10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

the flash 480x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

The Fastest Man Alive is a prime example of a fanboy favorite. There are few characters that fans are as passionate about as the Scarlet Speedster, and because of this, DC fans can hardly wait to see who is going to play The Flash when a Justice League movie finally comes our way.

It’s safe to assume DC’s answer to The Avengers will be coming to theaters sometime soon, especially considering the box-office success of Man Of Steel. If done well, a solo Flash movie would be absolutely awesome, but all indications we’ve seen point toward us seeing Barry Allen for the first time in Justice League, then perhaps getting his own film sometime after that. He’s a character that can be set-up quite well in an ensemble film, and is a vital part of DC’s super team. With Justice League coming our way as early as 2015, it’s time to start speculating on just who is going to be cast as the Flash.

The actor has to fit the build, as Flash isn’t quite as bulky as some of his JLA counterparts, and he has to have the quick wit that fans love. Blonde hair and blue eyes are a plus, though not absolute necessities. But most of all, the actor has to be able to act and stand out when among a bunch of other superheroes on the big screen.

Keep in mind, this list isn’t ordered at all by preference, it just merely highlights 10 actors who would be great choices to play The Flash.

So, read on for 10 actors who could play The Flash in Justice League.


Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson 486x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

We’ve already seen Patrick Wilson as a good-natured DC comic character when he played Night Owl in Watchmen. He nailed that role, and was extremely enjoyable to watch. He doesn’t have blonde hair, but he has the likable manner and good looks that are essential for Flash, especially the Barry Allen version. Just look at him, that’s a face you know you can trust.

There’s a chance Zack Snyder will be directing Justice League, and he may want to find an actor he’s already worked with. While the opinions on Watchmen are polarized, Wilson and Snyder did make a good team, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think Snyder would want to channel that again.

Another film that really illustrates how well Wilson could take on Flash is Insidious. While Insidious is nothing like Justice League, the way Wilson attempts to figure out just what is going on with his son and their house is a perfect display of the sort of intelligent yet vulnerable character that Flash is. Wilson absolutely killed that role, and would do no different as Barry Allen.

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Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling a l 639x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Gosling is a perfect pick for a darker, more serious Flash film. While he is certainly capable of pulling off a comedic role, it’s his strong stoic manner that makes him so desirable for a hero. But just because Gosling plays the stoic character so well doesn’t mean that he can’t be fun to watch as well. Look at Drive. When he wasn’t kicking ass intimidating those who did him wrong, he was still able to have staring contests with a little boy, complete with his trademark grin.

On the note of Drive, I know Gosling said that was his version of a superhero and he’s not interested in doing an actual comic book film, but people say a lot of things when the offer isn’t yet there. Though Gosling seems to have his best success in lower profile films, he’s certainly capable of handling a huge franchise like this, and if the opportunity presented itself, I’d guess he’d think twice before saying no.

I suppose we’ll have a better idea of how Gosling would handle the fight scenes after Only God Forgives goes into its wide release. Gosling claims the violence is way more extreme than Drive, and considering Drive is much more graphic than any Justice League comic film is likely to get, if Gosling pulls off Only God Forgives, he’ll likely have no problem acting out any fighting as The Flash.

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Bradley Cooper

bradley cooper lex luthor 533x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Bradley Cooper is one of the actors on this list that could easily play either a Barry Allen version of Flash or Wally West. He can pull off a wisecracking, smooth-lipped, fun hero, and he could also pull off playing that all-around nice guy.

Cooper has a bit of action experience, and it’s actually his performance in Limitless that best displays what he could do with Flash. Flash doesn’t only run fast, but he can absorb information fast too. The speed learning is an essential part of the character, even if it’s one that Justice League may not initially make a big deal out of. We’ve seen Cooper handle that speed learning already, now he just has to get the running bit down.

Cooper is also the actor on this list that has been rumored for the role the most frequently. Even if the rumors mean absolutely nothing at all in terms of real casting, they do mean people are talking about him playing the character. While there are some who are adamantly opposed (there always are), the majority of opinions about Cooper in the role have been relatively positive. Cooper has denied the rumors (of course), but that at least means he knows about them as well. Perhaps that will pique his interest enough to toss his hat in the ring if the opportunity presents itself?

