Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

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As soon as Warner Bros. announced that the next actor to don the cape and cowl as Batman would be Ben Affleck, the internet exploded with an array of reasons why Affleck was the worst possible choice for the role. He doesn’t look like Batman. He has a Boston accent. He sucked as Daredevil. He sucks as an actor. Those are just a few of the thousands of reasons that people gave for their disagreement with Warner’s decision.

But fanboys being furious about casting is nothing new. In fact, just about every actor who has ever been cast as an iconic comic book character in a film has been greeted with more than their fair share of naysayers. On occasion, the complaints are much worse than slight disagreement. There have been a few times when the opposition is so forceful, and so prevalent, that many have thought the movie would have no chance of succeeding (similar to what we’re currently hearing about Batman vs. Superman).

So in honor of the vehement opposition that Affleck’s casting has been met with, let’s take a look back at some other casting choices that were initially met with disagreement, but turned out to be smart decisions in the end.


Michael Keaton As Batman

batman 1989 17 g 548x360 Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

With Batman being arguably the most iconic and beloved comic book character of all time, it only makes sense that every single actor cast as The Dark Knight is going to be the subject of the hatred for many fans. But the worst (until Affleck) was Michael Keaton. In the days before internet message boards and blogs were at the prominence that they are today, fans were absolutely furious about Keaton being cast in Tim Burton’s Batman, with some even going as far as to petition against the casting choice. Yeah, good luck with that one.

Those furious fanboys had their reasons alright. Keaton was too small, not fit enough, and looked nothing like Bruce Wayne. But boy did they ever eat their words when the actor came soaring in, brutally beating all the the baddies and letting the Joker know that if he wants to get nuts then, “Come on! Let’s get nuts!”

When Warner Bros. wanted to change the direction of the franchise, Keaton wasn’t having any of it and departed the role, despite being offered over $15 million to come back. Fans were as dismayed that he wouldn’t return as they were when he was offered the part. In fact, some of those very same petitioning fans were asking for Keaton to show up in Batman vs. Superman, hoping for him to reprise the role in a Dark Knight Returns storyline.

I can assure you, Keaton isn’t any fitter than he was 20 years ago, and he certainly hasn’t gotten any taller, so he must’ve done an alright job as Batman for fans to still want him back.

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Anne Hathaway As Catwoman

%name Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

This is one that I’m personally guilty of complaining about, and I know I’m not the only one. When I first heard Anne Hathaway was going to be Catwoman, I was upset for several reasons. First of all, I’ve never been a huge fan of Catwoman. Halle Berry’s version soured me on the character far beyond anything that the memories of the comics or cartoons could salvage. At that point, despite her other successful roles, Anne Hathaway was still the girl from The Princess Diaries in my mind. Not exactly the embodiment of an ass-kicking super heroine.

Aside from my personal hesitations, many other fans had their own problems with Hathaway as the character, the most prevalent being that she simply wasn’t sexy enough for the role. Sure, Hathaway’s Catwoman had zero chance of being as sexy as the more provocative depictions in the comic books, but I’m not sure that’s even humanly possible. There is no question that Hathaway is a beautiful woman, but was she the right kind of sexy to play the ferociously feline female villain? Most people said not a chance.

My distaste for the casting continued all the way into the first scene of The Dark Knight Rises. Watching Anne Hathaway walk around as a waitress, and even when she was confronting Bruce Wayne, all I could think was, “Oh great, her Catwoman is going to ruin a movie I’ve been anticipating for four years.” Then she was in another scene. And another. And with every second Hathaway was on screen, I fell more and more in love with her portrayal of the character. By the end of the movie, I realized I had enjoyed watching Catwoman as much as Bane, or John Blake, or even Batman. Hathaway said that if Nolan was willing to, she would reprise the role for a Catwoman solo film. While the chances are slim to none that it will happen, it’s still something that I, and most fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy, would welcome with open arms.

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Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man

Iron Man 3 Final Header Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

One casting choice that fanboys were extremely opposed to, but actually had some decent reasoning for, was Robert Downey Jr. being cast as Iron Man. While these cries of anger weren’t quite as passionate as those for the Batman characters on this list, people were still pretty peeved that the guy with a rap sheet filled with drug charges was going to be Tony Stark. Aside from his drug problems, he simply didn’t have the sort of career that would get people excited about his role as Iron Man.

It wasn’t as if he had taken time off or been in a lot of horrible movies. Downey Jr. had a lot of decent roles in a lot of decent movies, but nothing at all, at least since his younger days, that would indicate he had the talent to eventually become the cornerstone of the new Marvel cinematic universe. Yet again, the haters who didn’t give him a chance at succeeding were wrong. Very wrong. Downey Jr. embodied the character to such a point that Iron Man, who was never one of the bigger Marvel characters, now has a popularity that rivals that of the Hulk, Captain America, and even Spider-Man.

Now, five years after the first Iron Man released, most fans can’t even dream of seeing anyone else in the role. Any actor who is brought up to fill Downey Jr.’s iron boots is greeted with a greater fury than that which was directed at the current Tony Stark once upon a time (see Mark Wahlberg). Downey Jr. won’t continue with the role forever, he’s made that clear, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a fanboy who will be glad to see him go.

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Daniel Craig As James Bond

%name Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great
Any time you have an iconic character being recast, the choice is probably going to be somewhat controversial. For all the comic book characters on this list though, fans have had multiple castings beforehand as well as the various comic iterations of the characters to draw comparisons to. But I don’t know that there’s any other character that has appeared on film as many times and is as beloved as James Bond is. So naturally, Bond fans are going to have very strong opinions about who is and isn’t qualified to play 007.

