James Cameron Once More Stumps For 3D

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3D cinema has no greater advocate in this world or any other than James Cameron. As the man responsible for Avatar, which took 3D from a ‘gimmick’ to a potential blockbuster technology, it’s not surprising that Cameron advocates for the future of 3D every chance he gets. He’s now recently informed us that he thinks that 3D is not only here to stay, but that before long it will be the norm.

Speaking with the BBC, the director had this to say:

For me it’s absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it’ll all be 3D eventually, because that’s how we see the world … When it’s correct and convenient for us, we pre-select for that as the premium experience.

Despite Cameron’s distaste with post-conversion, he points out that 3D technology continues to have legs. He cites that three out of the four last Cinematography Oscars went to 3D films (Avatar, Hugo, and Life of Pi), which he thinks shows how important the technology is to the industry.

One major flaw in Cameron’s reasoning is box office numbers. 3D films are counting for less and less at the domestic box office, as filmgoers opt to see their movies for non-premium prices. There seems to be a number of viewers who simply don’t see the point in going to see a movie in 3D if it means paying a lot more for a little bit of tech. Few films have succeeded in justifying the gimmick - AvatarHugo and Life of Pi being among the exceptions. But that’s only a handful in a vast wasteland of movies, both post-converted and filmed in 3D, that viewers simply don’t care to pay extra for.

3D is quite popular in other countries, however, and that element should never be discounted. 3D ticket sales in Russia and China count for 80-90% of the box office gross. Still, if you can’t sell a flashy diorama in America, there might be a problem.

In all honesty, I think that Cameron continues to stump for 3D because that’s really all he has going right now. He’s become a one-trick pony, preparing Avatar films into the next millennium, and talking about his pet technology every chance he gets. If 3D crashes and burns, he stands to lose a lot. Have you ever tried watching Avatar in 2D? It’s kind of a terrible film.

What do you think of James Cameron‘s latest comments? Is he out of touch with the American populace, or does he know something we don’t? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Playlist
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  • troubleduck7

    I have ONLY seen Avatar in 2D, and I’ve watched it numerous times. I think it is a fantastic movie, so I tend to disagree with it being kind of a terrible film in 2D. I don’t enjoy 3D films in general. Paying in some cases 50% more for a movie in 3D is absurd, and I might be in the minority but I have a difficult time following fast moving action in 3D. The Iron Man 3 trailer in 3D gave me a headache. Give me an old fashioned 2D movie any day.