Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games We’d Love To Play!

hack slash 549x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

Remy and I are ungrateful – we know this. There are plenty of killer horror video games out there, yet we’re always thinking about what we don’t have. What can be done better? What’s missing? What sucks? Complain, complain, complain, right? Can’t we just appreciate titles like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island for what they are, play them gleefully, and move on? Either that, or put our money where our mouths are and create a game that encompasses what we’re missing.

Ha, never challenge a writer, because they’ll call you down in a heartbeat.

Putting our ideas to paper, Remy and I each came up with a horror video game we’d love to see created, and of course are awaiting emails from studios to license our ideas (someone please make us rich quick!). No, but seriously, if we could create our own horror video games, these would be our blueprints. Remy went way outside the box on this one (which everyone should expect by now), while I decided to pay tribute to slasher icons who’ve only seen success on platforms like Atari and NES, while simultaneously giving a cult comic legend her due. It’s time for the likes of Jason and Leatherface to have a 21st century animated makeover, no?

Alright potential backers, time to take a look at our ideas and tell us how much you love them by throwing blank checks our way! Read on to dive into Remy’s brainchild first…


Remy – Psychosis, The Game

The Idea:

post partum psychosis Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

Imagine a game that could, literally, make you go insane. A game that works with psychologists and specialists to figure out what it is like to be insane or schizophrenic, and then pushes that upon the gamer.

A game SO DARK and twisted, you would need to, I kid you not, sign a waiver if you bought it, much in the same way someone who sky dives must sign one before each dive. A game that very much works like an old Lovecraft novel, though instead of running through levels blasting monsters, you are running through your daily life, seeing regular people as monsters, and doing all you can to NOT give in and snap. Take the mindfuckery of Eternal Darkness and up it about ten notches, with the atmosphere of Silent Hill (2, specifically) and an electronic, ambient soundtrack by Aphex Twin, and you have an idea.

The Hook:

hallucination in schizophrenia wallpaper 758912248 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

The real catch here is that when you buy the game, you HAVE TO be willing to go all in. This is a multimedia experience, and one that is REALLY meant to unsettle, so part of buying the game would be giving your cell phone number, location, and email. What this would do is make the game a multi-sensory assault. While playing the game your cellphone starts glitching and up pops pictures of dead people. You get an email in REAL LIFE from an in-game character you killed, showing you snapshots of his family, and how he was just a normal guy that you THOUGHT was a demon. Your location works itself into places in the game, with street names and landmarks being changed depending on where you are playing the game from.

Over time, these elements carry over from the game into the real world so much, the gamer thinks they are going insane.

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The Gameplay:

george georgiou diary lylybye hallucination 1 1 553x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

The gameplay is, for all intents and purposes, you living your life as a mad man, trying to quell the delusions and fears, while managing to stay on the straight and narrow. It will seem like a life simulation almost, but as you walk to work, let’s say, every other character in the street gets more and more deformed. Part of you KNOWS these are just people and you are bugging out, but the more it happens, the worse it gets, and they may even start to be appear agitated and ready to attack, at which point, the game will shift. You can kill these creatures, and the game can go forth like that (evolving into a sort of action horror game), but the reality is, you are just supposed to maintain composure throughout the game. Succeeding for the first level is simply coping with the hallucinations and getting through your full day of work without murdering everyone, but most won’t know that. They will think it is a horror themed action game.That is, until the emails and phone calls start.

So What’s The Point:

22ngn 670x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

There is none. This is a nihilist game about a hopeless psychopath who will INEVITABLY kill innocent people he sees as demons, and the idea is to carry those real life implications over into the real world of the gamer. The person who “beats” the game the right way goes to work for a week, and despite the growing intensity of the hallucinations and impulses, does what they need to do without losing it. That game will end with them getting ACTUALLY better. With some hope.

But most people will play it like a slasher, and in the end of the game, you will be shown the “real world” versions of what you were doing, which will swap out the “monster” graphics, with the innocent woman and children you actually murdered, making you feel sick to your stomach.

The game will be banned when a group of kids who beta tested it all kill themselves within the first week of playing it.

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Nato – Hack/Slash: Murderer’s Row

The Idea:

hack slash 02 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’m saying we need a fully licensed, totally immersive, start to finish badass game based on the exploits of Cassie Hack and her trusty sidekick Vlad. I know all the kids are talking about MMO games, and while online gaming is all the rage, there’s nothing better then a deep, weighty, time-consuming single player campaign that kicks so much ass – so here’s my pitch.

