The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Comics are king. Or at least that’s what the box office shows. The two biggest films of the year? The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, both based on comics. Only The Hunger Games has kept The Amazing Spider-Man from rounding out the yearly box-office podium and that financial success will likely continue with this week’s release of The Avengers on Blu-Ray.

Naturally, with this box office success comes more movies of the same genre. Marvel has been cranking out two films a year for the last few years, with talks of possibly upping to 3 a year, and has experienced massive success with almost all of them.

They also recently announced their plans through the end of 2014 which include a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and an Ant-Man movie.

Fans will certainly be happy to see both of those comic adaptations hit the big screen, but what comes after that? Many quality characters are still without their own live-action film, or without any representation in film at all. In order to ease Marvel‘s decision making process I’ve compiled a list of 10 Marvel characters who deserve their own film.

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Captain Marvel

%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Sent to Earth to spy on the human race and report back to his home planet, Captain Marvel began to understand and empathize with us. Because of this, he was branded a traitor and banned by those who sent him. Fans love an outcast and a rebel, and Captain Marvel could be both.

Picture Dr. Manhattan in reverse. Instead of slowly losing touch with humanity, Captain Marvel starts off with no way to relate to humanity, and then slowly gains it, but still maintaining the distant sense of wonder that Watchmen portrayed (and with less blue nudity of course).

The movie could consist of some awesome flights through space, unstoppable energy blasts, and some series interstellar politics arguments. Of course, the best villain would be Nitro. The fact that Nitro can explode his own body, and then put himself back together, makes him an extremely tough foe and leaves the potential for some really cool effects. He also ultimately kills Captain Marvel, so he would have to be in the films at some point if Marvel were to truly tell the full story of Captain Marvel.

The fear here is of course the failure that has been seen by the last Superman film. Seeing how Captain Marvel has an even less realistic vibe than the Man of Steel, it could turn fans off of the film.

However, I think being able to see all of Captain Marvel’s awesome powers in action would be a huge draw, especially if they tied him in with a few cameos from other Marvel characters, say members of the Avengers or Defenders, both of whom he briefly teamed up with.


daredevil  the kingpin 425x360 The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

The most prominent crime lord in the Marvel universe, Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin, is an extraordinary villain and very deserving of his own film.

This movie would be a great chance to showcase the scores of heroes and villains that Kingpin ties in with. They could use it to fix Daredevil, give us more of the Punisher, show the Spider-Man villains he worked with, or bring in just about any other part of the Marvel Universe.

Even with all that going on, I want the focus of the film to still be on Fisk. How did he become the Kingpin? What motivated him to get there? And how does a respectable crime-lord feel about all these superheroes appearing to foil his plans?

Kingpin may appear to be a large, overweight man, but he is in fact incredibly strong, having held his own against Spider-Man in multiple fights, and supposedly having less than 3% body fat. For a 400 pound man that means a whole lot of muscle.

If the film didn’t solely focus on his origin, his son Richard could play a major role. Richard eventually finds out where his father’s money has really come from and is devastated. He fakes his own death and starts another crime family in New York under the identity of the Schemer. A major battle between the two crime families ensued, and the Kingpin falls into shock upon learning that his son is actually the Schemer.

Using the story of Richard would be a great way to create some empathy for the Kingpin, making him an even more memorable villain for later movies with the rest of the Marvel universe. Though he isn’t a hero that a lot of people love, a Kingpin film would be a great decision for Marvel.

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%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Wolverine may be the most popular of the X-Men, but if there was any other character who deserves their own origin film it’s Cyclops.

Cyclops was not given nearly enough credit in the X-Men films as he took a wimpy backseat to Wolverine. And that’s a shame because he’s an interesting character as he’s the polar opposite of all of Wolverine’s negative traits. He’s the epitome of a self-less, controlled leader.

Growing up he was easily my favorite of the mutants. I mean, Scott Summers is the commander of the X-Men and has probably the coolest mutation of them all, so to say the movies left me disappointed would be a severe understatement.

There was an origins film rumored, which I suppose would really be the only way to have it be his own film and not just another X-Men film. As interesting as it would be to see Summers become Cyclops, I think the movie would be much better if it took place after he has already mastered his mutation. It would be very difficult to do this film without it being about the X-Men, but if they could find a way to make Cyclops the main focus, it would make for an awesome film.

Another option would be the recent story where Cyclops kills Professor X. Granted, this again falls away from a solo Cyclops film and would be very much a film for the whole Marvel universe, but the potential of this story on the big screen is gigantic.

James Marsden said a few years ago that he wants to do a solo film for Cyclops. In his limited screen time he did a fairly good job at portraying the character. I’m not going to say he was my ultimate choice for Cyclops, but if he can use his name to get this film into production, I’ll be thrilled to see him reprise the role.


225 The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

A mercenary who has fought alongside and against just about every Marvel group, Cable is a character who definitely needs a movie as soon as possible.

Nathan Summers is the half-cyborg mutant son of, you guessed it, Scott Summers. If they did do a Cyclops solo film it would set up a Cable film perfectly. End Cyclops with his son being born, and a few years later give the fans the Cable film they want.

Cable jumps between present day and Earth 4935, which is basically a dream come true for any sci-fi visionary. Few movies have gone that far into the future, and taking that Earth from comics to film is a task fitting for the finest of directors.

