Bloodrayne Betrayal Will Put Fear Into Nazis In Late August


Bloodrayne Betrayal Will Put Fear Into Nazis In Late August

It’s been years since we’ve heard from the BloodRayne series, with its red-haired heroine and violent war-time gameplay. It was a decent series that was somewhat forgotten about as years went on. That should change with the release of a downloadable title named BloodRayne: Betrayal. It’s set to for download on August 30 and 31 respectively, for both XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Developed by WayForward, this outing is a re-imagined one, taking the form of a cel-shaded side-scrolling action game. From what we’ve gathered based on the screens, it’ll be a very visceral and gory affair, as our favourite redheaded vampire slices her way through perfect blonde haired Nazis with blue eyes – Hitler’s experimental results. Though it looks like they’re not alone. She’s been recruited to stop an evil vampire, which is a basic premise but all that is needed.

I enjoyed the first BloodRayne when I played it years ago. It wasn’t the most spectacular game on the planet, or the classiest, but it was a lot of fun and did its job. Though I never got around to playing the sequel, I’ll definitely check this one out as it looks like it has potential. You can certainly count on it being fun, over-the-top and a complete massacre.

Take a look at a gallery of screenshots below and let us know your thoughts on this bloody return via our comment box.

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