Pick about ten legendary slashers, create an entire world based on whatever the theme may be (for example, Freddy Krueger would have a nightmare world), create henchmen and other baddies Cassie has to fight her way through, throw in some epic puzzles, inject the same dark humor and horror homages, and you’ve got a brutal game I’d invest hours into. Sure, it sounds like anything else, but there’s something entirely more epic about controlling Cassie as you’re defeating horror icons left and right. This gives the opportunity to not only expand upon worlds and get creative with current horror universes, but it also gives Cassie the chance to interact with a bevy of characters. Think Brutal Legend meets God Of War, with co-op availability between Cassie and Vlad.

The Hook:

hackchucky2 643x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

Killing monsters is one thing, and I know Cassie Hack is more of a cult icon, but let’s put it this way – what gamer wouldn’t want to dethrone the mightiest horror movie villains of all time while controlling a wickedly awesome goth chick with a twisted sense of humor? I’ll even outline the names I’d choose as “world” leaders: Freddy Krueger (Nightmare-type world), Jason (Camp Crystal Lake location), Chucky (Play Pals Toy Factory), IT (It’s an evil clown, throw him anywhere), Leprechaun (Generic town), Michael Myers (Mental institution), Victor Crowley (Honey Island Swamp), Leatherface (Country bumpkin community), Scream Mask Killer (Go Scream 3 and put her on a movie set), and for shits and giggles, a killer Christmas finale featuring Jack Frost (killer snowman), the Gingerdead Man, and Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night. You want a hook? Putting Cassie Hack directly in contact with horror’s heaviest hitters, battling them on their home turf.

Think about it, with Chucky, you could bring out Tiffany and Glen/Glenda, or with Leatherface you’ve got the whole dysfunctional family, and hell, Cassie already met with Victor, so we KNOW that can happen. On the good side of things, maybe she runs into Dewey while tracking Mr. Scream, or maybe she runs into Marybeth while fighting Victor – the possibilities are endless, and the nerd factor breaks through the roof like a Wonka-vator.

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The Gameplay:

brutal legend screenshot c 640x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

This is a game better suited for skills and upgrades, getting stronger as your journey progresses. I’m not sure there has to be a whole stat tree or anything, because how much can a slasher-killing girl really learn, but I’d be more interested if with every boss you kill, you take something usable as a trophy. Maybe killing Freddy gets you his razor glove, and killing Jason gets his machete, and killing our Leprechaun and jacking a gold coin increases your “luck” aka Critical Hit Percentage – again, the creative possibilities for each “trophy” are endless.

In terms of serious mechanics though, I’m not sure I’d want a straight button masher. While they’re fun, they often become repetitive. In thinking of the dynamic between Vlad and Cassie, that might be the most realistic option though, letting and AI Vlad run around you in a third-person camera view as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance presented. Work in some special moves, Vlad/Cassie duo specials, limited edition weapons, possibly weapons upgrades as well (putting nails in a baseball bat), and you’ve got enough variety that should delight based on the changing surroundings.

For boss battles though, I’d want a more focused third-person view, as those levels would be the draw. Sure, fighting your way through Freddy’s nightmarish ghouls and baddies would be fun, but when it comes to facing off with Freddy, I want in-your-face-action that gives me the most personal interaction with him as possible. Same goes for all the big names. I want to be on top of Chucky, beating him down in full view. Cutscenes are one thing, and a Hack/Slash game would need some seriously sinister cutscenes, but the boss battles should be just as rewarding, giving you the best look possible.

So What’s The Point:

hackhatch 631x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games Wed Love To Play!

Hack and slash with the best – it’s that simple. Remy went for the more introspective topic, creating a game with meaning and true horror, but I took the entertainment route with this one, wishing for a game I can shut my brain off on and still geek the hell out. There are some absolutely killer horror video games out there, from Dead Rising to Amnesia, but no recent game has properly paid tribute to pure horror royalty. The last I can think of is Freddy Krueger showing up in the Mortal Kombat universe, or the new Chucky Temple Run inspired mobile phone game, which was announced not too long ago. Time to let these bastards run wild on our consoles, and who better to clean up the mess? Cassie Hack, hands down. It’s already tragic that she doesn’t have her own movie, let’s right our wrongs and bring her into gaming glory! Think of it as Lollipop Chainsaw, but with more bite and less zombies.

Oh, and the closing shot cinematic has to be all the dispatched villains reappearing and wanting their trophies back, because if you know horror sequels, these characters just won’t stay dead…

Alright developers, I’ll be waiting for your email!

Alright, so what do you think of our horror video games? Who wants to go crazy with Remy, or beat up some slashers with Nato?

*A special thanks to Remy for stepping in to guest write! Feel free to follow either of us on Twitter for even more insanity and updates:

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Remy Carreiro

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