Being from the future, Cable knows what is going to happen, but as in any time travel movie, he has the responsibility to not destroy the timeline. A lot of the tension from the film can come from that issue, but the focus of the film would have to be the showdown with Apocalypse, which results in a teenage Nate emerging victorious.

Casting for this would be tough, especially considering there aren’t many A-list actors who are 6’8″ 350 lbs, but with a bit of CGI, and some slight shrinking of Cable it’s very doable.

Ryan Reynolds has been a proponent of a Cable film for some time, and he thinks Cable deserves not just one film, but a series involving a team-up/showdown with another Reynolds favorite (but more on that later).

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%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Jeremy Renner has made it clear that he feels he was underutilized in The Avengers, yet Hawkeye was still a fan favorite, so why not give the character his own film?

It seems that as much as people love watching characters with superpowers, people become incredibly invested to the relatability of heroes who create their own power, as Hawkeye does. It would be really cool to get to see the full arsenal of his trick arrows, and all the things that such an expert marksman is able to do with them.

The beginning story arc where he assists the Black Widow in attempting to defeat Iron Man will probably be avoided due to where the Marvel films currently are on the Universe’s timeline. However, that would make for a very good plot if they wanted to give his backstory, and it obviously ties very well into the characters that are already cast.

Or they could  just skip the backstory altogether and dive straight into his epic battle with Crossfire and his marriage to Mockingbird. Any chance to see another beautiful actress as a superhero would be celebrated by fans, and the partnership between Hawkeye and Mockingbird makes for one of the most badass couples in superhero lore.

The film should be made in the near future as well, while Jeremy Renner is still tied in with the role. The actor really did do great work as Hawkeye, and he seems to be getting better with every film he’s in. Let him be Hawkeye again, not hypnotized, on screen for a full 2 hours, and make an awesome movie out of it.

Dr. Strange

dr strange movie writers1 513x360 The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

We already know that Guillermo del Toro expressed his fandom for Marvel‘s iconic sorcerer, and that Marvel wants this movie to get done, so why isn’t it already in the works?

Dr. Strange’s backstory could be handled a bit like Batman Begins meets Kill Bill plus a dash of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone. Stay with me now.

For those who don’t know, Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon who was in a horrible car accident, which severely damaged the nerves in his hands, leaving him unable to continue as a doctor. In a desperate search for healing, he travels to Tibet where it is rumored that the mystical Ancient One resides.

The Ancient One at first refuses to treat Strange, but agrees after Strange acts unselfishly when he attempts to stop Mordo, the Ancient One’s pupil, from attacking the Ancient One. He then studies under the Ancient One, ultimately gaining the knowledge that he later uses to defend the defenseless as Dr. Strange.

See, successful man goes away to Asia, learns how to fight from an eccentric master, and that fighting he is taught is mostly magic.

Mordo would have to be the main villain for this film. Two sorcerers of equal power, with polar opposite motives would make for an incredible battle. But even better than that battle, the battle to end all, would be Dr. Strange vs Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

I say take this film to another dimension, and let Strange battle the ruler of it, with the goal of not only saving a city, or America, or even our world, but our entire dimension! I mean, come on, if that’s done well it could be one of the greatest superhero battles on film of all time.

Strange could also be another chance for Marvel to capitalize on the Iron Man phenomenon of people loving charismatic, arrogant, middle-aged heroes. Strange is a bit wiser and more calculated in his moves too, so the perfect choice would be to let Liam Neeson play the role. Or, wait a few years for Orlando Bloom to be old enough. Either way, a Dr. Strange movie would be epic.

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Black Panther

%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

There was an uproar from Black Panther fans when Marvel announced their 2014 films and T’Challa wasn’t on the slate, so you know people want this movie to get made. Most well known for being the first black superhero to appear in comics, Panther would be a great choice for an upcoming Marvel film.

The rulers of Wakanda, a small African country, are known as the Black Panthers, the defenders of their people. T’Challa takes the throne after spending years abroad studying in Europe and America.

Wakanda is best known as the main source of the extremely rare vibranium. Yes, the same vibranium that makes up Captain America’s shield and is discussed in Iron Man 2, so the story already has a firm foothold in the current Marvel films.

Black Panther at one point joins the Avengers too, originally to spy on them from within, but eventually trusts in them and regards them as friends. This makes him a possibility for The Avengers 2, but I think he’d be better suited in his own film.

The film could explore the legacy of the Black Panther, delving into the struggles of T’Challa as he tries to live up to the legacy of his family, and especially that of his deceased father. It’s a recipe that has worked time and time again for movies and Panther would be no different.

The most logical villain for the film would be Ulysses Klaw. Klaw fits perfectly in a story focused on the legacy of The Black Panther considering he was the one who killed T’Challa’s father. When him and T’Challa first battle, T’Challa successfully cuts off Klaw’s hand, yet instead of inhibiting Klaw, that allows him to be fitted with a dangerous vibranium prosthetic which fires sound waves.

Using the main resource of Wakanda to defeat its ruler once again raises the theme of one man’s defense is another’s weapon, the same theme which fueled The Dark Knight Rises to be such a powerful film. Transfer a little of that to the Black Panther film and Marvel could have something really special.