And for most fans of the super secret agent, Daniel Craig fell into the “isn’t” category. Not only is he blonde, but he doesn’t even have chest hair! How in the world could a man save the free world by day and seduce all the finest women in the land by night if he doesn’t have brown curls popping out the top of his shirt?

Fans were so opposed to Craig that websites began to pop up with the goal of boycotting Casino Royale. One fairly big outlet even described Craig as an “actor who can at best be described as average, rough if not downright ugly.” Downright ugly? Really? Are they looking at the same man as the one in the picture above?

I’m a lifelong Bond fan. Almost all of my early user names and email addresses featured 007 somewhere in them (and some of my current ones do as well). And I can safely say, without a doubt, that Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie, and Craig is my favorite Bond.

He’s brought new life to the role and made Bond real, which is something the franchise needed. I’m not opposed to any of the prior Bonds. I’m a fan of Connery and I can appreciate every actor who’s played 007 in the past, but it’s not even a question that Craig is my favorite. Not only that, but I think a valid argument can be made for him being the best of the bunch. I won’t make that argument here, but there’s no denying that he’s done a quality job in the role and has no doubt surprised many people.

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Heath Ledger As The Joker

Joker 2 Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

Without a doubt the biggest fanboy fail of all time is the absolutely brutal bashing of Christopher Nolan’s decision to cast Heath Ledger as the Joker. The Joker is a character who is almost as iconic as Batman, and I’d argue that even fewer actors would be able to pull off the role. Those who came before Ledger all brought something different to the character, and all were absolutely loved, especially Jack Nicholson. So the consensus was that the pretty boy actor from Brokeback Mountain and A Knight’s Tale was going to give the worst performance as a villain ever, and The Dark Knight was going to be a complete fail because of it. Right. About that…

Fans at the time had plenty of other actors they wanted to see in the role. From Robin Williams to Johnny Depp, almost everyone would have been a better joker than Ledger. The reactions were vicious, from homophobic comments due to his role in Brokeback to complaints that Ledger was just a “little twerp who got lucky.” Basically no one, at least on the internet, was behind his casting.

But then the movie came out, and everything changed forever. Ledger brought his own flair to the character and created something unrivalled in terms of comic villains. He won not only the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, but the Oscar for the same category, something that was nearly unthinkable for a comic book film prior to The Dark Knight. His dedication to the character is one of the greatest examples of method acting imaginable. He locked himself in a hotel room for a month, writing in a diary the thoughts and feelings of the character in an effort to fully become the Joker. Mission accomplished.

When Nolan was asked why he cast Ledger, the director gave a simple reply, “Because he’s fearless.” Ledger’s loss is one that’s mourned by everyone, but especially by the vocal fanboys who are now convinced that no one else will ever be able play the Joker as well as Ledger did.

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    anne hathaway sucked as cat woman who are u kidding


      And you sucked in bed with your boyfriend. Poor guy, hope he gets some somewhere better.

  • Bad B

    I must have been one of the few fans that didn´t hate Keaton’s cast for Batman nor Robert Downey Jr for Ironman. Sure didn’t like Anne Hathaway for Catwoman (and I still don’t like it).

    • Jacob


  • BigNoseDog

    Articles like this are obviously meant to defend the casting of Affleck as Batman. The author left out another example of casting that fans initially hated but grew to love. Daniel Craig as James Bond. But all of the Affleck defenders are overlooking a few things. One, Keaton, Hathaway, Ledger, and Craig were good actors. Affleck is not. Two, each of those other actors had good scripts to work with. Affleck will be stuck with a script by David Goyer who isn’t a good writer. Lastly, each of those actors were paired with directors who knew how to get good performances. Zach Snyder is NOT a good director. So the bad actor + bad writer + bad director. Now do you understand why fans are worried?

    • Ed

      David Goyer isn’t a good writer? The guy that penned TDK (one of the highest grossing superhero flicks in history) and TDKR??? Zack Snyder’s not a good director??
      Oh sure, YOU’RE the guy we should be listening to. A perfect example of knowing so little, but dying to complain so much.

      You missed the point of the article – regardless of the actor’s abilities that you listed above, fans STILL over-reacted viciously to the news of them being cast in their movies.

      • BigNoseDog

        Goyer wasn’t the only writer on the TDK films. Chris Nolan had a lot to do with the quality of those scripts. On Batman Begins, Goyer had Story By and screenplay credit. But on TDK and TDKR, he only had Story By credit, which explains why TDK was such a vast improvement over BB. Nolan relied on Goyer’s knowledge of Batman, but it was Nolan who crafted the great screenplays. Just look at what each of these men wrote separately. Goyer’s list of credits outside of Batman is lousy whereas Nolan has written great movies like Inception on his résumé.

        As for Synder, look at his filmography. Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch? All lousy films that may have looked good, but that’s all. Snyder just isn’t a good storyteller and that came through in Man of Steel, a movie that had a great cast and a lot of great ideas, but just didn’t hit the mark, certainly not in the way Batman Begins did.

        I didn’t miss the point of the article. The fans aren’t overreacting to Ben Affleck’s casting. When you’ve never seen what an actor can do, then you’re overreacting. In the case of Ledger, Keaton, or Hathaway, none of us had seen them play characters like The Joker, Batman, or Catwoman. So we had no reason to assume they wouldn’t be good. But we have seen Affleck play a dark comic book character and he was awful. Would you hire someone for a job when they had similar job and failed miserably at it?

