Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

%name Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Life isn’t fair. We exist in a movie world where our most desired sequels fester in obscurity for years before seeing the light of day (sometimes never at all) and where cookie-cutter schlock is pumped out ad nauseam. But don’t call me naïve; it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out why this is. To quote Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko “what’s worth doing is worth doing for money.”

Blue Sky Studios’ long-stagnant (but monetarily potent) Ice Age franchise churns out its fourth instalment this week with Ice Age: Continental Driftwhich sails into theaters this Friday. In the spirit of that now-soulless series, let’s take a look at 10 movie franchises that need to die.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

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10. Pirates of the Caribbean

potc Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: Any time an actor receives awards recognition for their work in a big budget blockbuster, it’s safe to call that feature something special. While overlong, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was immeasurably raised by the now-iconic performance by Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Stunning production values and an equally potent performance from Geoffrey Rush as the devilish Barbossa resulted in nothing short of a phenomenon for Disney. Not bad for an adaptation of a theme park ride.

The turning point: The loss of Rush as the central antagonist, a swelling running length –  143 minutes to 151 minutes to an obscene 169-minute marathon of plundering for “At World’s End” – and the death (?) of Jack Sparrow really had the series walking the plank, even though two instalments pulled in north of $1 billion dollars worldwide.

Why it needs to die: The majority of its stars have already abandoned ship (no pun intended) and ironically it’s only Depp – the heart of the franchise to begin with – that’s keeping this series afloat (no pun intended). Not to mention, between Tim Burton and the “Pirates” films, Depp is being suffocated with presumed commitment and hasn’t chosen an interesting role in quite some time. If anything, for the liberation of a fantastic actor, this franchise needs a quick visit to Davy Jones’ Locker.

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9. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity 23 Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: Single-handedly setting a fire under the found footage genre that oddly never took off with the mammoth success of The Blair Witch Project in 1999, Oren Peli turned his minimalist, $15,000 indie attempt at the haunted house flick into a $200 million global smash. The “request a screening in your town” marketing ploy was nearly as entertaining as the finished product (in a good way) and while its detractors eventually arose, Paranormal Activity was all anyone could talk about for months.

The turning point: Despite the lack of resources needed to spit out a $3 million, no-star sequel, the turnaround time for between the original and Paranormal Activity 2 set off more than a few warning signals. Thankfully, the follow-up was more a bland rehash than an outright disaster, but that’s hardly call for celebration either. 

Why it needs to die: Against all odds, Paranormal Activity 3 turned out to be pretty damn frightening (if not lasting in its potency) and certainly made me twitch more than any other film has (and I don’t scare easy, let me tell you). Though practically every time I turn around I bump into someone who thought the series was shit from the get-go, I’m all for ending things on a relative high note.

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8. Madea

madea Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: Well, in this case I don’t think it ever was. If Tyler Perry’s scores for the series on Rotten Tomatoes are any indicator (which peaked at 38 percent with Madea’s Big Happy Family), it seems like folks go see his films more out of habit than due to an actual burning desire.

The turning point: I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’ve been fully exposed to Perry’s full “Madea” cannon. What is safe to say though is that the point at which the former stage actor decided to churn out one of his drag comedies every year is a pretty solid gauge that the well is running dry. 

Why it needs to die: Like any director tied inexplicably to a stagnant franchise, they are doing themselves a disservice. I’d think it unfair to call Perry a hack, some of his non-Madea films have been decently received, if not praised. Essentially, I would like to see how the man would fare behind the camera and outside of his comfort zone. This Fall we’ll at least be able to see how he does as an action star in the adaptation of Alex Cross, though that generic-seeming, likely-flop looks to do little more than turn him back to his past ways.

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7. Ice Age

ice age Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: 2002’s Ice Age started things off on a high point for Fox’s fledging animation division Blue Sky Studios – frankly, a relative “high” it has never been able to match. Though Ice Age never aimed to be anything more than kid-friendly entertainment, it countered its lack of ambition was some hilarious slapstick, likeable characters with great voice actors and made Scrat the squirrel an instant favourite.

The turning point: As far as animation houses go, Blue Sky has never been a heavy hitter at yearly animation awards, but what it lacks in claims to prestige fare, it has made up for in box office returns. Hence, three sequels were spawned which hit its apogee with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which raked in an astonishing $886.7 million. And within that title lies the argument for termination. When we’re talking about the latest glacial period (roughly 20,000 years ago) and you need to throw dinosaurs into the mix to keep things fresh, it’s pretty clear the creative DNA of the series is deteriorating. 

Why it needs to die: For a less-then-stellar series to begin with, to stretch past a trilogy is pretty substantive proof of the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood. The inspiration for the characters may be extinct but their on-screen counterparts just won’t die. If you can honestly say, with a straight face, that woolly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers battling giant apes on ice pirate ships is a substantive enough plot to keep this series going, then I will retract my dissent.

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6. Transformers

transformers dark of the moon 559x360 Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: The original Transformers was never high art, but what it lacked in subtlety it made up for in nostalgia, cutting-edge CGI and director Michael Bay’s sure hand when it came to unleashing a spectacle. Add in Shia LaBeouf before he became overexposed, some amusing segments as Optimus Prime and pals reveal themselves to humans (and of course plenty of transforming), and it’s pretty clear why it spawned sequels.

The turning point: “Punk-ass Decepticons” – that line mechanically uttered during one of the numerous, lifeless, metal-crunching set pieces was one of many tipping points during the 149-minutes of bloat that was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Though I seem to be one of the first to spring to Bay’s defence when confronted with criticism, the man is clearly in desperate need of a strict editor.

Why it needs to die: Talk of a reboot of sorts, adding Jason Statham to the mix and courting a new director does little to quell the rising bile that stems from the thought of sitting through another Transformers instalment. That being said, what little spark the series possessed is now gone (along with its main villain) – replaced by monotony and indistinguishable smackdowns. I fear these robots won’t stay in disguise until every major city on Earth has been levelled, they run out of robots to kill off or Bumblebee accidently steps on Sam.

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5. Final Destination

Final Destination Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: Final Destination was one of the most unique teen slasher films to hit theaters last decade, if only for its premise and eerie execution. Speaking of execution, the gory deaths delivered up by director James Wong can still induce shivers today and the main set piece offered up in its solid sequel, to this day, makes me incapable of driving behind a log truck without fear of being impaled.

