan Druff

    For your information, the Zune was pretty cool. The marketing for it was the problem.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Haha, to be honest, I did actually own one too

  • Robert Every

    Yet another Last of Us fanboy sadly. La Noire is a great game, not that much different to Red Dead in gamepley.. OK i can understand the point behind a budget being OTT, but are we finding out also how much the games took retail? No, so utterly pointless article. Anything that doesnt start Drake or zombies these days get bad reviews. Naughty Dog coders really have this much time on their hands???

    • Ciarán Utting

      Sorry about this pointless article, I wrote it in a rush in-between coding some Uncharted 5 DLC.

    • Zac

      ” La Noire is a great game, not that much different to Red Dead in gamepley”

      Are you some sort of autistic reject, or what? I can’t believe you just compared the gameplay of LA Noire to Red Dead Redemption. People are such morons.

  • Loord

    I thought this piece was very cleverly written tbh, and I imagine it was meant to be amusing more than anything. I found it hilarious, anyway. His “hatred” for the games people are getting upset about (Noire/ 2 Souls) seems VERY tounge in cheek.

    • Ciarán Utting

      You are good and cool for thinking this.

  • someone

    So you love candy crush I think (I hope you hace noticed my sarcasm) it’s more than obvious that games with a good story are not for you

  • anthony


  • Xenrae

    Game creation is an art form, and sometimes it just misses the mark. Too bad for the investors. Sometimes an indie company nails it with a few bucks, too. A good thing. I think knowing these numbers helps with the sting of DRM – or at least it should. Naysayer’s gonna naysay. Great article, and even better handling of trolls. I’m cracking up.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I award you 5 gold stars for this comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Prymula/100002817349876 Michael Prymula

    Screw you, Beyond Two Souls was a fantastic game.

    • Ciarán Utting

      You make a powerful counter-argument. I have actually changed my mind now.

      • Guest

        He’s just the typical $0N¥ PAUPER.

  • Christopher Nolan

    Let me begin by saying that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, regardless of that person’s level of intelligence. However, when it comes to Mr. David Cage and his so-called “interactive films” I feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment.

    Why? Because every “interactive film” that Quantic Dream has produced to this point has been underdeveloped in terms of it’s storytelling and writing direction.

    Indigo Prophecy started off strong, with the premise of a murder mystery, through the eyes of both the killer and the police detectives, but by the end the only thought that stood out in my mind was how absurd and ridiculous the story had gotten. Heavy Rain was average at best, only because it doesn’t feature anything abnormal/alien. As for Beyond: Two Souls, put simply it is nothing more than an abysmal waste of time, money and acting talent from both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you believe that these stories, this level of writing is compelling, then you are fooling yourself.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I have now voiced mine.

    • Ciarán Utting

      And this coming from, what I can only assume, is the real Christopher Nolan. And this guy knows ‘story’.

    • jagtaz78

      and my opinion is that you stop playing those games and let others enjoy what was an amazing experience. Otherwise, feel free to make your own game.

      • Zac

        What is he doing, exactly, that obstructs you from enjoying the ‘game’? Is he, perhaps, hypnotizing you through your monitor? Or is he posting his opinion about the game, which everyone has the right to do?

        You can’t handle other’s opinions on a video game that clash with yours… lol. Your entire comment reeks of fanboy.

  • Zarlyy

    Beyond: Two Souls was so boring. so was la noire.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Achievement Unlocked: My Respect (0.1G)

      • anon

        Wow! You’re so clever!!!

  • Billsen

    You forgot the ET game for the Atari 2600… ;-)

    • Kevin

      Developed in five to six weeks by one guy. Not exactly high budget.

  • PissedOffSmoker

    LA Noire falls a bit too far down the uncanny valley for me. Most of the games I don’t know so can’t speak to though.


    I tried so hard to like Beyond: Two Souls. I love Ellen Page. I quite enjoy WIllem Dafoe. I’m a massive fan of Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. But as much as I wanted to like it, ultimately it was just a bad game. Same with L.A. Noire, I just couldn’t get into the repetitive slog of case after case after case with nothing new to offer. It was like the first Assassins Creed in the respect.

    However, Too Human I loved. It’s one of only a handful of games that I’m played through to completion, and immediately gone back to the start and played through again. I absolutely loved it on the hard settings, it was sort of a Dark Souls experience of constantly being killed, but having a real sense of achievement in completing it.

    All of this is subjective though, that’s what makes the games industry great. There’s something for everyone. I can’t stand Call of Duty since they went modern day, and Titanfall gets me about as excited as taking my scrotum to a cheese grator. Everyone’s different, as are their tastes and likes.

    • jhk655

      If you’ve only played a “handful” of games to completion then your opinion is meaningless in this topic. Not exactly what you call an expert opinion.
      That’s like me saying “Until now, I’ve only ever watched 2 movies fully: caddyshack 1 and 2. but The Untouchables was awful”

      • Sera

        He said it’s one of a handful of games that he’s played to completion AND THEN IMMEDIATELY started a new playthrough. Not one of the only games he’s complete.

        • pulseimpact

          I know right? Some people just don’t have basic comprehension skills.

      • Zac

        So if you play 79 hours out of an 80 hour game, your opinion on the game is useless?
        Why? I’d say you’ve played enough to know many of the elements of the video game.
        Is everybody on this site a mewling little crybaby, or what? Jesus.

  • BlueCollarCritic


    Regardless of whether one agrees with your personal take on these games or not its still cool you took the time to write this. Most who are more troll then reader have probably never had to invest the time it takes to produce even a small article.
    I am curious about one thing with these expensive failures and perhaps your experience in the industry can shed some light on it. How do these kinds of expensive debacles make it to the end? I find it hard to believe that the investors just hand over say 50 million and don’t check back in till the end.

    That said, how about a Top X list along the lines of ‘The Top X Hit Games That Were Not Nearly As Expensive As You’d think’?

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks BlueCollar, and interesting question. Usually it’s the investors that are the problem. Far from handing over the cash and not checking back till the end, it’s more likely they check back ever day. And every time they do it will be to see if the latest generic trend that they think saleable has been crammed into the game.

      It’s the equivalent of producers rounding up the world’s most talented and creative musicians, and then asking them to perform cover versions of songs that are already in the charts.

      • BlueCollarCritic

        So if the investors are interfering at that level how then is a game like Duke Nukem able to sit in development hell for so long and still be released in such a poor state? Speaking of Duke Nukem and another failure by the same guy (Colonial Marines) how does someone like that get a second game after the epic failure of a previous game? Is this guy some kind of top notch salesman/BS’er and this is able to con the investors?


  • Kieran Franklin

    Is it just me, or is the only thing he complained about CRYSIS 3 was the aliens? He goes on and on about the older CRYSIS games and how the graphics had to be dumbed down for the console versions but doesn’t actually say why CRYSIS 3 is bad game, not even once. So what was the point of putting a game on a list about bad games when your not even going to say anything bad about it. well if you don’t like aliens that’s your problem, but don’t complain about a good game and say it’s bad just because you don’t like aliens.

  • ashford

    You have awful opinions!

    • Ciarán Utting

      My youth pastor agrees with you.

  • Tom Graham

    Finally someone agrees with me that LA Noire was a massive diappointment and missed opportunity. When a game demands that you convict one of 2 possible people for a crime that you know from the evidence neither one of them committed that’s bad enough. But for the game to reward you or punish you (via a cutscene with your boss) depending on the decision you made is nonsense when neither suspect was guilty. Made it pointless playing it, just going through the motions picking a conviction at random without even bothering with the evidence due to it making no difference either way. Could have been good but for the sake of attempting to have an overarching story they ruined it for any gamer with half a brain

    • Ciarán Utting

      You are a brave and noble warrior.

      • http://www.pixelgeddon.com/ Shane Stevens

        Because he agrees with you? That’s a pretty shallow viewpoint, especially for a reviewer.

    • jhk655

      The police department in the 40s was nuts. Hell its still nuts. Its all politics. If that’s your complaint try again. You missed the point of the game.

  • Duli

    Beyond: Two Souls was great and you guys lost a reader..

    • Ciarán Utting

      You’re going to stop visiting an entire entertainment website because one of the writers doesn’t like the same game as you?

  • Duli

    And u said L.A. Noire is bad too!?!?!
    Go play call of duty on xbox than..

    • Ciarán Utting

      On page 1 of this article, I state that I think CoD is terrible.

      • Zac

        Guess he treats everything like a picture book.

        • ZacSucksItUp

          Ciaran Utting: 8=======D—-
          Zac: *SLURP* *SLURP* *SLURP*

          • Zac

            I’m glad I pissed you off so bad that you resorted to this. GG. You totally win.

  • xXKrUsHeRXx


    • Ciarán Utting

      Oh hi David Cage

    • Zac


  • DDarko

    I just want to say that David Cage’s games are not for everyone and I think Beyond 2 Souls was a valiant effort and a pretty interesting game, albeit not as good as Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy aka Fahrenheit. Beyond 2 Souls is not a linear game and is meant to be sorta like the film “Memento” in that the story is broken into chunks and taken out of chronological order to show you Jody’s whole life and let you make decisions in the past that would affect the future. It got decent reviews and I think it was a good and innovative game though the story did get a little convoluted and disjointed, it was still an enjoyable experience and unlike any other games out there. I bought LA Noire on release day and thought it was good for what it was. The players choices in the overall story were limited but it did a fantastic job with the mocap and voice acting, so much so that I would love to see that tech incorporated into other games for more realistic characters and emotions of said characters. My point is that neither of those games were “bad”, they just weren’t for everyone and I think they were well-done games for what they were

  • R6ex

    Just when I thought “The Last of Us” was my personal GOTY, “Beyond Two Souls” was surprisingly so touching that its even better than TLOU. Yes, gameplay is simplistic, but in terms of story-telling, its the best of the 2013 titles.

    • DDarko

      I agree with you, I think the story and presentation of BTS was awesome, if only a little convoluted. But the character’s performances were fantastic imo and it can’t be that bad of a game if my best friend could sit by and watch me play the ENTIRE game and not get bored once. There aren’t a whole lot of games that you can enjoy just watching but BTS is one of them, and even better if you’re playing it.

