Codename: Kingdoms Becomes Ryse For Kinect


Codename: Kingdoms Becomes Ryse For Kinect

Originally announced with the title, Codename: Kingdoms, Crytek’s latest project has a new name: Ryse. It was revealed this morning during Microsoft’s press conference, with some juicy information added in to make gamers salivate at the mouth.

According to its developers, Ryse is a fully gesture-based first-person hack-and-slash game. Using Kinect, gamers must kick, stab and block using their body’s physical capabilities.

A teaser trailer was shown, featuring a dog walking among dead bodies on the streets of Rome. It looked gorgeous, sparking rumors that this could be the best looking motion controlled title thus far. If Crysis 2 is any indication, then it certainly should be.

No release date was revealed at the end of the trailer but hopefully it isn’t too far off.

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