Ten Things For The Black Ops Zombie ‘Noob’

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies2 Ten Things For The Black Ops Zombie ‘Noob’

I was never one of those crazy guys who could get to wave 30 and beyond on World At War, and so far I haven’t got there yet on Black Ops either. Those relentless Zombies always seem to creep up behind me or chase me into a corner while I scream like a 5 year old girl.

However, I’ve got some mates who are seasoned BO nuts (Black Ops), already by some impossible trick of nature, and have been telling me many useful tips for surviving in the dark corridors and rooms of the Zombie mode. When I teamed up with them I doubted they were as good as they claimed, and then some 3000 revives later I shut my mouth and paid close attention. We played on Pentagon 5 most of the time so these will be specific for this map.

Tip 1: The Box mistake. One of the first things I’ve realized on ‘5’ is that the wave-10 players (e.g. people who can only get up to round ten) seem so hell-bent on reaching the box and playing lucky dip with their guns that when they get there they don’t know what to do once they have the gun they want…suggestions: shoot. But as we know this isn’t enough, advice to players would be to find the best gun that it is relatively easy to access, like the MPL, which is just through the first unlockable door on 5, or the MP5K on the top floor of the War room (first lift downstairs).

Tip 2: Block them out. Bizarrely, a lot of people forget to barricade and repair holes, leaving huge openings in their defence as they get carried away running deeper into the map or looking for more guns. While ammo and weapons and completely necessary, you should always have one or two people checking the windows. This leads nicely on to the next key point.

Tip 3: Can you hear me! Communication is absolutely vital to progressing in to the later waves of Zombie mode. Too many people don’t turn on their headsets and/or mute other players. This is shooting yourself in the foot before you’ve even begun. For one, your teammate could use the lift by himself, without you knowing about it and then when you need it to escape, it’s on the wrong floor, costing you precious seconds. Or, if you have some sort of plan, you need to be able to communicate it. Most players do go in with some form of strategy so if you’re all doing your own thing it simply won’t work. Most successful matches have an unofficial leader in the lobby that makes decisions when to move down or up a level into a new area.

Tip 4: F****** Doctor. So many gamers have been flummoxed by the appearance of the Doctor (or Tech as some call him). He runs after you and if he grabs you he steals your equipped weapon and teleports you to a random spot on the map. Whilst he can be killed with either a nuke pickup or spamming him with all your gunfire for AGES, you can prevent him coming at all by NOT turning on the power. Although, this means you sacrifice access to the president’s lounge (which is a killer place to camp….see the pun there?) and the sucker punch vendor.

Tip 5: Who’s a tough guy now? As the game hints at in the loading screen, you don’t always want to rush in to revive a downed player straight away. The downed period can keep a player alive for roughly a minute, before they have to spectate the rest of the round. So get someone to cover you while you revive your buddy and choose your moment carefully. One useful thing is using the lift to teleport the Zombies up to the next floor (or down) with you, then quickly going back down to revive someone who can crawl towards the lift. It gives you a few seconds of clear to bring him/her back into the match. Of course there are still occasions when it is simply suicide to try to help a dying player but generally if you play it right this shouldn’t happen much (we hope).

Tip 6: Butcher. In the early stages (say 1-6) it is fairly easy to hold the undead hordes off so it is a good time to rake in the points by using your knife to finish them off. Usually if you stab at a window and then pull out before they lash back you can kill them quite effectively. It gives you a lot more points than regular kills and it saves ammo in the early stages. Also when you get to the last few zombies of a harder round you can once again pick them off with your knife.

Nazi Zombies Ten Things For The Black Ops Zombie ‘Noob’

Tip 7: Personal space. If you can keep a fair amount of space to move about in, you can mow the zombies down before they get to close to create another space. I have on many occasions hid in a corner and sprayed all my ammo at them, then when I needed to reload I had nowhere to go and no time to get there. Camping spots are the way forward for some players, but you always should have a route of escape if you get overwhelmed. Note that ‘5’ has teleporters once the power is on (but the Doctor will come so you have to weight things out before hand I guess).