The turning point: Final my ass. A fiery plane crash and horrific car crash are one to escape but a rollercoaster derailment? In addition to mounting silliness, this series became more about staging elaborate deaths than actually constructing tense scenarios for our teens to find themselves within. Stripped away was any semblance of connection to the characters on screen, with our stock horror stereotypes merely turning into fodder for malfunctioning nail guns.

Why it needs to die: In 2009 we were treated to the cleverly titled The Final Destination which after inexplicably becoming the highest grossing in the series, gave us a fifth entry. For Final Destination 5, even a scarier setup, more proactive characters and an attempt at a thrilling twist only served to remind us how bad the series had become; even infusing the material with some zest could do nothing to elevate it beyond been-there-done-that territory. Want to play the toughest game ever? It’s called “Place That Death in the Correct Movie.” You’ll either have to guess wildly or watch all five to refresh your memory. Either way, you lose.

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4. Underworld

underworld awakening 2012 screen gems kate beckinsale 66417 540x360 Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: For a movie about warring vampires and werewolves – sorry, Death Dealers and Lycans – director Len Wiseman was able to craft a memorably stylish and surprisingly complex tale of supernatural lore. Kate Beckinsale was sexy as hell as Seline and Michael Sheen and Bill Nigh chewed the scenery with glee as Lucian and Viktor, the respective leaders of their clans. The scope was broadened for Underworld: Evolution but the gothic aesthetics remained and the action was as crisp as ever, hinting that there may be more of the story to tell – or maybe not.

The turning point: Note to Hollywood big-wigs: every time you need to turn to prequel territory to extend your franchise it means you’re just distilling your own urine and calling it spring water. Add in the fact that your lead abandoned the production and things aren’t looking quite so put together. As glad as I was to have Sheen and Nigh back for Rise of the Lycans, the “Underworld” series was clearly running on fumes.

Why it needs to die: The return of Beckinsale to this year’s Underworld: Awakening seemed like wonderful news – our spandex-clad heroine has returned and with it the spark that made the original worth noticing! Or such was my feeling until I struggled through the unholy, cheap-looking mess that was “Awakening.” A glimmer of interesting ideas only served to showcase how totally inept the rest of the film was and nearly made me embarrassed I had ever defended the franchise to begin with. But look out, this most recent entry made a pretty penny so if we see a continuation, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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3. Alvin and the Chipmunks

alvin chipmunks chipwrecked Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: The only redeeming quality of the “Chipmunks” trilogy is that it can allow you to plop a young child in front of the TV for 90 minutes while you go play Angry Birds on your smart phone. Fox seemed to have purposely extracted whatever charm was latent in the television series and replaced it with soulless CGI and a cringe-educing Jason Lee who I pray every night will give Kevin Smith a call.

The turning point: The turning point for this franchise should have been in the board room when someone first pitched the idea to studio heads, but alas we got not one, not two, but three instances of embarrassing adventures for Alvin, Simon and Theodore (makes me want to change my name out of shame).

Why it needs to die: If we’re ever going to get fun, intelligent fare for young children outside of Disney – films that don’t include CGI rodents, Chihuahuas, Smurfs or other bastardizations of beloved television shows – a line needs to be drawn. When you discover you have an infestation of vermin you root out the source, and right now this franchise is the chief contributor to the outbreak.

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2. Scary Movie

scary movie Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: The Zucker/Abrahams spoof brand had its heyday in the 80’s with classics like Airplane! and The Naked Gun, though 2000’s Scary Movie gave a new generation a decent taste of how horror comedies could work outside of Gremlins or Ghostbusters, it was never meant for sustained flight. If Scary Movie should be lauded for anything, it should be for brining underrated comedienne Anna Faris to the forefront (though unfortunately she was branded with a typecast she’s had difficulty shedding).

The turning point: Inherently, spoofs are supposed to make fun of bad movies and in the process craft a good movie out of those jabs, but when it gets to the point where your spoof is worse than films you’re spoofing, the joke is on you. Though by the time Scary Movie 3 came along the series was obviously poking fun at a different slate of movies than its predecessors, the things it had to say about them remained entirely the same.

Why it needs to die: Despite any laughs that were had over the duration of four films (soon five), all those involved should be ritualistically sacrificed to the movie gods for inadvertently unleashing the hell on earth that are Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie and Vampires Suck. As long as this style of spoof exists (and makes money), the hack duo of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer will be allowed to operate with impunity. For the sake of our children’s souls, this franchise must end.

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1. Resident Evil

Resident Evil Retribution 540x360 Top 10 Movie Franchises That Need To Die

Why it was good: As far as video game adaptations go, the original Resident Evil is sadly one of the better ones – shame on you Hollywood! Its follow-up Resident Evil: Apocalypse also has its enjoyably campy moments and fun action set pieces, (being a sucker for zombie flicks myself didn’t help either). Also not helping to abate my admitted approval of the first two movies is the presence of Mila Jovovich, who puts the sexy in sexy-as-hell-mutant.

The turning point:  The “Resident Evil” saga was never very loyal to the games, merely opting to toss in familiar characters rather than actually attempting to adapt the mood and style of the game. The scope of the setting continued to balloon (moving from a house, to a city, to a desert, to the entire world), the subplots multiplied and the scripts grew from increasingly convoluted to borderline incoherent. By number three, even Jovovich was proving unable to instil excitement in me at the thought of another entry.

Why it needs to die: Sharp 3D in Resident Evil: Afterlife did little to cushion the thud that was the sound of Paul W.S. Anderson dropping the ball story-wise. The lack of giddiness brought on by the addition of fan-favourite villain Albert Wesker just proved to show how little the franchise had to offer. We don’t get very many action heroines these days and sadly I have two of the most popular ones on this list. So let’s extricate these badass ladies from these lifeless franchises and give them foes worth fighting. Plus, I’m frankly tired of having to look up which subtitle goes with which instalment of this series.

So, there you have it, 10 franchises that need to die. If for some odd reason you’re still hoping to see Ice Age: Continental Drift in theatres this weekend, the trailer below may have you re-thinking that decision.