However, it has also been rumored that one of the scripts being worked on has Erik Killmonger as the villain. Killmonger is a major nemesis of Panther, having led uprisings against him and the Wakandan government, which would possibly lead to a more politically based film. Killmonger also had pet leopards who obeyed him. I can’t think of many things more intimidating than that.

One thing they have to be careful with here is the casting. A major actor wouldn’t be as believable as an African ruler as someone more unknown would be. Anthony Mackie had said he’d be interested in the role prior to being cast as Falcon for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and there has also been talks of Wesley Snipes in the role, but I almost think someone who is actually African may be a better fit.

That being said, Marvel has done a pretty great job of casting their heroes recently, so I trust that they’d find a perfect fit for the Black Panther.


%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Fans love a good anti-hero, and there may be none better than Deadpool. There may not be a new comic book character more celebrated and more loved than the merc with a mouth. With some awesome regen-powers and quicker quips than Spidey himself, it’s an absolute shame a Deadpool movie hasn’t happened yet.

Superhero films have become very serious, and Deadpool could provide an excellent change of pace. The guy knows he’s a comic book character and that aspect, if done well, could play out very well on screen. That being said, the fact Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and cracks jokes doesn’t mean this movie would be any less badass. Deadpool has Wolverine’s regeneration powers, making him basically unstoppable. He is an expert with his swords, and isn’t afraid to use guns along with his super reflexes when it comes to combat.

Ryan Reynolds was awesome in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The scene where Wade Wilson is destroying bullets with his swords is probably the best scene of that whole movie, but the creative liberties Fox took on the character in the second half of the movie were outrageous. Forget the final scene and picture having a full two hours of scenes just like that first one.

I see no reason to worry about casting. Reynolds has shown he’s perfect for the role. In his minimal screen time he captured the annoying smart-ass that Deadpool is quite effectively. He’s voiced his desire for a solo film, and a film with Cable, meaning if the script is right (and maybe even if it isn’t), he’s in.

The Cable and Deadpool comics have a dedicated fan base, and a film showing them teamed up would be epic. If they used one of the story arcs from that comic and then had Deadpool and Cable battle, we’d have such a great film on our hands. The ongoing debate between fans over which of the two would ultimately win a final battle means that the result of the film would leave one camp infuriated, but that shouldn’t make Marvel shy away from that phenomenal battle.

Another interesting story could be the recent arc where Deadpool gets rid of his regen-powers. The mortality he’s now faced with, after previously being able to take whatever came his way, ups the stakes significantly. Granted, to do this arc a film would have to first portray him before losing the power so that may be better suited for the middle film of a Deadpool trilogy.

The Deadpool game is getting a ton of fans excited, and from what we’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome portrayal of the character, but a game isn’t nearly enough to quell the fans’ desire for Deadpool. Marvel needs to make this movie now, while Deadpool’s fandom is at its pinnacle.

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venom09 4 8 The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Of all the characters on this list, a Venom film seems like it may be the most likely. The film has been rumored for  a long time, and this past summer news leaked that Josh Trank is in talks to direct the film and that it should tie in with The Amazing Spider-Man universe.

Venom is definitely a fan favorite. No Spider-Man villain is as loved among comic-book fans as the symbiote fueled Eddie Brock, so Marvel needs to go out and find an Eddie Brock with the physical stature to make him an intimidating foe (no offense Topher).

In all honesty, I didn’t think Spider-Man 3 did a completely horrible job of portraying Venom. The transfer from Peter Parker to Brock was pretty good, but the film really fell short when it came to the battle between the two. It didn’t nearly live up to the huge potential this character has.

The problem with a Venom movie lies in the fact he’s a Spider-Man villain, and this couldn’t just be a Spider-Man movie. That being said, they don’t have to ignore Spider-Man. Obviously Venom isn’t anything without the powers gained from the symbiote’s time with Spidey, but they would have to work the plot away from what we’ve seen before. The best way to go about it would be to extract Spidey from the Venom/Carnage showdown and let that story stand on it’s own.

That showdown really has everything needed for a great movie, Brock is in love with his doctor, but he wants to escape prison, in his rebonding with the symbiote he enables himself to escape, yet puts her life in danger by letting the symbiote form into Carnage who then takes her hostage. Boom final battle.

It could also focus on Brock away from Venom. Learn about his original time as Venom through his talks with the doctor he falls for, and let the audience (those who don’t know the story of Venom that is) believe as she believes, that Venom is a figment of his imagination, making it all the better when Venom returns.

With how many rumors have circulated about this film, you know people are thinking about it and want it to happen, now Marvel needs to make it happen.

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Moon Knight

%name The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Moon Knight comics have always left me feeling depressed. Even the “happy” endings aren’t all that happy, but that realism and unending determination is part of what makes him such a great hero, and the perfect star of a movie for the “dark age” of comic films.

Moon Knight isn’t content with the two identities most superheroes get, he has four, all with a different purpose and all awesome. Sure, he’s battling with the things he did as Marc Spector, but that identity is as valuable as the others since it provides much of the fuel for his crime-fighting escapades. And in every identity he’s a genius! I mean the guy once wakes up from a distorted oblivion to quote Keats. I know plenty of English majors who can’t do that.

A Moon Knight movie doesn’t even need a supervillian. Part of what I like so much about Moon Knight is the realism, he’s always fighting gangs and normal criminals, and that should be captured in the film. Maybe later down the road they could incorporate the mysticism that is sometimes involved, but I say for this first film keep everything firmly grounded in today’s New York City.

