Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

darkknight 3 dark knight rises1 Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

It’s as inevitable as a crime in Gotham – eventually, there will be another Batman film. The Caped Crusader netted just over $1 billion in profits from his last film and it would be practically felonious if Warner Brothers didn’t milk this cash cowl for another trilogy (or two), right?

With the recent announcement of the Batman/Superman team up film, potentially titled Batman vs. Superman, and a guaranteed appearance in the upcoming Justice League film, a wave of fresh faces would be ideal too. Although Catwoman and the Joker are Batman’s rogue gallery breadwinners, the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games proved that mainstream audiences could stand watching a nefarious scheme being hatched by another villain.

As well, the comics are also home to other heroes and civilians who would work well in a cinematic storyline and simultaneously immerse viewers deeper into the DC universe. Just to name a few, here are five characters who could be destroying or saving Gotham in the future.

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5. Clayface (Basil Karlo)

Clayface Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

Across Batman continuity, there have been various Clayfaces terrorizing Gotham. A fan favourite is Basil Karlo, known for his appearances in Batman The Animated Series and the Arkham games. As a failed actor driven to insanity, identity is the strongest theme Clayface brings to the table.

With his ability, Clayface can literally be anyone. An enemy who can infiltrate anywhere Bruce is would add a suspenseful, alienating twist, which would have audiences guessing who was trustworthy and who wasn’t. If handled well, Clayface’s grotesque features morphing into people Bruce trusts can potentially turn Gotham into a city of antisocial strangers.

Clayface’s splintering idea of self is something that can be related to Bruce, although the compulsion to be the Bat over all other personas is ultimately the lesson that will be drawn.

4. Renee Montoya

%name Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

In Nolan’s trilogy, many say that the female police officer Anna Ramirez was inspired by Renee Montoya. It’s a fair assessment – both are Latina female detectives with strong senses of justice. However, Renee’s disgust with corruption in the Gotham City Police Department led to her eventually leaving it; Anna was on the take, in order to pay her mother’s hospital bills.

Since we’ve seen the fall of Anna, her redemption is something that we expected to be explored in The Dark Knight Rises. Since it wasn’t, a reboot with the hard-boiled Renee Montoya would be engrossing.

Alongside Commissioner James Gordon, Renee Montoya is a prime example of law enforcement done right. Her efforts to fight crime, despite personal injustice done to her by Two-Face, mirror Batman’s determination on a more grounded level, which could help a future Batman film succeed if it follows in the serious and realistic direction.

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3. Lady Shiva

%name Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

Back in 2010, when Christopher Nolan was scouting places in Asia for The Dark Knight, many online commenters voiced eager speculation that Lady Shiva would make an appearance, and with good reason.

Hailed by many as one of the greatest martial artists and assassins alive, Lady Shiva has a unique fighting style that is honed through using body language as the primary form of communication, creating a literal fighting instinct. The murder of her sister by the hand of Cain, a member of Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassins, spurred Shiva to perfect her martial arts. She’s notable for training many DC heavyweights, including Batman, Tim Drake and the Black Canary,

Shiva’s ties with the Dark Knight blur the line between friend and foe numerous times. After events that led to Bane breaking Batman’s back, Shiva was the one who devised a training regimen for him. Of course, the training involved an attempt to have Batman kill a man, which demonstrates her vague alignment.

There’s nothing more satisfying than hand-to-hand combat done well in a superhero movie; adding a martial artist who is considered the best in the DC universe could potentially present a fight scene unlike any other in the Batman franchise.

And of course, there’s the perk of analysing what her character symbolizes. It’s said that facets of Batman’s personality manifests itself through his rogues. In this case, Lady Shiva represents Bruce’s quest to perfect himself, and to a certain degree, his death wish.

Both strive to push themselves past human limitations, without really caring about their personal welfare.  Whereas the battle against Ra’s and the Joker was based on opposing beliefs of what Gotham and its people were, Shiva against Bruce would be a physical, violent confrontation of willpower and who wants to reach their goals more.

2. Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

nightwing1501 Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

We know, technically Dick Grayson was in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. However, he was always a part of the Dynamic Duo, never a solo crimefighting act.

To make a long story short, Nightwing is the alter ego of Dick Grayson, who originally fought alongside Batman as the first Boy Wonder. In time, Dick outgrew his role as Robin and struck out on his own. He joined the Teen Titans, much to Batman’s disapproval. When Batman gave Dick the ultimatum of being his partner or retiring his role as Robin, Dick chose to leave Wayne Manor and eventually formed his own identity as Nightwing.

Christopher Nolan’s approach of excluding Robin in his trilogy (for the most part) depicts just one part of the criteria that people will now expect from a Batman movie – a gritty and grim depiction of Gotham, realistic enough for disbelief to be suspended moreso than usual for a comic book movie.

Robin, swathed in bright colours and barely tall enough to ride any abandoned amusement ride, would have stood out like a sore underage thumb in a serious Batman adaption. A teenage Robin is pushing what modern viewers would deem acceptable – it’s doubtful a sidekick combating villains and puberty would go over well with Nolan fans. Nightwing, on the other hand, fits this gauge perfectly.

His independence from Batman marks not only the maturation of Robin, but also the growth of character development in Batman films. Having a hero operate without the Bat symbol, yet still remain a member of Bruce’s family, causes conflict. Both heroes were orphaned due to crime, both trained to fight it and yet both employ different methods and have nearly polar motivations.

The night his parents were gunned down will always be Bruce’s reason for saving Gotham’s streets, the obsessive push to forego personal happiness in order to never let another go through that night again. Dick allows himself to move past that traumatic event, and through Bruce’s mentoring and father figure role, can become a different brand of hero Gotham deserves.

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1. Zsasz

%name Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie

Vastly underestimated, Victor Zsasz can possibly become one of the most terrifying villains in the Batman universe. A sanitized version of the serial killer appeared in Batman Begins, as a mere thug for Carmine Falcone, but his history cuts much deeper.

Zsasz was a wealthy man who became a depressed gambler after his parents died. A botched suicide attempt involving a knife-wielding homeless man made him see existence as pointless and caused him to devote himself to increasing his body count.

Since then, Zsasz has left a cut on himself whenever he killed someone, accumulating tally marks that are in most incarnations too many to count. An example of Zsasz’s brutality is a Battle Royale-esque arena he set up with abducted children, forcing them to murder each other until the victor would face him to the death.

His entire body maps out all of Batman’s failures and his break-outs from Arkham are guaranteed to result in murder. There is nothing salvageable in Zsasz that Batman can reason with, no bargaining chips to pacify him with. He’s deranged without the theatrics of dressing up as a scarecrow or a punchline for an audience. He’s the sort of villain who could live in our world, and really put viewers at odds with Batman’s moral code of letting mass murderers live.

Just in case you missed Zsasz in Batman Begins, we’ve posted one of his scenes below.

So there you have it, five characters who would be perfect for the Batman/Superman team up film. Considering Gotham has plenty more adversaries, fellow heroes and civilian characters to choose from, who do you think should star in the next Batman outing?

Leave us your thoughts below.

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  • Alan

    Lame ass choices…Harley Quinn, Nightwing and the Riddler are at the top of my list

    • mandawg

      Definitely wanna see Harley and Riddler. Wouldn’t mind Clayface, if done right, and only if the visual effects were flawless.

      • Zsasz’s little helper

        Riddler should make a cameo and Harley should have at the very least gotten a shout out in the dark knight

    • Alavan

      Riddler wouldn’t be on my list, but Harley definitely is. I’d also like to see Mr. Freeze.

    • Cyber Criminal

      Mr. Freeze, Harley, Nightwing, Riddler!!!

      And most importantly, Batman with Arkham City costume, not the Nolan trilogy’s armored costume…….Bcoz he’s the Batman, He doesn’t need any armor!