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Joel Edgerton

joel edgerton 600x4001 540x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Dedicated readers may remember that I included Edgerton on my list of actors who could play Doctor Strange. Despite how different Strange and Flash are, I stand by both these picks. It’s really just a matter of who is able to tie the actor down first. And I’d actually have no problem watching him play a character in both major comic universes. He’s a talented enough actor that he’s likely going to earn a spot on every one of these comic casting lists I make, even Wonder Woman. (You think I’m kidding…)

We saw in Warrior that Edgerton can handle stunts and fighting on screen, but more important than the fighting, we saw that he’s one of the best when it comes to creating an emotional connection to his character, which is essential in any film. He was easily the biggest bright spot of The Thing, turning in a performance that would be perfect if the Flash film tries to emphasize the detective aspects of the character.

Sure, Edgerton may be a bit bulkier than Flash is usually portrayed, but who has ever complained about a superhero being too buff? Plus, he’s Australian, which means he’d fall in line with Warner’s trend of having American superheroes played by non-Americans (see Christian Bale, Henry Cavill).

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Chris Pine

01 chris pine 540x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

The only reason I’m hesitant to put Pine on this list is because it isn’t fair that one man gets to play Flash and Captain Kirk. Talk about every fanboy’s dream. Pine was in the running to play Green Lantern before the part ultimately went to Ryan Reynolds, and Hal Jordan and Barry Allen share many traits. Warner should make sure not to miss out on Pine again.

He certainly looks the part too. In fact, he’s got the sort of look that’s just begging to play some superhero. He showed with Star Trek that he’s comfortable taking on an iconic character and making it his own while still respecting the roots of the character. Considering how iconic William Shatner was as Captain Kirk, and the fact there has yet to be a quality big-screen adaptation of Flash, the Scarlet Speedster is even less daunting of a role to take on.

A big thing for Flash is going to be someone with the star power to get fans demanding a stand-alone film. Assuming Pine nails the role, he’s definitely a big enough name to draw in non-comic fans to a Flash movie.

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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Green Lantern 570x3801 540x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Yes, yes, yes. I know Ryan Reynolds already played Green Lantern. I know Lantern and Flash are in the same comic book universe. I know most versions of the Justice League even have Flash and Lantern as pretty good friends. That doesn’t change the fact that Reynolds would be darn near perfect as Flash.

It infuriates me that an actor so well-suited to play Flash was cast as Green Lantern. Reynolds has even said before that it was a childhood dream to play Flash. Had Green Lantern not come along first, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion as Reynolds would’ve nailed Flash, the awesome ensemble film would’ve happened by now, and all the most sinister super villains would be locked up for good.

I actually didn’t think Reynolds was horrible as Lantern. That film’s faults were far more in the writing than Reynold’s performance, but the film had its faults, and there may not be a better way to completely erase it from memory than to have Reynolds ditch the ring for the speed-suit and quick wit he was born to use. Reynolds as Flash would definitively show that Warner is starting fresh with this batch of comic films, plus we’d get to see a pretty great portrayal of the character.

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Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Although he may be viewed as too old to play Flash, there’s almost no other negative to casting Michael Rosenbaum in the role. He looks the part, he’s the most iconic voice of the character, and he’s already got some legitimate experience in the DC universe.

Rosenbaum’s talents aren’t limited to his voice. The guy is an extremely talented actor, despite not being nearly as big of a name as many on this list. The fact he isn’t a huge name is actually a plus. A lot of times it’s harder for audiences to accept a huge name actor in an iconic role. With Rosenbaum, he’s definitely not a no-name, but he doesn’t have a ton of other roles that might create a discrepancy with mainstream audiences.

The one role that may throw off audiences would of course be his role as Lex Luthor in Smallville. That being said, I think his experience on that show is a major plus. That means he at least respects the depths of the DC universe and has a knowledge of it, beyond just what a casual fan has.

In case you don’t pay as much attention to voice actors, Rosenbaum voices Flash for the animated Justice League series from the early 2000s. He really captured the voice and the essence of that character, making for a very believable Flash. There’s no reason why that wouldn’t translate into a live-action portrayal of the character.

