Matt Damon Interested In Catholic Church Sex Scandal Drama

matt damon 2 537x357 Matt Damon Interested In Catholic Church Sex Scandal Drama

Matt Damon likes bringing major social issues to the big screen. He did it most recently with hydrofracking in Promised Land, he tried to do it in Green Zone, and now he’s interested in handling the Catholic Church sex scandal in Tom McCarthy’s new film.

Damon is reportedly the frontrunner to star in McCarthy’s film about the Boston Globe reporters who hunted up and broke the story that Cardinal Bernard Law was moving priests accused of sexual assault into other parishes, effectively covering up the sex scandal. Law was America’s Senior Catholic Prelate, the Archbishop of Boston, and the first high-level official to be accused of covering up child molestation charge within the Church. He resigned as Archbishop in 2002, but not before sixty-five parishes in the Archdiocese had to be closed down.

The scandal that was broken by the Boston Globe had far-reaching consequences for the Catholic Church, and seems like perfect fodder for a social reform film. McCarthy’s film wants to be a sort of All The President’s Men-style drama, which means that it would trace the journalists covering the story, and presumably the attempts at cover-up. McCarthy has been working on the script with Josh Singer (The West Wing) for awhile now. With Matt Damon interested and potentially involved, and DreamWorks already on board, it sounds like the film is moving closer to actual production.

Matt Damon has a good track record of picking roles so far, and he does love his hometown of Boston. One would assume that he’d play the role of one of the main journalists to break the story. This sounds like it could be a good part for him, if he winds up liking the script.

We’ll know more in the coming weeks as to whether or not Matt Damon will join the Catholic drama. In any case, it’s a very intriguing prospect.

Source: The Playlist
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  • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

    The protection of predator priests, and the re-victimization of the victims of clergy sexual abuse, by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, is a story that needs to be told, in order for some type of restorative justice to be given to the victims of clergy sexual abuse and to their families.

    I am a Catholic physician and I have met many who have been sexually abused by priests. I too was sexually assaulted by a Carmelite priest when I was a young doctor in Dublin, Ireland. It is sad to see that our American civil law is not making the hierarchy accountable for protecting predator priests, thereby putting more at risk of being sexually abused, especially innocent children.

    Why are the American Hierarchy being treated as too powerful to be made accountable for the harm that they have done? How can there be justice in our system of laws if an ordinary person can get up to 25 years in prison for raping or sodomizing a child, but priests and bishops in the church get off free?

    There have been at least 19 American bishops who have been sexual abusers according to the website: Justice for the victims is desperately needed, and the church has not been a good shepherd, instead, the church has been an accomplice to evil and the devil, in my view.

    I am glad to read that the truth of clergy sexual abuse is being considered as a movie in future. Too many victims have committed suicide around the world when they gave up hope that anyone would believe their stories of having been sexually abused by a priest, since the priest predator and the church have been ruthless in lying and in the denial of the truth.

    Sincerely, Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh, Chicago, Illinois