Tip 8: Where to pitch?. From what I’ve heard the most sustainable locations are the following:

-The top floor by the first lift (because you can alternate between the two floors, but make sure someone is always near the lift button side)

-The presidents lounge (only two windows, the double doors, and the teleporter to cover. Has the Sucker-punch and also the teleporter as emergency escape) Note: to open the lounge you must turn on the power, and pull the switches in the war room to defcon 5 to lock the teleporters on it, then go in any teleporter. You must leave someone in there at all time if you want it to stay open though.

-The bottom floor in the middle of the labs (because it is a four way corridor with access to multiple rooms and teleporters)

Tip 9: Taste in weapons. Annoyingly when you use the box, you don’t always get a particularly good weapon (note it always starts on the bottom floor in one of the labs) and you haven’t got time to try again so you settle for it and try your best. Try to avoid this. Basically if you can make a crawler to be last zombie still alive in a round, keep him alive and take turns to distract him whilst your teammates take time to get the right gun from the mystery box, it will make a huge difference to your chances of getting further.

Tip 10: Directions. Make sure you learn all the nuances of the levels and take time to familiarize yourself with where all the doors and corridors lead, where the dead ends are, weapon locations etc. Over time this will help to minimize clumsy mistakes and ultimately make you more efficient at dispatching those damn zombies.

Hopefully a few of these pointers were useful, but if you have any golden snippets of knowledge you feel are missing from this list, and that you’re willing to share, then leave a comment and let everyone else know.

UPDATE:  Part two and three of the carnage course continues with Kino and Ascension – building on the basic principles and introducing some of the more advanced and subtle tricks.

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  • Anonymous

    somebody on your team should really have a few monkeys. those will buy you time and space to revive teamates and it creates “crawlies.”

  • TheTate

    try to keep your pistol for when you turn the power on, that way when the doctor comes you can pull that out and not lose your good weapon

    • Jon Rana

      Good point, i forgot about that. That doctor been causing alot of problems…haha


      • Seabass

        what we do for the doctor is we all meet in the war room. the doctor comes for each of us one by one. the person who gets their gun taken will follow the doctor through the portal back into the war room. the doctor will not start sprinting until someone fires at him, so he will slowly walk towards the next player. once you are in a clear line of fire, open up on him. have the next player he is after run him around the scaffolding in the war room and continuously shoot him from behind. once that player is caught and his weapon is taken, repeat the process. depending on the weapon, he is usually killed before taking the last players weapon.

        • Jon Rana

          Sounds like a pretty solid strategy dude, recently i’ve just been avoiding turning the power on atall, and holding the four windows in the war room (without clearing debris).

          It looks daunting , but it’s one of the easiest places to camp in the whole map.

          Also just realized that when the power IS on, the little screen’s next to the mytry box spots. show where it currently is.

  • chicken

    I know this is a question, but I’m wondering what weapons are best to use.

    • Rap

      the two light machine guns work pretty good upgraded (hk-21 and the rpk), and of course the frost gun / thundergun upgraded are musts for surviving 20+ rounds.

      • Arjohn

        I personally love the Skullcrusher because of the option of noobtubes. and the fact i can buy ammo for it. As for a secondary its a close choice between the upgraded ballistic knives and the upgraded crossbow. I never seem to get the thundergun and that doctor is a dick he stole my weapon when i was downed trying to see if i could get him to walk into the electric barrier.
        Got to round 25 with Ak74fu2 and the Olympia upagrded

    • Jon Rana

      Hey chicken, me and my friends all agree that if you don’t wanna take time out gambling with the box (which is fair enough), then the best weaponson ’5′ are the Stakeout (shotgun by the 2nd lift in the war room) and either the MPL or the MP5K depending on where you like to stay…because of ammo issues.

      For anyone who cares (lol probably very few) I thought I’d make myself feel better by saying i’ve got to round 25 with just one other dude on this map. Not that amazing but I’m a zombie freshman in my mind.

      Share your high scores and we’ll gather together the top ones. (don’t make em up..there’s no point we can easily check).

      Peace and happy zombie slaying…wait that’s kinda oxymoronic..

  • DutchX420

    Wait until the last zombie of the round comes in, then just grenade it and have one player distract it while everyone else rebuilds windows and gets ammo and guns. Then when everything is done just shoot it and wait for the next wave.

