The Zombies Are Back In New Dead Block DLC


The Zombies Are Back In New Dead Block DLC

We all thought that the rock n’ roll induced zombie apocalypse threatening the All-American town in Dead Block was over. That early judgement may have been a bit hasty and, well, incorrect. You see; Candygun Games has released a new downloadable content pack for the action defence title on XBOX Live, and it brings with it even more zombies to block with wood and traps.

At a reasonable cost of 240 Microsoft Points (the equivalent of three dollars), the More Dead to Block map pack contains four new locations to search through. There’s a Turkish bath, a motel, a slaughterhouse and an office building. All of the aforementioned areas are playable in both single player and three-player online co-op.

If you survived the onslaught once, it may dismay you that your efforts were all for naught. Or were they? Give this new pack a shot and show those flesh eaters who’s boss once again!

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