As always, head down to the comments below and let us know what you think of our choices.

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  • AdamBritten

    I was originally going to be all “no! I love some of these franchises!” But you raise very valid points. I will admit that I’m excited about the next Pirates flick, but I will agree that it might be time to just let it go.

  • Jeff Beck

    The only one of these I slightly disagree with is Pirates of the Caribbean. I would like to see if they can redeem it after how dull part four turned out, though it could be that it’s just run its course.. As for the rest, I absolutely concur.

    • AdamBritten

       @Jeff Beck My thoughts, too. And I didn’t even hate the 4th one as much as most people did.

  • MinimeJer05

    I surprisingly thought AWAKENING was the best UNDERWORLD film yet, especially being such a mediocre series to begin with. Also, the FINAL DESTINATION movies are cheesy, but oh so enjoyable.

  • ChristianLaw

    I can agree with all of these, but I will say that I liked Final Destination 5 a lot…it wasn’t too much better, but I thought it was a great (hopeful) ending to the series, definitely a high point of the last 3. Other than that though, yeah, they should trim down the franchises haha

  • MattDonato

    Some people said that Paranormal Activity 3 was the best PA of all, but I have to disagree.  I loved Paranormal Activity for completely freaking the ever loving bejeesus out of me, but 2 and 3 hardly stacked up.  I totally agree the franchise belongs on this list as it never should have spawned sequels in the first place.  I’m already furious I’ll inevitably shell out more money to watch yet another attempt to cash in on Peli’s success when PA 4 comes out, but I love my horror oh so much.

  • bex

    resident evil has to potential to be absolutely gr8..but only if it stayed true to res evil 1+ 2 the games, the  gr8 depth in the  back story, set up the mood and the sub plots, characters etc… and where ready to go…but then came the huge let dwn and failure to use gr8 material and reach the franchise potential….the last film was awful, shockingly bad!!! either kill of the franchise and stop beating it dwn or reboot it, but while staying true to the original two games!!! this series could and should have been epic!!!! please don’t ruin it any more but at the same time don’t let it go out like this!!

  • Solomon

    10 Movies, and not one mention of Saw…? Really? If a series of movies needs to die, It’s Saw.


      That franchise has already died.

      • Matt Nation

        nah – they’re going to be ‘rebooting’ it shortly…

    • john doe

      saw is done bro..

      • Solomon

        Saw WAS “Dope” after about the 4th installment it got stupid…

        • miha

          got stupid?
          the story just started to make sense after the 4th movie
          every sequel had a great story behind it and new and gruesome tortures

          • fiachsidhe

            Ironic “got stupid”?
            Because your average Saw fan is an idiot, who actually believes Saw had a good plot. All it was, was torture porn for dumb movie goers, with a convoluted plot that makes dumb people feel as if they watched something intelligent.

    • Yo

      It ended alreay. Saw VII The Final Chapter!!

      • Fern

        That means nothing !!!! Friday the 13th: The Final Chapterhe later film, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


    I agree with all of these, great list! I’d toss in the Madagascar films as well. @ Solomon. The Saw series is already finished isn’t it?

    • peace2388

      You can never REALLY tell with slasher movies if they are dead or not look at Halloween, Friday the 13th, and the Nightmare on Elm Streets. How many time did those look like they were finally over? Only to find out they could possess someone’s body, could only truly be killed when their head is cut off, or worst of all by far is that they gets injected with nanobots and comes back from the dead on a spaceship in the future and even then there is nothing to stop them from starting the story over from scratch. Like with Rob Zombies Halloween. but if ever a franchises needed to stay dead it is Saw so I for one agree with Solomon.

  • Joe Fiore

    “Paranormal Activity 2 was more a bland rehash than
    an outright disaster, but that’s hardly call for celebration either. ”

    It’s generally accepted by most fans and critics alike that Paranormal Activity 2 was BETTER than the first film, so that kinda shoots that argument in the foot.

    • RobDobbs

      No, it doesn’t.

    • Franky J.

      Paranormal Activity 2 was unbelievably terrible. It was easily the weakest one in the series.

  • Koua Xiong

    I agree with every single one. (Although I wouldn’t mind seeing more Resident Evil and Underworld, as I love the characters or Alice and Seline.)

  • brads87

    No fast and furious?

    • yohoo

      no way man!

    • slopo

      The last F&F was the best one! Bring on more Rock!

    • aye!

      the last one F&F was the best i agree

  • irk

    totally agree with Madagascar. god i hate that movie.

    • TaiZhu312

      dude, it’s ice age, NOT Madagascar! The lastest IC ruined everything WHILE the lastest Madagascar is the best one yet!!!

  • jaescroggs

    scary movie , epic movie etc? What about all of those Dance flix? They NEEDS ta DIE!!

    • Vicky

      seriously!!! STEP UP SUCKS!!!! SCARY MOVIE ROCKS!!!

      • Melissa Hamari

        Vicky: No. THey both suck.

    • Vicky

      and totally agree wid resident evil… do they even know what they’re doing now?

  • Don Ball

    Totally agree with your list. Scary Movie should had been called Lame & Crappy Comedy Movie.

    • Dooshe Nozzle

      And they should have had your witty mind behind its writing.

  • KNIGHT3000

    No Twilight? No Harry Potter? This list SUCKS!

    • snowleopard

      Those are based on books. The movies will end when the books end. Harry Potter is done and Twilight will be after this next movie.

      • Bleaz

        If only! They’re already planning to reboot Twilight! And the Saw movies as well! As far as Saw goes, the first one was fantastic, second very good as was six. The rest were dire!

        • josip nigojević

          if saw goes on alright,i like those movies but if twilight goes on im gonna kill myself

  • Victor E Sandoval

    The PIECE OF SHIT Resident Evil films NEED TO FUCKING DIE! And Im gonna be honest, so does Millia Jovovich and her dumb ass husband Paul WS Anderson. I FUCKING hate them all!!!! With a burning passion. They piss on the fans of the games and the intellegence of the general audience who watches them. Im tired of it. First off, not only does it not follow the games….AT ALL, but it is lack luster filmmaking at its worst. Its one thing to make a bad movie, but even worse to be persistant with it. Who the that slut think she is, Rambo?! She is NEVER EVER gonna be accepted into pop culture as an action hero. I never hear anyone else mention her.
    Just cuz the first movie wasnt THAT bad, that shoulda be a cue for Anderson to improve but no, he is an incoherent idiot of a film maker that only wants to steal the movie goers’ money and continue making horrible movies. Its no different than stealing.

