Has Jason Momoa Joined Batman vs. Superman As Aquaman?

%name Has Jason Momoa Joined Batman vs. Superman As Aquaman?

With Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg all set to feature in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, it’s looking more and more likely that Warner Bros. is choosing to turn the film more into a Justice League set-up rather than a true Man of Steel sequel. In fact, I mentioned the other day that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about another superhero showing up in the film, and now, sure enough, we’re learning that Jason Momoa may have been cast as Aquaman.

While this hasn’t been officially been confirmed just yet, Batman-News has it on good authority that the actor signed on a couple months back. This isn’t terribly surprising, as Momoa has been linked to the project since last year. At that time, reports said he was being eyed for Aquaman, and it’s likely that he’s still set for that role. Like Cyborg, Aquaman will have only a small part in Batman vs. Superman and his appearance will act mostly as a set-up for another movie.

Again though, with no news from Warner Bros. or DC, this is all just speculation and rumor. That being said, it’s still interesting to mull over. I think it’s becoming pretty clear that the studio is trying their best to shove as many heroes into the film as possible so that they can get the ball rolling on Justice League. I don’t think that’s necessarily the smartest choice, but it seems to be what they’re doing.

Batman vs. Superman will hit theatres on May 6th, 2016. Tell us, do you like the approach that Warner Bros. and DC are taking with the film so far?

Source: Batman-News
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  • DCMarvelFan

    Jason Momoa was born to play Lobo. It would be a shame if he’s in a WB/DC movie and doesn’t get that role.

  • Johnny Ramirez

    DC isn’t shoe-horning, they’ve talked about their plan. Am I the only one that remembers Goyer saying that the events in “man of steel 2″ will be the CAUSE of the justice league? They’re going for a trilogy that meshes like one big movie; each one building on the last. That main installment beginning with man of steel, then ending with justice league, is from superman’s perspective. Hes the lead character. So technically these are still sequels. DC doesn’t want to branch & converge, branch & converge like Marvel. DC wants their universe to be more cohesive and immersed into one big narrative.

  • Jen

    Soooo they’ve gotten him to play a white, blonde haired superhero? With every casting choice I hear for Superman vs Batman, it saddens & upsets me more & more. By the time they’re done, I’ll only give it a chance when I can rent it on Redbox.