If nothing else, Marvel should look at the success of the recent Batman films and realize their own vigilante detective with a cape could drawn much of the same crowd.

Sadly, it’s the similarities to the Dark Knight that will keep my favorite Moon Knight comic from being featured in the movie. The one I’m speaking of is the double issue where Moon Knight fights alongside The Fantastic Four and The X-Men. Now, I know that asking for all of those awesome characters in the Moon Knight film would probably be too much, and it has next to zero chance of happening, but the story is still one of the best ever written about the character.

It starts with Moon Knight having his back broken by a villain, in this case The Fly. He then has to go through tons of rehab and find a way to get back in the game to defeat a villain that endangers many people. Sounds a bit familiar, I know.

At the very least, the line for the moment when Moon Knight is finally realized has to come from that comic. When he is attempting to again don his cape and head out into the night he speaks one of the most phenomenally written monologues a superhero has ever uttered:

“Because I have to be here. Because I’m needed. You know what’s out there. It’s a world in which the savages all too often rule our cities, our streets, our souls. The good citizens… They fight that tyranny as best they can. They aren’t always enough. Moon Knight is more than a good man. He’s a force that transcends the brutality and the fear that are the savages’ main weapons — because he can use those weapons himself. He’s a savage on the side of the angels… a protector of innocents… a symbol of vengeance and hope. And God willing… if he does his job well enough… he’ll be the last savage.”

Don’t fight those goosebumps!

Well, that’s my list. Odds are Marvel won’t be able to include most of these in their big screen plans, but if even a few of them get live action films I’ll be one happy fan.

What’d you think? Did I miss your favorite Marvel character? If so sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Big Bro Dee3X

    Who do you think should play the Kingpin with Michael Clarke Duncan gone?

    • Alex Lowe

      That’s a tough one, James Gandolfini definitely looks the part, though he certainly isn’t tall enough. Duncan was phenomenal, so he’d be hard to replace, but with the right actor it could be a great movie.

      • Cruz Gracia

        In all honesty, I initially didn’t like Duncan as Kingpin, but I felt he pulled it off. It was based in part of being a “purist” when it comes to comic book characters. However, Samuel L. Jackson sold me on playing Nick Fury…he really pulled that character off and showed of the shadyness the Fury portrays in the comics. I’m still a bit of a purist though…(only when it comes to comics. :) )

    • Odera


  • Eric Neunsinger

    Moon Knight for real? Seems like a stretch.

  • Odera

    The Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther movies are a definate must. I would be very interested in the Captain Marvel, Kingpin, Cable and Moonknight movies. Im meh at Hawkeye not quite feeling it, not quite for a solo Venom movie either unless its the Flash Thompson, Agent of Shield Venom, and Im sorry but def not seeing Cyclops with his own movie doesn’t have much of a individual backstory, Wolverine is different he had an amazing whole life and adventure before X-Men, Cyclops to me will forever be leader of X-Men and therefore needs to be seen with them.

  • Snake

    There was a TV movie of DR Strange back in the 70′s.

  • Lester Allan Wiltfong Jr.

    Good choices… I love the idea for a Kingpin movie. I also think Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be fun, and I loved the New Warriors back in the day.

  • Robert Newsom

    I would love to see Black Panther and Deadpool movies. Who are your top picks to play each role?

    • Alex Lowe

      For Black Panther I think Michael B. Jordan or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje would be awesome. Or also Mehcad Brooks. He’s built like a superhero, and some would say the fact he hasn’t played the lead in any major films is a disadvantage, but I think for Panther that would be much better.

      Deadpool I just really can’t picture anyone other than Reynolds. I thought he was just about perfect

  • Milk

    Have a hard-on for Ryan Reynolds much? Terrible actor. Punchable face. Didn’t like him as GL, didn’t like him as Deadpool, don’t ever want to see him in any film ever again, especially not playing a superhero.

    Anyway, Deadpool movie, sure, likely to happen too.

    Kingpin movie? No. Great villain of course, but i don’t see the interest in the general public for this to happen. Get the DD rights back from Fox (which will happen in like 5 days if fox hasn’t started production on anything) and reboot for god sake and put Kingpin in it. My favorite marvel hero and he got the worst film. Spidey gets an uneeded reboot but DD doesn’t? No.It seems like marvel doesnt even care that much since they were willing to let fox keep DD if fox would let marvel have the rights back to Galactus and Silver Surfer… It didn’t happen but it makes me feel they have no love for DD

    Venom movie, same as the above. I don’t see anyone wanting to make movies about villains.

    Moon knight film might happen down the road. I could see it happen. Don’t care that much for the character though, and i thought that quote was actually pretty lame….

    Black panther is probably the one i’d like the most to see. It’ll happen i’m sure…but when!?!? Its been talked about since Snipes wanted to do it in late 90′s. Thank god that didn’t happen though. Snipes is another terrible actor and regardless of that fact, i just don’t see him as black panther. Idris Elba maybe or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

    Doctor Strange would be awesome too. There’s rumors he might be in Avengers 2. Even a rumor it could be Viggo Mortensen. Which i think would be a fabulous choice. But no Liam Neeson. Wouldn’t work for me.