  • http://twitter.com/Budskies13 Ryan Budd

    Number 2 worst tip ever

  • Tazrahzeljr325

    guys u cant use a crawler in black ops zombies as the last zombie because he will eventually die automatically u have to leave 1 or 2 walking zombies alive in order to buy time to explore and buy ish. Try to leave two zombies alive because if you leave one he will eventually go spider monkey and run at u.

  • ABenitezj90

    i’m a new-by (MFCJABZ) and I’ve gotten to level 12, i don’t have a headset but on the verge of gettin one, plus i need people who know what they are doing i try to save as much point as i can in the first room of “5″ and then go from there but no one does that…..most of them are a bunch of kids who start singing Brittney Spears…and they are guy kids….COME ONE. also i play and every one wants to let me die they’ve said it them selves…. A** holes

  • Jon Rana

    Hey guys, just some extra stuff:

    -put the ballistic knife through the suckerpunch (if you can resit ditching it before then) and you will be able to revive downed teamates with the shots (very very useful)
    -MP40 is a the weapon for crowd control on kino, and it’s very easy to get to (room with the turret on the table at the bottom of a dual staircase)

    -Also, when you get further into the rounds, a good tactic is to lead the horde around so they only follow you from one direction (stand still and they will rush to you…then you can flee and lead them in a long long line). THen you can turn around, spray into the line then when your magazine is out, run and reload, then turn and spray again.

    • sniperdown

      dude its actullay the packapunch but other than that pretty good tips

  • Freddiedie1

    Well, black ops is my first shooting game and i have managed to get to round 17 with 3 people..
    i have a pretty solid strategy… this is it:
    when it starts and its the first round, ONLY knife them.. 2nd round you spray them with 1 round of the pistol.. 3rd round 2 rounds of the pistol and so on until you run out of ammo… i always open the first door and lift as soon as i can, so that when you are overrun you can back into the lift or buy the machine gun and go revive people who sometimes die (really bad players).. then, once i get 2750 points we go down the lift, i clear the debris, then buy the stakeout! STAKEOUT !
    this is an amazing weapon, you can kill zombies with 1 hit up to round 8-10!! Also if you get this upgraded it is even better! it has more damage + amazing long range for a shotgun! i EITHER pac-a-punch the stakeout or the very first pistol!! the first pistol put through the machine is really amazing! It is a dual wield grenade launcher! But be careful if you have this, i recommend another gun because you CAN kill yourself with the grenades! But anyway, once i get a pac-a-punched gun, i get the drinks. Now the drinks have saved my life so many times!! These are the drinks:
    Jug-a-nog: You can take 3 hits instead of 2
    Speed cola: You reload faster
    Double tap cola: You shoot faster
    Quick revive: You revive people quicker
    I get them in that order and with the upgraded stakeout (it is called a Raid) it is really fast reload and you can kill loads of people! I never usually go to a mystery box.. only when you get the firesale!
    You can get it from killing the scientist.. it is actually pretty easy. You let him take everybodies worst gun EXCEPT for 1 person! As mentioned below, you go to the scaffolding and he goes to the side opposite the stairs and starts running away from the scientist. If you do that and sprint when you can, everybody else running and shooting him with your good gun, he cant catch you and he dies pretty quickly! Once you kill him he drops the firesale (big tag saying sale) then the mystery box appears everywhere and only costs 10! I usually go upstairs to the 2 boxes there. I usually get a good machine gun/assault rifle or a ray/freeze gun which when possible i upgrade… And in five, USE THE LIFTS! Nr. 2 i have to disaggree with, running to get the doors can often kill you and get 1 of you stranded! Everyone pile in the lift and 1 person get the back, and the other people get the front! Now, the 1st lift at the war-room is a horrible place to fight, because you only see them at the last minute, so if you are using that one, make sure you only go down to move the zombies! Now, the panic room is good, but not as good as the lift! only go there if somebody wants to upgrade a gun! Even when you get people at the front and people at the back, it is very easy to get overrun! So the 2nd lift is the best place to camp! Also i have heard claymores are very useful, but never got arround to actually buy some :P
    If you want to add me in game, my name is: Freddiedie1
    so yea, pretty simple really…
    also 1 last note, is when/if you get 2 pac-a-punched guns, do not be resistant to have to get rid of 1! When i had an upgraded ray gun and upgraded frost gun, i ran out of ammo on both, i died because i didnt want to get rid of them! So you might have to lose 1 of them if you get both of them upgraded!

