Man Of Steel Trailer Leaks From Comic-Con

%name Man Of Steel Trailer Leaks From Comic Con

Earlier today, Warner Brothers showed off the Man of Steel trailer at Comic-Con. Though it wasn’t made available online, we did see numerous descriptions and reactions to the footage, all of which have been oh so tantalizing. If anything, the reports have only made us even more eager to see the footage ourselves and now, thanks to a guest in attendance at the panel, we have the trailer itself, in all its low-res glory.

Yes, that’s right. Unfortunately this is not the HD official version, that will pop up on Friday, as the trailer will play in front of The Dark Knight Rises. For now, all we have is a barely viewable cam version that is quite frankly, almost not even worth watching. It’s extremely difficult to make out what is going on but for a film this anticipated and shrouded in this much secrecy, I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve been extremely curious to see what Snyder has been up to with his reboot so for me, any footage I can get my hands on is well worth a watch. I’ve given the trailer a couple views now and though it’s still mighty tough to really see anything, what I am able to see I definitely like.

The music they chose for the trailer is absolutely epic, as is the narration, and there’s a few intriguing images as well, like the one of Superman on fire and the one of the military guards surrounding him.

So, all in all, while it’s not great, it should be enough to tide me over until Friday. Check it out on the next page and let us know what you think.

Click below to continue reading and to watch the trailer.


You can watch the video below but like I said, while it is the Man of Steel trailer, it may be a bit of a let down. It’s really tough to make anything out and really, all you can get from it is the audio, along with a few quick images.

Nevertheless, if you really can’t wait till Friday, give it a view and see what you think. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the quality though.

Just to assist you guys, since we know the quality is so bad, we have posted the description from one of our earlier posts below. Check it out as it will explain some of what’s going on.

Please note: We do not own this video nor did we upload it, we found it on another website and have no control over it, so apologies in advance if it goes down.

  • We see flashes of Smallville. The farm house. Clark running in a red cape as a child.
  • This looks VERY different from Superman films of the past
  • An older, bearded Clark walks a snowy road in an arctic town.
  • We hear Russell Crowe’s voice talking about children being inspired to greater things
  • It sounds like it’s cut with Kevin Costner’s voice. Both fathers are giving Clark/Kal advice on how to become who he wants to be
  • We see Clark being brought to the Kent barn and shown the spaceship that has been hidden there
  • Clark holds a small piece of metal with the S logo on the end
  • We’re jumping back and forth through time periods
  • Clark, as a teen, saved a bus of kids
  • The bus crashed in the water and we see him swimming, pulling the door off
  • “People are afraid of what they don’t understand,” says Costner
  • We see Clark talking to Jor-El. They’re standing right in front of one another, but I think it’s a holographic projection (though it looks live)
  • We see Superman in the suit. First from a distance and then walking across a snowy plain
  • There are flashing of Superman flying and one of him catching someone falling off a building
  • A single flash of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane
  • One flash has Superman (in costume) — seemingly in handcuffs — being led down a hallway by a security force
  • We see Clark (without seeing his face) stepping into an elevator and begin to lift glasses to his face
  • There’s a flash of Clark, shirtless, with his whole body on fire
  • Another of him crashing into the bank vault we saw in the first still. It looks like he’s been thrown.
  • I’m not great at describing music, but it’s decidedly more somber than Williams’s score.
  • The whole look of it has a very dark, autumny feel to it all.
  • There’s a major discussion in the narration about the world turning against Superman because they don’t trust him if he ever appears.
  • There’s a flash of Zod, but literally so fast you just see his face.
  • Apparently someone witnessed young Clark as a child saving the bus with his powers.
  • None of the trademark Snyder shots in the trailer. No slo-mo or shuttery frames
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  • Josh Nitsche

    The music, the imagery, and the narration are overwhelmingly amazing.

  • Chris138

    The music used in that trailer is “Journey to the Line” by Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack for The Thin Red Line. It was also used in one of the first trailers for Pearl Harbor. Kind of weird to see it used here.

    • Josh Nitsche

      I thought I’d have to wait for the soundtrack. Thanks!!

      • DorkDad

        Gah! Sorry about the repost. Lo. Gotta read the comments before you try to show off your knowledge. My bad. Bad internet form. (c;
        -Dork Dad

        • Daniel William Stentz

          I used to think it was weird when i heard the same songs in multiple previews, but aside from the fact that it’s still zimmer’s music, perhaps the real music isn’t finished yet? movie doesn’t come out for another year.

      • J G d’Estaing

        And You think the soundtrack can beat the Iconic Williams Theme ? pfff…

        • Hucka Finna

          With time it can. It’s always about time. Time has a way to turn ordinary in to iconic or legendary. It is the great equalizer.

        • Michael Julius

          My friend, getting people to accept the Williams cues set to newer movies is an impossible feat. You are trying to get little kids to understand how important the main theme is and how it cant be a Superman movie without it. Nobody will ever top The original Superman OST, nobody. +1

    • Matthew Hernandez

      You may also recognize the music from Inception, because Zimmer uses the exact same chord progression and “theme.”

      • Geoffrey Shauger

        It’s actually not even close…you might want to either a) get your hearing checked or b) buy some Q-Tips

  • Duncan Webb


  • Prime

    Duncan you an idiot that was amazing and Hans Zimmer wrote that and he the composer for MOS. So it not weird.