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Neil Patrick Harris

tv magician neil patrick harris 540x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League
The Flash doesn’t just run fast, but he talks fast as well. In fact, sometimes he talks so fast that his words begin to run together, all the way to the point of once making a sonic boom when he was excited. Who better to play a fast talker than Barney Stinson himself, Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris is one of the older picks on this list, but he definitely has a youthful look and aura, so I don’t think the age would be too much of an issue. He has the look down for sure, and in terms of the voice, well he’s already voiced Flash in Justice League: The New Frontier, so you know he can handle that aspect of the character.

The only problem with Harris is whether an actor who is traditionally this comedic can pull off a mostly serious role. Even though Flash is traditionally one of the lighter superheroes, he’s still going to be saving the world from some serious stuff. It’s not like they’ll be making Flash Meets Monty Python here. But nonetheless, I think Harris can handle the part, it just may be the source of a lot of controversy when he’s first announced.

And who knows, maybe they can channel his Dr. Horrible performance and make Flash: The Musical. And on the note of a musical Flash…

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Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake 605x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Okay hear me out. Justin Timberlake can definitely handle the lighter aspects of the character, but he’d be just as strong when it comes to the action scenes. He impresses more and more with each serious role, and with In Time he showed that he really can do some great action work. Reactions were mixed on that film, but Timberlake definitely killed it in that role.

The main thing that worries me about Timberlake is he may be too big of a name outside of acting for the general public to accept him in the role. While it really only matters how well he pulls off the character, and not at all what the masses think before the movie comes out, the big brass at Warner will be hesitant about doing anything controversial when it comes to kicking Justice League off.

Timberlake was on the shortlist for Green Lantern at one point, so you know he was on Warner’s radar and has at least some interest in taking on a comic-book film. He’d definitely make a better Flash than Lantern, so it’s good he wasn’t cast in that role. His casting is probably the riskiest of any actors I’ve named, but I think Timberlake would be excellent as Flash.

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Dave Franco

dave franco 540x360 10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League

Dave Franco has spent the last couple years taking on some diverse roles in an effort to step out of his older brother’s huge shadow. And you know what, he’s succeeded. Franco has proved he’s got the acting talent worthy of some serious roles, and he’ll be getting a lot more of those, not based on his last name, but based on how enjoyable he is to watch on screen.

Like many names on this list, he’s definitely a heartthrob, especially among the teenage girl segment. While that isn’t necessarily the target market for anything Justice League related, you’d be lying to yourself if you tried to say the execs over at Warner wouldn’t welcome an extra demographic coming in to swoon over Franco’s bulging biceps and boyish charm.

It’s his role in Now You See Me that sold me on his merits as a superhero, and specifically Flash. Franco perfectly pulled off the proper mix of showmanship and hesitancy that was needed for his character in that film. It’s that same nice-guy attitude he showed that would be perfect for Barry Allen. If Warner wants to make Flash the youngest character of their initial JLA, there may not be a better choice than Franco.

What do you think of these choices? Is there anyone you’d rather see? Head down to the comments below and let us know who you would like to see play The Flash in Justice League.

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  • Kal of the -El clan

    RYAN REYNOLDS IS FLASH!!! case closed!

  • Matt Donato

    I actually really like the Patrick Wilson pick. I’m thinking about it, and it’s got huge potential.

    • Tim

      I thought that as well, in some ways he looks like Barry Allen,and if you’ve seem the a team he was quite cocky as well.

  • Jordon



    Everone knows Dane Cook is gonna play flash

  • Stuart Cope

    What about jim parsons?

  • Leo Spaceman

    Was this list a paid advert by the Franco Foundation to try to make everyone think that prissy little twat is in the same league as the others?

  • Luis A Bernal

    Ryan Reynolds is a joke. He ruined Deadpool and Green Lantern. Keep him as far away from Marvel and DC as possible. I say Franco. Gotta keep the cast fresh faced.

    • Rodrigo_V

      Ryan Reynolds ruined it? or the writers did? Reynolds is a hell of an actor and I’m pretty sure he could make a great job with a well written character.

      • Luis A Bernal

        Ryan Reynolds is terribly over rated. He’s too one dimensional. He is a variation Van Wylder in 95% of his movies. I like him though. Just not as a super hero.

        • Gayle Larabie

          Did you see him in “Buried” or “Safe House”? those ones sold me on doing good acting.

      • Mokashan

        I have to say, I actually like him as Deadpool. Consider his acting style and the fact that Deadpool is “The Merc with the mouth” which is 100% RR.