        • yap yap yap

          Watchmen is a good adaptation of the book especially the extended versions, 300 was also a dead on adaptation. haha it happens all the time, I’ve seen actors play similar roles and be lousy in one, but great in the other. Pacino comes to mind. Stan Lee seemed to enjoy Affleck as Daredevil and he created that character. The Dark Knight was a great movie, but Batman Begins isn’t a bad one and there wasn’t much to improve on, it was and still is one of the best origin films out there that still holds up and always will unlike Iron Man that is already dated with some references. So Goyer’s lousy credits include, some great DC books he’s written? Goyer is a good writer when his scripts are not tampered with by directors or producers.

        • Tyler

          Daredevil wasn’t that dude’s fault. It’s rarely the actor’s fault when it comes to superhero movies. Blame the poor script and bad director.

      • jasonca

        David Goyer had nothing to do with The Dark Knight. David Goyer Wrote Begins and co-wrote. rises.

        • JRMcc

          Goyer didn’t write Rises either. He has screenplay credit on Begins and “story” credit on Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.

          • jasonca

            Goyer wrote the treatment and penned the screenplay with Jonah and Chris contributing. It was pretty much told when Goyer was discussing how he brought the idea of Man of Steel to Nolan.

          • JRMcc

            The writing situation on Rises was the same as Dark Knight. Chris Nolan and Goyer conceived the story but Chris and Jonah wrote the screenplay.


          • jasonca

            Goyer had nothing to do with The Dark Knight and he Co-wrote TDKR with Jonah. Get over it.

          • JRMcc

            Heh. He was firmly entrenched in putting together the screenplay for “Man of Steel” when Rises was in pre-production, production and post. “The Dark Knight Rises” screenplay is mostly Jonathan Nolan’s anyway. He wrote a ridiculous 400 page treatment at one point before he and Chris trimmed it down.

            I’m not sure where you’re getting this “Goyer wrote the treatment for Rises” stuff from.

          • jasonca

            I’m getting it from- Goyer. He Specifically states he brought the MoS idea to Nolan when he was having trouble solving a problem with the story for TDKR. What do you think a treatment is?

          • jasonca

            Shut up – When you don’t know what you’re talking about!

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            That’s not true he worked on the story for the whole dark knight saga.

          • jasonca

            no he didn’t. He was given story credit. HE DID NOT WRITE A WORD OF THE DARK KNIGHT.

    • Sonny Crockett

      Yehhh….Affleck’s no good (Argo, Hollywoodland, Good Will Hunting and The Town….all sucked ) Goyer’s no good (The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Snyder sucks (The 300, Watchmen (not my personal fave, but good nonetheless), Man Of Steel was AWESOME for many of us)…Lots of success there. It seems that everybody sucks but you. Easy to be a fanboy from a computer in mommy’s basement, Bignose?

      • BigNoseDog

        Read my response to Ed. And yes, Goyer sucks. Look at his non-Batman scripts. He needs Nolan to fox his writing.

      • jasonca

        Goyer didn’t write The Dark Knight. He wrote begins and rises.

    • mikepipper

      Yeah, but at the time NO ONE though Keaton would be good, I was there. He didn’t fit the part and was nearly as bad as the Affleck reaction. At least Affleck can fit the suit and he was good in Argo. “Fans” are always worried. It’s rare that they’re NOT worried. I remember just about every time someone complained about an actor not being good and he turned out to be the best person for the role. I did it and was proven wrong myself, now I just wait to see evidence. Fans are not always right because we can’t look beyond the drawings that no one can ever match in real life, what matters is whatever the end result is. If the movie comes out and you hate it, go for it, but there is NOTHING available to judge right now.

  • Rob Grizzly

    Need more than this.
    Cause I could go the other way:

    Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider.
    Fans were right.

    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm.
    Fans were right.

    Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.
    Fans were right

    Topher Grace as Venom.
    Fans were right.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.
    Fans were right.

    Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, I could do this all day.You sure you wanna play this game?

    • Alex Lowe

      You’re right Rob, many times fans have been against casting, and the performance has ended up being dreadful. I have no way to say that won’t happen with Affleck. Just saying it’s not cause to go into total panic mode, and certainly not something that should be petitioned against.

    • Mrteapot

      Hallejua to that lol

    • Ed

      No, you’re not right. Not even close. You’ve made a list of MOVIES that didn’t end up being good, and they were not due to these actors performances.
      Arnold S as Mr Freeze? Right, because George C’s nipple suit was thrilling fans worldwide until Arnie stepped in. There’s not an actor alive that could’ve saved that movie.

      Jennifer G for Elektra? HB for Catwoman? These are all BAD MOVIES, not bad castings. You could’ve put Daniel Day Lewis in Ghost Rider and you’d still get a bomb.

      The article above is dead on where fan’s extreme over-reactions are concerned.

      • Warren O’Reilly

        You can’t claim the article is about extreme over-reactions and cite RDJ and Anne Hathaway as examples of that whilst claiming Jessica Alba and Arnold Schwarzenegger aren’t valid counter points.

        The Ironman movies sucked, RDJ was good in them because he was allowed to be RDJ and we like RDJ. The Ghost Rider movies sucked, Nicholas Cage was bad in them because he was allowed to be Nicholas Cage and we don’t like Nicholas Cage.

        What’s the difference between these two casting choices? Does liking someones personality more make them a good casting choice? If so why do we pretend these are meant to be actors playing parts?

        That’s what fans are judging on, they know the source material and they can compare an “actor” to the character they’re meant to play and make a judgement based on that.

        What you’re saying is as long as they don’t make the movie worse they were good, when it should be that if their presence didn’t make the movie better they were bad choices.

        Robs points were perfectly valid, you’re just reaching.