    • Soldier 7

      I can’t decide which was my favorite of the two, but BTS was a riveting game and I couldn’t put it down.

  • Enrich925

    Beyond:Two souls was a great game. No, not for everyone, but there isn’t a single game on earth that everyone will like (except pong, everyone loves pong).

    • Ciarán Utting

      I do love pong.

  • ak4sh4

    Personally I disagree with the crysis 3 because the cost is justified mainly by used technology and the plot suits it, it is not simply that kind of game like W3, mafia where story plays a big part in it. Every time new crysis comes out. Its the best looking game there is if you have the proper HW for it, and what is even better on this series is that all three games are very well optimalized so you can run them even on pretty old machine and it will still look better than majority of games…if you compare it to Serious Sam BFE for example.. that game looks like its 8 years old, has terrible optimalization and completely unjustified requirements on HW, and it is just mindless shooting without proper background story whatsoever.

    • Ciarán Utting

      A fair, constructive counter argument. I hope you stick around.

  • ColaFlavourChewits

    Usually I get irritated reading this kind of article, since they usually use the ‘it’s just my opinion’ argument to get away with complaining about a game without making any real points. Not in this case though; the writer justified his opinion well, and happened to do it with an entertaining bit of humour too.

    Plus I’m glad to see David Cage’s writing chops being questioned; it surprises me how often he’s given a free pass:

    “So here’s an idea; let’s write a story where the protagonist is influenced by an apparent supernatural force to commit murder; it could play out like an X Files-esque murder mystery grounded in reality, but with zombie sex and Matrix-flying-kung-fu against robot-internet and the Illuminati.”

    “Great idea Dave, have all our money.”

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks for the kind words, Cola. As for Cage, we should start a petition.

      • jagtaz78

        and again, if u hate it so much, stop playing them. no one is making you. you hated his games from the get go, yet you continued to play all of them and spew your hatred about as you did. play something else.

        • Zac

          You’re so pathetic, dude. Go outside, man.

  • Ryan F

    The cost to disney infinity was pretty insane, but it’s made disney boatloads of cash.

  • Soldier 7

    I can’t disagree with you more. Beyond Two Souls was one of the best games I played last year. Next to The Last of Us and Tomb Raider. I could hardly put it down, it was so intense and emotional. The characters and story really drew me in. I’m glad I didn’t listen to and others like you and played it for myself. If you like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain I have no idea how you cannot like this game? It was excellent.

    • Zac

      Because opinions, friend. It wasn’t objectively a good game. Very few games can be called that. The fact that it has mixed reviews across the board shows that people have mixed opinions about it.

      From that point alone, I’d say it’s not exactly a good game.

      • Soldier 7

        And yet many people love it. So I think it is a good game and you are wrong. See how that works?

        • Zac

          No, I don’t see how that works. Just because you don’t think it’s a bad game, doesn’t mean I’m wrong unless you’re omnipotent. That’s just retarded.

          Grow some brain cells, bro. Your last ones are dying.

          • Soldier 7

            The fact you can’t see how that works is proving my point. Are you omnipotent? Just cause you say it’s bad doesn’t mean I am wrong. Just let it sit with you a bit, you’ll get it eventually.

          • Zac

            I said I think it’s bad. You said I’m wrong. Then you ask if I’m omnipotent. You’re the one acting as such.

            I never said that just because I think it’s bad that you’re wrong to think it’s good. It’s fine to think it’s good. It’s not fine to say that objectively, the game is good, especially when it gets mixed reviews. You should be honest, someone who doesn’t know that might pick it up based on your BS.

          • Soldier 7

            Since when do we hold cred to critics? The game is good, several people I know would agree with me on that. If you don’t like it that’s your deal but I will tell anybody to ignore the bad reviews cause they are nuts, this is a top tier game that everyone should play. Anyone who played Heavy Rain should like this hands down, it’s even better than Heavy Rain, it’s the best game Quantic Dreams has made yet.

          • Zac

            Again you go on stating things like they’re facts. Sorry, but no. It’s your opinion that it’s better than Heavy Rain. It’s certainly not mine, and a ton of people that I’ve talked to and seen.

            Drop your omnipotent act. Who do you think you are telling people that if they think the game is bad, then they are crazy? Says who, a random dude on the internet?

            Doesn’t hold up, sorry.

          • Soldier 7

            You just don’t get it do? You and the author of the article are doing the same thing. Telling everyone the game is bad as if everyone agrees with you. I only wrote my first comment as a retort against the author’s to show them that not everyone agrees with their very opinionated one sided opinion.

            You’re a hypocrite to your own words. You mouth off about me but you are doing the exact same thing. The fact that you cannot see it is what makes you infuriating. You act all high and mighty but you are just as bad as you claim me to be. So get off your high horse, quit acting like you know everything and listen to your own advice before spewing it off to me.

          • Zac

            “You just don’t get it do? You and the author of the article are doing the same thing. Telling everyone the game is bad as if everyone agrees with you.”

            Never said that it was objectively bad. YOU said it was objectively good. That was what I was against. So, I’m not as bad as you, really. What makes YOU infuriating is the fact that when you read things, if that’s what you’re doing, it only lasts inside your head for 2 nanoseconds before defaulting back to your fanboyish insecurities.

            What YOU need to do is learn to read and quit strawmanning me. That being said, I can’t be bothered with you and I’m beyond caring. Go suck some dick somewhere.

          • Soldier 7

            And there you go, resorting to childish insults therefore proving I am the better man indeed and making everything you said to me completely invalid. Well done, way to keep your cool kid. Come back to me when you can learn how to carry on a real conversation with people and not just run to your obvious lack of vocabulary choices.

          • Zac

            Being aggressive and rude does not make one’s argument invalid. Take the mantle of the better man if you wish, even though you’re proving to be an sensitive pussy, but my argument has not been refuted by yours at all. That’s a fact. If anything, you’re running away.

            Contemplate a clue and get back to me in a decade.

          • Soldier 7

            It’s amusing still that you think your argument is valid over mine. It’s not, that’s the simple truth of it. Your argument and the author’s is no more opinion and propaganda than mine is. The fact you keep arguing any differently is beyond me, there is no objectively speaking, it’s all opinions. There is no way to say that a game is good or bad objectively. Just cause people review it poorly or excellently means nothing, because they’re reviews are still just opinions, their opinions, Some will like it and some won’t, that goes for anything. Cause if I stand back and objectively look at the game, it’s near perfect and one of the most pleasurable experiences in gaming and story meshed together. The game is good, you’re being prick and that is all there is to it. So keep on slandering me and calling me names, it just further proves I am not only the better man but the obvious mature one who can keep his cool when challenged.

          • Zac

            I don’t see how my argument that hasn’t yet been challenged is more valid than someone who constantly contradicts his own argument and strawman’s the other person’s. That’s the posterchild of bad arguments. “The game is good, that’s all there is to it.” really? Pfft. And what if people objectively think it’s bad? Because people do, there’s nothing that shifts their viewpoints, they don’t think it’s a good game.

            My argument is that the game is not objectively good because many people did not like it. Yours is that it is objectively good because you view it as such.
            To say that your opinion is just as subjective as everyone elses, then go on to say the game is objectively near perfect and I and everyone else is wrong is EXTREMELY contradictory and paints you to be a hypocritical fool with no intellectual understanding of the basic definitions of words.
            Saying the story and gameplay is a perfect mesh means nothing. Prove it. Where is the great storytelling? Where is the great gameplay? Stating these things and saying their true just makes you look like a fool with a god-delusion.

            Better man? I think not.

          • Soldier 7

            And again, since you can’t seem to understand this, you saying it’s objectively bad is only based on opinion. Again, my whole point to you is that YOU actually are taking on the god complex here and saying YOU are right over me when both sides are just opinion. I can say it is objectively good because I believe it has everything in it that makes a game great, as do many other people. You can’t argue against personal opinion. What one person finds good another may find bad, objectively is actually about the stupidest word you could be using. All you are doing this whole time is trying to convince me that the game is bad because a few people think it’s bad. When all the while there are many who actually think it’s good.

            In fact so many that if you go on meta critic it not has an average score of 70 for from reviewers, which better than average, but the actual user score average (most important according to you) is 8.1 out of 10. Meaning, objectively, that most people who actually play the game think it is quite a good game, better than average. So don’t tell me about objectively when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Agreeing with one persons opinion on a single video game website does not a fact make.

            You may not like the game, but in all actuality, most people do. In the end though, it doesn’t even matter. If I say the game is the best ever you have to accept that because it is my opinion, just as I have to accept you might not like. What I do not accept is people acting like it is a fact when it is their opinion and spreading propaganda about something when they are actually in the minority with their opinion. It’s fine to have your opinion, but if you are in the minority then don’t try to act like it’s a fact. The fact is, more people like the game than don’t and objectively speaking that makes it a good game according to you. Your school session over, run along now.

          • Zac

            I see where your stupid position is coming from, and I’m tired of your BS, so I’m just gonna end this quick.

            “And again, since you can’t seem to understand this, you saying it’s objectively bad is only based on opinion.”

            That can’t be true. Here’s the definition of Objective, since you’re too stupid to understand:


            1.(of a person or their judgement) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.
            “historians try to be objective and impartial”

            As you can see, me saying it’s ‘objectively bad’, which I didn’t even say and you’re yet again strawmanning me, can’t be based on opinion. My analysis of the game was objective.

            You then go on to completely misuse basic terms like a fool. It’s almost like you’re not even reading my comments. I think the game is objectively average. I think, personally, it’s an awful game. Get it?

            “All you are doing this whole time is trying to convince me that the game is bad because a few people think it’s bad.”

            No, I’m not. I’m saying that you saying that the game is good, and that’s a fact, is wrong. That’s you trying to act like an omnipotent god. The fact that people believe otherwise, to a large degree, proves that it’s not objectively a good game. It’s got mixed reviews across the board.

            “In fact so many that if you go on meta critic it not has an average score of 70 for from reviewers, which better than average, but the actual user score average (most important according to you) is 8.1 out of 10.”

            First of all, nah. 70 is mixed, not ‘above average’. Don’t act like you know these things if you obviously don’t.

            Second of all, User Reviews are BS. why? Because they are not objective. Sure, some may be honest, but alot of them are from Fanboys. Best example? Mass Effect 3. Bombarded with negative reviews because of the ending. That’s not good enough.

