[Release Date Updated] Curse Of Chucky Set Photo Gives First Official Look At The Iconic Killer Doll

curse of chucky banner 670x228 [Release Date Updated] Curse Of Chucky Set Photo Gives First Official Look At The Iconic Killer Doll

Although we still don’t have a release date for Don Mancini’s Curse Of Chucky, with reports saying Universal will be releasing it this Fall, images and tidbits from production have started to leak out at a pretty consistent basis. Between the behind-the-scenes looks at the puppeteers controlling Chucky and lead actress Fiona Dourif Tweeting the soundtrack cover for the film, we’ve been teased mercilessly with the return of the iconic red-haired devil doll – but as of today, the wait is over. Well, the wait is over to see a picture of him at least.

Thanks to the guys over at Bloody Disgusting, we have our first official look at Chucky himself (below), appearing to be engaged in a conversation backstage with Fiona. Look at that, he’s even got his own cast chair and a cup of coffee – times must not be too hard for the old Chuckster.

Though it’s been said already, I just want to reiterate how nice it is to see Chucky returning to form. For the last few films we’ve been given this jokey, darkly comedic Franken-Chucky, which was all well and good (for some), but his clean appearance probably means those films will be ignored chronologically. What else does that mean? I’ve still got my fingers crossed on this, but one can only assume Curse Of Chucky will focus once again on the horrors that haunted me from the first time I ever laid eyes on Chucky as a small, unseasoned horror newbie.

Those ideas seem to be on par with what Mancini is thinking as well, which Fiona Dourif teased in an exclusive interview she did with Bloody Disgusting. When asked what Curse Of Chucky would be a sequel to, she responded:

I mean I think the idea behind it, or the mission statement, is that Chucky is scary again. It’s a sequel in the style of a remake. I think it’s closest to Child’s Play 1.

I’ll admit, this project is getting more interesting by the day. What started as nothing but another attempt to reboot a storied horror franchise has now turned into what appears to be a franchise creator returning to his established roots. I mean, Evil Dead and Maniac already pulled off the unthinkable this year by being amazing horror remakes, but can Curse of Chucky find the same success?

So what do you think Child’s Play fans, are you excited for the return of Chucky?

UPDATE: Actress Jennifer Tilly has confirmed the release date for Curse Of Chucky will be September 24th, 2013!!!

Oh, and a few more pictures dropped, so I’ve added them to this article as well for your enjoyment!

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    The first was solid, well done. The second, though not as creepy or as strong had memorable elements of horror, humor, wit, and fun. The third came down to just seeing what Chucky would say or do next; it was no longer creepy and the weakest of the three. Then someone got greedy again, and decided to make another. “Bride of Chucky” started something silly, though it had its cultural appeal and wit. Gone was what made the original effective outside of Chucky; the doll(s) became a parody, more or less; the film was so self-aware that it was no longer creepy, but that was the point. The series really nose-dived with Seed of Chucky. While not taking itself seriously, it came across as juvenile, desperate, and unnecessary. The premise or concept (that the others were movies and this one’s real) seemed ripped off of New Nightmare to some degree, and although Tilly played her role well, the overall movie was pretty bad.

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    I want them to make replica dolls