        • Steve Mozzy Mosman

          No he’s not saying they would have been good choices if they didn’t make the movie worse. He’s saying listing off a bunch of shit movies so that everyone nods in agreement is akin to a politician using statistics which manipulate the truth. Would have been better to name some great movies where bitched about actor was a poor performance in said role.

          • Adam

            You can’t really expect fanboys to use logic correctly when they are in rage mode. I’ve tried explaining exactly that over on IGN and get yelled at. Oh well.

      • doc

        I would argue both terrible casting and movies.

      • Tim

        So you think Topher Grace was a good choice for Venom? Eddie Brock is supposed to have some muscles. He’s not a wimpy photographer.

  • Luis A Bernal

    Before the Internet people petitioned. No comic book geek cried louder than when Brandon Lee was cast as the crow(Bruce Lee’s son). He was seen as stunt casting. Looking back or even today, could there be a better choice? Let me refresh…

    • doc

      I think most of the love for this role is because he died. I like the movie, but watch Brandon Lee’s previous movies again. Not very good and his acting was terrible. Maybe if he was still with us and had the chance to make more movies his acting would have improved and he could have been up there with other action stars of the 90′s.

      • NICK НΛRT

        you could say the same thing about heath ledger but thats not the point of this article. its that ben affleck may well be a good batman and people shouldnt bitch about it

        • doc

          I was responding to the above comment, not the article.

          • Party_In_Left_Field

            But Doc, the point wasn’t about Lee’s previous movies. The point was how he did in The Crow and that the fans had dismissed him before the movie came out. If you don’t think he did well in The Crow, then that would be on point, but it appears that the general view is that he did quite well.

          • carolsdavis

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    • Silvia Dupont

      I really don`t remember anyone complaining about Brandon Lee as the Crow I for one thought he was an awesome pick then and after seeing the Crow.

  • Nanostuffs Advert

    I never liked him in Dare Devil. Why not let him be Dare Devil? He is not fit for Batman

    • RockyJohan

      You cant even spell his name

  • Nanostuffs Advert
  • Slick

    Look at all these people trying desperately to convince themsleves Affleck will be ok. LOL how pitifully pathetic.

  • Boomer

    The difference is that all those other actors could actually act. Affleck not so much.

  • Mrteapot

    Hamm, urban, and brolin much better picks. But one thing might work with Affleck, and that’s how Robert Downey jr made iron man. He made Tony stark cause jr is Tony stark. Stark is pompous, egotistical, and a alcoholic. Affleck is Bruce Wayne not Batman. He is a pretty boy, gots a douche vibe, and in our world just like DC Gotham cept he sits on a golden seat of Hollywood. He doesn’t need too much help when Batman just growl and mutter like he gots marbles in his mouth ala Batman. Not hard to do

  • AL

    I seriously think that Ben Affleck is writing all these pro Affleck/Batman articles under assumed names. Knock It Off Affleck !!!! Everyone already knows you’re a terrible actor !!

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    I think Anne Hathaway would have been a good catwoman,if she had gotten the chance to do it in a good movie……cuz TDKR was poo.

  • nerdalmighty

    Ledger was terrible as the joker. There I said it. He wasn’t the joker just a killer who decided to wear makeup. The joker is supposed to make you laugh and then think I shouldn’t be laughing.

    • Marcel Moreau

      uh, when was your brain surgery? how much did they remove? Joker supposed to make you laugh? No, he’s supposed to instill fear, the laughter is caused by his releasing the poisonous Joker Gas. one of the few flaws in Ledger’s Joker was that he didn’t have the Joker Gas. But his whole mannerism throughout the movie showed his menance and insanity and that is what the Joker is supposed to be.
      Your comment is the second stupidest thing I ever heard. Right up there with the comment that someone put that anne hathaway wasn’t sexy enough for catwoman.
      If we are on the subject of bad choices, I’m suprised no one mentioned Brandon Routh as Superman, or even Henry Cavill as Superman. Thought Cavill actually did a good job, he is a bit old for an origin retelling.

      • nerdalmighty

        If you bothered to read the entire post you might have seen that I was talking about the reader and not a character in the comic book. At least I don’t remember joker gas spraying me when I turned the page. Or are you actually scared of a fictional character?

  • Warren O’Reilly

    Robert Downey Junior was great in Ironman not as Ironman. He’s not playing Tony Stark he’s playing himself, and I don’t think that just because he’s the best thing in what were quite awful films that choice is validated.

    Anne Hathaway was a terrible Catwoman, she was just bland and boring. She’s so insignificant within the scope of that movie that unless you’re watching the movie, or someone mentions her specifically you’ll forget she was even in it.

    Michael Keaton I’ll have to take your word for as I was like 4 when the movie came out so I don’t know about the backlash.

    Heath Ledger only got heat because of Jack Nicholson and I’m not saying he wasn’t great as The Joker because he was (even though he was channeling Tom Waits), but his death was what really put him over the edge.

    The real difference is Ben Affleck has already fucked up one superhero franchise, so it’s really hard to make a case that he could be great as an unrebooted Batman in a Superman sequel when he couldn’t carry Daredevil in his own movie.

    • Marcel Moreau

      Downey is the closest a real person could come to being tony stark in terms of personality and habits. perhaps not with the bankroll or scientific background, but in terms of his personal lifestyle and habits, he WAS tony stark.
      I don’t like Affleck as batman since I don’t like him in any type of action based role of this type. If they focus perhaps more on the detective side of batman that has been largely ignored in the nolan movies, he might do well. He’s a solid actor in the right role and writing, but I’d rather have him direct the movie and possible have some writing input instead of staring as batman. Actually, I think he might do well as say Hank Pym/AntMan or as Martian Manhunter’s human guise.

