D4 And The Witcher 2 Highlight January’s Games With Gold Offerings


D4 And The Witcher 2 Highlight January's Games With Gold Offerings

Thanks to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (aka. Major Nelson), we now know what to expect from January’s Games with Gold offering. That is, a lot of weirdness, a ton of challenging role-playing and a helping of microtransaction-filled motorbike racing.

Starting on New Year’s Day, the first season of Swery’s D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die will become free for Xbox One owning Gold members. You’ll only save $15 there, but based on what reviews (including our own very positive one) have been saying, the memories will last a lifetime.

Conversely, Xbox 360 gamers can look forward to another two Games with Gold titles next month, the first of which will be mediocre MX vs. ATV: Alive. The THQ published racer will be free from the first until the fifteenth, before The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings takes its spot for the remainder of January’s chilly days.

If you ask me, this is a pretty solid offering from Microsoft. Not only does it include two well-reviewed games, but one just so happens to be a lengthy and immersive RPG that is going to receive a sequel this coming spring. Also, given that I’ve heard a lot about D4 but have yet to play it, its inclusion as next month’s primary Games with Gold title definitely has me excited.

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