Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

cod Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

If there’s one thing videogames have taught us lately, it’s that zombies are essential for success, and Call of Duty: Black Ops is proof of that. After creating a sleeper hit with an afterthought zombie onslaught mode in World at War, Treyarch focused on upping the ante with new downloadable content up until the release of what is now the largest selling game of all time. Millions of gamers are addicted to fighting off the hungry waves of the dead, and with new perks, weapons, enemies and maps available, one play through a night is not enough to satisfy the urge of reaching the next round.

By now, most players know the layout of each level, where the weapons are and especially, where the pack-a-punch machine is. But what exactly are the best firepower to spend your hard earned points on and when are they useful? Below is a detailed guide to uncovering the the secrets and strategies behind the weaponry of Black Ops’ zombie mode, hopefully helping you to reach the top of the coveted leaderboards.

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M1911 blured Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

There are only four pistols available, well apparently three, if you don’t count the MI911 which you always start off with. Obviously pistols aren’t the superlative way to fight off large hordes, or even make a dent on a couple zombies in later rounds, but they are effective early on. Ditching the MI911 for the Python or CZ75 is an effective choice, considering how minimal its damage is. Ammo and accuracy is widely superior in the CZ75, though dual wielding changes that. The Cobra works like a shot gun, but has six bullets and takes too long to reload.

M1911 = Mustang & Sally
Python = Cobra
CZ75 = Calamity
CZ75 Dual Wield = Calamity & Jane

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Pack-a Punched Pistols

This is where the M1911 is somewhat useful, basically becoming dual grenade launchers. However, Mustang & Sally’s explosion impact is strong when fired up close and can down you easily without having Juggernaut. It works as a drawback in the later chaotic stages, unless you have a height advantage where you are free to fire shots with no apparent consequences. The Calamity becomes an automatic and eats up ammo within minutes, and dual-wielding them is even worse since your accuracy is butchered. The Cobra is more of a novelty, firing extra bullets as fast as Clint Eastwood, and with a faster reload time. It’s not bad as a back-up weapon especially when one bullet can go through multiple zombies lined up accordingly.

Keep: CZ75, Cobra, Mustang & Sally

Skip: Python, Calamity & Jane

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Sub-Machine Guns

830px PM63Upgraded Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

Once again, sub-machine guns are only prevalent during early rounds where the waves have fewer zombies. Most people will buy the MPK5 or AK47u, due to the slightly larger ammo capacity and faster fire rate. The MP40 actually has the highest SMG damage, which compensates for its low fire rate, so buy Double Tap if you want to shoot faster but beware of losing ammo at a greater speed. It’s only available in the map, Kino der Toten, where it works wonders against the dogs. The MPL has the lowest damage per bullet in its 24-round magazine, therefore giving you more points earned. Whatever way you look at it, you can’t go wrong with any SMG, at least before round eight, where tapping fire at the windows will guarantee headshots.

MPK5 = MP115 Kollider
AK47u = AK74fu2
PM63 = Tokyo & Rose
MP40 = The Afterburner
Spectre= The Phantom

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Pack-a Punched Sub-Machine Guns

Upgrading SMG’s isn’t the best way to invest points, considering how quickly they use ammo. Pretty much every one (when Pack-a Punched) doubles in magazine size and damage, but the stats aren’t that high to begin with. Even with sights attached on the AK74fu2, MPL-LF and Phantom, they don’t have the power or ammo for precision shooting. Tokyo & Rose are so inaccurate that it should never be an option, even when you have the points available to upgrade the PM63. SMG’s are usually resorted to running and gunning, where bullets are wasted while spraying, so upgrading ammo from the wall for certain guns is a must.

Keep: MPK5, AK47u, MP40, MPL

Skip: Tokyo & Rose, PM63, The Phantom, AK74fu2, MPL-LF

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HadesWeapon Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

Shotguns are primarily used to guard windows because of their one-shot kill ability until round 12, where they must be upgraded. Ammo is well conserved but that’s due to how long it takes to load each shell, which is every shotgun’s major weakness. The Olympia is a great weapon to buy off the wall for its price, but it’s recommended to save your points for the Stakeout, a far superior shotgun in terms of bullet capacity and reload speed. The SPAZ 12 and HS10 are good room clearers too, firing at a greater pace but with less power. Any shotgun is a good choice for space monkeys or dogs, a single shot is enough to take them down.

