James Cameron Wants To Direct The Prometheus Sequel

ff avatar cameron1 f1 James Cameron Wants To Direct The Prometheus Sequel

UPDATE: According to Deadline, Cameron was “making a slightly humorous off handed comment.” Take that as you will but I guess it means that we won’t be seeing a Prometheus sequel directed by James Cameron.

Deadline is reporting that while making the press rounds for Titanic 3D, director James Cameron spoke with Guardian and revealed that he may be interested in directing the sequel to Ridley Scott‘s upcoming sci-fi film Prometheus.

Nothing is official but apparently the two directors have already discussed it, check out what Cameron had to say below.

“Ridley came to me, and he saw what I was doing [with Avatar] and the ideas I was exploring,” said Cameron. “We sat down and talked about Alien, and saw that there’s big ideas hidden in these stories. Where do we come from? What does it mean to be human? This was something that Ridley saw as original and something he wanted to be a part of. I’m not sure if Ridley changed his mind, because the movie [Prometheus] turned out fantastic, but it was during those early talks when he brought up the idea of me stepping in to direct a follow-up. Right now I’m working on Avatar 2,” he said. “So if Fox wants to wait … we’ll see what happens.”

Obviously this is huge news and it’s very exciting. As we all know, Prometheus is linked to Ridley Scott‘s classic sci-fi film Alien. Both films take place in the same universe and they are connected in many ways, most of which will be revealed when Prometheus hits theatres on June 8th.

Back in 1986, Alien spawned a sequel called Aliens and the director was none other than Mr. James Cameron. So, if Cameron does decide to helm the Prometheus sequel, this would be the second time that he’s taking over the Alien universe for Ridley Scott.

One thing to remember though is that there was a seven year gap between Alien and Aliens. And, as Cameron said, he’s still working on Avatar 2, which is going to be taking up most of his time for the next few years. If his plan to direct the sequel to Prometheus does work out, the wait between the two films may be similar to the seven year gap we saw between Alien and Aliens.

Either way, this is very exciting news and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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  • Derrr

    Thank God he is not directing it. Fucking asshole would have ruined it. And for someone who did not produce a decent fucking movie since 1992, he sure as shit confident. Fucking (I’m not clever enough to think of a better insult)…

    • http://nevermindpopfilm.blogspot.com/ Colin “Fitz” Biggs

      So eloquently stated. I cannot think of anything to add.

  • Sharlea Cook

    Oh Hell no! All I have to say is “Game over man! Game OVER!”

  • Caffeinated

    NO. Please, not Cameron. gawd…. I’m not saying Aliens was bad, but I seriously don’t want to see an all out action flick in a Prometheus sequel.

    • http://wegotthiscovered.com MattJo

      Agreed, I say they stick with Ridley

  • OwNow

    Please stay in the abyss. you’re doing fine there!

  • Stella Araque

    Well it really doesn’t matter because the movie was so bad we started laughing at one point like out loud I was embarrassed but could not help myself. Prometheus sequel I don’t think there’s anything to chase.

  • Stella Araque

    The were lucky to make money this weekend because of the choices were Rock of Ages and Prometheus from the trailer no one wanted to watch the abnoxious Rock of Crap so everyone went to Prometheus instead but it was equally bad the writer had no notion of reality, no romantic notion it was like he copy/pasted from scirpt for dummies 101. The initial visuals were so promising all the way to the cave 30 minutes passed by and we were still on the intro of something, then I knew it was going to crash……