            Third of all, 8 is actually average. No where near the level of praise you give it.

            “So don’t tell me about objectively when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.”

            LOOOOOOOOOOL, the fucking Irony. Uses ‘Objectively’ wrong about a hundred times, then tells me I’m wrong. Nothing worse than a fool who thinks he’s right to such a degree that he’ll post comment after comment, and it ends up he’s wrong.
            All could have been over with a single google search.

            “If I say the game is the best ever you have to accept that because it is my opinion, just as I have to accept you might not like.”

            I don’t have to ‘accept’ anything you tell me. A stupid opinion is a stupid opinion, and it’s also infurtiating when fools decide to offload their opinions as fact, like you’ve been doing for the longest time.

            “What I do not accept is people acting like it is a fact when it is their opinion and spreading propaganda about something when they are actually in the minority with their opinion.”

            More Irony.

            “It’s fine to have your opinion, but if you are in the minority then don’t try to act like it’s a fact.”

            Y’know, when Hitler was rounding up Jews and killing them, the people who thought it was wrong that weren’t Jews were actually in the Minority.

            It’s a fact he was wrong to do that. So, fuck off, yeah? Your logic is braindead stupid.

            “Your school session over, run along now.”

            The only thing that is over is my viewing of an autistic reject. You’re an idiot. Read up on what a fanboy is, and in future, don’t fling around words when you don’t know their meaning. Salivating retard.

          • Soldier 7

            I didn’t even bother to read your whole comment, you lost me when you decided that user reviews didn’t matter, and critic reviews where actually objective. Nice try kid.

          • Zac

            Not all critic reviews are objective, granted, but you can count that professional reviewers with a high reputation will be rather objective.

            But, whatever. Run away and forfeit if you will. No rebuttal to my argument = I win.

            Thanks for playing. Cya, fool.

          • Soldier 7

            You think you won, that’s funny. How can I argue with a person that can’t even accept facts for facts? How can I argue with a person who cannot even understand an opinion? I can’t, so if you call your absolute hypocritical arguments based on no facts whatsoever a win, then I guess congrats you won. Even lunatics have to think they won sometimes. You lost this argument a long long time ago. Pretty much at your first comment. So maybe when you realize someday why you lost and finally can understand opinions, then maybe we can argue, but then again we won’t have to cause you won’t be a hypocritical fool anymore. Later punk.

          • Zac

            ” How can I argue with a person that can’t even accept facts for facts?”

            Kind of like how you can’t accept that you don’t understand basic logic, and basic meanings of basic words, and constantly chuck your flawed dung at me? Right.

            The rest of your comment is ad-hominem. You lost, sorry. Must be embarassing to go on a massive rant and end up wrong.

            Purchase a dictionary, contemplate a clue, and get back to me in a decade. This ‘kid’ is too smart for you, and I don’t consider myself very smart to begin with. Sad.

          • Soldier 7

            The fact you say you aren’t that smart is testament to how you thinking you won is amusing. You said it yourself, you aren’t that smart, so obviously you don’t understand how you’re wrong. It’s ok though, I know you’re wrong as well as everyone else who reads this ridiculous back and forth that you started with your ridiculous nonsensical hypocritical comments to me.

          • War Machine

            Glad to see you owned that Bitch Zac……He is a waste to humanity. He should die that is all…..

  • Erik

    Why would you call APB a “Grand Theft Auto Online ripoff” when the game came out well before Grand Theft Auto 5 was even announced? If you’re looking at the chronology, Grand Theft Auto Online is an APB ripoff. Dumb dumb journalist. Very dumb.

    • Ciarán Utting

      GTA IV had online play…

  • Billkwando

    Oh well, as long as they didn’t put Shenmue on this list, we’re good.

  • KrazyAttack

    Beyond Two Souls was awesome.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    They did say it was there PERSONAL OPINION and that point that it may have been a great game, but was it worth the amount it cost to produce it? I think that is the point? Some of these games I thought were fine, but learning what they cost to make I would rather give that money to the homeless or something. There would probably be more value there than an expensive game.

  • Nagilum Sadow

    You’ve got to be shizzeling me that APB cost $50,000,000?!!? I wouldn’t have expected it to have cost 5 million.

  • Nagilum Sadow

    I figured #1 would have been Star Wars The old Republic. As we all know, it should have been $$$1.

  • Maverick Wolfe

    You’re a moron for including crysis 3 on this list… Doesn’t even belong here. You For sure shouldn’t have included the entire Budget for it, only the Console development part… if you did… Get all of your facts clear and straight and do NOT include a game in general for all platforms when it’s obviously not warrented. I for one am a HUGE Crysis fan and I am loving my Experience. Of course I’m not some lamer who has a console which takes ZERO skill except with your thumb and finger reflexes on a controller that’s less athletic than when gaming on a PC considering the fact that you have 10x more movement and coordination and skill requirement with a mouse and keyboard. I am offended with your idiocy on Crysis 3. It may be your “Opinion” but your opinion as stated plainly shouldn’t include the entire budget for the better price of development for one of hardcore gaming’s most loved franchises. You should be ashamed of yourself for this. If anything you should have included the Left 4 dead series in it’s entirety with the entire budget they spent on it… now that’s a crappy game series and completely worthless and trashy gameplay. As Gemlos1208 states, Why not have posted Duke 4 ever up there? That game was expensive as hell and they botched it completely with horrible physix and extremely crappy voice overs.

  • Atarinator

    why are you talking crap about Spyro the dragon?, the first entries on PSX are platforming classics, damn hipsters, i really enjoyed them though the difficulty wasn’t anything great

  • satan

    i guess im athe only person who loved beyond 2 souls

  • jhk655

    have you even played apb? its nothing like gta, nor is it trying to be. Its more like a competitive moba game like league of legends. You’re comparing apples and oranges here.

    LA Noire was also a good game. Its not an action game, sorry, but it does has a complex and compelling story.

  • Cameron

    Your stupid beyond two souls is amazing

  • ProsecutorZero

    Just because he doesn’t like Crysis 3 you say he isn’t a good reviewer? HA, go CRY about it. EH? EH? Get it? ……. I’ll leave now

  • jagtaz78

    did u even play beyond two souls?? it was an amazing game, the graphics and storyline were superb. It went through her life at different stages and I happened to love that it didn’t just go straight through. it went back and forth to change up the classic way of telling a story. and what the hell was wrong with the controls? I never had one problem with them. I can’t wait for a sequel. If you don’t like this one, then please don’t play the sequel and keep your hatred for another game.

  • CallmeGar

    Most of these are agreed with, but… Your full of Sh*T on BTS, it was a good game, just broke from conventional gaming, which if you don’t like CoD, really don’t get why you have an issue with it, F off. Disney will probably make money back on their massive investment..I would have my kids play it if I had them, but yeah its budget is a little surprising. LA Noire was good too. Anyway why the hell do you care, not like its your money they used to develop it. If anything go after the CoD bastards, their the real Sith Spawn here.

    • Zac

      Why are you crying like a little kid, sir? Just curious.

  • Artemis

    Saw BTS on the list. Immediately lost interest. Sorry, but your personal opinion doesn’t make it a bad game.

  • Valdread

    where the hell was The old Republic, 200mill and no single fucks given for that piece of crap.

  • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

    I felt Beyond Two Souls was a solid enough game: cohesive story, strong design (graphical, musical, etc.), and good acting. Perhaps the deviation from chronological storytelling was off-putting for a story already told in key fragments. However, I would not fault the scattered transition of the story as being any more unacceptable than other games have done to praise–each phase in BTS is linked clearly (e.g. for primary plot points: scared child -> reckless/rebellious teenager -> enlisted CIA agent -> defector in the face of deceitful politics -> homeless after defecting -> murderous refusal to CIA’s capture -> wandering the country -> capture and assignment by the CIA -> ending). Frankly, even the issue over gameplay falls in a paradox. People seem to widely enjoy the interactive TV style of The Walking Dead series of games though find easier criticism elsewhere. However, I won’t argue about especially gratuitous portions of the game though, which Cage very well can take flak for.

    Nonetheless, that is simply my opinion. I realize this was written facetiously, which I can appreciate, but the thoughts do exist beyond the aether in an earnest form. As for legitimately ranking various games for this purpose, I can imagine for an article in maximizing how poorly a game is made against its budget necessitates high-budget AAA games that generally have some level of standardized quality though may ultimately be terrible in the eyes of some or many. But it’s still interesting that Beyond made the list before Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens Colonial Marines, two particular gems of recent AAA flops.

  • Tex

    Me I personally loved bts. But these other people on here who also liked it are really something. Most of them open with a fuck off stop talking shit about this game I really liked.Which is really funny, then you have the guy who wrote this article making theses smart ass comments every now and then. All in all a very interesting read.

  • Chris Needham

    Your opinion of games is appalling. Beyond Two Souls was awesome, as was Enter the Matrix for its time.

  • Andrea Fumagalli

    I think you’ve forgotten the father of all fails, that huge black hole in Bioware/EA that’s called “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.
    It cost a ton of money, and was supposed to crash the market, annhilate World of Warcraft, and become the new shining star in the MMORPG market.
    Well… We all know too well how that went

    • Zac

      You do realize that The Old Republic is doing fine, right?

      And I’m 110% sure that SWTOR was never actually out to destroy the market. Bioware said nothing even remotely among those lines.

      I think you’re talking about Guild Wars 2, which actively made a mockery of ALL other MMOs, then unleashed it’s embarrassment to the world.

      • Andrea Fumagalli

        While I may agree with Guild Wars 2, I’m pretty convinced SW:TOR has been a major failure for EA. It launched with a huge number of servers, and sold -if I remember correctly- the highest number of copy at day 1 for a MMORPG.
        But after a few month the subrscriber numbers began to fall pretty steadily, and after less than an year it went F2P, so… No, it’s not doing that fine, imho

  • Raivick

    Clearly you gave it a bad review because you didn’t actually play it. Pet ghost? Really? Jodie taking a shower and Aiden objecting to dating is an extremely small part of the game. The fact there is such a large range of events in the girl’s life reflects on the diversity of some people’s actual experiences. Apparently you’ve lived a very dull life giving games with decent plots a bad rep. It’s not always about game play…not anymore.