    • josip nigojević

      it angers u cause u play resident evil games and have no life so u go around blackmailing

      • guest

        Do you even know what blackmailing is, you idiot?

    • josip nigojević

      who fucking cares about pop culture u I’m a potty mouth unable to use adult words.

    • dash

      But Milla Jovovich IS accepted as an action hero. She’s been in loads of action movie roles ever since the Fifth Element, and that’s what she’s known for. She is ABSOLUTELY the premier female action hero.

    • fire lion

      lol have you watched the video game stories? they are horrible. If they made it exactly like the games then it would be even worse.

      Play resident evil 6 and tell me you did not laugh.

  • Victor E Sandoval

    And another thing, Millia was NEVER EVER a heroine or a wanna female role model. She just SUCKS HORRIBLY. TO me, there is nothing that can be good about those films.
    Also, Im so happy that the James Bond franchise is no where to be seen on the list. Lets face it, the films are great and enjoyable. I also look foward to watching them everytime I get the opportunity. I think it proves that a franchise with too many sequels can still work.

    • Steve O’Rourke

      And she has nipples, but no breasts. If she had a kid, it would starve.

    • Troy

      Daniel Craig fucking sucks as 007. Just saying.

    • devin

      then you must like penis

  • Goon

    Underworld and Resident Evil must go on forever and ever. The rest can effing die.

    • josip nigojević

      i agrre

    • guest

      They’re going to die at some point, whether you like it or not.

  • EJD

    why Not Saw?!

    • Jeremy

      It ended already.

  • Chris Ostroff

    Spy Kids, anyone? And with whispers of a potential Toy Story 4, let’s just say I don’t want that franchise to die as much as I’d just like it to rest in peace where it is.

    • John Paul King

      Dimension Films announced in February 2012 that Spy Kids 5 was under talks to begin production possibly later in 2012 with an unknown release date. The original cast is expected to return.

    • vicky

      oh yes spykids needs to die!!!

  • Harrison Center

    I enjoyed all of the Underworld movies but I agree with the rest of this list. The Scary movie franchise should have died after they stopped being about horror movies.

    • Adrian Inness

      I like Beckinsale and Jonovich… If they could find a movie were they could both dress in fetish goth cloths and kick ass I’d be ok with seeing the end of both franchises, until then there are zombies and vampires that need killing.

      • Adam Brown

        Female Expendables in pre-production

        • Aleksey Highlander

          its gonna be total disaster!

  • Sean

    One word: TWILIGHT.

    • ItsBeesWhyBees

      Did you hear? they are planning to reboot that already…

      • Cozmo


    • DaireConstantineOReilly

      it was perfect at One movie not 5, the sequels are soo boring, Twighlight is the best.

    • Fuck you

      Na twilight is deff the best

  • doommonkey

    ‘ (being a sucker for zombie myself flicks didn’t help either)’ ? huh?

  • Philippa

    Chipmunks 2 was redeemed by one thing – the acting of Zac Levi. Agree about Fast and Furious. Expendables [clue's in the name there!]. Endless re-imaginings of Superman/Spiderman/Batman. Other superheroes and stories are available!!

  • Gogoboyo

    “the something that was the something” writing style needs to die!

  • Shawn

    All I can say is “kid” movies won’t die. To us they all seem fairly stupid, but to young kids they will watch over and over the dumbest stuff.

  • Derrick Syl.James Jr

    I disagree with the Madea part for the simple fact that it seems the writer has no clue about the series.

    Tyler Perry wrote ans still writes stage plays, that is what Madea is. He wrote his first madea stage play way back in 2000, so even though they are being released as films a year apart, it is because he has a back log of material.

    I also disagree with the low ratings his films get. As i have said for years, Whites and African Americans do have a distinction in culture which translates to film/comedy. There is a huge difference between the preference(not racism, but preference) of the reviewers of those films. Some of the comedies my white friends love, me and my black friends hate and in vice versa.

    I dont think the madea movies are great, but there are alot of people would would say they were FAR better than a 38% ratings.

    • Alexander Burgos

      I think that’s silly. I’ve heard of the stereotype that only black people enjoy Madea. While I’m not even going to discuss that further, I will point out that me and my good film buff friends (both white and black), all agree that Madea is one of the worst comedy franchises out there.

      • Derrick Syl.James Jr

        just because you and your buddy agree on it doesnt make it true, thats simply your opinion and I believe that the audience demographic of the Madea films speaks for it self.

        i abd my friends watch stuff like Stepbrothers or Ricky Bobby and think they are far worse films than any of the Madea ones.

        also, i never said only black people enjoy Madea, im saying there is cultural disconnect the same way many black people dont listen to country music, but do listen to rap, in vice versa. there are people who blur that line in both directions but not the majority.

      • Derrick Syl.James Jr

        My point is not “only black” or “only white” but rather a difference in culture/comedy

        the Madea plays and the films have a majority african american following. It seems that that white people simply do not find them funny the same way black people do.

        That isnt to say a white person couldnt find it funny or that a black person couldnt say it is horrible.

  • Kellic

    I can agree with all but Pirates. Sorry but I’m still enjoying the series. Transformers was a POS from day one though.

  • Bomyne

    Transformers does NOT need to die. I am enjoying that movie series.

  • Sean Alexander Watson

    I saw Ice Age 4 and enjoyed it, more than 3

  • Sean Alexander Watson

    i would say though that afterlife was the weaker instalment in the series, I heard paul does plan to end the franchise with a sixth film (if retribution does well)

  • Kendall

    AWW i love the scary movie franchise because I think it works. Its stupidity, but isn’t that what people like to see? Pure stupidity. its funny, gt a sense of humor.

  • speakillkid

    Out of the Underworld films Rise of the Lycans were the only one I liked.
    The Saw franchise needs to DIE, so does the REC franchise. Saw was never good whereas REC had a great first movie, a garbage sequel in REC 2 with annoying teenagers, and now what looks like an even worse sequel with REC 3

  • sveta

    ice age 4 sucked big time. agree that Transformers needs to rot….