      • Bj and the Bear’s banana bar

        But he is still playing himself is the point, not Tony Stark. Stark isn’t a quip machine. Downey is NOT the closest thing in terms of personality, that’s pretty absurd. Tony Stark has many serious moments and arcs that were left out of those films to sell happy meals and in favor of comedy. He does what he can with the material, but it’s more than obvious that no one asked him to actually play a role other than an exaggerated version of himself.

        • doc

          What’s the problem here? Characters change all the time. Think of RJD as another universe version like an Ultimate or 616. It’s just another interpretation. Do you really want another carbon copy of Bat man?

    • doc

      Daredevil wasn’t Afflecks fault. Have you seen the other craps that director has put out since then? Daredevil is a gem compared to his other films.

    • Diane Champion Brocker

      I disagree. Ledger was amazing. Period.

    • Mike Smith

      Yeah I actually did totally forget Anne Hathaway was even in that movie until I read this.

  • James Daniel Walsh
  • James Daniel Walsh
    • TheMachine

      Thanks ginger

  • Sonny Crockett

    Affleck will be fine. Let’s not forget that the guy EVERYONE seems to be loving for the part of Lex Luthor, also played the father on Malcom In The Middle…..

    • JonD53

      Affleck will be a car wreck because he can’t act. Its that simple he’ll be Ben Affleck in a Batman costume and therefore the film will just leave the viewers with the taste of sweaty balls in their mouth.
      I for one will not be watching Affleck as Batman because I love the character too much to put myself through another Daredevil.
      Hathaway was a non-descript Catwoman whose only virtue was that her role was minor and immediately forgettable.
      Keaton as Batman also sucked arse because he was way to small for the role they would have been better off casting him as Two-Face.
      Ledger as Joker was a different approach and it worked really well.
      Tom Hardy as bane would have been cool if not for that ridiculous mouthpiece contraption and the bastardisation of his character.
      Topher as venom was just ridiculous as was the casting of the wooden faced tit who played spiderman in the same movie (I can’t even say his name without wanting to punch someone).
      Ian McKellan as Magneto was another mistake, how can you be scared of someone so old they need adult diapers.
      RDJ was always going to be amazing as Ironman because the rather dull character of Tony Stark needed someone with a little bit of anarchy in them to make him interesting.
      But Afflect as Batman…..its the same as Val Kilmer, George Clooney and some fat bloke from the pub as Batman as in a bad idea.

      • Marcel Moreau

        of those you quoted, Kilmer was not as bad as the others. He did decent as bruce, and shined when in the suit, considering the shit story and tone of the movie he was in. It was certainly the most comicy of comic movies, which is what that ass Schumacher was going for in the first place. What made Val suffer was that after two solid and dark takes with Batman and Batman Returns, the audience was no longer looking for the childish and happy go lucky batman form the 60′s or the bright lights and colors of the books. they wanted something darker and with real menace.

  • Eric Greenberg

    i thought anne hathaway sucked

  • DeFlanko

    Affleck was the bomb in phantoms, yo!

  • PJM

    Non-comparible; Affleck proved he didn’t belong in this role already.

  • Brock_Tune

    “One casting that fanboys were extremely opposed to, but actually had some decent reasoning for, was Robert Downey Jr”

    That’s not true at all. Every casting choice has someone decrying it, but since this article is about choices “everybody” hated before they saw it, Downey Jr as Iron Man is not a fit example. Most “fanboys” were neutral or on board with this decision, it was the studio that had a problem with the casting.

    • DrNope

      When he was announced as Iron Man, I remember most people being excited and overjoyed.

    • Carter

      I remember having to tell people to chill out because they were going nuts over Downey and trash talking the guy. It was on a lot of boards too.

  • DrNope

    You should counter-point this with “Casting Choices That Everybody Hated And Turned Out To Be Awful”. Each of these saw a fair amount of fanboy outrage, and each performance validated at least some of the concern…

    Arnold Schwartzneger as Mr. Freeze
    Jessica Alba as Sue Storm
    Topher Grace as Venom
    Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan
    Nicholas Cage as Ghostrider
    Halle Berry as Catwoman
    Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet
    Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl
    Ben Affleck as Daredevil

    We all remember the times casting has surprised us, but lets also not forget about the times it didn’t.

    Now what’s done is done. Lets give Affleck a fair chance and see how he does. He could end up surprising people on either side of the fence.

  • Harlan

    I agree. These so called “fanboys” aren’t really what they are supposed to be. They are just plain noisemakers pretending to be fanboys but in truth are not. Heck im sure they don’t even know the difference of a protagonist to antagonist.

  • Lazyfish
  • bOb

    In my eyes, Michael Keaton was a bad choice in 1989 and to this day, I have not changed that opinion and I never will. Furthermore, every actor who has been cast in this role have been poor choices. Including Christian Bale. Although I would add that Christian Bale was better than the others.
    The first and foremost qualification an actor must have to play a superhero role, is that the actor must at least look the part.
    Acting chops be damned. The role is a comic book character!

  • J Eric Murphy

    I knew those other casting choices were good when I heard about them, Affleck however, I am not so sure about. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.

  • TheMachine

    The author who wrote this is an Idiot. especially with RDJ. EVERYONE thought that it was a great choice, and copuld not find or think of any other actor to portray him. This author is taking characters that HE was not happy with and grew to love. Don’t speak for the “fanboys”, author. Ben Affleck IS a terrible choice.