    Cyclops was your favorite x-men? I’ve always said i never knew anyone who actually liked Cyclops. I guess i was wrong. He wasn’t much in the films either cause no. one. cares. James Marsden played him o.k i guess….in that he was dislikeable.

    hawkeye was to me the one disappointment in avengers. the biggest thing is i hate Jeremy Renner he’s kinda fat and unsympathetic. And the costume was lame. Yeah i do get that hawkeye’s comics costume doesn’t work in the real world. But did it have to be such a bland boring black outfit? So yeah, a Hawkeye movie? if it’s gonna be Renner, i don’t give a shit. Won’t see it. And keep in mind i love Hawkeye..

    • superboy

      Well like it or not in the beggining of the film he pulled off a great deadpool with the wisecracks and all and y is there so much hate for the GL movie it wasnt the best movie out there but it certainly wasnt the unwatchabble mess everyone seems to claim and hawkeye was fat?

    • jack frost

      big Cyclops fan

      • HelpfulHarry

        It WAS an unwatchable mess.

  • Dr C

    What about The Creeper? A very underutilised SH in my opinion. His outright weirdness and maniacal laughter would work a treat.

    • steve

      Top 10 Marvel movies. Creeper is DC.

  • Cruz Gracia

    Huge Laurie for Doctor Strange!!!!! No effing question (I’m not even a House fan, but I know he’s the only actor alive that could pull that off!)

    • Cruz Gracia

      Hugh Laurie…sorry! LOL.

  • Cesar

    They’ve already confirmed a Deadpool movie, I think 2015.

  • Jamie

    I think a Luke Cage film would be pretty badass.

  • Croft

    How about some female characters???? Storm, Psylocke and Mystique were my favorites growing up.

    • jack frost


    • Daniel Wood

      The moment you realize most of Marvel’s best known Women heroes are all from X-Men.

      • Ziphos123

        Black Widow. Spider woman.

        • OMFGMOVIES

          omg spider woman would such a cool movie

    • Jack Harrison

      Given she’s his wife, Storm would probably take a part in Black Panther.

      • Alicia

        Can Halle Berry NOT be Storm this time? I love the woman, but she was a really meek Ororo Munroe.
        I wish they thought of casting someone like Angela Basset…but oh well.

        • Ernesto

          Maybe one of Tyler Perry actors. He has ties to some quite attractive African American actors. I remember Storm always being drawn so beautiful as with the other X-girls. I think Star Treks Zoe Saldana would make a great Storm.

        • Kirk Mailloux

          I hear Angela was asked for Storm but she turned the role down with was dumb of her.


    Hells yeah, they need a hawkeye movie like yesterday. it could be both him and Black Widow, just to fill out all the avengers having solo stories. That’s one thing I disliked about the Avengers. What would be tops about the kingpin movie, would be his rise to power. i would love to see that flick happen. the rest would be nice. of course, jon proudstar needs to be in an x-movie and luke cage would rock a a movie. him being a badass, knocking mugs out. but now that marvels in the movie biz, there should be a marvel movie a month.

  • Higgledyh Higglesworth

    dr strange maybe. all others are fuck-tard geek comic nerd fantasy fulfilment. no one wants to see them. it`s inevitable what woth comic popularity but they will be shit as they are shit. Spiderman is well spiderman, Deadpool is what ? a guy with swrods. fuck off,.

    • thomas

      if you want to say something like that you might as well say iron mans is just a guy with a suit, thor an alien with a hammer, captain america, a steroid pumped soldier and hulk a guy with anger managment problems.

    • jwj

      dude…methinks you cus to much…grow a brain..raunchy language is the sign of tiny johnsons..find a microscope and find yours

    • fran

      If no one wants to see them, then it certainly isn’t inevitable that they get made

  • Bob Wilson

    I’d like to see a decent Punisher movie. Something that shows Frank Castle as more than a gun toting psycho.

    • GT

      the War Journals!!

  • PhantomCart2nist

    What about Powerman ?

  • Johnie Snider

    Ok i think they should remake x men with out wolverine in it because he was not in it at 1st and if your going to put juggernaut in it dont make him a mutant i hated that about x-men the last stand he should have ran right through that wall and do him in cgi like the hulk because he is just as big a the hulk

    next put black cat in the next spider-man movie maybe venom and at the end of the movie show carnage
    then doctor strance and i think Hugh Laurie would make a vary good doc
    im sorry i dont want to see a black panther movie unless they reboot x men only because he marries storm

    so next on the list would be the ff but just leave it at doc doom and let him get his country

    and where are the fan for ms marvel let her have her own movie good story hot chick whats not to like

    you can do a phoenix movie and this time get it right cuz jean gray was not a skits o
    and hell bring emma frost into it
    hell just group up comics make movies out of that and stick with what they say no more “well i wanted to change this ” no just do it buy the comics or i beat you with a rose vine

  • Steph

    Definite lack of female heroes on the list. Marvel has a lot of great female heroes some of whom deserve a solo film more than their listed male counterpart (I’m talking about Ms Marvel, just so that’s clear)

  • Glides The Man

    Deadpool all the way, although I don’t think Reynolds should play him, since he’s been playing the hunk characters. Like, cough, Green Crappy Lantern. Not a bad actor, but wrong for the part.
    Deadpool to me should be more of an action comedy than anything else. Keep the badass sword fights and what not, of course, but it should be hysterical. Like Beetlejuice meets the Matrix or something. Just my 2 cents.