  • fairportfan

    Chipmunks should have been smothered in its cradle before it managed to escape and nauseate the world.

  • Kash

    i’d love to stop the Smurfs movie in its tracks…i have a feeling they are gonna milk that sh*t for all its worth, kinda like how they did with the chipmunks.

  • Maurício Puga

    Final Destination 5 was a good entry to the series. I agree with the rest though.

    • ArmandDC

      Yep. It made sense once they had the fifth release (at least it made sense to me, all my quandaries from the beginning of the film).

  • Betty

    Indiana Jones….

  • josip nigojević

    resident evil is the best it mustnt die

    • guest

      Resident Evil is the worst it has to die

  • lol


    • Adam Brown

      There filming two more!

      • DaireConstantineOReilly

        i can here some guy going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after reading your coment on fast and furius 6 and 7

    • miha

      you need to die

      • Fiachsidhe

        Wow miha, you really have a thing for mass produced, Hollywood schlock! You love Saw and Fast and Furious? Do you like anything that is actually well made? You are the reason Hollywood produces so much shit every year.

        The low standards, “just want to turn off my brain” stupid, drooling, lowest common denominator film zombie.

        • guest

          You said it. The “Turn your brain off” crowd, or as I like to call them, the Herp Derp people, never cease to disappoint me with their complete lack of standards for movies.

          • HerpDerpPeopleSuck

            Actually, the Herp Derp people as you call them, do have standards. Any movie with lots of explosions, gunplay and CGI effects passes as a cinematic masterpiece, regardless of story or character development or the overall quality of the movie. And there are a lot of these people, judging from some of the comments on this page.

      • MihaMustDie

        Eat shit and die, you idiot!

    • aye!

      fast and the furious is getting better the newest one was awesome

      • fiachsidhe

        Yeah bro! Its so fukin kool! I love to go see F&F movees and drool on myself at the cars and sluts and stuff blowin up!

    • fire lion


    • Stuart Brown

      The Fast and Furious movies should have died out a long time ago. They went from being awesome underground street racing movies, to a group of international criminals turned super cops. Anyone who thinks the new F&F movie was the best, was never a true fan of it. They’re the exact reason why this kind of list even needs to be made, they only care about seeing hot girls and explosions, they don’t care about story line, considering they’re too dense to follow one.

  • Jay

    Great list! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Ambrus

    This list fails. I can understand why some people might not like some of the movies, or all of them, on this list, but come on.. The actors in these movies are making more money then you can hope of making just from their 1 role in each, so maybe you should get on their level before you start blurting out that the franchise they are in needs to die. But whatever makes you all in this online community thing feel better, so be it.

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Who gives a shit how much money they make and that proves what exactly?!! They should take all that money and hire SCREENWRITERS instead of vomiting out the same shit every month to turn a buck. Hollowood please die already

  • NM2000

    I think the reason Paranormal Activity turned was that it simply forgot what it was. The first one was vague on details, never “showed” you the ghost or entity, and had a nice build. The bigger budget ones went so far down the path of mythology and actually showing scary monster things that it was just stupid.

  • Jessie Bee

    I love Resident Evil, Underworld, Transformers, and the Pirates movies, but the rest can go. ESP. Paranormal Activity, t was never scary and it never will be.

    • ArmandDC

      I liked all of ur mentions, but ‘Final Destination’ always had a soft spot in my heart. It felt genius when I was seven years old. :)

  • spgoodman

    An independent film that should have been considered when mentioning “Blair Witch” was one that INSPIRED it – and was heavily lifted from, to say the least. “The Last Broadcast” was marvelous, and had surprises to the end. A public access cable channel show goes out to the NJ Pine Barrens in search of the Jersey Devil, and never returns. An independent filmmaker seeks to uncover what happened to the show’s crew. I leave the rest to you. Why superior to “Blair Witch”? No whiny cast that after a while one really wanted bad stuff to happen to them, if only to finish the film. The only interesting part of BW was the last scene, with the camera on its side. Unfortunately the next film done by the producers of “The Last Broadcast” was the completely awful “Ghosts of Edendale”. Wonderful premise, horrendous acting from a cast that was worse than anything a college director could ever have imagined.

  • Jason Hall

    Resident Evil is Awesome. Don’t spit on Resident Evil. I’ll be first in line on the fourteenth to see the latest installment. PS: Liked the video games but didn’t love them. Love the movies and Jonavich.

    • jason halls

      shutup you actual fucking douche. how can u love the films and not the games?

    • Jésus

      Those abominations aren’t worth my spit! They are terrible and will continue to be with the husband/wife duo at the helm. I cannot stand either of them nor the trash they label as Resident Evil. Easily disgraces what made the games are.

    • guest

      Just what exactly makes the Resident Evil movies “Awesome”?

  • H3adHunt3r

    Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was actually a good movie despite all odds,
    It deserves a chance of redemption If It’s follow ups have the great comedy and scriptwriting that the third one had (which caught me by surprise).

  • V


  • miha

    your wrong about final destination underworld and scary movie
    final destination became about the deaths it became a dark comedy i think its not scary anymore but still fun to watch
    underworld 3 was a good movie despite the plot being before the predecessors had great visual effects and a few twists in its plot that made it unexpected and great
    scary movie is funny whether they make fun of bad movies or reference the best ones they make it very funny and all the other parodies like vampires suck and disaster movie may not be the most sophisticated of movies but they are funny like hell
    none of these franchises deserve to die

    • guest

      Yes they do deserve to die

    • John

      I can tell that your taste buds are right up where the sun never shines.

  • miha


    • ryan

      Because those movies are book based (like harry potter) so then the books end so do the movies..duh

  • Spellchecker

    Milla, Nighy, Instill, et cetera. Proofreading folks, it’s not just for your junior high final project.

  • Dyg

    No! I don’t want to RE movie to die. Ok. I don’t like RE games. But I like RE movies. because of Milla Jovovich. I watched all the series for her.

