10 Characters Who Could Appear In Future Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies


10) Iron Man

Yes, we mean Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man. With Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and the rest of the original Guardians that we’ve grown to love vacating the franchise, the new iteration of the team will really need that special something to draw people back. And who better than the father of the MCU himself?

This isn’t as off-the-wall an idea as it seems, as Tony has joined the Guardians’ roster in the comics. After the Avengers teamed up with the Guardians to stop Thanos, Iron Man was invited on to the team and he accepted. He even got a swanky new armour upgrade while he was at it.

Seeing as Robert Downey Jr. is happily flitting about the MCU these days – last year he was in a Captain America movie, this year he’s in Spider-Man: Homecoming – it really wouldn’t be much of a stretch to send him off into space at some point in the future. Maybe he gets a taste for the cosmic life in Avengers: Infinity War and decides not to return to Earth?

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