Olympia = Hades
SPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24
HS10 = Typhoid & Mary
Stakeout = Raid

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Pack-a Punched Shotguns

Aside from more bullets and damage, upgraded shotguns also require fewer shells to be reloaded for a full barrel. This makes shotguns perfect for taking down zombies in larger groups using less ammo. When it’s time to reload, make sure you have someone covering you, this is when shotguns will make you most vulnerable. Perks are also essential with any upgraded shotgun equipped in later rounds, with each one being valuable to surviving up close with the undead. The Raid is still the best choice overall when compared to the Hades and SPAZ-24, although incendiary rounds are a nice touch. The SPAZ-24 in particular is almost fully automatic in speed, which helps with crowds but it depletes ammo quickly. The Hades still fires two bullets and therefore isn’t worth it. Typhoid & Mary have more of an inaccurate spread and reload at the same time which doesn’t help at all when surrounded.

Keep: Stakeout, SPAZ-24, Raid

Skip: Typhoid & Mary, Hades

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Sniper Rifles and Launchers

768px China Beach Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

Typically most players don’t attempt using these two classes; they are slow and unpractical when it comes to the waves of undead. They aren’t entirely useless though, sniper rifles are one shot kills until later rounds and the launchers can clear large groups and help create crawlers. Still, any opportunity to swap for a more productive weapon is advocated. The M72 LAW statistically is superior to the China Lake and is easier to aim, as opposed to the lobbed shot of the grenade launcher. The China Lake is too unpredictable and hinders instead of helping. A for the better sniper rifle, it doesn’t matter which one is better when they both have the same features and detracting flaws.

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov = D115 Disassembler
L96A1 = L115 Isolator


China Lake = China Beach
M72 LAW = M72 Anarchy

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Pack-a Punched Sniper Rifles and Launchers

Once again, forget the China Beach, it’s still unwieldy and now that its damage is higher there is more of a chance you’ll down yourself. The M72 Anarchy fires semi-automatically and carries more ammo. You also don’t have to aim down the sights to fire, making it easier to shoot and more maneuverable in close quarters. Even in later rounds when zombies require more clips to kill, 2 shots from the M72 Anarchy can down a whole horde at once. By doing so, you do get less points as opposed to someone getting headshots with a rifle. The snipers pack-a-punched are still unnecessary when faced with multiple zombies but in rounds past 30, they still only require 1-2 bullets to kill. When it takes a full clip to finish of a single zombie, it’s rewarding to know that a sniper rifle can be effective after all. Still, you must be incredibly skilled with a sniper rifle to fight of a wave in round 30 so it makes more sense to stick with something more sensible.

Keep: M72 Anarchy

Skip: China Beach, China Lake

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Light Machine Guns and Assault Rifles

Any veteran zombie player can tell you how important light machine guns are for survival. They have the most ammo for a gun and each bullet does enough damage to take down a horde full of approaching zombies. However, if your line of sight is breached and your surrounded it’s time to switch to your backup weapon because LMG’s are not made for fighting up close and personal. That’s where assault rifles are required; they can shoot long distances and are light enough to sprint with. The HK21 fires at a slower speed as well its reload time, but its ammo capacity is the largest for any weapon.

The RPK is just the opposite, with a faster rate of fire and reload, but with less ammo. Either one you choose is basically preference, they both deliver at killing zombies exceptionally well. Assault rifles have the most guns for any class available, so you have multiple choices. No particular one is worse than another, like in multiplayer, there are subtle tweaks for each gun that make them different. The M14 is a good affordable weapon right off the bat and the GII, M16, and FN FAL are terrific at lining up headshots. The Galil, AUG, Famas and Commando are all automatic and vary in ammo capacity (the Galil has the most). Again, it’s your fondness of a certain rifle that determines which is best, so any one is a safe investment to help get to later rounds.