      • Aegon the Conqueror

        You do realise the Arkham City costume is armoured? You can see parts of it as his costume deteriorates and how else do you think he is able to withstand gunfire genius?

    • Robb Sturtcman

      Nothing lame about a list with Lady Shiva and Clayface on it.

    • Jay Dieterich

      i kinda wish they made a nod in Rises to how joker is in custody being treated by a renowned psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel. oh well…

  • Ben

    Terrible choices. Absolutely woeful. Out of all the characters they could use this is what you chose? Aside from the one’s Nolan used you have Riddler, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Hush etc.

    • sd

      This article’s not just talking about the Nolan movies, but all the Batman movies. So Riddler, Penquin, and Ivy are out. And that’s why it clarifies that Dick has been used before but not as Nightwing.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Nightwing. Really. You really want to see a f***ng Dick Grayson? What’s wrong with you?

    • IncreHulk

      I love to see the Dick grayson robin, like the one from ARKUM CITY..RIDDLER KILLER FROCK..AND A REINTRODUCTION TO SCARE CROW

    • matt

      they dont have to use dick grayson nolan created a new robin with joseph gordon-levitt

    • Timmy

      Are you thinking of 60s Robin from the Adam West show? Batman was g** as hell back then too you know?

      Are you really that f***ing stupid to not be able to figure out that Grayson’s been made darker over time along with Batman. You aren’t a real Batman fan. GTFO these articles about him.

    • TGAL

      F*** yes I wanna see dick grayson. Are you f****** stupid or what?

  • Mike

    Zsasz was in BB. Not for a big part but he was there.

  • jmg

    Zsasz was in BB. In the courtroom — the first scene with Scarecrow and after the prison break, where he attacks Rachel and the young boy.

  • Joel Conley

    Zasz plus a Nightwing-Red Hood mixed character would fit well in a Nolan-style story where Bruce and Nightwing/Red Hood disagree on whether Zasz should live.
    Actually, you could do the whole Under the Red Hood storyline using Zasz instead of Joker.

    • Knowles2

      Good idea, Batman choosing to keep Zasz could be cause of the split.

    • Tyler

      Dick Grayson wouldn’t think about killing someone. He embraces not killing more so than Batman.

      • Derrick Cannon

        If you want that type of Robin, there’d have to be a way to introduce Damien Wayne or Jason Todd instead of Dick Grayson.

  • Katrina Cristoff

    i dunno but he batman better not be wearing a rubber suit!! enough with the rubber suits!! get a guy who’s in shape!

    • Mike Baker

      However, the rubber suit serves a purpose. Remember in The Dark Knight they explained he used some kind of ceramic plates as an armor (an actual protoype in development by a company named Ceradyne), but of course, any kind of body armor to stand up to bullets or knives (as in a slash, not a precision stab aimed between plates) would have to be sheathed in something sturdier than fabric. Unless Wayne Industries developments a lightweight kevlar-type fiber to offer the protection of armor and being as thin as fabric, I thin we’re going to be seeing the rubber suit. Hey, as long as it doesn’t have nipples on it like stupid Schumacher put on it.

      • ethan

        It is not rubber in the new movies. to quote fox, ”
        hardened kevlar plates on titanium-dipped tri-weave fibers…for flexibility.”

  • Shannon Campbell


  • Batfan!

    I’m not impressed with this list at all. Especially, the No.1 pick. C’mon, you can do better than that. The Riddler would’ve been the next villain if Chris Nolan didn’t go for Bane. What does that tell you? Hush should’ve been on the 3rd spot, at least. Lastly, the true no.1 pick would be the Court of Owls. Now, THAT would be the ULTIMATE Batman film!!!

    • Z

      I agree with you, but a little too soon for a Court of Owls film. If they do a good follow-up that might not be far off though.

  • Nightwing

    In order to do: Nightwing, you need Robin first and the eventually work the whole “Nightwing angle” and “leaving the batcave behind”.

    • Knowles2

      You could do the robin story through flash backs, and have the story of Robin evolving into Nightwing be central to main story of the film.

      • Erika Fiore

        You could simply make Nightwing with the Robin from The Dark Night Rises.

  • jerryofthewest

    Yes to Montoya. I would really like to see Barbara Gordon/Batgirl done right. The Riddler could be used in a serious (-ly demented) fashion to shed light on Batman as a detective. Also, either Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy could be the catalyst for some cinematic awesomeness. I particularly would like to see the latter, after the painful treatment in Batman & Robin.

    • DtheHunted

      I get where you’re coming from, but while Ivy would be enticing from a sexy angle, Clayface woudl be more visually thrilling, not just because he would look awesome, but his very nature would force Batman to move awesome too! Also, somehow, Muddy Clafyface just seems more plausible than fast moving plants!!

  • The Batman

    This list is fucking terrible. You know what would be nice for a Batman reboot – Less REALISM. You know shit like Mr. Freeze, Penguin, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, a true immortal Ras al Ghul, etc. A Two-Face that’s actually a crime leader and not killed so quickly would be great. A Bane that actually uses drugs and actually looks intimidating (size wise). And of course bring back the Joker, it’s always nice to see that insane bastard.

    • Mike Baker

      I agree with some of your points. Nolan grounded this trilogy so close to believability that the immortal Ras al Ghul, Killer Croc, and a Bane that grows so quickly in size to proportions that would shred a normal human’s skin just weren’t going to fit. In a reboot, I could tolerate a little less realism if it allows an expansion of the villains–just as long as it doesn’t get hokey. For example, the tech in Iron Man made for a mostly believable character, except for the glowing elemental heart, but that was fine. A semi-realistic Iron Man paired with the admittedly fantasy Hulk and Thor was fine. Hawkeye was realistic. Captain America, a chemically enhanced super solider was only a minor stretch. It all worked well together. So, if a Batman reboot is done with a good dose of believability but adds some elements that require an actual suspension of disbelief (like an actual Killer Croc or an immortal Ras Al Ghul), then I’m all for it. After all, if we’re ever going to see a Justice League movie, we’re going to have to see Batman paired with people who can do what is physically impossible, like Superman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, to name a few.
      The only thing I’d caution against is trying to pull off Joker again. I’d be skeptical of anyone being able to measure up to Heath Ledger’s performance. They don’t have to top it or do it the same way, but they’d have to come close for it to not seem like a flop. I’m curious and just thinking out loud, but I wonder how Mark Hamill would do portraying a live action Joker?

  • qwerty

    yes to Montoya and Nightwing. I think the 52 arc with Batwoman and the question would be cool to see as a film. Also Harley Quinn I’d like to see and the Mad Hatter would be hilarious but I’d prefer it to stay more realistic and less Croc/Clayface so don’t think that would work out together. Also Talia Al Ghul that wants Batman to be the league of shadows leader-does everyone Bruce loves have to die/be a villain?

  • Seth Weeks

    the penguin – harley quinn – riddler – poison ivey

  • *

    Thomas Elliott, Jean-Paul Valley, Red Hood (Jason Todd or Joker, depending on story used)

    • Shohid Islam

      how do expect jean paul valley to coincide in the same universe as hush. they’re from alternative timelines.

      • Jamie Riser

        It would be cool if they did a story like to the viewer that you saw bruce all through out the movie doing weird shit, and at the end of the film it was revealed as Thomas Elliot, and bruce was under some sort of memory/brain scheme that Dr Strange put him under as he went to see a therapist. But I think they could link everything perfectly. I wanna see a mentally induced film like Inception, but as if Bruce dreamt the whole film before it happened….

      • Chris Levenduski

        Uh, no. I’m not sure where you got that information from, but it certainly wasn’t from the comics. Both Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) and Hush are from Earth 0 and both exist pre-Flashpoint.

