Guy Ritchie Says RocknRolla 2 Is Ready To Go

rtuk news rocknrolla Guy Ritchie Says RocknRolla 2 Is Ready To Go

RocknRolla, you may have seen it but likely, you haven’t. It’s a Guy Ritchie film from 2008 that was a turning point for the director. Rolling out in limited release, it wasn’t seen by many but after bombs like Swept Away and Revolver, Ritchie needed a hit. Luckily, RocknRolla did fairly well with critics.

While far from his best work, it was an admirable effort and a throughly enjoyable film. Sequel talk started shortly after the film was released but nothing concrete has surfaced, until now. While doing the press rounds for Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, Ritchie spoke about a potential sequel.

“You know, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it! I’ve written a script, I think it’s a great script, and Joel [Silver] wants to pay for me to do it. But up until now we haven’t had the time to do it,” Ritchie said. “It’s sitting there and we’d all like to do it, it’s just a question of when we’re going to fit it in. So we’ll wait and see.”

It’s great to hear that there’s a script ready but I see two main issues with this. Firstly, rounding up the cast again, as there are quite a few A-list names on there who likely have very busy schedules that would be tough to co-ordinate. Secondly, Ritchie is potentially lined up to do The Man From U.N.C.L.E., plus there will likely be another Sherlock sequel that Warners is going to want to put out, and in a timely manner.

Where RocknRolla 2 will fit in is anyone’s guess but personally, I’d love to see it and some time soon.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated with any more news that surfaces. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see a sequel.

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  • Alastairfeatherton

    I truly loved Rock ‘n’ Rolla. True to the Ritchie form, the characters were wonderful, the story was engaging, and everything culminated wonderfully at the end. The only difference is he left room for (and gave a promise of) more. And I want it SO, so badly.

  • Walter

    For sure, I’d like to see the real rock ‘n rolla!!!!

  • Lucky 01

    Rock’n’rolla was a brilliant movie. I did not see it at the movies as i did not know anything about it. If there is a sequel i will definatly be one of the first to see it

  • Carl2k6

    ive been waiting 4 long years for this news, i heard they were all wrote (as i believe its a trilogy) but hes been busy with sherlock, rocknrolla is for me by far his best work the characters are brilliant specially johnny played amazingly by toby kebbel and archie played by mark strong, please please please make the sequel guy

  • James Tarleton

    I need this movie to be made! It would be totally different If he did not mention a sequel at the end of the first film but he did, now i am waiting, waiting and waiting. So sick of this Sherlock Holmes B S now I hear that a 3rd movie will be done before the next Rocknrolla……..what a joke! that is the studios for ya. Not what the fans want.

  • Rei.C

    I’ve been waiting for the “Real Rock’n’Rolla” ever since the credits of the first!
    I want to see Archie and Johnny again!!!!!

  • Wild Card

    wanna see too!!!

  • Rock&Rolla001

    ‘But the real Rock&Rolla wants the f***** love’ :))) Amazing movie. True Ritchie signature. Yes, please, want it ever since seen the first one in cinema.

    • number9

      It’s “whereas a real Rocknrolla wants the F’n lot”

  • handsome bob

    I was grateful for Rock N Rolla- Madonna ruined that man for several years and I was growing concerned that movies like “Lock Stock” and Snatch were gone forever. Rock n Rolla was a taste of the old Ritchie and a hint of where he was heading with the psychological nature of his movies. You get a bit of his passion in the in-depth chess conversation in Game of Shadows, which he did a fantastic job with, but I still see the Holmes franchise as a move to make money to make the movies that matter to him… I hope that’s the case. Not that Holmes isn’t fun… but… it’s not 100% Ritchie as he’s portrayed himself thus far. It’s hard not to love the amazing boys’ club that Ritchie’s movies create. Lock Stock still stands as the masterpiece thus far. I hope someday he surpasses it.

  • Paul

    Rocknrolla is in my top 5 of all time, must have watched it 100 times!
    It has the lot, amazing script, great actors….loved the Archie slap scene, and the more you watch it the funnier it gets.
    Shame they killed off Tom Wilkinson as he was brilliant as Len.
    Mr Ritchie I implore you, do the Real Rocknrolla.

  • 215TheVoice

    RnR2…Bring it on, and give us a cuddle!

  • gracediamondsfear

    Sigh. Problem is now that he’ll never get those people back without zillions of dollars, and I don’t want to see any of them replaced. Hardy would be impossible to get back as Handsome Bob, Gerard Butler would be a maybe, even Idris Elba is sort of out of his league at this point. Shame. I would have loved to see more of The Wild Bunch.

