Destiny 2: 6 Upcoming Updates To Watch Out For


6) Xur’s Return

Friday is a day to be celebrated, and not just because it marks the end of the working week.

Ever since his first appearance, Destiny‘s most mysterious recurring character, Xur, has always made the long trip from whatever part of space he calls home to the Vanguard Tower – or if it so takes his fancy, the Reef – to offload the useless ‘junk’ he’s accrued over the last seven days to Earth’s Guardians. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, though, and while our enigmatic, tentacle-faced shop owner has no use for extremely powerful Exotic gear, mankind certainly does in its ongoing fight against the Darkness.

As veteran players will know all too well, the Agent of the Nine has no interest in trading his wares for Glimmer but rather, Strange Coins, circular pieces of metal that are warm to the touch and gently vibrate in the palm of one’s own hand, or so we’re told. Bungie opted to skip launch week for Xur’s first appearance in Destiny 2, presumably in order to allow Guardians the time to gather whatever special currency it is that he’ll be asking for this time.

With Strange Coins now retired, all transactions will be made with Legendary Shards – small purple crystals that you’ll likely have a modest amount of by now, through dismantling Legendary and/or Exotic gear. Bungie’s tentative roadmap for Destiny 2‘s post-launch updates confirms Xur’s return for this Friday, September 15, but you’ll have to find him before making any purchases.

Unlike the original game, Xur’s temporary storefront will now randomly pop up on any of Destiny 2‘s planets or satellites – Earth, Io, Titan and Nessus – so the community will need to pull together in order to pick him out from the crowd. Alternatively, you could just do a quick 5-second search on Google; with concurrent player numbers already smashing the one million mark, his whereabouts are bound to be uncovered in record time.

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