  • tom


  • David Russo † DRD

    Harley Quinn

    • Pamela lillie

      everyone sees the Joker laugh, but only Harley sees him cry

    • Natalia Leeper

      Yes! a must if they do another joker or just her and ivy, but not sure how well that would go over

    • Kenton

      Harley Quinn is an awesome choice. Just wrote a long explanation why but got deleted. I think it would be awesome if Strange hired her for the Joker, but have her as the main antagonist in a sequel. No joker because Heath can’t be topped for another decade or so. Would like to see a real DeadShot. Not the one Nolan kind of had in TDKR

  • jeteye

    Night Wing and Red Hood (both Joker & 2nd Robin)…

  • Jordan Grey


  • anusuya

    I dont think Batman dies. I think he bailed out when he was flying the jet so low with the bomb. otherwise i agree with this version — a perfect piece which treats each unanswered question one by one.

  • Jamal Ali

    I believe that there can be a Robin in a Batman movie if he’s 12 years of age because when Chloe Grace Moretz played Hit-girl on the movie Kick-Ass in 2010, she was 12 and she was pretty smart, tough and serious in the movie. If a girl can do that, a boy definitely can do it as well. Plus Robin doesn’t need all those bright colors, his costume can easily be change to set the mood of a modern Batman movie.

  • DanceTheFandango

    Red Hood and Red Robin is what I’d love to see. Zsasz and Montoya, no.

  • junrielroa

    Just wait a minute! Is it really necessary to have a reboot of Batman just for the sake of being fresh again?! I hate it when people do reboots. There are so many characters & storylines to tell! Why not just continue! Batman in itself sells, you don’t need a freakin’ reboot. Besides all 3 Batman has been great so far in terms of continuity & characters, why mess it up?! It just doesn’t make any sense.

    In Spiderman’s case I liked the reboot, just because they corrected some errors like Peter Parker can’t make webs, it’s a man-made thing. And Everything else fit the comic book just fine. I hate it when directors ruin original plots for the sake of money. I guess they aren’t just creative enough.

    • Jon

      Nolan has ended the series; it has concluded. No, the series will not continue. That is why, not a reboot, but a different series is being discussed.

      • Hector

        Nolan said the same think with The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, yet both films were released. I dont think we should give up the Robin Nolan has set out so perfectly in this trilogy. And there is a reason why the guy renamed himself “Robin” instead of Dick or Todd. If he renamed himself the true identitiy of one of the Robins, now that would ruin the future films of Robin, now wouldnt it. Or they can maybe introduce Batman Beyond to the Cinematic DC Universe.

  • BaneofKings

    Harley Quinn, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Batgirl done right, Poison Ivy.

  • Corfy

    One minor correction… technically, the Clayface that was in Batman: The Animated Series was Matt Hagen, but your description of Basil Karlo does fit the character that was in the series. But B:TAS was known for mixing and matching traits to get the best character.

  • Peter pannysl

    Batgirl, Clay Face (ex cop), Montaya, Riddler, and Nightwing

  • tydfjigubk

    Harley quinne,Riddler,Nightwing, and joker.If not i would rather not watch a spin off.

  • BinaryChaos

    I think it’s time to see Harley Quinn have her time on the big screen I’m just getting tired of seeing Joker being the lone villain all the time. Behind every villain there is a complete whacko.

    • Bre Etheri

      being the huge Harley Quinn fan I am your statement just made my day haha. thank you. Harley really is that nuts :D

  • memyselfni

    poison ivy?

  • Ashley McSheehy

    joker from the killing joke, I like the backstory

  • DtheHunted

    More TWO FACE!! 5 minutes is NOT enough! Shiva, Deadshot, Man-Bat, Joker and Clayface!

  • senistro


  • ytman

    Dr. Freeze ^^

    But the tragic one from the show without the suit. Perhaps a desperate doctor just simply trying to save his wife.


    The Mad Hatter would be cool


  • Nikau

    The Riddler,Killer Croc or HUSH!!

  • malcasablanca

    Dr. Hurt, Hugo Strange, Red Hood


    Ive been saying since dark knight BRING IN CLAY FACE!!! HE’S F@*&ING EASY TO DO AND IS EASY TO DO A PLOT!

  • Zeff Banach

    Ive been saying since dark knight BRING IN CLAY FACE!!! HE’S F@*&ING EASY TO DO AND IS EASY TO DO A PLOT!

  • matt

    Hugo Strange, Jean Paul Valley

  • Z

    Biggest missed opportunity for the Nolan series was Black Mask. If they did the right thing and extended JGL as Batman for a 4th the best choice would be Prof. Pyg. Since this will be a total reboot that should tie into the already established GL and Superman series you hit the nail on the head that it’s Clayface (cameo opportunities anyone). I bet they also add a way toned down Mr. Freeze to give the film some star power. Oh yeah, and I’ve always been partial to Firefly for some reason (don’t judge).

  • Nomis1700

    Hugo Strange, Black Mask, Killer Croc, Firefly. And IF thy redo the Joker, then Harley Quinn too.

  • notanerd12

    i really wanna see hush, harley quinn, poison ivy and your all forgetting one big villian….joe chill. not necessarily BIG but he is the man who killed thomas and martha wayne. i know he was in BB but i wanna see him become more of the villian like in the coimics

  • bklujan

    Nightwing and Deathstroke

  • Jonathan Schultz

    Hey if Batman showed up this time that would be great! Or Ra’s Algul or Two Face, they could even have scarecrow that would make me happy.

  • John Ruml


  • dirtymonkey22

    I would Love for the reboot to introduce Robin right off the bat in the circus and tie in Killer croc. maybe croc and Dick grayson played together and after dicks parents get killed dick becomes robin and every thing goes down hill for a young croc who is left with no friends

    • Christopher3794

      That would work in a comic book story arc, but not on screen.

  • Justin Kalil

    Mad Hatter, Hush (maybe, though you can’t really do him without Batman), Killer Croc, and Mister Fucking Freeze. Done correctly, he could be a great villain for the big screen.

  • Justin Kalil

    Also Riddler of course, and Batgirl.

  • A

    I’d love to see Hush

  • Ahmed J. Isse

    Definitely wanna see jason todd, and hush

  • tyler

    The Penguin and Croc

  • Calum Atkinson

    Montoya – yes. Nightwing ( Dick Grayson ) I’d like to see ‘there’ already ( have him there and a flashback to show him as Robin leaving for TT, then the ultimatum and him choosing Nightwing ) done quickly but well and then he can be part of the story as Nightwing. If/when the Joker is used again i’d love for Michael Massee to be considered as he does crazy pretty well and with enogh white make-up he wouldn’t look as old. Riddler done right would be very good, but I wouldn’t want him to be the solo villain in any scenario. A well done Mad Hatter would also be very good. Killer Croc-yes. Clayface-YES!. Penquin, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Zsasz-yes. A more subtle Mr. Freeze. I really like the Ventriloquist and it would be cool to see him in a film. A Harley Quinn more like in the Arkham games-yes please!. Solomon Grundy. Hush. Hugo Strange. Deadshot. All to climax in a movie that involved the Court Of Owls. Sorry for the length :P

  • J-R

    I LOVE Harley Quinn, but you can’t really have her without the Joker and nobody could ever do that as well as Heath Ledger. Nightwing would be a good choice, especially now the batman trilogy is over…

  • Derpaderp

    The day i see Professor Pig on the big screen man, the day i see him.
    It will be nice.

  • Mark D

    Zsasz was in batman begins.

  • Vaportrail

    I’d want to see the new reboot follow the Dynamic Duo (maybe the second or third film has Grayson break off as Nightwing, allowing for Drake?)

    Riddler for the first film, style somewhere between TDK and Avengers. Keep it real, but let it be just a bit more comic booky. Put Batman in the gray and black suit.

    It could be awesome.