  • Raivick

    L.A. Noire too? Thankfully you’re not a professional critic…I guess there wasn’t enough explosions for you.

  • Kamille

    Beyond was pretty good though. This part in particular: “And you know what else they must have saved a lot of money on? Mapping actions to the controller. In fact, I’m 90% sure that if you threw your pad out the window it’d be about 3 or 4 hours before you needed to go fetch it again to press another button” it’s nothing but an exaggeration or should I say, a lie?

  • Eto Velazquez

    $50,000,000? Who you think you kidnapped Chelsea Clinton?

  • britain

    How is it that Diablo 3 and Duke Nukem Forever didn’t make this list?

  • Zac

    The only game on this list I disagree with is Enter the Matrix, tbf.

    But, then again, I did play that game when I was younger and loved Naruto, because y’know… kid brains, so fair enough.

  • Xian Barrett

    Its clear we’re all divided on the worst big-budget games category, but I’m sure we can all agree that Burger King PocketBike Racer was the greatest game of ALL TIME

  • Sean Macy

    Heavy Rain. Story wasn’t bad. But got kind of old really quickly

  • Val

    Stop beginning your sentences with “and,” you had mentioned you were a writer at length yet you keep committing an atrocity to writing… If you have any respect for writing, stop it; However, the article was good.

    • Jonathan Darrel Woodruff

      It’s perfectly acceptable in journalism to begin your sentences with “and”. All of the greatest journalists do it, and it’s not a rule people are held to unless they’re writing formally for a university.

  • TimmyP

    If you like Beyond Two Souls I have something else I would like to introduce you to: Movies. LOL. That game blew, it was like Superbrothers: an interactive movie devoid of any challenge that defines a game.

    F***in’ FLAPPY BIRD is more entertaining. Think about this for a second, before you set me on fire.

  • Detective Cactus

    Beyond Two Souls was great, pet ghost? *SPOILER ALERT* Aiden was her stillborn twin’s ghost who protected her from demons from an alternate dimension. You try writing a more beautiful story.

    • Talidan

      I went ahead and read the spoiler. Now I don’t have to play it. Yay!

      Seriously, though, that isn’t “beautiful”. That’s just an awful concept.

  • Raven Petrozza Urungus

    I’m like,. what’s wrong with Beyond:two souls , L.A. Noire & Crysis 3,. their all fun

  • http://people.ign.com/ath011 ath011

    I agree with most of the stuff you said, but some of the games were worth it. In my opinion your just someone that doesn’t much time with the great games out their. You just like to bitch about games weather its good or bad. Give a good reason to complain about these game then will talk.

    • Jonathan Darrel Woodruff

      Kid, you need to retake English.

  • Ryan

    Beyond Two Souls was my second favorite game of 2013 behind The Last of Us. The story was great, I loved how it was dramatic and there were so many different sequences. Also, you can’t bash it’s originality, it’s a one of a kind game connecting you to your character in ways most games don’t.

  • DarkSouls4032

    Beyond Two Souls wasn’t all that bad, it was a little confusing to follow because of her memory issues and the ending could have been much better but still, i guess it all depends on what kind of game you like

  • Logical Reason

    Eh, this article is some B.S.

    For one, if you were a Matrix fan Enter the Matrix was not that bad at all. Sure it was glitchy and buggy here and there but over all I thought it was pretty damn good. Certainly did a good job of capturing that Matrix feel of combat.

    L.A. Noire is also one of my most favorite games. Granted that’s my opinion but I would HARDLY call it a flop…now did it cost too much to make? Most likely. Did it run into it’s fair share of problems? Definitely. However, in the end the game itself was pretty damn awesome.

    And the list goes on.

  • Tim Carter

    Crysis 3 ran alright on my 360… It looked amazing and played well. It felt less clunky than Crysis 2 at any rate. I just thought it was criminally short and poorly written. Utterly destroyed the story that I enjoyed so much in Crysis 2

  • monty

    the author is a dumb ass

    beyond 2 souls made its money back
    LA:Noire made its money back and than some

    if you don’t like B2S than its fine maybe its not for you but its not a bad game

  • Guest

    Any game made for the $0N¥ PauperStation is crap and Lost Beyond 2 Sh*ts was the same overhype that didn’t deliver like typical $0N¥ always does.

  • gunner3221

    Beyond Two Souls was probably the greatest game I’ve ever played (next to The Last of Us)

  • DelphisFinn

    Beyond: Two Souls was in my top 3 games of last gen. Sorry to see that you’ve got such crummy taste, Ciaran.

  • Andrew Mulligan

    Too Human was actually good, if you had the skill to master the various elements, that is….

  • Euphoric_Skies

    Beyond Two Souls is better than Indigo Prophecy, but it’s still an incoherent mess that jumps the shark every other chapter, only to jump back to a random point in time for absolutely no reason. David Cage is surely the greatest game storyteller of our generation.

  • Nunya

    ‘LA Noire wasn’t a good game.’

    Opinions discarded.

  • Jico

    I have to wholeheartedly disagree with the inclusion of Crysis 3. As a non-millionaire who played with the graphical settings maxed, with the frame-rate locked at 60, I am amazed at how well optimized the engine is.

    Also, the game plays very, very well. I played with a gamepad plugged into my PC, and the controls made me feel like an agile killing machine. The combat encounters allow a lot of creativity, in line with, say, a Halo game.

    Crysis 3 is a great game.

  • DarthUno

    I thought both L.A Noire And Enter The Matrix were good games. Sure, L.A Noire was a bit controlled, and the graphics in Enter The Matrix were terrible, but it was good in general. The only thing Enter The Matrix needs is a graphics update, who do you think you are dissing the characters? Ghost and especially Niobe were important for the story, and the game was a way to get to know Ghost. I don’t know about ETM, but L.A Noire was a very appreciated game for its story and gameplay. The open world was lacking, but the game made you think in a way Grand Theft Auto never does. This list was way too subjective, in my opinion. At least with L.A Noire. I don’t know about you guys, but from what parts I’ve played in Crysis 2 it was very repetative, so is the third the same thing at all? Either way, am I the only one realizing the guys behind Crysis completely ripped off Bungie’s Halo franchise. A super suit, cloaking, fighting aliens, the people don’t do jack shit to help you. Come on, anyone?

  • Bob

    Disney Infinity is bloody awful… I thought it was made by students…..

  • Greeb0

    The only one I’ve played from this list was the Matrix, and it was very disappointing… Too bad about Beyond:Two Souls, it had a good premise.

  • Tonya231

    Beyond: Two Souls is fantastic, as is Enter the Matrix,

  • Matthew Priestley

    I wasn’t sure if I should by Beyond: Two Souls or not because I didn’t like the look of the direction it has gone from that amazing looking preview a bit back. This article has convinced me I SHOULD buy it, and here’s why:

    Matrix might not (understandably) be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it and LA Noire was amazing. If Beyond is on the same list as these games, I think it will probably worth playing.

  • Emmanuel Reyes

    Beyond Two Souls was only bad if you expected it to be a crazy shooter. This is stupid.

  • Gootube Suck Ass

    $27 millions developed isn’t that bad, considering that It sold roughly 2 millions copies on PS3. that mean about 100 millions in revenue and maybe 30 to 35 millions in profit :P, not bad if you ask me … why ? Because Exclusives games never meant to be made to be profitable Unless it’s The last of us, Uncharted and God of War, or Halo and Gear, or Any kind of Nintendo games. it’s made to drive console sales :P.

  • gman

    hey yo basterds Beyong two Souls is me favourite game y’all r just dumbos

  • tevra

    wtf? LA Noire was a heap of fun it not only looked great it was like being in an interactive movie. Matrix was not Goty material but it was a good game, are you on your period fellah because something is bugging you to whinge this way about decent games.

  • james

    I thought L.A. Noire was a very good game.

  • daniel

    feck off dick la noire is fuckin great!!

  • Dom

    I actually liked L.A Noir it had fantastic sense of character ad the game play made you feel like a proper detective

  • B S

    well, i was already aware that anything matrix related sucks. anything andy wachowski and that thing his brother turned into seems to turn into trash, i guess the game confirms it.

  • http://people.ign.com/ath011 ath011

    I agree with most of the stuff you said, but some of the games were worth it. In my opinion your just someone that doesn’t much time with the great games out their. You just like to bitch about games weather its good or bad. Give a good reason to complain about these game then will talk.

  • Joe Jones

    Enter The Matrix = Good.
    Beyond = Good
    LA Noir = Good.

    • bigevilworldwide

      LMAO Enter the Matrix was good LOL, wooo that’s a good one I needed a laugh….Although clearly your taste in games is questionable even critics hated the hell out of Enter the Matrix

  • Tim Speare

    My 5 year old spends his allowance whenever he has enough money, and between him and my wife I’m sure we’ve spent over $500 on characters plus the initial $100 for the base station, and his cousins are the same, as well has quite a few of his friends. He thinks it’s amazing that he can play as his favourite Disney/Pixar characters he loves it more than minecraft (for the time being anyway he always ends up back on there :) so anyway my point is that say between just 4-5 families in canada the game has made back 2-2500$ .. It’s disney they don’t sink money into anything without knowing if they are going to be able to get it back, the 5-10 year olds love it

  • Cameron Rogers

    Only a retard who hasn’t played Beyond 2 Souls would say its bad.
    and APB reloaded a ripoff of GTA Online? Newsflash: Actually play both. GTA ONLINE heavily ripped off APB. Its almost identical.

  • dee23

    Dude! You just didn’t understand the story. You play out the memories Jodie recalls as she’s writing out her journal. The sequence is non linear because she is struggling to remember the events following the paranormal events of the end of the story when she returns from “the other side”. Sure the game isn’t for everyone but no one can deny that it is different from anything we have played before. It was original, innovative and creative. It’s different, clouded Atlas is different. Neither are poor they are just different and not for everyone. Oh and in case you missed it. Aiden isn’t her pet ghost he’s her unborn twin brother who didn’t pass over, he stayed to watch over his sister who could communicate with the dead. The game took inspiration from movies like sixth sense, Carrie and Unborn. Fans of those types of movies would appreciate Beyond 2 souls and fans of innovative and unique game experiences will appreciate what Cage was trying to do with the game. If Cage is to be criticised of anything, one might accuse him of being over ambitious or even ahead of his time as the more casual gamer simply isn’t ready for his style of story telling. I remember how confused I was as a child when I first watched reservoir dogs and pulp fiction. People weren’t ready for Tarantino’s style of directing back then. Most would consider him to be a genius now though.

