This Is What The Academy Didn’t Want You To See

Oscars This Is What The Academy Didnt Want You To See

Yes, this has been done before, many times. We’ve seen it happen over the years and of course, it’s happened again. The “If These Movie Posters Told the Truth” gimmick is back and it’s just as funny as it always is.

Today, The Shiznit is bringing us an awesome collection of movie posters for Oscar nominated films. What makes the collection so awesome though is that they have all been re-worked to tell the truth. Still confused? You’ll see what I mean when you view them.

As I said, they are all very funny and if you’re a movie buff, you should definitely check them out.

Have a look below and let us know what you think.

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  • Jeremy Lebens

    THE HELP and J EDGAR are the two best, but really, they’re all pretty hilarious.