    • Buggs

      plus hardy is no longer the same person as he once was, he could force one-two to dance with him now : D

  • Emily

    I would be keen for a sequel, as long as Handsome Bob is in it.

    • mickeyknox

      you sound like a fit english lass, do you like americans?

  • ant

    Rock n rolla will go down in history as an all time
    Classic. The credits do insinuate a trilogy if at least a
    sequel. This should take precidence over Holmes or man from
    u.n.c.l.e. Ritchie needs to feed his fans what they really want
    Not what the studios want. Movies like this reach cult status
    They are iconic. Make the real rock n rolla!!!!!!!

  • mickeyknox

    and like most things american, they’ve eaten the natives, but they’ve still got room for more. that’s the thing about greed arch……it’s blind, and it doesn’t know when to stop, that’s why i’m here, to restore order

  • Haleigh

    YES! a sequel is well needed, as long as Tom Hardy is for sure in it haha ;)



  • Ben Martrich

    can’t wait. johnny made that movie unforgettable he was the bad ass little shit head that movie was missing for about twenty minutes but once i got a taste of his character i was like fuck yea lets spite daddy. i love that he wads real intelligent too thats what ultimately made it. i wish he would have beat the shit out of someone with his bare hands though, he looked like he had i fighters build and he was certainly crazy enough. the sequel will be ruined if the cast doesn’t return

    • Th|ef

      He did. The bouncer at the club Mickey and Roman ran

  • Legend_fact

    It was one of the best films I have on the shelf, I’ve watched it a number of times and now I need more. This fix can only be soothed by the second rock n rolla 2

  • A fabulous tragedy

    Ok, it is the obvious consensus that RnR2 must be made, and BEFORE Sherlock 4 or 15 or whatever it is, at least immediately following whatever one might be filming as we speak (type). Guy, please get the wild bunch back before they’re too old, or you’re too old to care about where your guts are at, just have some fun please…or something, I don’t know…I just want a sequel, since there are not enough movies like that AT ALL. (although Sherlock is great, RnR is just f!@#ing sick!) Oh, and god, how sexy are TH and GB??! Time to get back in the game boys! damn! But make sure its marketed right so its not missed and then we’ll get a trilogy too! ( I hope) : ) btw, just watched this movie, and how is it even fair not to make it asap with that ending! ha we’re all like, did I miss the sequel, where is it????

  • Sarah Robinson

    Can’t wait for rock n rolla 2. It should already be out!!!!!!We’ve been waiting way too long. And there was so many stories left open at the end of the first one, so rnr2 has so many twists and turns available. Come on Guy don’t leave us waiting any longer!!!!!!!!

  • Craigy cruise

    Would defo like to see a sequel thanks

  • M.rappz

    Sheduling might be an issue as there are more than A class movie stars . I’m sure One Two and Co would be more than happy to be part of the sequel , sooner rather than later . Now that Sherlock 2 is done with and a success i might add , you should take advantage and jump on to rocknrolla 2 ..

  • willy22

    Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!!!

  • razorwine

    still waiting for the sequel to one of if not the best to me movie guy has made. forget man from uncle and Sherlock who I’m sure will make more cash but get going on the sequel before all the cast die from the brilliant and funny first one.

  • May

    I LOVED the first Rocknrolla film and look forwards to the sequel…as long as they keep the original cast from #1..I would love to see the character “one two” reprised by Gerard Butler..

  • Not Dead

    Richie come on man, lets do this already!

  • Get Crackin!

    “In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see a sequel.”
    What the Hell do you think were all doing here, of course we want to see the sequel.
    It should of been done @ least two years ago.
    I know you have to wait for all the planets to align…. if you would rather keep on putting it off and making excuses and get to it when you dont have anything else to do. Thats when a bum sequel emerges…
    Need to do it while its still fresh on everyone!
    I know the Sherlock Holmes movies are extremely great movies and are probably taking most of the time and money.
    Speaking of which….Ofcourse….. It’s the $$$. OK then…
    Go ahead and bang out that last Holmes movie or whatever you all claim the hold up is, if it’s not the money. If it is the $ then you wont have to worry about the turn around because if its anything like the first one its in the bag. That doesn’t mean to mirror the original and skim by on the coat tails of the first one.
    You know better than us what the next one needs to be another blockbuster, and if the script is already written lets get crackin!
    It’s just the message you get when the first Rockinrolla ended…
    It tells you to stay tuned more less. That the wild bunch will be back in Rockinrollas (plural). Then nothing…And still nothing…
    Leading on of the next one, and ends up leaving you hangin.

  • Seb

    Snatch was pretty groovy,RnR was up there.Hope Ritchie will make it happend:)