  • MooMooBurgerTime

    Beyond Two Souls is amazing

  • xkuruma

    don’t know what this idiot is talking about. I loved Beyond 2 souls.

  • HmmLetMeThink

    Crysis 3: 66 million dollars — from one switch to another (5k, that way. Oh, did we mention you have to pull the original switch again? Our bad. Hope that nanosuit comes with Gellin insoles).

  • Urgh

    As far as I knew, Disney Infinity was quite a bit more than just a bland platformer… most of the work went into the sandbox building engine, which is the main draw of the game anyways. Why didn’t you mention that at all?

  • Jasper Daugaard

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT disney infinite is just a skylander rip off for 3+ kids and it manage to be 100 million dollars O.o

  • Mundie

    I will still going to say Beyond: Two Soul was a good game. Fuck you.

  • PC G4M3R

    Enter the Matrix sucked

  • Ville N

    LA Noire was damn incredible but apparently it didn’t sell that much, maybe people expected too much from a rockstar branded title. Also the tech and actors were the things that made it so expensive.

  • Bartholomew Bakr

    That’s Ellen Page? Oh, I thought it was Bieber.

  • Baby Quake

    omfg really? did u just say Beyond Two Souls. that was the most awesome game and the best plot i have ever played. its freaky, sad, joyful, and thinking fast. you must have no played it.

  • Dino Alibasic

    Are you serious? Beyond two souls was amazing game…Dosen’t mean if you dont like the type of game it was bad…

    • bigevilworldwide

      It also doesn’t remotely mean that because YOU liked it or YOU feel it was amazing that your opinion is fact….

  • pearl

    Beyond: Two Souls was an amazing game.

  • Jdzes

    where’s the last of us

  • fruitcake555

    Beyond Two Souls was a great game … Next time go be mad and pissed at
    your least favorite games in a closet somewhere. There is really no reason to
    share that information.

  • Lupus2133

    Beyond: Two Souls was a very good game with good sci-fi horror and an amazing story. The reason it cost that much was because people did the acting and not computer animations. This makes it much better as you can really feel for the characters. The story is supposed to be muddled up as it shows the differences in different times of her life. It was you that made the wrong decision, not Cage.

  • momgamer

    Cars 2 is your example of worst Pixar movie? Really? Did you miss catching Planes? Thanks to the two tiny terrors in my house, I get to watch both of these cinematic masterpieces daily, so with months of experience, I think I can speak with authority when I say Planes is the worst Pixar movie of all time. How they got Planes 2 greenlighted is a mystery to me.

    Having recently purchased Infinity, I agree that the opening was some amazing “Disney Magic” like an attraction at Epcot, but that it quickly disintegrated into blah after that. Hoping it will keep the toddlers entertained when I gift it to them at Easter anyway. (yes, I sometimes play-test games before gifting them to my kids, they’re 2 and 4, so it’s not censorship, I’m testing for playability, and this one is going to require a whole lot of “mom help me with this” I think)

    • taufirec

      Planes was disney, not pixar. while it was set in the universe pixar made it was not made by pixar at all.

  • Kasia Krzyzak

    Are you kidding? LA Noire was good!

  • http://www.chasehammer.com/ Chase Hammer J

    You think Disney Infinity is good? HAHAHAHA right…

  • Viktorious Viktor

    i was so disappointed after i got like 4 of my friends to buy it with me on release.. i was like… uhhhh………that was…….

  • iwinkler

    Going by the critical reviews of this game, this list is poorly revised. I mean seriously, L.A. Noire? That game got scores from 80 – 90% on metacritic (and on game rankings) and it also was the best selling game of 2011 in the US selling 899,000 copies, beyond two souls got around 70% and crysis 3 got around 75 – 80% and even disney infinity got scores of 70% plus (minus the 3DS version).

  • Muhawka

    I loved LA Noire. It had a huge amount of content. If you wanted to you could completely ignore the central game and have fun just running around town being a dick, finding the secret cars, landmarks, and just exploring.

  • taufirec

    LA Noire is fantastic, I suddenly cannot take this seriously.

  • Ramster

    Am I the only one who thinks Enter The Matrix was actually a kickass game that made up a decent part of my childhood days and still plays it occasionally and beat it so many times and is overall in love with it entirely contradicting what the author described it as?

  • Nowayfagit

    There’s no FUCKING way Too Human was $60,000.00 to make. It was a simple RPG with little cinematics and average graphics.

  • Ike

    Enter the Matrix was fucking awesome, man.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    where is Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR)?

    a overhyped $200million MMORPG that went completely downhill merely 6 months after released, and had to shut down 80% of its server and resort to free to play model

    • dysfxal

      Swtor’s an interesting case because it was more a problem with it’s having had a terrible launch. Currently it’s the best mmo on the market, which is why it’s not on the list.

  • RJ Boston

    beyond: two souls is the second best narrative game this year (beaten only by the last of us). this game was made intentionally nonlinear as a plot element which made it all the more interesting. if you can give a justifiable reason, then fine, but don’t underscore the storyline due to your inability to comprehend it. this game would have hit better sales if the community where able to appreciate a game with an actual emotional storyline, where you don’t sit around and shoot shit.

  • gabking98

    LA noire was actually a pretty good game,I realli liked it.You feel like in gta,but having a real mission and not shooting everywere and having cheats.I tough it is one of the best rockstar game with max payne 1.Crysis 3 did not have the best storyline,but for what I paid the game was really enough for me.The cryengine did a verry descent job and the weapons were fun to play.

  • weedow-what

    APB was good befor they made it for free

  • TB

    LA Noire was one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory. Its great reviews were because of the faces, and they were pretty damn great.
    But sitting in an interrogation room, with the over-the-top ‘tells’ on their faces and catching them in their lies… Being able to drive around LA and do…. absolutely nothing.. Doing the same damn cookie cutter thing over and over and over again for each case.. And who really cared if you didnt get the interrogation right.. it made absolutely no difference in the actual game, just a lower score on the case.

    Even in GTA, when you honk the horn, your character actually, physically puts his hand on the horn.. but not here. We’re too busy making the faces look pretty to pay attention to any other details.

  • Joshua Bulkovitch

    Crysis 3 and Disney Infinity actually both did very well. Heck, even Two Souls was decent.

  • Guest

    I think that EA spent about a $100,000,000 advertising a Star Wars game.

  • Betsy

    L.A noire is awesome, lame ass douchebag article

  • Scarlett Roscoe

    Beyond was a good game, no idea what you’re on about there, personal preference I guess.

  • LordX

    Beyond Two Souls , was super good game , not less than Last of us.


    No one that (really) know about videogames thinks BTS is bad. In fact, it’s one of the best videogames of 2013. Noob.

  • giwrrhs

    Beyond two souls was a great game with a really good story.And they are making you to do all this things so that you can “connect” with Jodie.A trully amazing game.

  • ImpaledOnAPyre

    I am sorry, GTA V is a good game? I was tired of it in a week like every other over hyped slew of gta garbage. For one, THE CONSTANT SLEW OF CURSE WORDS! Hundreds of developers yet your dialogue is about as deep as today’s mainstream garbage passing as music! The lack of true, eloquent dialogue is REPULSIVE! Like I said HUNDREDS of developers and all the can write is the F word and C word a million times over. Two the amount of music, games, and movies, hell even Discovery channel is trying to bring less intelligent people to the viewing fray by adding “naked and afraid”. I will not even capitalize that slogan, put some clothes on! It is Discovery channel! Do your survival show with clothes you morons. They just as A WHOLE need to conceive a way to project and portray a story WITHOUT sex! People as a whole need to stop thinking with their lower head! WE ALL get into the mood, but watch pornography and do what you need in private, with a consenting party, or be with our spouse or whatever. Leave that crap out of my games! Stick of Truth was awful controversial. But at least South Park has an ulterior meaning to their jokes! In GTA V it is just 3 mentally hindered thuggies. Why is being so abrasive, crass, and sexually revealing praised? Why is it considered “All the rage!” to use vulgarity in your statements, brag about sex or who you want sex with, and be a pompous jerk? Come on stuff does not have to be obscene to be cool. Now sure there are things meant to be controversial, but it does not need vulgar language as a crutch for dialogue, sorry in my opinion GTA was a waste of cash. The emblem maker was good, but I sold the game in less than a week. Plus the amount of rap is unnecessary though to their saving grace, there is other music. The online multiplayer is garbage, people just rank up to a level that portrays how hopeless their social life is, than they go and “troll” everyone as today’s successful prominent youth call it! They shoot low level players and steal your stuff because you have NO chance of killing them, sure you can put on “passive” mode! But why? You cannot even arm yourself and shoot, I mean how do you get money? You cannot rob a store! The missions are repetitious, and rather bland, in common GTA style. I could seriously continue! But I am sure some GTA fanboy will just cuss me out due to my opinion.

  • Junseikei

    I will say this: Disney Infinity has a lot to do in free mode. Ever play Minecraft? It’s similar. Like playing League of Legends? You can build your own matches in their toy box. The story parts of the game are there to unlock skills and get used to what each character can do and are examples for what you can do in the toy box.

  • Razorsurfmonkey

    If there are people who enjoy playing the game, whatever that might be, and they find pleasure and entertainment from it then, regardless of what other people may think, that game has succeeded at its purpose.

  • LeeHatake93

    Why are Beyond and L.A. Noire on here? Those games are awesome.
    And Disney Infinity is insanely popular, why’s it on here?