  • Rob Crowley

    I can’t believe that NO ONE has mentioned Firefly! He’d be one of the easiest villains to do, and could work well in a realistic setting, more so than Mr Freeze. I’m not saying Freeze can’t be done or even that it’s a bad idea, just that Firefly is an obvious choice people have overlooked.
    Calendar Man is also an easy one to do realistically and, if done right, could be creepy as hell.
    A third idea (can’t believe I had to think to get this one) would be Hugo Strange, the first villain to ever deduce Batman’s identity. Yes, he was in the game, Arkham City, but that didn’t stop people in their dozens from suggesting Riddler or Harley Quinn

  • Trip Affleck

    no. more. reboots. i’m sick of sitting through new back stories and the latest hack’s take on the character’s psyche. just get on with the action.

  • Trip Affleck

    no. no. no. yes. yes.

  • Robert Julio

    Bad choices !…If Batman reboot continues realistically Deadshot, Hush, Dr. Hugo Strange, Riddler, and Black Mask are among the favorites for next villains

    • Robert Julio

      which I hope it continues NOLANS universe

      • Marius Minge Møller

        me 2, enough with the restarts… just look at it as one artist has left the comic now someone else has to continue. I also hope they eventually bring the joker back.. Even though no one will top Ledger (witch we all thought about Nicholson when Ledger was cast) we need to keep that carachter going, especially since he was left alive in DK, mabye do a Dark Knight Returns type Joker return.

  • Nando

    Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliott, Harleen Quinzel. Bane and Talia should still be alive, it was kind of strange how they both were quickly finished off and while Wayne can fake his death so can the daughter of R’as and her protector. It should also be noted that R’as is supposed to be able to cheat death and live for a long time and always thought Bruce as a worthy member of the league of shadows, perhaps Talia saw this as well and fell in love with him and maybe the knife she stabbed him with was dipped in some Lazarus Pit to allow him to cheat death and raise their unborn child? Bane is supposed to have a few battles with the Bat and Waylon Jones who kills Robin 2.0′s parents. Robin 1.0 should take the role of Batman, defeat Waylon Jones and hold the fort until Wayne returns from his mysterious hiatus then briefly resumes the role of Robin before turning into Nightwing. Bane should remain until defeated by Wayne who later finds out that Talia gave birth to his son Damien, the future Batman. Barbara Gordon has to be worked in as Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne are getting old and the Joker needs to make his appearance by paralyzing Barbara. Killer Croc could have been worked in in the third Dark Knight as a hint was dropped about “giant gators being seen in the sewers of Gotham”. I like how Jonathan Crane remained a side action character and he should continue to do so. Riddler needs to assume that side role after a while. Also, there should be a significance surrounding the two other men that came to Gotham with Bane…have to do some research but I believe they helped him get around Gotham and achieve his terrorist status.

  • AM

    Hush, Black mask , or phantasaim

  • Naidy

    how is harley quinn NOT on this list T_T

    • exhaustable

      I feel if Harley Quinn was incorporated in the reboot we’d have another joker

      • eyekill11

        while I would normally agree that Harley can’t exist without the Joker,there is a way she could be incorporated without actually showing the joker. Being that they can emulate any voice digitally, they could show a few scenes from the Jokers POV talking to (and ultimately manipulating) Quinzel in Arkham without actually showing him. They would have to kill off the Joker (which obv would suck, but it’s gonna be a long time before anyone attempts the Joker after what Heath did with the role) and that could be the event that sets her off on a vendetta against batman and a rampage through gotham. Whether it be a angry mob hitman who gets to joker, another inmate, or however else they decide to kill him. it’s thin, but def a way they could avoid another Joker. Beyond the obvious tragedy that led to the joker not returning, it’s a damn shame for a lesser reason: Can you imagine how great the third film could have been with her and the joker….and ultimately her breaking him out!?

  • That Guy

    I would vote either Riddler or Hush, either would be interesting to watch for me.

  • Emma

    Harley Quinn. Red Hood.

  • another batman fan

    yeah, but i think the riddler would be awesome too. I mean, we’ve seen batman’s combat skills, and know he can kick ass, but the riddler always says he is batmans intellectual superior, and I think he could cause some serious trouble for Batman in the future.

  • Robin Nigga

    Are we all forgetting about Robin?!

    • TrustMeI’mADoctor

      I think the general consensus was Red Hood(Jason Todd (Robin II)) Nightwing(Dick Grayson(Robin I)) and Robin (Damien Wayne(Robin III)

      • Zwarrior2

        Tim Drake is Robin 3.

  • Antoine

    Oh yeah!

    Film 1:Harley Quinn, Man-Bat, Silence
    Film 2: Mr Freeze, Catwoman (?), Clayface, Lady Shiva
    Film 3: Poison Ivy, The Riddler, M. Zsaz, Two-Face

  • omgitsbrien

    This list blows. Harley Quinn, Robin, Black Mask, Huntress, Superman.

  • Anthony


  • Elizabeth Stevenson

    Um…..are people forgetting THE RIDDLER? He’s about one of the most iconic characters next to Joker? I mean am I right? Fucking hollywood. BRING RIDDLER BACK!

  • Alex

    Professor Hugo Strange has got to be the primary villain in the next Batman reboot. He is one of Batman’s very first enemies, even preceding the Joker by several months in the comics.

  • Pom

    Dick, yes, everybody else, no. I’d want to see Harley, Jason and Tim.

  • Steven Stokes

    Ok choices. I personally would like to see the Riddler, Mad Hatter (think Martin Short), or a better Mr. Freeze than we go in Batman and Robin. Though Clayface needs to clarified some. The version talked about here and in TAS is a mix of Bail Karlo and Matt Hagen. Karlo didn’t gain any Clayface powers until he mixed the DNA of the other three Clayfaces (Matt Hagen, Preston Payne, and Lady Clayface) and was then referred to as Ultimate Clayface.

  • xmrsaz

    Thomas Elliot, Mr. Freeze, and jason todd as red hood would be awesome. and maybe even killer croc.

  • Frank H

    Listen, people. Everything I have been reading is ok but you forget the most important thing. Nolan is DONE with Batman. He creates the origin and the continuation of the hero, as he got in mind, and he made an awesome job.

    In a possible reboot, without Nolan, it will be the same shit of late 90s. For God Lord, please, there musn´t be more Batman movies. 6 is more than enough. I´m more than sure, we will enjoy the new projects of Chris Nolan.

  • Brain Lock

    The walking mudslide of Clayface would NOT work in a Nolan Batman film. We would have to go back to an earlier incarnation and have him be a Lon Chaney, Master of 1000 Faces type. I started to write out a fanfiction set in the Nolan-verse and I had him as a plastic surgeon who tried to save Harvey’s face and help “cure” him (after Harvey is kidnapped from the ambulance immediately following the climax), but later events would have him twisted into villainy and use his talents at facial reconstruction and disguise for nefarious ends. Think Ken Jeong, medical doctor turned actor, only he goes from plastic surgeon to Evil Stan Winston.

    Nightwing – Yes, and some are even saying Blake could adopt this identity instead of Batman II. My fic started with Dick Grayson hiding himself aboard the escaping thieves’ car as they fled from the Haley Circus box office and help Batman stop them. It’s only when he returns to the circus that he learns his parents were murdered. The twist being that he isn’t taken in by Wayne, but Oswald Cobblepot, who’s villainy is later revealed by film’s end and Dick goes to train with Bruce, where he adopts the name Robin. A later (spinoff?) tale would have him graduate to Nightwing. Much like Bat-forever, his circus costume is reminiscent of the classic Robin outfit, while his later costume resembles Drake’s version.