    • nope

      Not true at all. RDJ was blasted by a lot of fanboys in the early days when he was announced and even up until the first photos of him as Stark were released, wasn’t until the trailers hit that everyone really accepted it. There are probably old posts you can find in forums to back that up.

      • TheMachine

        So are you speaking for the BILLIONS of comic fans that your personally know?

  • John Taylor

    That’s it? Only one not Batman related. Can’t hate casting choices if you don’t care about the movies as is my case w/any Batman movie.

    • Alex Lowe

      Well considering people are freaking out about Affleck as Batman, I felt it appropriate to focus on Batman characters people were against.

  • Joe Siegler

    Daniel Craig as James Bond. The Internet went NUTS with that casting. Then Casino Royale came out, and everyone shut up.

    • ace13

      I didn’t I hated Casino Royale it was so boring. Don’t get me wrong Skyfall was great. Some times it takes a couple films for something to work. after all it wasn’t till The Spy Who Loved Me for Roger Moore to truly become Bond.

      • Aaron Dunckel

        this is the worst comment Ive ever seen. How can you be a bond fan and not a fan of Casino Royale? An intelligent, true spy movie that had tension and drama without being cliche and over the top. A beautifully done movie

        • ace13

          It was boring, simple as that. The only thing I liked was the song. I would have preferred watching the original Casino Royale with Woody Allen, and that movie was horrid. I liked Quantum, hated the name, and Skyfall was awesome. But I Hate Casino Royale!

          • gort

            So you hate a James Bond movie that has the closest characterization to what Ian Fleming envisioned when he created 007? ok…

          • Bascoda

            Agreed. Much as I liked Sean Connery as Bond, Craig’s portrayal is as close to the way Fleming wrote the character as anyone has gotten. Roger Moore gets my vote for worst Bond ever.

          • mustisay

            Wrong mate Daniel Craig is just a Timothy Dalton ugly twin, Timothy was the only bond both acting wise and look wise to be exactly like Lan Fleming flim. I thought sky fall was good but not as good as people made it out to be. Goldeneye bitched Slamed Skyfall and Timothy Dalton out class Daniel Craig even with his hair thinning in LTK cha boom

          • ryan

            The best thing about Golden Eye was the N64 game

          • Aaron Dunckel

            basically it wasn’t over the top, poor plot construction, absurd explosions and stupid “witty” sayings —- basically it wasn’t a cheezy action/adventure, and held an air of mystery and intrigue in it

            I’ll bet you loved the later Brosnan flicks LOL

      • doc

        Wait, what?

        • mustisay

          The later Bond flims flop because of poor writing Brosnan didnt all a sudden decided that he was going to surf with a parachute in Alaska because he thought it would be awesome no that was the director fault poor writing indeed

          • doc

            I loved Brosnan as Bond. Speaking of poor writing…

    • Mike Smith

      I thought Casino Royale was terrible. I still don’t like Daniel Craig as Bond, although he’s better than Roger Moore.
      Haven’t seen Skyfall yet, maybe it will change my mind.

    • gwynedd1 .

      Sean Connery never had a serious rival as best bond until Daniel Craig. Who saw that coming. Casino Royale was fantastic.

  • camaro_mang

    Yes more people need to shut up and give movies a chance

  • hathaway, wtf?

    You seriously saying Hathaway’s performance turned out great? There were seriously like two seconds (look below) when I wasn’t annoyed by either her performance or lack of it. There is simply nothing good to say about her acting, her delivery is wooden and lacks emotion as well as facial expression. Scarecrow had more emotion than this for f***s sake. Probably not applicable but also her fight scenes were dull.

    As for the Bat-Affleck, I am bit wary because of mostly Daredevil, but also for the “fact” that he has the charisma of a rubber boot and emotional range of Keanu Reeves after a stroke. As long as he doesn’t open his mouth, he could well be Bruce Wayne, but donning the cape and cowl, not so much.

  • iHATEvideosTHATare_unavalible

    anne H is the worst catwoman and it did NOT turn out great, she does not have any personallity. and no sexyness either. plus she wasnt in the movie for that many minutes.. a few minutes here and there… even katie holmes got to be in begins for alot more minutes then Anne was in “bane rises”.

  • RY33

    In defense of the outrage of Ledger as the Joker they didn’t preface it by saying they weren’t planning on doing the Joker from the comics. That they were going to create a whole new character that vaguely looked like the Joker. And as for Michael Keaton, he ended up being pretty much Michael Keaton playing Batman. Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn’t, but he didn’t really do anything unexpected. And if you watch that movie now (like most Tim Burton movies) it really doesn’t hold up well at all.

  • @TheLukasKrycek

    Good job not including daniel craig as bond on the list, IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    For me, and I’m only speaking for myself, I did not like Keaton as Batman. I did not like Ann Hathaway as Catwoman so this whole “turned out great” is completely subjective. I had no problem with Downey as Iron Man and have enjoyed his performances in all the movies the character has appeared in. And thought Ledger was a great choice as he could really act. I cannot stand Ben Affleck and will not be seeing the new movie solely because he is in it. I can’t watch him in ANYTHING and won’t. So these performances will not “turn out great” for me.

  • Loren Bray

    Two that should be on the list, and they’re both from the same movie: Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. Jodie had to damn near beg for the role of Clarice; the director auditioned 300 other actresses because he didn’t think she could pull it off. Anthony had several bad movies before taking on the role of Hannibal.

  • logat890

    RDJ criticized bec of his drug use? Stark was an alcoholic/womanizer in the comics!

  • logat890

    really like the arrogant, physical brutality of Craig’s Bond!