  • CodeBlue

    Beyond Two Souls is a beautiful game…

  • http://vikireedphotography.com/ viki reed

    I think you have to measure the success of Infinity based on it’s real audience. I have a 6 yr old and an 8 yr old and the LOVE this game. They’re only a few figures away from collecting all the Infinity players. They long to add the powers of the new players. They love the changing worlds. Like most kids, they like playing the game by not playing the game. They mess with each other, knock each other off, scream, yell, wail, laugh, fart and even get competitive and try to win. They haven’t gotten this much mileage out of any Wii game before for such an enduring amount of time. And it’s not so full of doors to open problems to solve, etc, that they get frustrated by not being able to play on. Everyone praises Disney’s Epic Mickey but for kids who JUST wanted to have fun; this game was a downer. It looked beautiful, was actually scary and menacing which my goofass girls didn’t like (nightmare time!), and it was so full of tasks they had to best before they could play and SO much READING of the tale and the action…snore. Snore snore. I’m guessing this game works for older folks who love Disney, it sure doesn’t seem like it would play with the WOW crowd. My point is Infinity kicks ass with little girls, Epic Mickey is a joyless downer full of frustration for that same crowd. It’s all about the audience.

  • EL Lobo

    This article is shit. Onestly. Way too many good games are being shamed by some pathetic whiny, picky player who can’t enjoy a game or a good story.

  • Felix Farrow

    I loved LA Noire, it did seem a bit boring at times, but the story was great

  • Kimi

    L.A. Noire is an amazing game. People don’t like it because they don’t understand that it’s a detective game. You don’t get to run around and make a massacre, that’s GTA.

  • disneyinfinity

    I bloody well loved Disney bloody infinity

  • ugh


  • :I

    I love how it says the APB was a rip off of GTA Online, when APB was made WAAYY before GTA Online.

  • Josh

    Going to have to extremely disagree with the post on L.A. Noire. All I can say.

  • Prophet

    Crysis 3 was some of the most fun I’ve had playing multiplayer. It was like halo for my PC. I even enjoyed it more than halo 4 on my XBox. The campaign was only so, so but you really can’t bash a game just because the Crytek engine needs crazy specs to run ultra on a gaming PC.

    Some of these games it sounds like you didn’t even bother to play them.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/dbpaperclip BMT

    Who the hell calls Spyro the Dragon kids dross? One of the best 3D platformers of the 90s alongside Mario 64!

  • Brandon Roberts

    hey disney infinity looks fun. but beyond two souls david cage just loves depressing people it’s too bad she can’t die in their than i think everybody would’ve shot themselves in the game now that would’ve been a just ending

  • Jackson Campbell

    #5 Lose all credibility

  • Colin Mcsperritt

    “Still, millionaire PC owners could max out the graphical settings if they so desired”

    Mr. Article writer, you’re an idiot. Budget level PCs can max Crysis 2 and 3. Crysis 1 was the game that only the SUPER high end systems of its day could max.

  • Chris

    “the PC master race were furious that their game had to be dumbed down for the casual console crew.” — lolol. No PC gamer thinks this way! Actually, it reenforces their decision to spend their money on a PC rather than a console. But well done at showing what side of the line you’re teeth-gnashingly sitting on.

    What happened to enjoying your platform? And being a fucking adult? Who gives a shit if the rich kids choose to buy PCs and rub it in. Clearly they’re just compensating for something else. (For god’s sake, there were youtube vids out on the days of release for both PS3 & Xbox360 showing idiot kids with too much money buying and then breaking their consoles just because they could! Assholes.)

    More often than not, the thing PC gamers actually complain about is if a game is hamstrung for all platforms because the developer was only targeting 1 platform out of 3.

    “millionaire PC owners” — and seriously, major sites and magazines stopped saying this ages ago when it was proven untrue over and over and over again. It’s the pound/dollar value (along with the presumed amount of work they’ll have to do) that wrongly stop people from buying PCs for games. Shop smart and there isn’t a problem. Period. And with the budget of the new consoles, it’s not even a factor unless you want to waste your money! I’m still using an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series gfx card and there still isn’t a game out that I haven’t be able to play on full settings!

    But hell, if someone wants to just plunk down in front of their TV and play a game or sit back in front of their keyboard and mouse, who cares!? Graphics- & gameplay-wise this really won’t be much of an issue for at least another year from here on in, anyway. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Lord_Nugget

    Beyond Two Souls was about story. It was a good story game. If you want a game that is overloaded with disorganized and clunky gameplay you don’t have to play it. Those of us that played it and care about story liked it. They are right about the rest of these games but not that one.

    • Liquidus

      Except it had a shit story.

  • SgtChow

    What no reference to the $300million dolla baby that is SWTOR…

  • Merrick

    beyond two souls is a master piece , the fact that the writer miss represents the who concept shows his staggering lack of credibility . this game made me care about Ellen’s character in a way I have never seen before except in last of us, beyond is the future of games imo if you want mindless shooters then go play COD with its population of 14 year old shit heads . however if you want a genuinely different game with real character then I cant recommend beyond enough . this game is beautiful .

  • Sirmixx

    Hey person who made this video How about you make a game .? I bet you it would be here too..

  • תומאס ווארד

    Could have at least mentioned that while APB failed, APB reloaded under new management is still fun and the customization still beats anything out there. I run around with my character in a costco wholesale shirt, spraying the costco wholesale logo (which i made) on the sides of buildings at set grafitti points and drive around in my FED UP Express Delivery Van while ramming people into sides of buildings and sometimes launching their cars hilariously into the air. They are also upgrading the engine this year so hopefully the looks will get alot better as well =)

  • guardianangel42

    I fully agree that Beyond Two Souls was a bad game, but every single time I see anyone cite the story as the primary reason I have to just shake my head.

    The story was AMAZING by video game standards. A little cliche in parts, and the scenes with the CIA boyfriend were frankly uncomfortable, but on the whole I really enjoyed watching it on Youtube.

    Which plays nicely into why it’s a bad GAME. I should feel at least some small measure of boredom when I watch a let’s play. I should want to skip forward every now and again because the guy/girl I’m watching is playing a gameplay sequence and I obviously have no input.

    And I never did for Beyond Two Souls. The interactivity had zero bearing on my enjoyment of the content and would likely have actually decreased that enjoyment had I been subjected to it.

    But in terms of story, Beyond Two Souls is leagues and leagues better than 90% of video game stories ever burned to disc in the history of the medium.

  • Connor Branston

    la noir is not a bad game

  • dafuq?

    L.A. Noire? You have got to be shitting me.

  • Sivir

    Ciaran Utting is retarded. His “didn’t turn out very well” titles are just mainly his media-kiss-assery and unskillful old-age personal bias.

  • Dyna

    Wow…. Beyond Two Souls and LA Noire as “didn’t turn out well” ???
    I actually enjoyed these two games. Both of them. The one thing LA Noire lacked was a higher difficulty regarding the “puzzles” to solve the crimes. But all in all the story was quite enjoyable, as well as the ways of interactions. Interrogating NPCs was a completely new kind of content and worked quite nicely.
    Beyond Two Souls? Had been a long time my wife and I enjoyed a game together that much. She was playing Aiden, while I controlled Jodie. Being depending on each other during the action scenes, while giving clues and thoughts regarding the decisions developed to be one of the nicest game-play moments in a long time. Storywise, I also preferred BTS over Heavy-Rain. Maybe because the story develops in an unusual way, jumping between earlier and later events for- and backwards to solve the puzzle step by step…

    Just my opinion here regarding these two games. But putting them into this list, when there are others, such as “this is vegas” (never released), Final Fantasy XIII (also known as: the most linear RPG ever), GranTourismo 5 (initially presenting the worst car-deformation model ever seen until there was a fix far later) which had a similar price-tag to their development…….. Although these games as well are loved by many others (excluding the in existing “this is vegas”)…
    It feels to me you just picked out a random list from the web, which named some expensive games, selected the worst from it which really blew (enter the matrix, Duke Nukem Forever) and filled it a bit for that you can name some more samples (although you didn’t even look at some older games like E.T. (1985 for 20 mio. $))
    This sir, is really bad journalism

  • Kevin

    Wtf!? Beyond two souls and la noire are good games !

  • Jack

    Update: Number 1 should be Elder Scrolls Online. Cost $200 million apparently, and is just so awfully dull and uninspired.

  • Darkshadow667

    I agree with all of these. It is sad that with such great hardware devs are making such crap. I think in the End Nintendo with it’s Wii U will be the best because they have the good games to back it up… not nice looking $60 slightly interactive movies.

  • Trevor Harris

    Too Human was the only *good* XBox 360 game, IMO.

  • Preesds

    Crysis 3 was awesome

  • rojocube

    LA Noire was a great game.

  • Kaiser679

    I haven’t played most of these… but I’ve heard good things about BTS, and the fact that I saw LA Noire on this list basically discredited this writer entirely, imo.

  • Gary Keyes

    The only game on the list I played was LA NOIRE. Team Bondi did do a great job getting that “feel” of a post WW2 L.A. right (not the real world Los Angeles but the 40′s L.A. of films like Chinatown and especially L.A. Confidential). I enjoyed the game up to a point–and it was the reason I bought in the first place–the interrogations! Bondi really fucked up with that mini game; it was a pain in the ass trying to catch people lying. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to catch real people lying in the real world–but it’s a game it shouldn’t harder than climbing K2 without a rope!!! And you’re right, that ending sucked big time. I also didn’t like Cole. It was impossible to simpathize with the guy, not because he was an asslicker in the service or cheated on his wife (that made no sense to me–last mintue idea from the writer), he’s good cop–but a cold character. I played it twice–haven’t played it since.

  • Sylmaron

    BTS does NOT belong in that list. It has also sold almost as well as Heavy Rain.

  • Adam Baum

    What bull crap! You really should do your research better…

    You left out the most expensive video game in the HISTORY of all video games created!! “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. That had the largest budget in video game history and did so poorly that after approximately 6 months went Free to Play and began using a cash shop to make up the difference for lost subscription income to keep the game profitable or it would’ve been shut down. I estimate approximately at least three quarters of the player base unsubscribed plummeting the servers to ghost towns.

    Nickel and Diming all the players for ridiculous, absurd features that should not be charged for. Including the additions of gambling boxes to waste your real life hard earned money at a chance of a badly executed extremely extremely rare vanity item.

    For all intents and purposes it is a popular opinion that this is considered a failed video game that did not turn out too well.

    SWTOR should be your #1 on the list as the most expensive pile of steaming cow pie for gaming executions by a studio developer.

    Or were you paid not to list it??

