Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: The 20 Greatest Avengers


20) Sam Wilson

First appearing in 1969, Sam Wilson has the honour of being mainstream comics’ first African-American superhero. For years, he served as a loyal member of the team in his guise as Falcon, Steve Rogers’ best bud. In 2014, however, Rogers was stripped of his powers and appointed Wilson as his successor to the mantle of Captain America. Since then, Wilson has stepped up to the plate to be a leader of the Avengers. Who knows, we might even be about to see something similar happen in the MCU.

19) Fantastic Four

Yes, Marvel’s First Family are usually their own superhero unit by themselves but over the years, each of the Four have served on the Avengers as well. In Civil War, for instance, Reed and Sue chose different sides – Mr. Fantastic was on Tony’s team while Invisible Woman joined Cap’s Secret Avengers. The Thing is the most notable Avengers member of the Four though, as he’s served on both the New Avengers and West Coast Avengers. Currently, however, Human Torch is part of the Uncanny Avengers.

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