    • julian

      You basically just described Reynolds, he plays a very similar role to Deadpool in Blade’s 3rd movie. As the author said, he was great in the beginning of the movie, but it was a shitty Wolverine movie, badly written and directed, same thing with Green Lantern. I don’t understand how it’s the actor’s fault when they are given nothing good to work with.

  • Wolfen Moondaughter

    GAMBIT. I like Kitsch in the role, but I’d take a recast if the character was rebooted & got together with Rogue (an impossibility with the current timeline). I’d also really like a Hawkeye AND Black Widow movie, especially if we got to see them in Budapest. I’m totally down for a Deadpool movie, with or without Ryan, especially if Weasel and Blind Al are in it, but I’d take a Deadpool / Cable movie too. I would love to see Kid Loki on the big screen, especially if Asa Butterfield plays him — a full film is unlikely, but if they decide to kill Loki off, I’d want them to have Loki die heroically at the end of a film, redeeming himself, then have Kid Loki as the post-credit easter egg. And I’d like to see Black Cat on the screen, whether she’s in a Spider-Man film or one of her own.

  • Leo O’Rourke

    Mads Mikkelson for Cable.

  • Leo O’Rourke

    Djimon Hounsou for Blank Panther.

  • vision

    R O M

    • Rob_69

      i still have the first issue of ROM!!

  • x factor

    Havok cyclops’s brother would be good in cyclops or cable film

  • Sam

    Silver Surfer deserves his own film.

    Thundra, Hercules, Black bolt and Namor also deserve their own film.

    • Allyn Weimer

      Hercules is getting his own film starring the rock

  • jack frost

    Power Man and Iron fist … extremely doable and it will pull in kung fu movie lovers … and you can get Micheal Jai White to ply Power Man …

    Moon Knight would be epic … I have no idea how they did not already do a Hawkeye movie …

    and to be honest they messed up every X-Men movie .. i do not watch them anymore … not even when they come on T.V. …. the same goes for The Fantastic Four … any Comic book movies FOX does i will not waste my time on again

  • Timo

    Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther.

    • Billy Leger

      Perfect thats who I was thinking too

    • Adam Snyder

      Alfonso Ribeiro for Black Panther: real royalty.

  • M-dogg

    Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Deadpool, and Hawkeye are the only ones mentioned that I could see getting a movie in the near future. Daredevil doesn’t have many bad guys as is and Kingpin is his Lex Luthor/Joker so taking him out of the mix for a DD movie when they just got the rights back would be dumb. I feel similar with Cyclops and Venom. They should stay in their respective universes cuz I don’t see them being able to hold their own movie without it turning into Elektra. Venom MAYBE could pull it off but he’d need the set-up of a Spider-Man movie to show the true version of him(you wouldn’t say it but I will Topher blew) before a spin-off. Word is Reynolds will be in the JL movie as GL so Deadpool is on the backburner and with the group being small I think they’ll use the next couple movie slots to introduce new Avengers withrogue galleries so IMO Doctor Strange and Panther have the best shot. Strange will cover the magic side of the universe which we’ve seen little of (touched on with Loki but he mostly used weapons in his fights) and open up magic based villians like the Hood, Enchantress, and Morgan Le Fey. Black Panther takes care of the diversity issue and will give a unique POV as a reigning monarch. I also like the vibranium connection. Killmonger would be a weak villian though IMO he has no powers and it’s actually his old lady(Madam Slay) who controls leopards. It should be Klaw since thats his main nemesis but doing his costume/powers would be complicated.him killing T’Challa’s father then getting his hand cut off by T’Challa would be such a ripe storyline with both having reasons to want revenge. There is rumors of a Luke Cage movie but he has no bad guys I mean at all and i’d MUCH rather see a Heroes for Hire movie with him and Iron Fist. It’d be a perspective we haven’t seen before in comic book movies. You’ve got the buddy cop movie feel and heroes trying to make money for saving the day. They could use some shared universe bad guys who probably wouldn’t show up any where else like the Wrecking Crew! You know that’d be bitchin.

  • Daniel Wood

    I Agree, Cyclops was really underused in the films. I don’t think he’s meant to be that likable a character but it really helps the story when he’s the one trying to play leader and keep the team from imploding.

    • Luke

      I definitely would not mind a cyclops movie but I disagree where the author said Scott summers had the best mutation…c’mon it’s laser vision, with no light switch. It’s just so limiting and Magneto turned summers’ so called power against the other xmen so perfectly in the original xmen movie. Good idea I just think the character has already been downplayed too much in the xmen movie series to warrant overturning the entire plot to make a solo movie that could never compare to the franchise already in place in cinema

  • Dione Robertson

    Wow. Not ONE female. Pout. Pour. Pout. What could b a blast of a movie? Fantastic Four dealing with the powers of Franklin Richards? Make Venom a women? Copycat should co-star in Deadpool’s movie (in 1st org. story she was the reason he wanted 2 live)

  • dustychic†


    • Kirk Mailloux

      Matthew Fox would be great as Carnage

  • Matze82

    How about with age of apocalypse,cable and weapon x my favorites.