    • Stecho

      I wonder if he was paid not to list it. The Old Republic was the most expensive game ever done and it didn’t do well AT ALL!

      I smell Bullshit.

  • Marie Sanders

    Well good grief, I liked it! The story jumping around to different points in time was a little strange, yes, but other than that, I really enjoyed it. I like narrative gameplay though, I’m not really into the actiony stuff.

  • Wotanik

    “What’s you’re opinion on the cost of games these days? Is it necessary to the industry? Let us know below!” YOU’RE! Goddammit.

  • Juneauz

    Beyond Two Souls is an amazing game.
    But small-minded people won’t get it, and I’m ok with that.

  • http://anustube.com jontheanus

    wtf is half this list? LA noire is a great game and as is beyond two souls and APB is tons of fun with other people you know and crysis 3 was just all around a fun game and I would assume that any child with Disney infinity finds it very fun. the only games that you were spot on about were too human and duke nukem

  • BlueCollarCritic


    I just read that the upcoming COD title Advanced Warfare is going to have a budget that dwarfs the previous king, GTA 5. While COD is an established series with solid sales the last release, GHOSTS took a loss in comparison to previous titles sales so why would a studio double down or even triple down on the very next releases in that same franchise? I’ve seen the marketing for COD AW and while it looks impressive the fact is GHOSTS looked good too until I got to play it and found it seriously lacking.
    Despite trying to play the GHOSTS campaign a second time I’ve been unable to get past the first few missions because it’s such a single-play only game. I’m on my 4th run through on FAR CRY 3’s campaign and I am loving it as much now as the first time and the same is true for JUST CAUSE 2 which I am re-playing for the second time around. I’d rather re-play and of the Modern Warfare titles again then re-play GHOSTS and that’s terrible.

  • BoxCatGamer

    Disney infinity at the start was obviously a gmod clone, but terribly limited. I’m extremely happy that Disney infinity failed.

  • 3nvy

    $500.000.000 sounds about right for a game budget :)

  • Sam

    “Every time someone says “BTS was a good game” and indie developer loses their life. Please help stop this injustice.” such a stupid and completely baseless comment. I personally enjoyed the game, sure, it’s not for everyone but comments like that are just absurd.

  • Martense

    This is more like “A casual gamer’s worst 10 games ever” list from a person who has played 15 games.

  • userface

    sorry to say but this is pretty weak article writing

  • d0m1n1c

    I liked Beyond Two Souls. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite game, but I certainly don’t understand all the hate.

  • kneesus

    You don’t have to be a millionaire to build a $1500-$2000 rig to max out Crysis 3.

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    L.A. Noire? It was one of the best games I’ve ever played. IT IS NOT A GAME FOR EVERYONE. But it was a good game. And it had a really good art style.

  • Gareth Rees

    “What’s you’re opinion on the cost of games these days? Is it necessary to the industry? Let us know below!”


    Come on, you’re a professional writer FFS.

  • Guest

    Beyond Two Sh*ts was definitely one of those typical $0N¥ overhype but underdeliver paupergames.

    • Orpheus010

      You probably didn’t even play it….

  • stegg

    I actually really enjoyed L.A. Noire, haha.

  • Thijs

    Duke nukem was a cool arcade feel like shooter, different from all the cod like crap you see everywhere

  • dafuk

    Really Beyond Two Souls was a great game ive played it and it was great.

    And in Crysis 3 he only talked about running teh game that does not explain why it isn´t a good game so you are wrong sir.

  • Kitty ‘Kat’ Ana

    I enjoyed Beyond Two Souls. The graphics were awesome and I likes the storyline (Even if it was jumbled up :) ).
    (Directed to Trollers and Haters of BTS:)
    Insult me for my opinion if you must, but I stand by my thoughts. I’m usually not one for PS games, but this certainly caught my attention.

  • Oxy

    Lost interest at the bilious hatred for Beyond Two Souls, which if you actually play it instead of just reading a vaguely written synopsis on Wikipedia, tells a decent story.

    No, it is not a videogame in the usual sense of the word, it is and was intended to be a videogame for adults who want to play a videogame, but can’t be arsed to concentrate too much. Those of us who want to watch a movie, but don’t want to just sit there doing nothing.

  • Razzly

    Beyond Two Souls was amazing. It gave me all the feels-which is rare for games now-a-days. I can honestly say that game was good. At the very harshest level of criticism, I would say I wish it had been longer, but that’s minimal when you walk away with the memory of the story and the characters imprinted into your mind like a great movie. I don’t really give 2 fucks if other people slam it because it’s different (which is the basis for most of the criticism I’ve seen-personally) I freaking loved it.

    • Orpheus010

      true. it really plucks on your feel strings.

  • Chris Barclay

    I honestly believe people who play video games are getting way to critical about games nowadays, just because a game isn’t the next Mass Effect game or God of War or whatever the critics think as a great or even good games doesn’t mean that all the rest are crap, relax and just start enjoying games. I mean dang I have playing video games since the first Nintendo system and I honestly can’t remember a time when so many critic’s just bash games because there not the next Halo. It’s pissing me off because they just spread all this hate around the gaming industry and the gamers are the ones that get punished because now we don’t get a sequel because nobody wanted to take the chance on a good game because the stupid critic’s gave it a low score or said it sucks, so stop nitpicking at every little detail and just give the facts, dammit!!!

  • disqus_9hGcgJwej7

    LA noire was an incredible game and has a metacritic of 89… how did you come up with this list?

  • paul middleton

    i liked this game it wasnt that bad, beyond two souls. and what was wrong with la noire. good game. i liked the way the detective work was done. this was a good game.

  • paul middleton

    its obvious crysis 3 was always going to be a pc game. never expected it to be good on a console.

  • paul middleton

    i think some game developers need to go back to basics to remember what a game should make you feel. there so busy on making them look good. they forget what makes a great game. stop copying as well. nothing worse than 5 games coming out that are all racing games or all about zombies and are crap. they really really need to work on the mechanics. and build the game around that idea

  • Pit

    You added Crysis 3 and left out Watch Dogs? Really…

  • roy

    Beyond two souls and la noire… great games! :D

  • Drunken Dung

    ROFLMAO 50mil USD on APB reloaded?

  • GiannistheGG .

    LA Noire is an excellent game…

  • Bob

    Its funny how people defend games with their lives as if they were part of it, its a fucking game, play it if you like it, don´t if you don´t and shut the fuck up

    • MegaSolipsist

      So it’s childish to defend games you like from criticism, but it’s fine to go on about how much you hate some other games?

  • Alex White

    Beyond Two Souls was such a fantastic game, I also enjoyed enter the Matrix a lot :P

  • sdfasfasfasf

    I dont see battlefield 4 on the list

  • Reborn

    Disney Infinity didn’t turn out so well? Really? Then why is it one of the top selling games right now?

    • Orpheus010

      Kids and gaming ignorant parents. just because a game sells alot doesn’t mean it’s a great game. Watch dogs for example sold a shitload of copies, but in my opinion, it got dull and boring extremely fast. The game isn’t bad but it sure as hell isn’t good. its… disappointing, probably what kids think about Disney infinite. both games were hyped, especially watch dogs, but failed to deliver to the standard they set. That is why companies really shouldn’t over hype games.

  • Orpheus010

    funny call of duty isn’t mentioned. your logic of what is a good or bad video game is childish. LA noire is about being a detective solving crimes which was what the game fantastically delivered, you see the game as boring just because you can not run around mindlessly shooting people without context. Beyond was Amazing too, it was one of my favorite 2013 games along with bioshock infinite. Beyond focuses on telling a story, a damn good one too, , it was an overall overlooked masterpiece. please retire from being a game critic and please do not give your shitty opinions on deep games that are not meant for numbskulls like you. Go back to your mom’s basement to play call of duty online with the other raging 12 year old players.

  • PotatoPhil

    Beyond two souls was amazing, and it may have cost quite a few to make but the net worth was positive

  • Guillermo Sánchez

    BTS wasn’t bad, what are you talking about? Did you even play it?

  • Guillermo Sánchez

    Oh wow. now LA Noire is on the list….

  • WeGotThisCoveredIsCrap

    can someone please shut down this website? i feel like wanting to kill myself after reading all this whole crap :D

  • leitz

    How dare you Beyond two souls is the second or third best game i have ever played

  • Meeka

    I stopped reading this POS at n°6.

  • http://abiro.com/ Anders Borg

    Crysis 3 is not extremely demanding. It runs fine on my $1000 PC with a GTX670. It’s the most lackluster game in the series, but except for the stupid run-of-the-mill boss fight at the end it was still enjoyable.

  • Maximiliano Dobler

    What about that old ET game? I heard that the developers lost so much money that they buried the copies in some desert.

  • Knightly Crusade

    Oh my god this article brought me a good laugh once you mentioned Beyond: Two Souls. Thank you for taking those brain cells I’ll never see again.

  • John Parabellum

    Any game with Disney in the title is something to be avoided anyhow.

  • Snowhite

    I really wanted to love L.A NOIRE! Really! The invastigations by themselves were cool. but the lack of freedom in that world and the main story that takes that stupid weird twist -(*spoiler*) one day he’s a hero and the next he has an affair with a boring, unimportant charachter and his life if ruined and everybody hates him. That is bullshit.

  • MegaSolipsist

    This list is terrible.

  • BeyondTwoSoulsFanBoi

    Choke a dick lmao. Beyond Two Souls is an amazing game.

  • kolakidd

    What was wrong with Crysis 3? I enjoyed that game a lot. Probably played the Console version. His “spent a million dollars to max it out” quote sounds like something a console gamer would say.

  • bas

    yeah whoever wrote this article is the fucking wanker..talking about BTS being someone’s “mind-wank”.. BTS wasn’t bad at all..and he has the balls to throw crysis 3 into the lot? must be nice to be paid to dump your worthless opinions online and call it gaming journalism …fucking worse than kotaku

  • asdtacular

    on apb reloaded, did you, at least, pressed K? thats how you get in missions and pvp against other players… just saying…

  • wat

    L.A Noire had pretty damn good story and albeit limited replayability, it was overall a really good game. 89 critic score on metacritic, and 75 (or higher) from users. Not really sure what the person who wrote this article was smoking when they played the game but it must have been some good stuff. I’d say the face recognition alone was a huge breakthrough. But then again, not a single call of duty was on this list, so I shouldn’t expect much.