    • doctuar

      Not even going to point out the irony.

      • David Lee

        I will! He called someone an idiot but did so in a way that actually made him look like an idiot because he is terrible at using proper grammar and spelling!


  • David Fhima

    Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack sounds very similar to the soundtrack from The Thin Red Line in this trailer

    • Geoffrey Shauger

      Probably because Zimmer did both

      • Matthew Hernandez

        And by did you mean Copy pasted it.

        • Geoffrey Shauger

          I’m sure someone out there thinks Superman is a copy and paste of Star Wars. There’s no accounting for how poor some people’s ears are.

          • Craig Barner

            I would like to meet these people so I can laugh in their faces.

  • Billy Morris

    Based on this ‘very blurry’ footage as the assholes at WB block PRIVATE videos (hate that corporate bullying crap) protecting IP’s my ass! #GREED

    Anyway. This just sounds, is narrated and looks like an ABSOLUTE abortion. Batman infused Superman with all of it’s depression. At least Green Lantern was filled with hope, this is just SOOO fucking dismal!!

    Absolute garbage, unless a new ‘clear’ version convinces but I doubt it very much from what little i’ve seen here.

    • Erick Śolis

      Because hey, being an extraterrestrial with super powers on a foreign planet, while finding out that you are adopted and that the whole world can turn on you while looking for your place as a person on a weak constructed society is supposed to make superman happy then I guess you are right. Superman is the image of hope, but in order to get there you have to see where is it he comes from, his personal conflict. That’s proper storytelling, something I doubt you know little from.

      I found this blurry footage completely amazing. Well acted, beautifully shot, great dialogue, great drama and character conflict that seems to drive an actual story rather than setting a film up for action set pieces. The score is from a previous Zimmer film, and if this is any director for his new take for this film, we are for something big here.

      • spiewak7

        I agree , you are absolutely right. That guy billy morris is an idiot

    • Big Larry Kitchen Knife

      You’re just a dick.

    • Vryus

      Superman is dark and always has been because the only thing
      keeping him from destroying the world is the morals that his human parents
      instilled in him. I hate to mention it
      because so many purists dislike it (like my father), but the quintessential storyline
      for me personally is the Apokolypse Now storyline from the Superman Animated
      Series that showed just how powerful he is when unleashed from his own morals.

      Superman is a dark and tragic character. He provides hope because he overcomes that
      darkness every day.

      • Hoey

        That was my FAVORITE! Episode . His speech gave me chills. I’ve held back for so long afraid of hurting someone ………. I am a HUGE Superman fan and despite all these changes I will always be a fan regardless through the good and the bad now everybody sit down shut up and wait for the movie and hold judgement til the credits.

  • DorkDad

    The music is from “Thin Red Line” by Hans Zimmer (most recently of “The Dark Knight” fame). It’s a piece that’s been used in trailers all over since its initial release in 1999. It was most effectively used in the “Pearl Harbor” trailor. If you happen to have the CD, it’s track #3 “Journey To The Line”. I’m sure someone’s got it uploaded on YouTube. Enjoy.
    -Dork Dad

  • Anthony

    despite them screwing up the suit and things, we shall see.

  • J G d’Estaing

    There is only one Superman film, it was done at the right moment in timeby Richard Donner. This film, which, if the producers hasn’t wanted to get so much money in cuting the film in two parts, instead on one of 3 hours full movie as it was intended to be done, could have been an unsurpassable super hero movie ever.

    • mr.c

      “i only like the old stuff everything new sucks because it just does”

    • MiztuhX

      Agree with you whole-heartedly. Superman, the comic-book hero and Superman: The Movie, are the grand-daddy of them all! All heroes derive from Superman, period.

  • Yezid Ramirez

    I now know what i have to do?

  • jsavak

    Can’t see anything … Video was taken down?

    • Matt

      Nope, still there.

  • jsavak

    excellent writing !! And superb score …I just don’t like cavill and the lois lane actress

  • camlabar

    the music was also used in inception. ” Time ” is the song title in inception. So now thats Inception, Pearl harbor, The thin red line and Man of Steel

    • Geoffrey Shauger

      This track was never used in Inception…the two are similar but not identical

      • camlabar

        Youre right my bad.

  • Yashal

    The flight scene looked breathtaking,

  • Alex

    The music is only a placeholder, folks.

  • Marco DeLau

    its not the official trailer Snyder said at the hall that”why give the fans at SDCC something everyones going to see?” its his own cut n paste cenes f the movie…not the official trailer, they didnt show that

  • Bubba

    Has the vid been taken down I can’t watch it?

  • Batman

    Saw it, Looks… more serious than the original superman film series. But I do believe they’re going in the right direction. There was one “Superman in action” scene…. sort of, superman is rocketing into the sky and seems to be pushing through the atmosphere at high velocities.

  • Superman426

    As we have all grown up with Superman in our lives, it is nice to see a change that can apply to our time. WB pisses me off with not sharing the Comic Con trailer, but from what can be seen I think this will be a new pinnacle for how the Superman story will be told.

  • he

    Music is from end scene Lord of the Rings 1. Not thick red line or anything else…..