    • Jon Rana

      Stakeout. Yeah agreed, love that gun.

      To be honest though depending on what kida team you’ve actually got, different camping spots will work when other will not. You have to get a good team when it boils down to it. Find people you can rely on.

  • Alexs 36

    On tip #8 you reminded me to use my grenades cause i was around wave 8 or wave 12 anf i remember that i had MANY opportunitys to kill all of them because they where all lined up or in a big crowd. P.S. your 10 tips are very useful when you think aboout it.

    My gamertag is – THE DUDE 501st :)

    • Jon Rana

      Sweet dude, glad it gave something useful hahaha.

      Is that the PS3 or xbox version?
      We might be doing some competition related to zombies so watch this space (might be a while yet but we’re looking into lots of stuff for the site)…and practise like mad…gonna do teams maybe..


      • Vishal_Lodhia

        Your tips are pure gold!!! I used to be Soooooooo shit at zombies. I usually died before round 15. Now I’ve been up to round 37!!!!!! My ad is: lodhia55. Thanks dude.

  • Mitch

    far i made it to round 37 with my mate

  • Mitch

    fuck its hard as

  • Dr. Deathdefying

    Heres a tip: Dont be an asshole when opening doors. Spend some money! Dont leave the spending to the other players, otherwise you will end up dying anyway because of little space to run.

  • Cmck123

    This might be pretty obvious already, but anyway, when you start on the first few rounds of black ops zombies, don’t switch to your pistol rite away. knife and shoot with your pistol as many as possible, THEN take your rifle and let loose. also, try to always take headshots, they disable your enemies faster.

  • T Evans10

    when you have a crawley as your last zombie you should also rebuld barriors to buy more time.

  • Ty Heldt
  • Waker7

    ya im one of those people who can easly get to round 2o with people but when we get to the high levels everyone leaves me. i can hear them talking about it through one of there mikes and it really starts to piss me off and i am trying to assemble a team to make it 2 level 60 or 70 my name is NorthThe Maker
    this is on xbox 380 please apply if it says my friends list isa full send me a message and ill make room.

  • Oregonroller09

    Didn’t really help too much I’m on to the advanced guide noob

  • doodle718

    well i got up to round 20, and if you want to get higher open all the doors when you get enuff for each door and then if there is swarms of zombies at least you have space to run around in.

  • Waker7

    as i said before i am looking for new recruits and i cant wait till torrow to gget the new map pack for black ops

  • Centallith

    I have gotten to round 35 by myself. (This was on Kino der Toten). The highest I have gotten on the Pentagon by myself is round 28. My strategy for Kino Der Toten is using the Mp40 to spray the crowd down (constantly run). After round 26 just use autoturrets and traps.

    For “five” just shoot them while they come for you and then use an elevator when you get in trouble. Their health isn’t recharged when they respawn on the next floor.

    • Alexander Wojtczak

      hey u want to be on my team

    • Jon Rana

      Has anyone managed to find the best place to “loop” on 5? Most of the time camping is just easier but unless everyone on your team is invested in the same strategy it can get messy.

      I still think the warroom and the labs can be looped…if you lead them round correctly.

      Also for those of you who didn’t know; ou can revive to people at once if they are right next to each other :)

    • Alexander Wojtczak

      cool ill have to try that

  • Incognito1513

    I wanted to correct you on a bit of information. Zombies cannot get in the teleporter in the pack-a-punch room. This is because the teleporters only go to that room for the 30 seconds after you flip the defcon switches. This makes the room even better because you can escape if needed. Unfortunately the zombies can follow you OUT of the room which in my experience leaves you upstairs where you first started out.

    Also some important information:
    There is a cap on how many points you can get for repairing windows. It gets larger every round, but in the first round it is set to 40. This means that you only get points for putting up 4 boards. Wait until the next few rounds to build all of the barriers to max out your points.

    Do not leave your positions for a fire sale. You will only get your team killed. The only exception to this is if you just came back to life and your only weapon is the M1911 (the pistol).