  • SJ22

    Wow you let too many movies bother you, there are some really good ones coming out you should go see instead of seeing all these because when you go to see it you’re just pushing for them to make the next one by how great they are still doing at the box office. It’s no skin of my teeth, but why would an adult let kid movie franchise bother them? They are for KIDS, and some kids have favorite movies they with they would make more of than a TV show so what’s the harm?

  • muffinman.

    lol… shrek its up there?

  • Michel

    You missed… every super hero movie. Anything based on comic books, actually. I mean, it costs so much to make these movies – they can’t hire someone capable of writing something original?

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Really all the A-listers have been done already what’s next ‘Ant man’ ‘the Flash’ ‘Aquaman’ ‘Black Falcon’?!! No.

  • Justin K

    Couldn’t have agreed more with these choices. Bravo.

  • Pandaremias

    Movies are movies and if you do not like em then don’t watch…. They were made because some people actually like them. And those who use their time to a crap like this have no fucking life…. and why am i even bothering

  • zod

    What about JAMES BOND? They fucking change the fucking actor and don’t expect us to notice, re-tards. Nobody wants to see some british guy dressed as a penguin saving the world from a gay millionary who want’s to destroy it for no reason, at the same time he bangs some hot chicks that are automatically horny for him like magic. And always there’s the gadgets that seem to be comissioned by clairvoyants, “here’s this reading eyeglasses, but within its temple piece there’s a special type of acid strong enough to pass through 10 feet of pure steel, just remove the earpiece and drop it”, and then the movie develops like that was unimportant, butt hen at some point a super-acid will be just what was required to get away from some situation, and luckily enough, he just happened to have some on his reading glasses. “Wow, I that was totally unexpected”, thinks the James Bong fan.

    • Kyle4



    • Dan S Turpin

      Your an idiot. Shut that crap down…. 50 years later and its going strong. No one cares what u think.

  • Devin

    i kinda like the Resident Evil movies, i bet their gonna make one more. Underworld is ok, kinda hard to keep up with the story. At least RE explained all the movies in the beggining. Pirates, love. Paranormal Activity?? idk im going to wait until they all come out and watch them backwards. Saw is done. Black man/lady movies are stupid, ok who watches those?

  • Björn Sandberg

    Scary Movie 1 and 2 were good, but after that when different producers and writers took it over it went from black comedy to jewish comedy and you just can’t do that; those two styles are so different that they might as well left the franchise in the Wayans brothers hands and started one of their own instead.
    They don’t need to kill the franchise. Just give it back to the ones that started it.

  • Matthew King

    No way man Transformers forever I’ll always wish to transform into an epic and blow shit up and 2 was the best down with the Golden Raspberry round shove up it those idiots who thinks it bad, Roll out!

    • guest


    • guest


  • Lavern Merriweather

    Two words for you:DIE HARD!!! Not only has it been two DECADES since the first one but they have flipped the story more times than a pancake and Bruce Willis looks like some way too old drill sergeant who refuses to leave the army it’s so pathetic. And no more ‘Big Mommas’ if Martin Lawrence makes one more stupid ass drag movie I’m going to pray his head explodes and it sprays all over the production team. And I REFUSE to live in a universe that would allow anymore ‘Men In Black’ shit or another ‘Indy’ movie please Harrison stop just STOP grow old with some fucking DIGNITY!

    • fire lion

      MY god this is right DIE hard needs to DIE, hard.

  • Josh Gothard

    Resident Evil needed to die before it was finished. But they made 100000 horrible movies anyways cause ya’ll keep buying the damn things. STOP IT!! Scary Movie 4 was horrible in a lot of parts. Epic movie was bad. Disaster Movie was the worst of the worst. Date Movie was okay. Superhero movie was awesome. Dance Flick was meh. So yeah they need to step up there game. Madea movies aren’t funny, they are more sad and depressing if anything. Underworld, if it’s as bad as Van Hellsing, is another try hard over the top action that well…tries too hard. And doesn’t have any reason to be action packed.

  • sveneke60

    i actually enjoyed ice age 4 but that can be because it was late and i was corny because it was late (sorry for bad English i’m dutch)

  • jdguy23

    i agree with the list underworld maybe not butcome on people your low on ideas its time to stop and you need to end it its annoying with the crap ideas with some of these

  • Pam_L

    I was glad when the “Chucky” franchise finally ran out of steam. IMO, none of those movies should ever have been made.The “Saw” franchise is another one, and also the “Batman” movies have gone far beyond the point where they should have ended. They simply aren’t fun anymore, like the “Harry Potter” movies gradually went from being interesting kids movies with a bit of a dark side to deadly serious and depressing..

  • マヘーシュ回想館

    Your List Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

  • Liam

    the rest definetly, especcially scary movie which shouldve ended at 3, but resident evil i believe has gotten even better as the series goes, afterlife introduced us to new characters and had me thinking about a new one as soon as the credits came

  • Marissa Evans

    How about Star Wars? Apparently there are three more in the works.

  • derek

    I would agree to Transformers but I am determine they keep making them until they make a good one!

  • derek


  • Manjyot ‘BuzzKill’


  • WhiteBoy7thst

    none of them should die

  • Abis

    I so wish I could agree…

    But seriously!

    Most of the things you said are gold. except…

    Resident evil? Seriously? One of the most likeable fantasy franchises EVER! Alice (Jovovich) is simply WONDERFUL, despite what she is beeing given to work with, and a lot of other characters in the movie were really likeable too (like Ohded Ferh and Spencer Locke and…). I admit it had a relatively bad day with “afterlife” but does it need to die? HELL, NO! It needs to get even better and get 2 more sequels until the forces of evil are finally obliterated and a new hope rises for Humanity. Then, it could end properly! But it has still so much to give!

    And Underworld cannot end like that, not before Selene reunites with her family and there is an ending to war. There should be at least one more movie (2 would be understandable also) where that happens and some form of peace is finally established between all races included (Humans, lycans and vamps). This is how it should end!

    And ICE AGEs were all from good to wonderful! Of course they should end now, but all 4 episodes were fine by me.

    Ah, and paranormal activity, although I haven’t seen any movie yet, has been geting good critics for the 4th sequel, although maybe it should stop here.

    As for all the others (especially Final Destination), I 100% agree.

