Batman Beyond And Justice League May Arrive In 2015

Justice League 568x360 Batman Beyond And Justice League May Arrive In 2015

Now that Man of Steel has proven to be a success, and a sequel has been given the greenlight, Warner Bros. and DC show no signs of slowing down. Over the next couple of years, we can expect to see a Justice League film, a Batman reboot and likely, another standalone hero film (my bets are on The Flash).

Though details on anything in DC’s future are hazy at best, today, AICN has scoop on when we may be seeing both the Batman reboot (which may be Batman Beyond) and the Justice League film. According to a “corporate document” that they’ve received from an unnamed company, we’ll be seeing both projects in 2015.

With the Warner Bros. panel taking place tomorrow at Comic-Con, we may be hearing more on these two projects in the very near future. Currently, the only films schedules to appear during the panel are Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Seventh Son, Gravity, The LEGO Movie, and Edge of Tomorrow. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. decides to sneak in some of our favorite heroes. After all, they’re going up against Fox’s X-Men panel and Marvel’s panel, which will include Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and more.

Whatever Warner Bros. decides to do, they need to act fast. The superhero genre is becoming cluttered and so far, Marvel has a massive head start. There are a lot of interesting directions that Wraner Bros. can take the DC Universe in and if executed properly, it can easily rival what Marvel has done. DC has heroes that are just as, if not more exciting than what Marvel has to offer.

Whether it’s Justice League, Batman Beyond or something else entirely, I just want to hear some concrete news on what DC has planned for us.

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  • Doug

    Why would it be Batman Beyond when Warner is trying to put Justice League out there? They are not going to have 2 different Batmans going at the same time and a guy would have to be pretty moronic to think with Justice League they are not going to come with Bruce Wayne/Batman.Batman Beyond is not coming, its not happening, in no way could it unless Justice League were dropped, scratched, cancelled.Some people just can’t get passed wearing little fan boy diapers with no sensible, reasonable intelligent thought to how a big company is going to do their work. Justice League is the biggest comic book movie project ever undertaken, they aren’t gonna screw it up by playing with a characxter very few people have an interest in.

  • Nick Canuso

    Why would you assume that Batman Beyond has anything to do with JL? Batman Beyond makes a lot of sense in moving forward as a company. I think you underestimate the impact that character has had on Gen. X and Millennial’s;
    Furthermore your comment about WB not wanting to screw things up for JL? Explain Green Lantern; or explain the whole Batman Trilogy; which while being awesome movies, did nothing to set up a Justice League movie. We know that Bale is not touching the cowl again; and the only thing the JL build up has going for it is Man of Steel. Warner Brothers doesn’t have to follow in the same footsteps as Marvel, what they need to do is establish a strong DC universe presence on the Silver Screen and prove that they have what it takes to steer the ship. Batman Beyond can stir up a lot of excitement, creativity and ingenuity in marketing the DC Universe and build consumer confidence in other projects.