    I know of a few good camp spots/strategies:
    - The Pack-A-Punch room: with 3-4 players it is easy to cover all the areas, 1-2 players on the windows, 2 on the hallway. The 2 on the hallway should have upgraded guns, one of the alien weapons (Winter’s Howl or Ray Gun)
    - The Service elevator: 4 people in the large elevator to the basement. One person watches the window in the back (I would recommend that this person use the stakeout, because the ammo is right next to the elevator and shotguns are better suited to window watching) Also make sure that one person stands close to the operating panel so you can get out of there fast. It would also be good to have all the defcon switches except the one near the elevator flipped. That way you can flip it and get out of there if you need too and any downed player can crawl to a portal and you can revive them in safety.
    - 2 people in each elevator. This strategy splits the zombies 50/50 between the 2 groups but requires good communication.
    - The room with the pig in the basement: There are many good things about this room. It’s the room that contains claymores and possibly the mystery box. However there is no escape route. It like the Pack-A-Punch room has two windows and a double doorway and the same strategy should be employed here

    I also have a run around strategy, however it should only be employed if you are playing 2/1 player or are the only one left. You can run around the bottom floor of the war room. Just make sure that you that the zombies cut across the middle of the circle, don’t let that take you by surprise.

    • Jon Rana

      Nice idea about campin in the pig room, have to say I’ve only looped down there myself so might have to give it a try.
      I don’t know what circumstances there have to be for zombies to come through the PAP room teleporter, but they can. I asked a good friend (playing PS3 version) and he says it is actually an in game bug that happens if someone gets downed outside the room if they start the round away from the PAP. I’ve got a clip of it happening but I will agree it rarely happens..

      Also extra tip worth highlighting is where the trap peices are, most people only know about the first one (in the locker room on the lab floor), the second peice is in the warroom. Walk around the edge when yuo’ve cleared the debires..

      Also PAP the M19 pistols (the ones you start with), they turn into dual grenade laucnhers. Trust me its worth saving them,

      Doctor rounds are simple if you have the PAP pistols, lead round the top balcony of War room while others spam with grnedaes. always works.

      @Incognito: thanks for the info about the rebuilding doors, i didn’t realize the lmit gets more each round.

      Any new round records for anybody?

  • dirtflirt

    Hey ya u on ps3? me and my friends kick ass and even during doctor. If you are on ps3 ur gonna say no thats bs u only made it 2 round 15. That was a glitch I have made it to round 31 or something like that u can ask my friend chevysneverdie333.If u r on ps3 ill show you my strategy. My psn is Dirtflirt ( u make fun of it my brother named it and i cant change it without deleting all my friends) if im full send me a message ill make room

    • Jon Rana

      There are plenty of glitches you can do if you’re struggling to do it properly but we’re trying to do it without the help of cheating if we can haha.

      And if you’re gtlitching, round 31 isn’t particularly impressive. Just saying lol.
      But guys put the platform you’re playing on so peeps can add each other.

      • Spongeboy

        we werent glitching im saying the highest level i made it to glitched and said i only made it to round 15 oh ya and its chevysneverdie1 sorry lol

  • guest


    • Flamedoyle96

      Take a look im the mirror first, THEN make judgments on who’s a fucking idiot.

  • Mgs4lord

    WTF!!?? noob, u dont even know da name of the pack a punch lol n00b

    • Jishaxe

      Could be a joke, my friend. Don’t troll.

  • Chairez2006


    • Robbs123321

      How do you use it correctly .. Email me robbs123321@yahoo. Com

  • Cpf2012

    wave 45. just get friends and not suck. easy as that.

    • Matthew

      cpf2012 you get it. first time i played i got to round 35 by myself on ascension… pretty easy just dont screw up… oh and when someone earlier commented on buying the door for your teammate if your online forget em. theres no point in wasting your money unless you absoloutly have 2.

  • Marcquisdale

    yo add me on psn marcquis-dale

  • Nickynick522

    In all maps – if you aim just right, you are able to kill the zombies with just one strike of the map. This gives you 130 points and is fast and efficient.

  • Klrutherford

    Also The Lift That Takes You To The Lab, And the Then Back to The War Room Is My Favorite Place To Be… Because:

    One Person Covers The Window Behind Yoiu And Always Keeps One Zombie There.
    3 People Cover The Front, And if its to hard One of them is always bside the button soi they just turn and press x

    • Guest

      Those were a lot of capitalized letters.