  • Praxis

    Storm would have a great origins story. She had an entire life in Africa growing up where they worshiped her and she had to battle the shadow king before the X-Men ever entered the picture.

  • Needs More Hiddles.

    Am I seriously the only one who demands a Loki movie?! I know I have extra incentive because I adored Tom Hiddleston in Thor and The Avengers, but seriously, in analysis, Loki is arguably the most complex character Marvel ever created. He has so many sides and levels, and of course, Tom Hiddleston would portray Loki beautifully and flawlessly as he always has.
    I want a Ms. Marvel movie, a Deadpool movie, a Black Widow movie, and DEFINITELY LOKI.

  • bob

    iron fist

  • shaunn

    One point- the only reason that Kingpin ever held his own against Spiderman is because Spidey held back. In the one story where SM did not hold back (this was after he discovered Kingpin had taken out a contract on Aunt May, from prison) he beat Kingpin to a pulp easily.

  • Charity

    Out of all of your choice I hope to God Black Panther gets made he as always been one of my favorites. For me he as one of the best back stories best of all hes not american in form also not some random alien that was sent here for the greeter good. Basically fuck Hollywood and its actors, IF and WHEN this movie gets made they need a real African man who is a savage when comes to fighting skills. They need a African God like person which they should have down with Storm. (Don’t get me started on Halle Berry)

    Another one of your picks I like was Doctor Strange his story would trans late every well on the big screen.

    Hopefully Deadpool is in the works or at least a thought in Marvel movie directors heads. He is funny, psychotic, a total badass, and he deadly with any weapon you give him. If a Deadpool movie ever happens it defiantly couldn’t be PG-13 for that movie to be the best it can be it needs to be rated R, plan and simple.

    I know that chances of this happening is basically a no but I am still going to say it SHE HULK. I just had to throw a girl name out there.

  • Phill

    Introduce carol danvers in avengers 2 as a shield agaent then in captain marvel have her be Cap Marvs Liaison, cue her accident, there u have Ms. Marvel. As for the rest i agree. For me,controversial as it may be, a Sentry movie could be EPIC.

  • Charity

    Out of all your picks I hope Black Panther gets made cause one he’s not white, American or some alien sent here to fix us. He as such a great back ground story. But my biggest fear is casting with this one cause fuck Hollywood and there big price tag actors. They would have to get someone black of course but not just black african black, like a African god like man like they should have done with storm but don’t get me started one bitch. If one day they make a Avengers movie with him it be cool but I rather see a movie of just his amazing story.

    Also I the idea of a Doctor Strange movie that be dope cause who doesn’t love a defender of dimensions and endless magical power. Plus its dark and twisted just like everything in the world. They just have to be careful and not get a Tony Stark look a like.

    If Deadpool doesn’t get made in my life time I am going to be on heart broken girl. Deadpool is perfect for a movie as long as they stay for a x-men point of view. What more could you want from a hero funny, badass, kill you with basically anything and he a psychotic who doesn’t love a hero with a dark side to them.

    Another one of your picks that could make it big is your KingPin idea. I know it will probably never happen because all the rights aren’t in order but it make a dope villain movie. Which no one has ever done or at least right, a movie form a villain point of view is genius if done right.

    I am totally just spit balling here but what do you think about wait for it SHE HULK, everything you love about Hulk but with a vagina.

    With all these movies like all movies it comes down to casting first of all then you got all that other BS. But if the casting isn’t done right it can take a A+ movie and turn it in to well twilight.

    Love your article by the way.

    • Alex Lowe

      Definitely agree that casting is huge on these, and what you said about Dr. Strange is spot on. That could easily end up being another Tony Stark, and while I love Downey Jr. as Iron Man, we definitely need a different vibe for Strange

    • Billy Leger

      LMMFAO Hulk with a vagina!!! Brilliant Hulk is my favorite and she hulk is up there.

  • yodaddy9

    venom, yes. deadpool, yes. cable, yes. All the other choices BLOW. I see first comment says Namor. Namor is literally the gayest comic character ever. just check the outfit. equally as stupid as aquaman but much more blatantly homosexual. how about a REAL spawn movie? NC-17 if necessary!!! See the old HBO animated series if you unclear what i mean. i do agree the venom movie would have to be set up in a spiderman movie. they too interconnected to not do that, but cool idea bout sayin Brock thought it was all in his head and then…oh shit its REAL. Interesting way to go about that imo.

    cyclops is your favorite xman for real? thats like saying cacti are my favorite sex toy; it just sounds….wrong. im trying to think of any of the five million characters that have been on that squad at some point that are LESS COOL than cyclops and im comin up blank….

  • Sebastian

    Nick Motherfucking Fury deserves a real movie, and not that Hasselhoffs one, a REAL movie, with the REAL Nick Motherfucking Fury, not with Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Cyanide

    Please do make a Venom movie about him in prison talking to his doctor. thats sounds like a great way for people to get introduced to him.

  • livinginstereo

    tom hardy looks like the transsexual porn star buck angel in the photo for the film warrior. he could play shim if they ever made a biopic.

  • The Unicorn Whisperer

    The Cable and Dead pool arc was not a versus, but more of a reluctant team up and ensuing bromance. It was a God Complex run, and for lack of a less clichéd term, where Cable gets full use of his Omega powers and tries to change the world, and Deadpool serves as his friendly counterpoint and comic relief, and which Cable enjoys because he is the only human whose mind he cannot read, and who legitimately believes in his crusade. Two generic gun-toting Liefield abominations with enough pouches between them to host 2 seasons of Prairie Dog Manor, turned into amazing and deep characters in the hands of good writers (Thanks Nicieza).