Light Machine Guns

HK21 = H115 Oscillator
RPK = R115 Resonator

Assault Rifles

M16 = SkullCrusher
M14 = Mnesia
Famas = G16-GL35
Galil = Lemantation
AUG = AUG-50M3
Commando = Predator
G11 = G115 Generator

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Pack-a Punched LMG’s and Assault Rifles

Hk21 115 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

Same as before, H115 Oscillator and R115 Resonator are both the best weapons to take down zombies in later waves. Either one is essential for survival with the ammo capacity being incredibly high, these LMG’s act as turrets almost. Make sure to buy Speed Cola because reloading will be a nightmare. Certain assault rifles add attachments that prove useful, like the SkullCrusher’s grenade launcher under barrel and the AUG-50M3’s shotgun, both helpful at clearing out hordes.

Forget the EPC WN, G115 Generator and the Mnesia, they fire too slowly and you can’t always rely on headshots. The G16-GL35, Lemantation, and Predator all have more ammo than before but still run out before you even know it. Some people find any gun with a red dot sight attached obscures the vision a bit, having zombies sneak up behind you while aiming. If that’s the case go with the Predator, which sticks to its original design without adding any attachments.

Keep: HK21, H115 Oscillator, RPK, R115 Resonator, Galil, Commando, Lemantation, AUG-50M3, Predator

Skip: EPC WN, G115 Generator, Mnesia

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Special Guns

ThaZeusCannon 547x360 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapon Guide

Winter’s Howl = Winter’s Fury
Ray Gun = Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
Thundergun = Zeus Cannon
Ballistic Knife = The Krause Refibrillator
Crossbow = Awful Lawton

There is no need to do a Pack-a-punched section for the special guns because three of them are arguably the best in the game and essential for making it far. As cool as the Krause Refibrillator is, a Ray Gun is more important than a knife that can revive teammates. The Awful Lawton is a very under rated and does a great job of luring the zombies away, even if it is for a few seconds. When things get hairy it can save your skin and not to mention each bolt blows up, killing the group of zombies crowded around it and creating potential crawlers. Ammo is scarce though so make each shot count and use it in conjunction with your team to save ammo at certain situations. The Crossbow itself is merely adequate for early rounds, especially when guarding windows (stay a few feet back though). Don’t shoot a bolt at a zombie chasing you because it will stick to him, so be ahead of the blast when it goes off. The Ray Gun needs no explanation, it is almost mandatory; especially Porter’s X2 Ray Gun.

If this comes up in the mystery box it’s always first pick no matter what you are carrying. Splash damage has been decreased since World at War and its ammo is equally good and bad. Good that it’s at 200 rounds; and bad that there’s a limited amount of ammo for the best gun. Same goes for the Thundergun and Zeus Cannon, which can kill the biggest horde of zombies chasing you in one pull of the trigger. Never use a shot on less than 5 zombies with either gun, it’s just not worth it. Even with the Zeus Cannon’s increased ammo doesn’t change the fact that every shot can literally make a difference. The Winter’s Howl is a game changer too, getting you and your team out of jams with a couple shots. Though in later rounds it does take more ammo to fully freeze zombies, but at least it slows them down enough to be riddled to death with your other gun.

There you have it folks, that covers all the weaponry in Black Ops zombie mode. I didn’t include grenades and special grenades because they are automatically in your arsenal. Well, the special grenades aren’t but no matter what, when the opportunity occurs to grab one you will. A black hole or monkey bomb has no real downsides; they are amazing in terms of power and distraction. The Matryoshka Doll may be cumbersome but it helps out better than a regular grenade. If I missed any important facts or secrets please feel free to comment on that, as well as what your favorite weaponry is to fight off the hordes of walking undead.

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  • Jon Rana

    Good effort dude.

