Hellblade Will Launch Day And Date For PS4, PC Later This Year


Hellblade Will Launch Day And Date For PS4, PC Later This Year

Production on Ninja Theory’s medieval actioner Hellblade continues apace today, as the UK-based studio preps the new IP for a simultaneous release across PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

At least, that’s according to Ninja Theory’s Twitter account. Responding to fan queries on the platform, the developer – best known for Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and divisive reboot DmC: Devil May Cry – not only confirmed that Hellblade will launch in 2016, but that the game will be available across both PS4 and PC at the same time.

Per NT:

For the uninitiated, Hellblade revolves around Senua, the flame-haired protagonist glimpsed across the game’s concise marketing campaign. Battling mental illness, Ninja Theory has been praised for its treatment of the ailment, even earning the backing of Wellcome Trust, a UK charity specializing in the field. How exactly that will come to form remains to be seen, but if the studio is aligning Hellblade for a release in 2016, we can readily expect to learn much more about the fantastical title sooner rather than later.

Source: Twitter

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