    This movie would be impossible to do outside of an HBO series (I got a little turgid and threw up a bit just typing that) or sequels without it devolving into a shitty versus movie, and but what do I know, I that’s what the said about League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and that is still winning Oscars and BET Music Awards to this day.

    And Cable wins when they fight. I Over and Over again.

  • dsd

    I vote Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Namor, Storm, Black Panther,

  • lokisgirl44690

    I may be crazy but i think loki should have his own film about redemption

  • Billy Leger

    Gambit and Rogue

  • Geoff Walker

    It would be better to see the current Captain Marvel, former Ms Marvel, Carol Danvers in her own film. Probably played by Anna Torv or Charlize Theron

    • Alex Lowe

      if they were to go that route, I’d love to see Theron in the role

    • Rachael Rojas

      Anna Torv would pull it off definitely.

  • Arturo Mockertino

    Azrael would be great to see in a film!

  • Deadpoolfan

    Deadpool all the way!!

  • Calum ‘Chuck’ McHale

    Venom should absolutely NOT have his own film, he’s too big a character and as such has been overused, we need underused characters like Dormammu, Te Infinity wtach or the Guardians of the Galaxy (who I guess must be getting a film as Thanos appears at the end of The Avengers)

  • Jack Harrison

    Black Panther, Doc Strange, Venom, Cable, Deadpool and Kingpin are about the only ones I agree with here.

  • Mr. Magnanimous

    The fact you didn’t mention Dr. Doom makes you inferior. Now bow down you insolent cur! In all seriousness, if done right, I do believe a movie about the bad doctor would go over well. Who would they cast though? Alex Skaarsgard (did I get that right?) comes to mind, as does Benedict Caumberbacht (I know I messed that one all up). Seriously, if done perfectly I do believe Doom would be a character even hardcore movie buffs and critics could sink their teeth into. Of course their teeth would break into a million pieces on his armor!

    • Alex Lowe

      Another quality choice! Let me tell you, limiting this to 10 was a task.

  • Maciej Martinek

    Dead Pool is all i want to see :]

  • borngreat

    Deadpool, hawkeye, skaar, silver surfer, all would be great and moon knight

  • Drizzt

    There was a made for TV moive in the 80′s showing how he became Dr. Strange

  • seth16

    moonknight needs a movie like no kid this guy is an eqyptian warrior of epicness

  • Ernesto

    A Storm flick featuring Star Treks Zoe Saldana



  • Oz

    Can we get some female superheroes up in here that dont flop?!

  • Bluefinch

    Bring in the KINGPIN!!!!

    • bluefinch

      for spidey play

  • Andres

    I dont know about his own film But Kingpin NEEDS to be in a new movie! He is an awesome Villain. Maybe in the upcoming Spiderman Movie???

  • Oren Leifer

    Given Cyclops’ family history (discovered he had a long-lost brother, Havok, who appeared in First Class) there’s already a way to tie him into the X-men franchise after his own movie/making his movie include the X-men along the way/

  • Oren Leifer

    A Moon Knight movie would be great. One issue that they could tackle, which the comics never quite touched on enough, was that he grew up Conservative Jewish (and his father was a Rabbi), but he gets his superpowers by being resurrected by an Egyptian moon god. The personal conflict of that would be really interesting to watch.

  • Bongstradamus

    Phoenix, Gambit, Longshot, Warlock and Puck.

    And a movie about Callisto and the mutant underground.

  • Kirk Mailloux

    How can you have a movie about the Kingpin without Daredevil? Just wait for the Daredevil reboot. Marvel has the rights now so the character will be done well

  • Kirk Mailloux

    Cyc? NO The last X-men origins film sucked. No more. Cable? That could work but only if Stephen Lang is Cable. He would be awesome as that guy.

    • Chip

      Supposedly he is rumored for cable. I agree he is perfect for the role.

  • Kirk Mailloux

    Oded Fher should be Strange

  • Dustin Arroyo

    Iron fist

  • DrNope

    Moon Knight! Lets watch him juggle three alter egos at once. I don’t need a Cyclops movie, I just need him back in the X-Men movies. Cable sounds like a solid idea. It would have to have Domino.

  • Kevin

    I love how they’re all male. Boy, we sure have made strides eh? *eyeroll*

  • DarkReign

    Where the hell is Iron Fist? And just 4 the record, every1 talks about Hero this n Hero that . . . but any1 w/ a brain knows heroes are only as good as the villains they face. Hmmmm, how about a flik where villains get to mug for the camera? A Deadpool or a Symbiote flik? Galactus or The Beyonder?

  • Chip

    Even though a gambit movie is in the works. I’ve lost most hope due to the fact that they have the role to Channing Tatum (not that he’s a bad actor. That’s just not a role I see him doing well). But what about Sentry? He deserves a film. Luke Cage and Iron Fist have been confirmed for a film or show (whichever Netflix is working on).

  • Chip

    Nightcrawler should maybe have his own Origins film. Being that Mystique is his mother and Azazel is his father it would tie in with First class, like a prequel.