    Penguin – think Donald Trump as a really evil villain, not the dude you see on TV. By day, he’s a legitimate businessman and rival to Wayne Industries. In the evening, he can usually be found at one of his holdings, the Iceberg Lounge, wearing a tuxedo and a (deadly) beauty on each arm. By night, however, he’s the new crime kingpin of Gotham, with his right hand men, electronic genius Eddie Nash and accountant Noah Kutler, who help manipulate events later as hackers. Penguin also has a squad of private assassins, including Slade Wilson, Tom Blake, and Floyd Lawton. (I even toyed with the idea of having this tie into the potential Justice League movie by revealing Slade reported to Vandal Savage and/or Lex Luthor. The others would be sent to prison, but privately recruited from there by Amanda Waller.)

    anywho, Penguin, played by Philip S Hoffman, would have taken in the “poor orphan” Dick, grooming him to take a place on his private hit squad, but Dick later finds out that his father was meant to be recruited and turns on his new foster father, winding up with Bruce in the end. and yeah, it seems DC just did this story with “Night of the Owls” or whatever, but zombie assassin great-grampa Grayson? SERIOUSLY?? yeah, that story ain’t getting posted on anytime soon.

  • Matty Perron

    Am I the only one who wants to see teenaged robin?

    • Bruce Mo’f***in Wayne

      I think he works well in the comics but the film’s are for the mainstream audience. It would make the film seem disneyfied if we had a kid/teenage Robin. Think of Batman Forever. I think that film would have been terrible if Robin had been a child. That’s just my opinion though, your free to have your own!

      • Alfie

        You do realise that batman forever was terrible anyway right, apart from batman & robin, batman forever is the 2nd worst batman film ever

  • a nerd

    I don’t want realism we go to comic books to escape just that, Batman and robin was a better movie than the nolan error. real life sucks. Plus no one outside of an anti smoking ad has a voice like Nolan Batman

  • Vince

    Harvey Bullock. Foul-tempered, gruff detective who gets the job done, a little too roughly for some, but is still a clean cop who never went on the take.

  • Shohid Islam

    penguin, croc, riddler, nightwing, hugo strange, harley quin and the joker once again if possible.

  • CaptainOscarMartini

    Maxie Zeus, who else?

    Nah, who I’d really like to see is Ducard. Like, for real this time. I also think Black Mask would work very well as a villain in a realistic, gritty Batman reboot (mostly because that is the type of villain Black Mask is). Dr. Strange, I think, could be done very well. I think particularly that Dr. Strange + Night Scourge from… whichever Legends of the Dark Knight they were in would be an awesome antagonist team. Batgirl would be neat, if only for the excuse of possibly getting a straight up Killing Joke adaptation on screen. I’d enjoy seeing Two Face done again, but in a less shittily hasty way. And, of course, there’s always good old Solomon Grundy.

  • Georgina Quiñones

    another batman reboot! LAAAAAAAAAAAAME!… get more creative dc please! There are so many heros to chose from other than Batman and the Batman World… like… Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary, Zatana, Hawkgirl! COOME ON!!!

  • Leo Jackson

    I agree with Nightwing but I really wanna see the Riddler and a well done Mr. Freeze.

  • Steve Bennett

    A Movie based on the Batman Vs Dredd graphic novel series now that would be worth seeing

  • Nathan Paul Kennedy

    Nah, Hugo Strange, The Ventriloquist (with Scarface), maybe Jeremiah Arkham would top my list, although Harley Quinn could be fun…maybe in a lesbian tryst with Poison Ivy!

  • Nik

    I think a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy partnership would be amazing! Then at least Harley would have a partner in crime, because NO-ONE can outdo Heath!

  • JessSayin

    Enough of Batman and reboots already! Are there no other super hero’s in the comic book universe we wouldn’t all like to see brought to the screen?
    NO MORE REBOOTS!..(*sigh*)

  • Jerry

    That is a horrible list, save Nightwing. Nightwing, mabye Robin, a Bane who doesn’t suck, Killer Croc, and Mr. Freeze

  • Jerry

    Terrible list. Nobody I would want to see on the big screen, save Nightwing. My top 5 would probably be Nightwing, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, a Bane that doesn’t suck, and Riddler. Now that would be a good movie.

  • Al

    Get as far away from Nolan’s pretentious crap as possible. Enough already! The Penguin and the Riddler should be next.

  • LGR


  • Gabe Feraci

    Nightwing batgirl robin hush and mr freeze done right and maybe just maybe Prometheus?

  • Brandon Daviet

    Killer Croc

  • Darkscythe

    Jason Todd as the Red Hood. Just look the Under the Red Hood animated movie for inspiration, you could make a great movie out of that kind of character.

  • Roger Villacorta

    Just a heads up, its redundant and wrong to say “Latina female” as Latina is the femenine form of Latino (male).

  • Herocoder

    I think the Article was a worthwhile topic and some great thinking has gone into it. I however guess, many would disagree due to the whole lot of characters available for the parts. So, the logical conclusion would be to think of the most captivating and memorable characters of the Comic series which you would love to see in the movie .. Also, some characters on the comic may not suit the movie screen and on the realistic sense of it .. Still I do feel there must be a lot of dramatic effect to it as well.

    So .. my list would go like this ..
    1) The death and rebirth of Jason Todd and about how he was almost better than the last Robin and Batman himself physically.

    2) Absolutely agree with the Lady Shiva part .. thats something anyone would love to see in an action movie especially a lady who is more than a match for Batman

    3) Nightwing .. well this character is a 50-50 for me .. In the sense .. if there is a Red Hood then Nightwing is absolutely indismissable. Without that story arc, its still just another hero character like Batgirl.

    4) Ra’s Al Ghul – his rebirth was one of the most memorable of the Batman arc and how he once even saved batman as well. I think the whole Nolan series made a mess of the Ra’s Al Ghul character. He was hardly protrayed for his motivations nor was his character history told well .. would love to see it well made again.

    5) Considering how we are all focussing on individual villains, I would like to draw attention to the ‘Royal Flush gang’ with each character having its own persona and yet more like the ‘rich with a strange hobby’ kinda gang. It somehow always stuck with me with having Batman having to take on one too many with the gang. I feel this would be an interesting break from single characterizations. Afterall many crimes are committed in gangs.

    • Julia Pettit

      I’m not sure in what way Jason Todd was ever better physically than Bruce or Dick. In a hand-to-hand fight, Jason would be hard-put to even touch Dick given their very different fighting styles and Dick’s mobility. The only advantage he has on both Bruce and Dick is that Jason has no qualms seriously injuring either of them, while they strive not to do serious harm to the second Robin.

  • Robb Sturtcman

    I aprove this list.

  • Richter

    KGBeast, Killer Crock, Hugo Strange, Deadshot, Solomon Grundy and Cornelius Stirk.

  • grant landis

    Clayface, Lady Shiva and Nightwing are good choices. Nightwing should be introduced as Robin and become Nightwing later. Montoya is a good choice, but only for a cameo. Bullock would be nice, too. Zsasz doesn’t have enough name recognition to be worth putting in a movie.

  • grant landis

    Clayface, Lady Shiva and Nightwing are good choices. Nightwing should be introduced as Robin and become Nightwing later. Montoya is a good choice, but only for a cameo. Bullock would be nice, too. Zsasz doesn’t have enough name recognition to be worth putting in a movie.

  • Nil

    The reboot will definitely NOT be done in the more realistic fashion of Nolans films. The reboot will more than likely be introduced in the upcoming Justice League film, and you can’t have much “realism” with characters like Superman and Wonder Woman. If this is the case, I think Clayface or Zsasz would be a good starting point for stand alone movies. It would be great if they could create a new trilogy using villains that have been used as main villains in any of the major motion picture adaptations, i.e. Black Mask, Calender Man, Mad Hatter, The Ventriloquist, and a live action film adaptation of Under the Red Hood would be interesting.

  • grant landis

    I’d like it if the movie saga started by introducing Batman, then introduced Dick Grayson as Robin, followed by Barbra Gordon as Batgirl. After that would be two spinoffs “Teen Titans” and “Birds of Prey”. Next, we would introduce Jason Todd as Robin in a story entitled “Son of the Bat”. That sets us up for “A Death in the Family” then Tim Drake as Robin. Then we have the pre-knightfall Bat-family. Just continue into “Sword of Azreal” featuring Bane and you’re ready to go with the Knightfall series of movies.