  • Kirk Tuttle

    I like Beyond 2 souls, It was the only one on the list that I did like.

  • Jonathan Evan Stern

    Only played Enter The Matirx. Quit during the driving portion.

  • Anonymous

    in my opinion beyond to souls was a great game, although now that i look back at it was a little cheesy. And Ciaran Utting, if your going to dis the game, it wasn’t “you play Ellen Page, who plays some other girl, and she has some kind of pet ghost (called Aiden) who floats around watching her take showers and objecting to her dating. Dafoe looks after her for a while…ect.” it was supposed to be out of order, so when you finish it its all pieced together, not just some random shit featuring ellen page being creeped on by some perverted ghost. so when insulting the game maybe bring up some of the bad things that actually exist about it, like idk, the fact that a good portion of people who play the game/review it will have no idea whats going on in the story or how any of it connects.

  • Art

    beyond two soul is not bad….i feel like i watched good story movie when i clear the game

  • ENK

    John Romero’s Daikatana

  • Tim Owens

    Whoever wrote this must have poor gaming tastes, and says more about himself than it does the games, Are the games listed here great? No, but they also aren’t anywhere as bad as the writer makes them out to be. Take for instance BTS, The game was not great, but based on Quantic Dreams past games, it was exactly what I expected. It was also enjoyable enough to me, to keep me entertained through a complete playthrough. I only wish Murdered: Soul Suspect was HALF as entertaining as BTS.

    Just because you failed to do the most basic research on something, like checking to see what a company is known for releasing, before making a purchase does,’t make the game bad, it quite simply makes you lazy.

  • Seeker

    yeah, you’re a fucking retard if you thought Beyond Two Souls was a bad game. Hmm lets see, a strong script, great storytelling and structure, interesting characters, unpredictable, strong writing and acting and character development, you’re blind if you can’t see Beyond Two Souls for the gem it is.

  • AGamerChick

    I’ll be honest… there really was something missing from Beyond Two Souls. The game was nice, but shouldve had… idk, It just reminds me so much of The Last Of Us which is a 20x better version imo. the little i do remember, however, makes me wish that we could use aiden far more, like maybe have him fight off the other spirits with insane supernatural powers, or the more we use him the more powerful he grows and the crazier shet gets. There’s honestly just plenty of room for improvement.
    As for LA Noire, the game was amazing, but once you finish, it’s definitely Game Over. It left me feeling so empty inside looking at free roam, knowing that the only thing i can do is replay street crimes, try to find the rest of the cars, and look for points of interest. I think it’s supposed to be a bit more informative than entertainment in a way, but the real reason it’s spread along 3 discs is the technology. Great game, but Needs more outfits, more missions in free, and overall just be like GTA. Im pretty sure there werent that many law abiding citizens back then, and I damn well want random crimes happen! Like a man driving away from a shootout at his house, or a murder that grows bigger and bigger outside of the Black Dahlia murder, (favorite mission btw that bloodied room was amazing). So once again, GREAT game, just give me something to do once I’m done with the main story line! Waste of money for a game i cant play for the next 3 years. :/

  • so

    crysis 3 had a great campaign

  • Combinerecruit

    wow LA noire should definitely not be on here. Some of these games got really great reviews from both critics and users, so to say it didn’t do well..maybe the writer should have said sales wise? They should be more specific you know? I just wish they would have used more facts or statistics to explain why the games were bad instead of writing based on a few opinions. Or was this supposed to be a humorous editorial kind of thing?

  • Jamie

    I’ll be fair and admit that BEYOND was a bit too much of a movie then a game at times, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Honestly I haven’t seen this much overreaction since Janet Jackson showed her tit

  • Dmitry Stogov

    Beyond two souls and LA Noir was a great games actualy.

  • Notafakename Atall

    does anyone else think it is odd that in Homefront you do not only fight against enemies wearing moto-x gear but that America was defeated by them?

  • Daniel Acree

    ok you might want to remember alot of the “mainstream games” now days were originally developed by or came from indie developers. also if you actually look at the making of this game. quanitc dream is still a new development company in france. and for this being their second game to hit markets. they actually did an amazing job. alot of the developers originally came from ubisoft studios. so some of the same minds of assassins creed and the tom clancy series were working on this one. so for a second game im impressed. and no disrespect for indie developers at all. i love the minecraft, castle crashers, super meat boy, and nether. and with bts at least it was finally a game that actually had original ideas. which is rare in this cod and grand theft auto “clone” gaming culture.

  • Alex Hader

    look just cause the World is ruled by the dragon people doesn’t give you the right to diss Spyro the Dragon one of the best ps1 games ever made. As for APB Reloaded it wasn’t popular cause people already bought their new computer or Laptop around that time and we wasn’t gonna be suckered into upgrading or buying yet another just to play GTA mutiplayer with mods. However what Elysian Rich Kid that could afford one that did play APB Reloaded was not let down. It was a solid game. Duke Nukem Forever was a good game too that got way to blown up by the press and gaming industry and didn’t met expectations also take into account your shooting Reptilians most of the game and the World is Secretly Ruled by Evil Reptilians. Also Enter the Matrix was a killer game on the XBOX. Far better than it’s New Age Ripoff Mirrors Edge.

    Here’s what you should be playing PC games that don’t suck but Rock
    1. Sacred 2 Gold/Fallen Angel/Fate Games
    2. Dark Messiah Might and Magic/Fable Games.
    3. Black and White 2/Rust
    4. Hot Wheels Velocity X/Hot Wheels Beat That
    5. Heroes of Might and Magic V and all it’s Expansion Packs
    6. Space Rangers 2, Reboot, etc/Starbound
    7. System Shock 2/FTL/Star Made
    8. Warzone 2100/C&C Yuri’s Revenge/Red Alert 3
    9. Torch Light 2/Diablo3
    10. Gothic 3/ Minecraft I guess.

    Most of these will Run At Full GFX on a Low End System besides Rust, Diablo3 and Gothic 3 you’ll need at least a 2.4 duo core processor. And a HD 3200 or above ATI GFX Card.

  • Alex Hader

    Top 10 Console Games for the PS3 Gaming System
    1. Watchdogs
    2. Last of Us
    3. Twisted Metal
    4. Pay Day 2/GTAV
    5. Tomb Raider
    6. Resistance 3
    7. Bladestorm
    8. Devil May Cry
    9. Uncharted 3
    10. Walking Dead

    • Intellectual badass

      Watch Dogs…Bladestorm…Devil May Cry… Seriously? Your picks are questionable, not that I’m against your opinion. There are better games out there, you should consider playing.

  • Alex Hader

    I’ll tell you why Homefront failed. I bought like 20-30$ in DLCS and no one else did cause they was overpriced. So I maybe got into 3-5 matches online with DLC Maps. Homefront Solid Game Super Short and Great Mutiplayer but terrible GFXs at the time needed an Overhaul and never got it. MAG was a better game.

  • haroon

    the most absurd and stupidest comment i have ever heard u actually didn’t get it that’s all…. the story was fucking amazing… the concept of three different time lines was extra ordinary and when u go with that extraordinary graphics game play does go limited… and if u so want to play and i actually think u dont hav that much problem with the game as much u hav with ellen paige…. one of best titles of ps3.. u want that much choice in game.. i wld recommend u to play RPG’s…

  • Adam Contreras

    WTF Beyond Two Souls was good game! Homefront could have been better.

  • Objectivelycommenting

    Beyond two souls was an interactive movie, and a bad one! I’d rather play a Juno Videogame adaptation than that… thing.

    Indie games developper have freedom of creativity and develop games for the sake of making games, their games will always have that extra “freshness” that big publishers obsessed with money won’t.

    Same thing with movies, blockbusters left and right and once in a while a refreshing indie title.

  • andrew roman

    Bts was a horrible game. I guess she should of spent more time focused on her part than bitching over an amazing game like the last of us

  • ReGina

    Beyond: Two Souls was a pretty good game. C’mon, you gotta admit it. And Aiden was her stillborn twin brother, not her pet.

  • That1guy

    I really liked Beyond Two Souls yes there wasn’t a major amount of gameplay but The Walking Dead games are similar really all you do is press one of four buttons repeatedly however the story is so good that you kinda forget that the gameplay is so basic, now i’m not comparing them by any stretch of the mile all i’m saying is that some games do not require good gameplay to be good games for example Beyond Two Souls (In all fairness I prefer Heavy Rain but that’s my opinion.

  • Ryan Saunders

    I really enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls. I started playing video games in 1980…That being said, I have been sick and tired of the recycled gaming themes in all genres for many years now. This was a fresh idea, graphically beautiful, and the story was very engaging (I guess this author was not patient enough, or paying enough attention to understand that the story bounces around between a few different spans of time in the life of the main character).

    The game is not for everyone. It was not an action game, nor did it take much gaming skill to complete, yet most young gamers probably will dislike it.

    I think that this game, and possibly L.A. Noire, have created a new genre of game. They are truly like playing an actual motion picture. Maybe the genre could be called “Theatrical”, so as to differentiate it from the (mostly terrible) games made as partner to a movie.

    I am eager for the next game from this studio.

  • Ryan Saunders

    HaHa….Hilarious! I just wrote a comment about how much I liked the previous game on this “worst of list” and mentioned the next title on the list as another game I praise. I definitely have a different taste in games than this author(s).

    L.A. Noire was a very engrossing game…I wonder if the author(s) of this list liked Call of Duty Ghosts.

  • Jed Smith

    Seeing as it is the latest release in the series, seems like a misuse of vocab to call GTA V “seminal”.

  • Ojas

    APB: All Points Bulletin – 2010;

    That review is so bullshit. APB came out like 10 years before GTA online. How could APB be a GTA online ripoff? Also, there is driving, you can use vehicles to grief players outside of missions.

  • A Human

    I’d add GTA V. It is boring once the campaign is complete. Once you’ve completed the campaign, you see how dull it is really, and how you just do the same thing over and over to try to satisfy your boredom. No idea how it seems fun.

  • AllyCat

    L.A Noire ripped of dozens of Australian employees. I’m ashamed I bought it before I knew.