5 Tear-Jerking Moments From The Grand Theft Auto Series


4) Kate Dies In GTA IV


So if this was a classroom, and I needed to ask you what you learned from GTA IV, what would you say? I would say that, no matter what you do, or how you live, or how many problems you fix, someone you love is going to die.

You see, dependent on a single choice you made, you either have to deal with the loss of your fat, joyous cousin, Roman, or your chick whom you loved and could see building a future with, Kate. The real irony here is that you had to choose. Keep in mind, it wasn’t like they were both tied to chair with a gun to their head, and you literally had to choose which one gets shot (man, that would be badass, by the way).

No, rather, which one died and which one lived all came down to single choice you made that either involved cutting a deal with someone, or seeking revenge on them. But even when you chose, you really had no way to know that your decision would mean the death of a loved one. That is heavy stuff.

So really, it is like a Michael Haneke movie. It is nihilism and hopelessness, no matter what direction you choose to spread the jam. I know that sentence was kind of weird, and I am okay with it.

Quick cheat sheet if you ever play this game again. The second time Dimitri asks if you want to work with him, if you take the deal, Roman gets shot at his wedding, but if you choose revenge, Kate takes the shot. Like I said, either way, death abounds. So figure it out. Would you rather get laid, or have some family around? Really, that is all it breaks down to. You make the choice.

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