  • cthulu’s minion

    also when ras al ghul releases everyone from arkham in batman begins you can see zsasz leaving his cell and when he turns his head you can see where he has stabbed himself on the back of his neck. Also he is the guy trying to kill racheal and the little boy before batman saves them

  • 2wingo

    Who could play Lady Shiva? My vote goes to Michelle Yeoh.

  • Marvel&DC Lover28

    well, personally, none except for nightwing. i checked him out. cool story. i think he ought to do it. i mean, nolan already made two good pairs: ras al gul with scarecrow(they were scary), the joker with two-face(masterfully funny but i was hoping the riddler might join two-face). but i guess nolan screwed up the catwoman/bane combo. c’mon that doesn’t even make sense. nolan’s losing it. for once, why can’t he have just ONE villian stead of two? the last villian pair sucked. doesn’t mix!!!!! so if they’re gonna do a story with nightwing, they better create one helluva story cos with nightwing he needs nobody to help or influence him. oh, btw, my other choices are the riddler, mr. freeze(he was wicked cool in the ’98 movie), and the joker if they bring him back. pleez, harley? that’s just sick. :(

  • Marvel&DC Lover28

    btw, keep updatinfg, people. i hope nolan gets to see our comments. they matter.

  • Julia Pettit

    Dick Grayson — I think he is a very important part of the Batman history and one of the few people who actively kept Bruce from going completely over the edge.

    Barbara Gordon — We had the perfect opportunity with a very good translation of Jim Gordon. Introducing his daughter/niece into the mix and into the Batgirl role after the introduction of Dick could be epic. Or, if you didn’t want to strictly follow canon, Babs could slip into the Oracle role almost immediately, filling in for Lucius Fox in the tech department.

    I really like Zsasz. He has the potential to be a very disturbing villain to watch.

    I’m so glad that Harley Quinn wasn’t on this list. I find the character obnoxious and hard to stomach, and the fangirls that obsess over Joker’s opportunistic relationship with her might ruin the entire movie for me.

  • Jacob White

    Penguin, Zsasz, Riddler, Scarecrow, Clayface, & Mr Freeze.
    All are perfect choices. Maybe even 2 per movie somehow for an epic trilogy.

  • Chris Taylor

    I actually don’t have a problem with this list and think its pretty cool Lady Shiva and Victor Zsasz is included on this list.

  • pubert

    Mr freeze acted by sir ben kingsley, it just seems natural to me. Hugo Strange played by javier Bardem would be incredible IMO. I wouldnt mind seeing James Franco as the riddler, I think he could fit the role very well.
    Im surprised Black Mask wasnt used in the Nolan universe, im not sure you can go with him in a reboot anymore,the mob arc has been done. I agree with Clayface,if done right it could work extremely well and you wouldnt need a big name actor considering the characters skills.

  • will16

    thanks for the video, i was getting ready to google it then i saw it here(:

  • Bucky

    You know what would be awesome Harley Quinn Finds out the jokers dead goes on a rampaig but later the joker appears with killer crock and the Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Crock makes batman life hell and batman will need some help from some one

  • Mrinal Singha

    Batgirl, Oracle in Next Sequence.

  • Roberto Rojas Balarezo

    nightwing all the way!! and Barbara Gordon please

  • exhaustable

    I feel if Zsasz was brought in the reboot would veer a bit towards a Saw-esque theme.Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc would be sick

  • alex mills

    the fucking riddler man!!!

  • Jamie Riser

    I think they should include the old lady who served as Bruce’s therapist from the animated series. The Ventrilequist & the dummy, Man Bat, Mad Hatter, Riddler, and Batzarro.

  • Luke

    How about….hush,condiment king as a joke,clay face, a real two face(as much a fan I was of Aaron eckhart, that wasn’t real two face)Black mask, the riddler, dead shot,calendar man(he can be so good it’s scary)

  • Luke

    How about….hush,condiment king as a joke,clay face, a real two face(as much a fan I was of Aaron eckhart, that wasn’t real two face)Black mask, the riddler, dead shot,calendar man(he can be so good it’s scary)

  • DrivefastDrifthard

    They need to do a real bane story and have Azrael take the helm of batman. Imagine how dark, gritty and bad ass that would be. Batman and Bane, Batman broken by Bane. Azrael as the new tech Batman. Original Batman trains and faces the new Batman. Please make a Darkfall movie!!!

    • dDrivefastDrifthard

      I mean Knightfall

  • rc pacquiao

    terry mcinnis, the new batman

  • Garrett Manwaring

    I think they missed a great opportunity by not having Penguin in the Nolan films, maybe not as a main villain, but more as a book keeper for all the different mobs. I would’ve taken out the Lau character in The Dark Knight and replaced him for Penguin.

    Killer Croc would be on my list too, also maybe not a main villain, but as a very scary lackey of one of the other villains.

    Strange is also a missed opportunity I think, especially because he has been one of Batman’s oldest foes. He’s been “resurrected” who knows how many times and is hell bent on being better than Batman.

    These are just a few on my personal list…

  • garlen ferer

    you will never top the nolan holy trilogy, so why try?

  • Craig Herrald

    The best way to continue on woulrod be to introduce Dick Grayson and gradually have him become Robin. Dr. Hugo Strange would become the director at Arkham Asylum, and he’ll hire top criminal psychologist Harleen Quinzel to oversee The Joker. (We know where that goes.)

    Oswald Cobblepot will have family ties in Gotham and a history with the Wayne Family. He’ll become a huge crime lord dealing in arms using his nightclub as a front. He’s also a bird expert and trains them to help in his evil plan to overthrow Wayne Enterprises and rule Gotham. His physical appearance gives him the nickname “The Penguin.” He wouldn’t be a freak that lives in the sewers like Tim Burton’s Penguin, but rather a man of means who comes from a wealthy (yet eccentric) family, and because his mother was overprotective of him as a child, he always carries an umbrella. His goons will be responsible for killing Dick Grayson’s parents, and secretly he’ll be working with Dr. Strange to break The Joker from Arkham and bring down Batman.

    This could easily be told in at least 2 films. The Joker will find a way to charm Harleen and she’ll fall in love with him, becoming Harley Quinn, who will break The Joker from Arkham. Once on the outside again, The Joker will betray Harley and refuse to share the spotlight with The Penguin. Batman will be overwhelmed by the chaos all 3 villains, falling into a trap and finding himself a prisoner at Arkham. Dick Grayson becomes Robin to help rescue Batman.
    See where this goes? I think this would be a great way to reboot the franchise!

  • Scotty Lyons

    I say Hugo Strange cause he looks more tougher than Joker is Robin Williams as Hugo Strange that’s a good cast there

  • Scotty Lyons

    my cast in the next batman will be
    Christian Bale….Bruce Wayne/Batman
    Michael Caine…Alfred Pennyworth
    Morgan Freeman…Lucius Fox
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt…Blake Grayson aka Dick Grayson/Robin
    Robin Williams…Hugo Strange
    Kristen Bell…Harley Quinn
    Hayden Panettiere…Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
    Gary Oldman…Commissioner Gordon

  • Paul

    Huntress, Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Nightwing and (at a stretch) Poison Ivy

  • that one

    Batwoman. needs to be done. §^~.~^§

  • Raven Tinkerballa Lee

    Funny how half the comments are nothing more than “This list sucks. *lists my own favorite Batman characters*”
    What people fail to realize is that, not only is this opinion (not law), but they’ve backed up the choices with reasons as to why how it would relate to Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, the feel of the movies, and/or the possible movie storyline.
    And people keep bitching about Robin when that was addressed in this list. I agree with the logic that Robin doesn’t fit in with a serious adaptation of Batman, especially wearing the brightest color he can find. Everything that included Robin was cartoonish and/or campy and, frankly, if they put him in, I don’t foresee him being done right.