  • Nataruma

    For me the only Catwoman who worked was when Michelle Pfeiffer played the role, no one since has stepped up to the plate in the same way. But then again it wasn’t just her acting (which I felt was superb, especially how she seemed to be off her rocker and not all sane) it was also the costuming. I was kind of disappointed with how they sort of alluded to the Catwoman persona with Anne’s portrayal with the modern bodysuit and the goggles that sort of looked like ‘cat ears’ but weren’t really. Just disappointed as a whole with the role and the costuming there, probably not the actresses’s fault.

  • FletchGuy

    Most of these wernt t bad. The absolute worse is Craig as Bond. he really does suck and made the movies unwatchable. Then Ann Hathay sucked too. The rest not so bad of choices even before they shot the first scenes.

    • Jace Naughton

      This is nonsense. Craig is great as Bond. And no, Heath Ledger was never considered a great choice until people actually saw him do it.

  • Jason McCabe

    No no no, the blond, ultra violent Bond has all but ruined the franchise. One of the greatest things about Bond is the gadgets. The latest installment has James going out with just a gun and a transmitter. Well they killed off the suave spy that could talk or flirt his way out of most situations, why not ruin another one of the greatest parts of the franchise. The new Q is a juvenile punk that needs a good slap to get his creative juices flowing.

    • Jace Naughton

      And yet….the newest Bonds are widely considered some of the best in the series.

  • Benjamin

    Anne Hathaway sucked as cat women, hated it!

  • pardox

    I loved Shamus O’Toole and the Revenge of the Wee Little Munchkins!

  • Haley

    Heath Ledger might have been a ”pretty boy”, but he sure as heck made an awesome performance! IN YO FACE, Web!

  • Skyhawk

    No, Keaton as Batman was actually cartoonish and terrible. Compare his lame attempt with Bale’s and you will see the obvious difference. Clooney was also horrid. Kilmer actually wasnt bad.

    • Jace Naughton

      Agreed mostly. Keaton wasnt terrible, though. Was a solid Batman….TERRIBAD Bruce Wayne.

  • Charles Ayala

    Ann Hathaway as Catwoman was not bad, compared to the rest of that pile of sewage you call a movie. Dark Knight rises pretty much sucked in every way

    • Jace Naughton

      You suck in every way.

      Well, not really, but the movie didnt suck at all.

  • Ethyl Alcyhol

    Meh. Love Anne Hathaway, but she still sucked as Catwoman.

  • Rob Persons

    The best casting movie of all time is The Green Mile.

  • uncorrectedvision

    Fan boys resisting the RD,Jr. casting as Tony Stark just goes to show why it is a waste of time to listen too closely to fan boys.

  • dinotwat

    Are you serious? Hathaway as Catwoman? You’re stupid.

  • Tim

    Ann Hathaway was boring as **** as Catwoman. She did absolutely nothing worthwhile in that movie. Pfeiffer will own that role forever.

    • Jace Naughton

      Pfiefer was so overrated, and very little like the actual Catwoman. It was just a poorly written, over the top version of the character, much like the Penguin.

      Hathaway was nothing special and Im not even saying she was better than Pfiefer, but she wasnt terrible either.

      • Tim

        Except that Pfeiffer did her own whip stunts, which is both awesome and hot.

  • Jace Naughton

    Most actually loved RDJ. The criticisms had nothing to do with how he fit the role and everything to do with his off screen stuff.

  • Vivian Oberon

    I still cry over Heath’s death. Anyone who doubted his acting ability after Brokeback, needs their head examined. His portrayal of the Joker is iconic and will be forever.

  • Michael Lee Burden

    I remember fans going, “Mr.Mom and BeetleJuice as Batman?” I could hear William Dozier saying, “is this the end in Hollywood for The Caped Crusader?” Iron Man films were good except for part 2 where the best fight scene happens earlier in the movie. Most of Brandon Lee’s films were strictly martial-arts stuff, because he was doing all that before he landed the role of Eric Draven. If you read The Crow comics, they are as dark and gritty as the first movie. The later movies and series sucked horribly. I do think that quite possibly Superman Returns was pretty bad, because it was a tie-in to the Christopher Reeves series. Brandon Routh did an imitation or was trying to be like Reeves. The only real good thing was they had Luthor and others go to get the kryptonite that was discovered circa 1978. Keaton was the best Batman for the 90′s as Christian Bell is a great Batman for now. Wish he was still playing the role.

  • mythough

    Daniel Craig suck as James Bond

  • mythough

    Heath Ledger’s Joker is not … The Joker
    what joke did he make, the disappear pencil? read the name … JOKER!!

  • steven

    I personally don’t have an issue with Ben Affleck being Bat Man. Hes had some not so great performances, but hes also had some great ones too. Theres a lot more to look at than just the actor itself…the script, the director, the budget. Case in point…Spawn. Denzell Washington could have played that role and it would have still been horrible. Sometimes we are way to quick to wanna crucify something before it even comes out. Shit, watch it first, then form an opinion. He might be the best Bat Man ever…who knows? But to just say something is going to suck because you think it will really doesn’t amount to shit. And why? So you can gloat and say I told you so if it does suck. People have just become habitually negative…fuck…I would hate to have to be around people that are always glass half empty. Depressing, negative fucks.

  • Mark Adams

    “But the worst (until Affleck) was Michael Keaton. ” You forgot George Clooney….

  • Joel_Goodsen

    I don’t remember casting RDJ as Iron Man or Anne Hathaway as Catwoman as being anything but fanboys being in full agreement. I still don’t think Keaton was a good Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is always referred to as “Millionaire Playboy” and Keaton always came off as “Millionaire geek” at best.