  • DragonCannon

    When I play alot of people play like noobs. I’ve always have to buy Quick-reive and that. ( Use speed reload ) When I end up playing with noobs that thosen’t know a **** about zombies make sure to see the leaderboard for the lobby. This will save you time, like if you want to come long into the game like round 30. Check the leaderboards before playing. And in higher rounds buy weapons on the wall and pack-a-punch it. You can buy ammo for it, this will be good. And the tip about making a route to run in case you have alot of zombies after u. If you get the Tunder-gun in round 1-25 keep it. Pack-a-punch it. ( Max ammo goes away after round 25 ( I think ) ) This is all I have to say. ._.

  • Overtonsketter

    if you get in the elivaterwith a lot o points ride it up and down killing till you die

    • Matthew

      thats kind of a stupid plan.. i mean go up and down the elavator till you die?? have fun with that.

      • Lodhia55

        Too right dude. What a stupid person.

  • Tigersnunicorns

    A good tip for any zombie map is to, and I can’t exagerate this enough, TAKE TURNS OPENING DOORS! This way you can keep some points for the mystery box/Pack-a-punch, while giving your teamates a chance to do so themselves. But whoever has the higher points, PAYS FIRST.

  • Negplus
  • zub123

    me and my friend got to round 31 but he had to leave. we could have got to round 40 at least, cos we discovered this glitch. whenever I went down and my friend revived me I got 80% of my ray gun and winters fury ammo back. strangely it didn’t replenish my claymores or grenades

  • Jasmine

    Haha I pretty much follow all of these tips and I have a pretty smooth time getting to 35 easy. After that.. It gets crazy. One thing my teammates and I do is while three people stay in the pack-a-punch room one runs around the middle room distracting the horde and keeping the zombies off our junk for the majority of it. Rounds get up to like 20 minutes long, it’s a pretty helpful strategy (: haha oh, and don’t be an asshole to the girl player on the team, she may just be better than all those 10 year old noobs online and chances are shell probably save your ass once or twice (; my gamertag is JFizzle0831

  • De1ad Wabbit

    Retarded noobs^ smh

  • YouGotThisAllWrong

    Although I am not as well as surviving into the farther rounds as some people, I am quite the expert when it comes to scoring the most points for your guns in the early rounds. The first rule would be to never shoot at a zombie using the M1911 unless there are two or more in a line, so you can shoot through them, scoring 10 x # of zombies in the line per bullet. The only exception to this rule is if a Double Points Powerup is present, or there is a max ammo and you are the only one playing, in which you should waste as much ammo before grabbing the Max Ammo, (Remember to save one full clip.)

  • blackops

    nice article for beginners

  • Llebanese
  • Nitrotank12

    okay, so i got up to round 25 by myself and round 20 is average every time i play solo, so this is my strategy.  What i do is on the first 2 rounds i would have used up the ammo on the zombies LEGS. it is vital going for the legs so to get points fast and then finish them off with a good knife to the face. some people would say your wasting ammo but this is my way of racking up 714 kills in just 45 mins, so this is a very good strategy depending on your level of skill. once i get at least 3500 points in the first room, i go for the top room and take a few shots at the mystery box till i get an above average weapon. WARNING do not just open up all the rooms just for the mystery box, if its there, use it, if its not , don’t go on a shopping spree. all so , don’t use the box to much , it consumes points VERY FAST. once you do that save up another 3500 and open up the next room and horde up about 6000 points then open up the next TWO rooms, the next room after the second can trap you so easy so open it up fast. grab th metor if you want and gap it to the power an survive from there. PLUS JUG AND PAK A PUNCH.

  • adam

    and…. rember the most important rule of dealing with zombies SHOOT THE FUCKERS IN THE HEAD

  • Max

    I make it to level 20 solo in KINO easy. If u cnt u suck

  • Bret

    Hi Guys, I’m new to Xbox so this is a totally dumb question to all of you experienced types but I’m going to ask it anyway. I keep getting killed in round 2 or 3 of Kino Zombies by a seemingly invisible knife-wielder. Where is he coming from and how do I deal with him? Many thanks. Bret

  • Guest.

    Just like you!