  • Longshanks

    Black Mask,Hush,Hugo Strange,Red Hood,Azreal.That’s my five choices.

  • T Faunos

    Did you *really* expect to see the story arc of Anna Ramirez further explored in “Dark Knight Rises”? …..Seriously? She was in the story solely as a “plot device” to allow the Harvey Dent story to unfold….nothing more.

  • GS

    pure rot! a live action depiction of jason Todd becoming The red hood would be a Awesome film, the already animated film of that ‘ under the red hood ‘ is good but comon, jason Todds murder was the one death that almost made batman break his one rule and kill the joker, his ressurection would be good, weather they would choose to stick with the comic version or the animated film one, their choice as well as his realisation and becoming of Red hood. maby even a film focused around ‘ The battle for the cowl ‘ where red hood and nightwing fight eachother to see who becomes the next batman would be a great film. throw jason todds story in a film somehwere becuase he is batmans most tragic villian

  • Chris Michael Bindhammer


  • Michael Gaffney

    A few good villains would be Professor Pyg, Mad Hatter [as seen in Long Halloween], and Black Mask [the others are right, he would have fit perfectly in the world of Dark Knight]. They don’t need to be headline villains like Joker or Bane, but they would set the tone of a Gotham City that’s going mad. Scarecrow’s presence throughout the DK Trilogy was satisfying, but he looked lonely being the only costumed criminal in town. Let Batman have some kind of rogues gallery.

    I also think a Saw-style Riddler would be great, in order to make a film that showcases Batman’s skills as a detective. Those skills were touched on during Dark Knight, but not fully explored. The DK Trilogy allowed us to follow the hero’s journey, so if they do a reboot anytime soon, it should be more of an exploration of his abilities.

    I would also push the Cassandra Cain Batgirl along with Lady Shiva, as they both can tie into the League of Assassins/Shadows we met in the DK series. As long as we got a Nightwing/Robin.

    I want Harley, but that would be pushing it a little. We’d have to address the Joker, and I leave that to better men than myself. Or rather, more awake men.

  • queens2nd2none

    It’s Matt Hagan’s Clayface or no Clayface at all.

    HARDAC (it’s Batman vs Skynet pretty much)
    Harleen (She’s here to pick up where Heath left off)
    Red Hood (Under the Red Hood has proven this could be epic)
    Dead Shot (This would really push Bats to his moral limits)
    Phantasm (YES!!!!!!)
    Victor Freiz (The Animated Series and Sub-Zero has mad Victor one of my favorite villians ever)
    Killer Croc (Straight up brawling time… Killer Croc would push bats to his physical limits more than Bane did because with Croc theres no plan… just savagry)
    Roland Dagget (The story of when he cant collect payment from Hagen and turns him into Clayface… that would make for awesomeness in IMAX)
    The Clock King
    Hugo Strange
    The Ventriliquist

  • Zor-El of Argo

    The Ventriloquist, but only if he is played by John Lithgow.

  • codeblu667

    I do understand in part why Harley was not in the nolan films……But a shout out was not too much to ask. Hell they gave Croc a shout out….sorta. In the reboot they should be doing an Arkham City style batman, with some Gotham Sirens mixed in.
    Harley, Poison Ivy, Hush, Clayface, Nightwing, and any Red Hood.
    For the love of god give us a live action Harley!!

  • MC Double J

    You’re missing alot. Poison Ivy Mr.Freeze Hugo strange The riddler a better Scarecrow The entire Bat-Family and huntress and most people on this list


    night wing and the rest of the justice league. HEY YOU SHOULD MAKE JUSTICE LEGUE THE MOVIE WITH ACTUAL POEPLE!!!!!!!

  • Shaun Jones

    wait….. but robin DID go off an do his own thing twice in the films, first time when he steals the batmobile then when he gets tried of bruce and leaves with his suit

  • kryptonianKnight

    Superman,Riddler,Nightwing, Red hood, and clayface.

  • Badger_Mayhew

    Black mask is in my top, along with Clayface, Robin (As a full-time partner), Catwoman (helping Batman and Robin) and Nightwing for me as well, I also think if the remake changes release date and DOES come out b4 JLA movie, maybe Superman cameo???

  • Sean M. Cogan

    You mention Lady Shiva but not the Penguin? F@#% this list.

  • Sindre Sollund Eggen

    I always liked Prometheus as a villain. Not sure if they could get it to work though.

  • Calum ‘Chuck’ McHale

    Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Black Mask, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, Jervis Tetch… to name a few

  • Calum ‘Chuck’ McHale

    it would also be good to see Azrael and the order of St Dumas appear

  • Dia Day Scruggs

    Dude this is nice but i want to see where the dark knight rises leads to. Love the thought of joseph gordon-levitt as the new batman or nightwing, or even batman beyond.

  • JDA

    Solomon Grundy

  • Tomeesha Haller

    I would want to see Black Mask, the Mad Hatter, and possibly Hugo Strange. Although Hush would be an amazing villain for the series too.

  • rolliomac

    Starfire, or just the teen titans. If you have Nightwing you gotta have them all.

  • OttoVonBisquik

    Terry McGinnis – Batman Beyond!

    How cool would it have been for JGL to have been a hint for Batman Beyond?

  • Rick Torres

    Nolan brought Lucius Fox to life, perhaps the next reboot can bring another character from the Dennis O’Neill era to the big screen: Leslie Thompkins. I would like to see either Laura Linney or Naomi Watts play this character. If they go a little older, perhaps Joan Allen. After that I admit I want to see The Riddler in action. And if they go for a more fantastical Batman universe, Killer Croc and the above mentioned Clayface, though I am more partial to the Matt Hagen version.

  • SnakeEyes

    Azrael? Kyodai? Harley? The Dark Knight Returns live action one off?

  • Mike Smiles Noel

    I agree with this article except for Zzazz. He’s certainly an interesting character but I would rather see Killer Croc, Hush, or Mad Hatter before him. Nightwing deserves his own film with Red Hood (Jason Todd) as the primary villain.

  • Dylan Hooper

    If they make a reboot they need to keep it real like nolan’s film no superpowers. like if you want to use poison ivy for example she puts posion in someone’s drink or lock people up in a room with gas or with lots of posion snakes or spiders. to kill someone she torture her victims. plus they need to make it more darker rated r area. seeing blood when someone who gets shot or stab. that is where they need to go. i want to see spirits getting crush like having robin go dark. i also want to see joker’s past see his story like why is he so bad. was he abuse got rape. or was he natural born evil. keep it real like it can happen in real life.

  • Melissa Hamari

    Nightwing has to happen. My favorite character. Dick Grayson all grown up.

  • Jessie Isthataturtle Etheridge

    come on everyone no brainer…..NIGHTWING

  • noname

    Batman beyond for sure

  • Brevon Thompsom

    My villains
    1. Poison Ivy
    2. Man bat
    3. Dead shot
    4. Killer Croc
    5. Black mask
    6. Harley Quinn
    7. Zsasz
    8. Scarface & the ventriloquist
    9. Professor Hugo Strange
    10.The Joker
    11. Bane
    12. Solomon Grundy
    13. Red hood

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  • quero

    Dr. Hurt (+Black Glove), Damian & Talia..

    Would like to see the RIP-Saga in a movie^^

    All those villains mentioned here can’t top the joker.. never

  • Bruce Mo’f***in Wayne

    I think in the next reboot we need a better Joker. I liked Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight but I think he was too dark. Obviously the Joker’s going to be dark but I missed the slightly comical side. My favourite non-comic book incarnation has to be the Joker from the Arkham games, and I’d like to see a Joker like that in the next reboot. Or maybe a blend of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s might be good too. But overall Mark Hamill’s portrayal is the best for me. Maybe they could even put Harley with him too, she’s grown on me recently and I’m starting to like her character. Anyway there’s my two cents.