  • Doug Underwood

    Heath Ledger was, and is, the worst choice possible for the Joker. His performance was mediocre at best, and he just got the Oscar because he died. Robert Downey Jr. got screwed. That Oscar should’ve been his. I can understand why they gave the Oscar to Ledger (his family), but you don’t screw the guy who deserved it and take it away from him. Why couldn’t they have a tie? Robert Downey Jr.’s job in Tropic Thunder was so far above Ledger’s Joker, it is insane. Making everybody all warm and fuzzy shouldn’t come at the expense of robbing someone who deserved it much more. They did the same thing to Braveheart in ’95 by giving the Oscar for best score to “il postino” The Postman, because the guy who composed the music died before the Oscars. The Braveheart theme was thunderously superior and should’ve won, no problem. It’s bullshit, it’s wrong, and it needs to stop. The Oscars are supposed to be about performances, not sentimentality. They don’t always get it right of course. There are a lot of undeserving Oscar winners out there. Halle Barry for Monster’s Ball, Denzel Washington, and let’s not forget the most overrated actor in history, Daniel Day Lewis! Did anybody actually SEE There Will Be Blood? Politics pervades every facet of society, and there’s no end in sight. What are ya gonna do?

    • Gary

      Not whine so much? Maybe if you lobby real hard you can get every single role in Hollywood to be filled by Robert Downey Jr.

  • pcnav

    While Ledger’s Joker was a great character it wasn’t a relation to the comic character at all, it was a new character. Nickelson’s Joker was a closer version than Ledger’s but still not there due to the take on the material by Burton (too un-serious). Maybe someday they’ll find the right actor.

    • Gary

      Depends on which joker you want to see and which comic series or graphic novel you prefer.

  • Film Advocate

    Nope. Ben Affleck is going to shut everyone up, just like everyone on this list. People who don’t think he can act have never seen The Town, in which he plays a detective with literally the same personality traits as the Batman. And have you seen him in the costume? Yeah, it won’t be long before people are hopping on the bandwagon and saying that they were routing for Affleck all along.

  • Queefer Sutherland

    Anne Hathaway was the best thing about Dark Knight Rises. I wish there had been more scenes of her walking, from behind. When she approached the Bat Pod, the way she walked made me swoon. Way sexy.

    • Gary

      You swooned? Gay.

      • Queefer Sutherland

        Well, I wasn’t swooning over Batman. And usually, when somebody is accusing another person of being gay, it says more about the accuser than the accused.

        • Gary


          So you are a hetero that swoons? And what does that even look like you swooner who swoons?

          • Queefer Sutherland

            Dude, you’re hung up on a word. You have problems. So what the fuck if I WAS gay? You would have a problem with that?

          • Gary

            I have many problems. Don’t we all? One of my most enduring problems has been the inability to swoon. Maybe I’m looking for a friend. Would you be my friend?

            …and no. I don’t care.

          • Queefer Sutherland

            I’m glad you don’t care. You have an unusual way of seeking out friends.

          • Gary

            I’m working on it. I tried knocking on doors and running away really fast, but that just annoyed people.

  • Guy Incognito

    Get off my internet.

  • John Holmes

    Ben will go down as the WORST batman of all time. I have no idea why they would follow the last batman with this sad sack of shyt

    • Gary

      Another shallow fan who can’t get past the image of the last one to don the mask or the cape. The pathetic thing is that after Affleck performs the role and is done with it you may follow the pattern of morons who now hold Affleck as the image while criticizing the next. From West to Keaton to Bale as Batman and from Nicholson to Ledger as Joker the whining is always the same, despite hindsight proving that all were just fine.

      By the way, Clooney wasn’t the worst Batman because of Clooney. He was the worst Batman because of Schumacher. If Affleck fails in the role then chances are the movie is a complete bust.

  • Charles Griffey

    Here is the difference, there was no precedent for the others and everyone assumed they would be terrible. But there is a precedent with Affleck as he played Daredevil and it was awful. He was awful and everything about it was awful. Also, Zac Snyder is now without Nolan in Batman vs. Superman, and Man of Steel, let’s be honest, was not that good. So I think it will be lucky if it is a meh movie. The only casting choice I am intrigued by is Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I am not sure how that will go, but it is interesting, being Irons has mostly played villains.

  • doc

    Have you seen the movie because I haven’t. Can I borrow your time machine Mr. Wells?

  • Chief Brody

    Alright, and now for a casting choice that everyone hated that turned out terribly…. George Clooney as Batman. People like Keaton and and Ledger weren’t as well known when they were cast and weren’t in as many movies when they were originally cast. However, Affleck is in a plethora of films. Even if you are a casual movie viewer, you’ve most likely seen him in several films. We know the kind of performances he can deliver. This is going to be George Clooney all over again. No one thought Clooney would make a good Batman. No one thought that he had the gravitas to play the role correctly. Guess what. They were right. Pointing out unpopular casting choices that went well doesn’t mean this one will go well. There are other unpopular casting choices that were as bad as everyone said they’d be. Good night everyone.

  • Andrè M. Pietroschek

    No disrespect meant at Ben Affleck, still I know that “put-on any mask before we have to see him clearly”. Robert Downey Junior then is pretty loudmouth, immature, arrogant and anti-social with his remarks, but if so many masochist gays pay him… Nearly a Death-Omen on Brandon Lee, sad. Heath Ledger, I liked him more in Brokeback Mountain, and I really hate to see gay-films. His Joker wasn’t bad, but it was not noteworthy either. I had seen Daniel Craig in “Layer Cake” and that spooked me. Now some tolerant humor