    • Kurt Sternal

      Sorry, but you must of never played a Resident Evil game in your life. The devs and story writers raped the original story to make a pile of crap.

    • guest

      I’ve read your post and somehow I keep hearing in my head DA DERP DEE DERP DA TEETLEY DERPEE DERPEE DUMB.

  • Abis

    I so wish I could agree…

    But seriously!

    Most of the things you said are gold. except…

    Resident evil? Seriously? One of the most likeable fantasy franchises EVER! Alice (Jovovich) is simply WONDERFUL, despite what she is beeing given to work with, and a lot of other characters in the movie were really likeable too (like Ohded Ferh and Spencer Locke and…). I admit it had a relatively bad day with “afterlife” but does it need to die? HELL, NO! It needs to get even better and get 2 more sequels until the forces of evil are finally obliterated and a new hope rises for Humanity. Then, it could end properly! But it has still so much to give!

    And Underworld cannot end like that, not before Selene reunites with her family and there is an ending to war. There should be at least one more movie (2 would be understandable also) where that happens and some form of peace is finally established between all races included (Humans, lycans and vamps). This is how it should end!

    And ICE AGEs were all from good to wonderful! Of course they should end now, but all 4 episodes were fine by me.

    Ah, and paranormal activity, although I haven’t seen any movie yet, has been geting good critics for the 4th sequel, although maybe it should stop here.

    As for all the others (especially Final Destination), I 100% agree.

  • findgretta

    Fast and Furious “movies” (car commercials) are seriously not on this list?

  • Kurt Sternal

    Don’t forget the X-men movies. Killing off Professor X and Scott Summers. Having that hag Halle Berry bitch that she won’t be the later ones unless they gave her more screen time even thou she is a poor actress. Famke Janssen as Jean Grey was a absolute joke. She looks older then Patrick Stewart and you could see the black hair in her roots and eyes brows. Sorry, but Devs and Story Writers need to stay with the original story and not make up their own shit.

    • cameron

      dont speak so soon there continuing that series with the wolverine following up xmen 3 the last stand but instead of wolverine being on the team he splits off over to japan back to the comic days where he trains to be a samurai and the villain is the silver samurai iit comes out 2013 sometime in july which im excited for

    • someone

      there is also going to be an X-Men: Days of Future Past, witch will see the original cast (X-Men, X2 & The Last Stand) alongside the new cast from First Class, it has something to do with time travel and Professor X (Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy) and Magneto (Ian McKellen & Michael Fassbender) will be both played by both actors.

    • fire lion

      I am going to step away from keyboard after you just dissed xena onatop.

  • Aleksey Highlander

    oi! take ur hand away from Underworld! I’m in the 3rd part of it, im one of the extras :)) SO HANDS OFF!!!!!!
    I so totally disagree with 6 out of 10! u got such a wrong movies, there are worst much worst the that!

  • Aleksey Highlander

    KILL THE TWILIGHT! And Dance movies! And vomit like Saw..

  • Chris Pres

    scary movie 3 was the only one that was funny. the other’s were just plain stupid.

  • M. Stone

    Movies like Alvin & The Chimpunks or Tranformers never had to exist, sorry for kids and Michael Bay fans. But sagas like Underworld, Resident Evil, Final Destination Or Paranormal Activity deserves their oportunity, PA is ready to fall soon, the thing i expected in 2020 is something like Paranormal Activity X, occurs in a residence in a spacial base XD…Fast And Furios needs to die NOW!!!!…

  • cameron

    i hope scary movie never die i love it cant get enough im going to see 5

  • Dan Walters

    Hollywood. It’s dead. Nuff said.

  • Ivan

    I’d ass Saw, American Pie franchise and Star Wars.

  • Common Sense

    overall, this is complete BULL SHIT

  • mustdisquss

    fast and the furiouszzZZZzzzzz…..

  • Sam T

    Really??? Resident Evil is number one? I FREAKING LOVE RESIDENT EVIL. I don’t agree with that at all.

  • Nunya Business

    The first two scary movie movies were funny, but like you said the second two (and seemingly the fifth, yes, there’s going to be a fifth, hold your crying for the end) were just bad. I think it had alot to do with the Wayans leaving, it took a different direction and only spoofed a couple of movies at once, they weren’t even strictly speaking horror movies like war of the worlds.

  • Fuck you

    I dont agree with resident evil. I LOVe all the movies. Thought i do agree that the movies are not similiar wih th game. Wish they were.

  • Caro

    Nothing about the Fast and Furious movies? I suppose there really aren’t enough of them yet.

  • Burn A Koran A Day

    Agree with all except:

    Pirates (These are great movies, stfu)
    Underworld (These are also decent movies, except for the last one, but the redeeming quality is that they’re different, so again, STFU)
    Resident Evil is debatable…..but still STFU.

    • YouSuckBurn

      No, you STFU.
      BTW, your name sucks.

      • Burn A Koran A Day

        So does your mom, but you don’t see me complaining. Could be because I gave her a dime and got back change.

      • Burn A Koran A Day

        Your mom sucks. Only woman in the world I can give a dime and get back change.

  • Morley Robertson

    It’s Bill “Nighy”…not “NIgh”.

  • katkatkat

    stop reading after seeing the PotC being in this list….gtfo sir you are drunk

  • dontetheish

    nah i dont like tyler perry and ish (i am black) lol but a lot of other black ppl actually like that crap so i guess it shouldnt be going out like its doing good in box offices so I’m ok guess

  • ty

    Are you kidding me? Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers need to be off this list NOW!!

    • Anthony Donovan Stokes

      How old are you 12 ?

  • Jakup

    silent hill and resident evil need to die. Scary movie rock!!!!

  • Chris Egg Nog Rutherford

    Die Hard needs to end, as they make more, they get worse, in my opinion, Die Hard and Die Hard 2 are THE best, with ‘With A Vengeance’ not far behind, and ‘Live Free’ was even okay, but they screwed it over with the 14A rating, and now Die Hard 5 was missing EVERYTHING that we love about the franchise

  • Khalid

    Resident Evil 6 will be the last Resident Evil film, the last one will have all the characters from all movies, and hopefully it will release next year,

  • Peter Scholten

    All these movies need ar zombies be cause every movie is better whit zombies

  • somedude

    All of them need to die. Wipe the slate clean and start over with some original ideas instead of endlessly churning out sequels, reboots, and remakes.