  • Bruce Mo’f***in Wayne

    I think in the next reboot we need a better Joker. I liked Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight but I think he was too dark. Obviously the Joker’s going to be dark but I missed the slightly comical side. My favourite non-comic book incarnation has to be the Joker from the Arkham games, and I’d like to see a Joker like that in the next reboot. Or maybe a blend of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s might be good too. But overall Mark Hamill’s portrayal is the best for me. Maybe they could even put Harley with him too, she’s grown on me recently and I’m starting to like her character. Anyway there’s my two cents.

  • Andrew Machak

    thats not zsasz its scaercrow

  • Andrew Machak

    thats not zsasz its scaercrow

  • stopu


  • fge00

    There’s always Batman Beyond, face it how many times do we have to relive the story of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the pain he went through, blah, blah blah. Same with Superman, yeah Clark you’ll be somethin special someday. A million villains and they feed you the same one’s. How about creating some new ones? How about continuing story lines like the trilogy did and then breaking out into a whole new concept. Maybe Batman’s rage could get the best of him once in a while and he could actually kill someone because its the right thing to do.

  • eyekill211

    REALLY!? I dig some of the characters….but how can you leave out Harley or Thomas Elliot as Hush!?!?

  • eyekill211

    REALLY!? I dig some of the characters….but how can you leave out Harley or Thomas Elliot as Hush!?!?

  • Mike

    Riddler, DIck Grayson/Night wing, black mask, clayface and maybe Mr. Freeze cause batman & robin still leaves a sour taste in my mouth..unfortuanetly I don’t see how you could have Harley Quinn WITHOUT the Joker aswell..

  • Lionel Ronaldo

    Killer Croc for sure..

  • Lance

    Would love to see an already established Batman with Nightwing, a crippled Barbra Gordon and Jason Todd as his young current Robin. That would leave it open to do a Jason Todd “death” with a Red Hood story later on. Imagine the opportunities for interaction between those 3 with one partner down and another crippled, how do you justify that? For villains I could see Zsasz in the Joker style roll and for a Nightwing centric story throw in Deathstroke, I always felt Deathstroke and Batman don’t have enough interaction since they seem to go together in their JLA/Injustice League roles.

  • ItsAnt

    Sounds like you should be writing the new Batman reboot LOL

  • ItsAnt

    Sounds like you should be writing the new Batman reboot LOL

  • Joseph Chastain


  • vendetta


  • vendetta


  • Tim Adams

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing! Please Nolan, if you are reading this make it happen!


    I can’t wait til the next Batman reboot fails miserably

  • Frank Logan

    Nightwing, Dr. Hugo Strange, Scarecrow and Victor Zsasz

  • cpr

    I’d like to see a prequel to the Bruce being Batman. Something showing the Waynes growth to financial wealth and how Thomas supposedly ruined some of the men who end up as Batman foes.

  • Desiree Soper

    This list sucks. My list of the top 5 characters I would want to see in Batman is 1)Harley Quinn 2)Poison Ivy 3)Riddler 4)Book Worm 5)Batgirl

  • John Deering

    KILLER CROC. And the Firefly. Both of them would have been great for the Dark Knight Rises. Killer Croc could have been given a more real-life condition, the kind you would find in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, and the Firefly could be like what they did with the flying vehicle the Bat . . . except he’s a pyromaniac who loves fire, an interesting contrast from the Joker (even with the Joker’s few scenes of pyromania in TDK.)

  • Ashley McSheehy

    Joker since Snyder Fked him up, reboot batman now, the new 52 is god awful

  • Dimension Guy

    i think deathstroke and solomon grundy. yeah also nightwing. then batman and nightwing will fight the 2 villians deathstroke and solomon grundy. maybe robin can help too? if so do tim drake. not dick grayson that would be crazy 2 dick graysons. then one is from a other dimension :D lol

  • Oscar Luján

    It´s so sad that, not even one year has passed, and the attention whore seekers form the emdia wants to fulfill their narcicistic desires… For the love of (agnostic)… Why do we need a remake? WE have just finished enjoying an excellent trilogy,,,can we put the franchise to sleep? NO, we want more,,, doesn´t matter it could end in total disaster. You didn´t learn nothing from “Batman & Robin”… and that´s why Hollwood will create more garbage in the years to come,,, because “hey, know that X-Men: DOFP will be released, its time to talk about what we want for the nex reboot”…and that´s stupid

  • idkwhatever

    1. Any of the Robins 2. Any of the Batgirls 3. Hush 4. Black Mask 5. Mr. Freeze reboot

  • idkwhatever

    I’d have Batman with Tim Drake as Robin. Nightwing, Jason Todd dead, Cass Cain Batgirl with Babs as Oracle. Basically anything pre-boot.

  • Block

    Clayface is the best character on the list. Cmon now..A shape shifting villain in a film that superman is also in? Going to have the possibility of some sweet plot twists.

  • Elver Galarga

    Am so done with that batman shit… really.

  • Supreme Power

    This is lazy because it’s the same article that’s been renamed multiple times.

    Now it’s “Five Batman Characters We Want To See In The Batman vs. Superman Movie” when the address field STILL says “batman-characters-reboot”.
    Come on!
    Write a new one! With characters that make sense to be in a world of Batman AND Superman!

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    This is an old post, I read this a long time ago. This thread doesn’t really go with the Batman/Superman movie, because these are all Batman characters. You should’ve made a brand new list instead of rehashing this for the duo movie. No one on this list will be likely to appear, they’ll probably save Robin for the next Batman solo film.

  • Cavill=MoS

    First of all let’s get one thing straight… This is a Man of Steel 2 vehicle so if anything in the title either Man of Steel or Superman will be first… what’s with everyone saying: “Batman/Superman” anyway (in that order)?! lol! No… it’s “Man of Steel meets Batman” folks! I mean we’ve had 3 Batman films in a row for cryin’ out loud!… Let’s let Superman have his day now and get that character developed more fully :) I just hope this pairing won’t see the film going as deeply dark as the Batman trilogy was. It was so dark there was honestly very little uplifting to it and isn’t that what a Superhero does… give us hope? Of course I suppose for all the fans into the freaky criminals that’s the highlight for them lol. If everyone is just being all “alphabetical” well ok but… really? lol

  • Run

    The Pinguin…but as less of a grotesque tragic figure and more as a clever, thieving charlatan with an impulsive temper…a fat version of the joker with more concern with material gain and power but less control if his emotional impulses. The cartoon version of the Pinguin (Batman Beyond) would be perfect.

    I would also love to see Harley Quinn

  • Humberto

    No. This is still a Superman movie and I wouldn’t want to see anyone from Batman universe except for Batman

  • Petr Koudelka

    Joker.. I loved Heath Ledger’s Joker and I know nobody can do better, but Joker deserves to be in the comic version of Batman movie.. I’d like to see Arkham series version of him..

  • demoncat_4

    i would love to see clayface done live action in fact batman having to face all the versions of the character known as the mud been waiting a long time for dc to bring Lady shiva to live action for she would be killer to watch. would also have put the Ventriliquest and scareface on the list for scarface would be batmans answer to Chucky

  • oliver queen

    I would love to see them do nightwing then have him die and we can get a under the red hood but it would have to be done perfect i would like joker to be a villan throught all 3 films maybe a minor in the shadows for the first couple then a major in the 3 film where he kills nightwing/robin (whatever they name the sidekick) and red hood in the 4

  • oliver queen

    dont do a green arrow he is a regular human and surronding him with people will make him look like a baby you can say the same with batman but everyone likes batman and it would be a big mistake to not have him most people wouldnt even realize a green arrowless justice leauge. He is a beast in the show so keep him seperate please