New Updates And DLC Coming For Wheels Of Destruction


Gelid Games has announced that their vehicular combat game for the PlayStation 3, Wheels of Destruction, will be receiving both an update allowing for more customizable controls as well as free downloadable content in the form of a new level called Moscovian Mayhem.

More details can be found in the following press release:

Wheels of Destruction Announces Several Updates and FREE DLC, Moscovian Mayhem, Coming Soon

Unleash carnage in all-new ways with a plethora of updates, new control schemes and a free new map

Santa Clara, CA – June 13 – Wheels of Destruction, the car carnage deathmatch experience on PlayStation®Network, is getting a slew of updates, including free DLC! The developers at Gelid Games have been working tirelessly to give you new and exciting ways to tear your opponents up, and in this downloadable content titled Moscovian Mayhem, a futuristic Moscow is your own playground of destruction.

In addition, the game will be receiving more control options, granting players the ability to find what style fits them. To make sure players quickly get into a match, Gelid has improved the match-making algorithm. As matches fill up, bots will keep their seat warm – providing an array of challenges based on the game’s settings.

Wheels of Destruction has five different vehicle classes to best suit players of different styles. From the brutal Heavy to the quick-firing Assassin, each class has their strengths and weaknesses to rule the battlefield. Check out the amazing trailers here:

Scout – the speedster class:
Heavy – the tanking class:
Assassin – the quick-draw class:
Soldier – the balanced class:
Engineer – the long-ranged class:

Wheels of Destruction pits players in an arena of demolish-or-be-demolished competition. Five distinct classes make for deadly cutthroat vehicle combat with a unique futuristic aesthetic – all powered by the Unreal Engine. Wheels of Destruction brings gamers together just to tear them apart in an addictive, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master battle behind the wheel. Just make sure you’re ready for chaos and carnage!

For more information on Wheels of Destruction by Gelid Games, check out the website at Also, follow the game on Facebook at

About Gelid Games, Inc.:

Gelid Games, Inc. brings together some of the best gaming talent in the industry to create original games, targeting all platforms – mobile through console. We are religious gamers who pour our passion into creating fun and engaging games like our first title, Wheels of Destruction. The founders of Gelid Games are seasoned professionals of the digital entertainment and computer industries. Headquarters are located in Northern California.

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