8 Important Takeaways From The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer


“Raw, Untamed Power…”

The second Last Jedi trailer begins as it means to go on with a greater emphasis on the Dark Side of the Force than the first preview. We kick off with Andy Serkis’ chilling tones as Supreme Leader Snoke tells Kylo Ren about the “raw, untamed power” he sensed in him when he first found him.

Set to this are several snippets of Ren and the forces of the First Order in action. One potentially sees Kylo Ren receiving a new lightsaber from Snoke – the bright red room and glimpse of the Praetorian Guards gives it away. However, it’s possible this could be a flashback to the time that Snoke’s voiceover speaks of: when Ren first came to the Dark Side.

Next, we get a few shots of the Battle on Crait, a mineral planet that used to be a Rebel Base in the old days. Ren marches through a red, rocky terrain with a group of stormtroopers while an army of AT-ATs take on the Resistance’s ski speeders (doesn’t seem like a fair fight, really). Technically, these are AT-M6s – standing for All Terrain Megacaliber Six. They’re also known as “gorilla walkers,” thanks to the way their feet tuck in backwards.

The most interesting thing about this dialogue is the ambiguity over who Snoke’s talking to. Obviously, the accompanying clips lead us to believe it’s Kylo, but it could just as well be Rey, as evidence from the rest of the trailer suggests…

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