  • poopscooptittyflick

    Resident Evil has one final movie that will arrive September 2014. Then your wish will come true.

  • Melissa Hamari

    You are hit and miss with me. Underworld and Pirates movies are awesome. SO I cannot agree with you. I do like the Resident Evil movies as well. Transformers are hit and miss. But the ones I 150% agree with you on are Scary movies and Madea, or really ANY movie that features any man dressing up in a fat-suit to be a woman. ANY man, Eddie Murphey, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence…all of them JUST NEED TO EFFING STOP.

    Scary Movie-movies cater to people with slow senses of humor. “Oh..haha, he farted.” “Oh, funny, got hit in the junk.” “Oh, it’s funny that he slept with Lindsay Lohan because she’s nasty.” Anyone with a high-brow sense of humor would rather sit on a handful of thumb-tacks than go through that shit. They’re not spoof movies, even, they’re NEARLY plagiarism with references to current pop culture. If you want to see Spoof movies, rent Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles. UGH, those movies make me so mad. How can there be so many tasteless people in the world that they make money?!

  • Fuocó Vicodin


  • Trevor Shelor

    And no one thought aout the Fast and Furious mess? What are we up to now? 24? 25? Hopefully, the next onw will be subtitled “The Apology”…for ever getting to theaters in the first place.

  • chicksman

    All the Underworld movies were great especially the last one same with Resident Evil the last one was nice

  • Purple Oreos

    I didn’t even read this for 2 reasons. I love Resident Evil and Scary Movie, so F**K YOU!

    • F**K YOU Purple Oreos

      You must of read this article in order see that Resident Evil and Scary Movie were on this list.
      F**K YOU!

  • tevra

    the cheerleader movies should be in this list

  • Jennifer

    Agree on all points.

  • tman418

    “Single-handedly setting a fire under the found footage genre that oddly never took off with the mammoth success of The Blair Witch Project”

    Am I one of the few people who found “The Blair Witch Project” to be the lamest “horror movies” ever! I was not scared or “in suspense” when I saw it. “Paranormal Activity” was great though! And the prequel.

    “Note to Hollywood big-wigs: every time you need to turn to prequel territory to extend your franchise it means you’re just distilling your own urine and calling it spring water.”

    Damn right! “Rise of the Lycans” was the most pointless prequel I have ever seen! There is absolutely no new information gained by watching that film. At the end of the first film, you already know this:
    1. The lycans used to be slaves to the vampires.
    2. Lucian had relations with a female vampire, Sonja
    3. Sonja was the daughter of the brutal, anti-Lycan vampire Victor.
    4. Sonja got pregnant by Lucian
    5. Victor put his daughter to death for getting impregnated by a vampire.
    6. Lucian led a rebellion against Victor for this, and that’s how the war started.

    NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING new was gained by watching this film.

  • Wayne Carlton Winquist

    Since you bashed about half of the franchises I like on this list AND failed to include a bunch of franchises far worse than even your worst offender, I hope you’ll refrain from future installments. I respect your opinion, but I won’t agree with it.

    (And yes, I’ll go on record defending one of them: I can understand people disliking the Resident Evil franchise, especially for the choices they made between the game and film franchises, and I can respect them. Putting it below both Alvin and the Chipmunks AND Scary Movie? That alone is a huge unfortunate and unforgivable error.)

  • Overseer76

    I don’t follow the series, but I keep seeing new versions of The Land Before Time. Waitaminit… Wikipedia says they stopped making new movies at #13 and was followed by a television series. They say the animation company shut down, but I’m still suspicious…

  • Prophete

    Ok I guess I need to be “that guy”. All you in the “supreme movie race” need to calm down. Because you don’t like a certain franchise doesn’t make it shit. It makes it your opinion. Everyone has one. So just because the first saw movie was good and f&f 6 was actually good (surprisingly. I dislike f&f) doesn’t make me a mass Hollywood media consumer. So to the point. To all those talking about the “turn off your brain crowd” and the “fact” the because we saw one movie made Hollywood spew out more shit, unless your getting paid for your “input” or jizz out gold nuggets, you should probably take a seat. Fuck that was a lot of quotation marks.

  • fire lion

    I agreed with everything until Resident evil. they just need to get back the quality of the first one.

    I cant believe you didnt mention saw or hostel.

  • Corey

    Fast and Furious….enough said. Oh and Wrong Turn, those movies are absolutely terrible.

  • Peter

    I think the SAW Franchise needs to go away too, I mean, as clever as the first movie was with giving the victims a right to choose their fate was, now that’s all it comes down to is how clever and gruesome they can make the traps the victims are in.

  • Martín Cruz

    Call me what you want, but I think that we don’t need another Batman movie…

  • Joe Fiore

    Most people agree that Paranormal Activity 2 was better than the first.

  • JustDumb

    This is just dumb! If you don’t like something, don’t watch it!
    How arrogant and stupid is it that you want things you don’t like to go away despite millions going to cinemas and enjoying them!

  • Fern

    I agree Alvin & Final Destination Must DIE!!!

  • Fern

    I thought Nightmare on Elm Street should’ve been on the list.

  • jin

    Underworld is a good series. Everything else I agree with.

  • Rivethead

    You also forgot Step Up, Fast & Furious, Star Wars, and Oceans (in case they get any ideas).

  • Razorsfury

    Transformers doesn’t need to die, it just needs to not have idiot bay producing and directing.

  • Red Ted

    Thank God critics dont decide for me. This is probably a critic who believes cRAP to be a relevant art form

  • Frankenstien

    Underworld and Resident Evil are fun plain and I’ll pay for that fun. I’ll admit the latest Underworld was “underwhelming” though. Pirates was also fun but I it’s losing steam. I’ll agree with the rest but if people still want to pay to see them that is their business. They won’t get my money is all.

  • Graham Martin

    what about “the fast and furious”? Its up to about 6 sequels now. That needs to stop.

  • I am wolf

    Underworld. I still have my mostly-complete set of Werewolf: the Apocalypse books. I’d rather play that than watch those rather uninspiring films.