  • ACRules666

    Okay no offense guys but some of your sections need desperate reviewing since you have never even used those weapons and you say they’re bad. First of all:
    From the Guns: Avoid Mustang and Sally, get Calamity and Jane instead. When upgraded they can easily kill Zombies even in the later 20 rounds and get you a s*** load of points as well.
    Second: you do realize you just told people not to get the AK47fu2 right? It’s a Great gun even in the later rounds and the amount of points it gets you when playing it right is enormous.
    Third: The M72 Anarchy…how to put it…stinks. As do all the Sniper Rifles and launchers. Good in Multiplayer, awful in Zombies!
    Fourth: I am not going to say that LMG’s are bad cause let’s face it they really are good. But to tell people not to get the EPC WN? He’s almost as good as the AK47fu2 when it comes to both Points and kills. For the Special Weapons everything is in order and Thunder Gun is the best one. Now just listen to me when i say these Gun combinations are the best:

    1: Ray Gun and Thunder Gun, along with perks and Monkey bombs.
    2: H115 Oscillator and R115 Resonator, along with perks and Monkey Bombs.
    3: And a completely new combination that seems to work pretty well, The AK47fu2 and the Skullcrusher, along with all necessary supplies. until you run out of every single ammo, you should have already gotten a dropped max Ammo, an enormous amount of points and always as a last result, you buy upgraded ammo off the wall! try it whoever reads it this is a killer combination when played right.

    • Ghettowolf14

      lol wow u know absolutely nothing epc wn blows calamity and jane suck ak47 is pretty cool not gonna lie lmgs are crap in later rounds

  • Jon Rana

    For those interested check out our brand new Ascension tip list:

  • James Kurz123

    You got it all wrong with the EPC WN and the pack-a-punched famas. The epic win’s ammo lasts forever because it is a three round burst, making it one of the best pack-a-punched guns in the game.

  • Z0mb0calypse EXPERT

    Here are the greatest to least needed perks. 1. Of course juggernog 2. Speed Cola 3. Quick Revive ( depending on people in your lobby) 4. Speed Cola 5. PHD Flopper (depending on explosive weapons) 6. Mule Kick 7. Double Tap 8. Dead Shot Daccury… Now I know some of you are satin why put Mule Kick 6th, well this is why… let’s say you have ak74fu2 and cz75 (unupgraded), and you buy mule kick and get the RAYGUN. Your outside and trapped and ur friends are no where to be found… U get downed:( You WILL lose your RAYGUN that’s why it’s important to have 2 great guns before you buy Mule Kick so I put it as a 6th priority. Happy Killing:)!

    • happy

      i go, 1. jugg, and sally/ray gun splash damage), 3. speed cola 4. mule kick 5. stamin up 6. quick revive 7. double tap 8. dead shot
      u put speed cola twice and forgot stamin up

  • Z0mb0calypse EXPERT

    Oops not satin I meant sayin*

  • YouGotThisAllWrong

    FYI, The Predator does have an attachment, Dual Mags, making every other reload faster.

  • marcus22

    All pack-a-punched guns are really good that’s why it cost 5000 points!

  • Garfieldbender

    My best at Kinodertoten is 2,035 kills for 41 rounds. I highly recommend the Thundergun for rounds 30 and up.

    • kMogs17

      kinodertoten is the (I’m not clever enough to think of a better adjective) level ever. it doesnt even count as zombies. no skill involved. two words. circle pit.

      • Triskit Dairou

        Doesn’t count as zombies? You can circle zombies on any map noob!

  • DeaDMaN910

    forgot the WonderWaffe (however it’s spelt…)

  • Kyle

    In the later rounds I find the mp40 is a great gun, it doesnt kill zombies but it gives you so many points! The ray gun is good but if you’ve played zombies a lot like i have it gets boring! I suggest you try to get to the stage as quick as possible without buying a gun (about round 4) and buy the bowie knife, its a one stab kill until round 10 and you get so many points! My best is round 39, I managed to upgrade every gun in that one game :)

  • zombiekiller65

    this list is stupid how about the vr11 wonder waffle and all the guns on classic zombie maps etc

  • zombiekiller65

    my highest round is 67 solo on call of the dead. my perks were quick revive jugger nog sleight of hand mule kick phd floppy and marathon. i had vr11 pack-a-punched scavenger and mustang and sally

  • sfafrdgfa

    Hey you forgot a special gun wonderwaffle ..

  • Python360x

    You should put the actual stats in for the guns.

  • codmanghost56

    my highest round is 69 by myself with a pack a punched raygun and HAMR with quick revive, jugger nog, speed cola on NAUCHT DER UNTOTEN bo2 and tranzit i got up to round 45 without pack a punch i had an AR-15 and a MP5 and im 12