  • Andrew Arnold

    If you want to capture The Flash’s frenetic energy, you need to cast Tom Arnold. He’s got that energy and more to spare…

    • JoeyGrimm

      Tom quit trying to win urself movie rolse

      • Andrew Arnold

        Sweet! Two thumbs up!

  • Rodrigo_V

    I’ll go with Ryan Reynolds but not as Barry Allen, but Wally West.

  • JoeyGrimm

    I say John Krasinski or however u spell his name

  • Harlan

    This is hands down Chris Pine. He has the perfect age to be cast alongside Henry Cavill as Supe, Ryan Reynolds as GL. Beside the fact that he has the perfect physique and exterior to play the speedster. Chris can be also funny and serious just like in his previous work People Like Us. I have been opining to have Chris to be the frontrunner in casting him as Barry Allen.

    • Tim

      I like the idea put I think he’s to young in my eyes anyway,Barry isn’t old but he’s not young so I’d say Patrick Wilson he’s not to yoiung or old and he’s surprisingly funny,pine will just a play himself in star trek and will try being the leader.

  • willy2fly

    Patrick Wilson all day every day for this role.

  • Steve

    this is a joke ???? ..where is charlie hunam ??? come on..plz

  • Tim

    Ryan gosling is the worst choice to play flash,he doesn’t even speak…and his voice is just wrong for Barry,gosling is a dark character in all his roles pretty much apart from that film with Steve carrell.

    Patrick Wilson (insidious guy) is the best choice,he’s cook funny and looks like flash in some ways where as gosling looks like flash yes…but their characters are to different, Wilson could play flash with eassssse

  • RH3ZA

    Michael Rosenbaum is my favorite in the list

  • Cynthia Anne Womack

    I’m a Barry fan from his Showcase days. I’d like to see a Flash portrayal that had that retro innocent,ultra-brilliant boffin vibe that’s so easy to lampoon-but play it straight. Have him be humorous and masculine and good-looking but have him be heroic as a police scientist and a super speedster. This Barry is in no way dull even if he might drink milk,go to bed after the news and stay in touch with his fellow Mathletes. (A very well-behaved tween Wally might turn up later and he could grow into being the easily underestimated perpetual adolescent goofball.) The Flashes (all incarnations?) are not only blessed with the Speed Force,they can acquire the training,gadgets and street smarts to be a costumed hero without an excess of ego or angst.

  • uandme

    i go with an unknow.

  • RW Young

    Horrible choices all. I agree that Ryan Reynolds is a good Wally West, not Barry Allen (just like he would have been better as Kyle not Hal in GL)

  • the carver

    Ryan gosling or chris pine.

  • http://www.stephanyt.weebly.com/ Stephany

    Ryan Gosling
    all the things i simply love about the Flash and i know he can portray ;)

  • http://www.stephanyt.weebly.com/ Stephany

    i think Dave Franco should be left to play Kid Flash ’cause he’s got that young (very young) look that older men just strive for and you can tell he can be quite the talker if given the chance. Put him in the younger speedsters costume and you’ve got a superhero teen heart throb running the streets in no time ;)
    I figured since hardly anyone was giving him credit, he should get some :)

  • harvey_the_wonderhamster

    This is a joke. How can this website suggest that ryan gosling and bradley cooper would both be a good Batman and a good Flash? They are polar opposite characters.

  • Nate

    The ONE man who should have been on this list…WASN’T: Alex Pettyfur. Plain and simple.

  • Mokashan

    NPH would do great in this role. in any depiction of the Flash, he is always up beat and comical. The Flash is the heart and soul as well as the moral compass of the justice league. “Dude, the bad guys went down and nobody got hurt. You know what I call that? A really good day.” this all being said after the Flash museum was pretty much destroyed. I personally think NPH can portray that positive outlook with the perfect blend of humor and seriousness when its needed.

  • joe lopez

    1. Pine
    2. Reynolds

  • SomeSayHeSTimeLord+LiveWithBat

    I have to say Reynold’ version of Hal Jordan felt more appropriate as Wally West (not Barry Allen though), meanwhile I think Pine is a stellar choice but I think he’s better off as Hal Jordan

  • frank the tank

    Chris pine would be a better hal jordan

  • Gayle Larabie

    I could see Ryan- he should have been flash to begin with.

  • David Butt

    Please god no, not Timberlake