Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldn’t Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

the abcs of death 2013 r is for Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

With so many movies out there, it can really be a chore to watch every single worthwhile piece of cinema. Think about all the genres that exist. Seriously, think about them. Then you have to look at sub-genres, which provide enough material on their own for months on end – and how the hell are we supposed to pick out every little gem that doesn’t get a wide release?!

Well, if you’re a horror fan, you’re in luck, because Remy and I are crazy enough to hunt down literally every horror movie we can find. Sorry comedy, romance, drama, and other genre lovers, but horror is our game, and we’re here to dominate.

As for this year so far, there have been the typical highs and lows, but surprisingly we’re seeing more highs right about now. Even with shitstorms like Texas Chainsaw 3D and The Last Exorcism Part II gracing 2013 with their presence, films like Evil Dead and Maniac have made all the garbage easier to deal with. But those are the big titles everyone knows – what about the little guys? What about the independent horror films that don’t get to see the bright lights of wide distribution like their mainstream brothers do? Don’t worry, Remy and I found some keepers you can find through Video On Demand or you can buy on DVD/Blu-Ray by now, making for a horrifyingly comfortable movie night you don’t need to spend $12.50 on – unless you go big and buy the Blu-Ray that is.

Without wasting more of your time, let’s jump right in and start talking about these six lesser known horror films you probably missed this year (so far). Now you don’t have an excuse though. Get out there and get watching!


Remy – Come Out And Play

comeoutandplay 04 670x337 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

I know a lot of people were on the fence about Come Out And Play, which was a remake of the 70′s classic Who Could Kill A Child?, but I loved the original, and when a remake keeps the feel and story of the original, but is brave enough to bring it to a new generation, I can really admire what it’s trying to accomplish – and that is how I feel about Come Out And Play.

Come Out And Play is about a couple who are vacationing alone one last time before welcoming their baby into the world, but the island they land on just happens to be filled with kids who are maniacs. Think Children Of The Corn meets Village of the Damned and you have an idea. Thing is, there is no explanation or justification at all, just kids trying to kill adults.

What I like about this movie is EXACTLY what I liked about the original. It literally asks us the question: if your life or the life of someone you loved came down to it, could you kill a child to protect them? For me, I can say pretty quickly, yes. I could murderlate the fuck out of a kid. I mean, I know it would weigh on me, and I know I would never sleep soundly again, but I am an insomniac, so really, fuck it, I never sleep anyway. I could murder a group of adorable cartoon characters if they were trying to hurt me. Frankly, at this point, I am pretty sure I could murder anything. Wanna test the theory?

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Nato – Under The Bed

%name Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

I’ve featured director Steven C. Miller’s work so many times over the months Remy and I have been writing together, he probably thinks I’m some crazy stalker trying to grab his attention. Steven, if you’re reading this, I swear I’m normal. Just stop making movies I like so damn much and I’ll stop mentioning you!

But if we’re talking about under-the-radar horror movies in the first half of 2013, my first pick goes to Miller’s take on the boogeyman - Under The Bed. Starting out like a fun little family horror story in the vein of Joe Dante, we’re strung along while our main characters explain the weird occurrences happening every night (smoke filling the room, monster hands grabbing things, loud roars being heard), but once we finally hit Miller’s finale, the tone abruptly shifts for the better. Basically, all that family drama and creepiness Under The Bed sets up quickly turns into a balls to the wall creature feature, plunging us instantaneously into horror chaos.

While it might take what seems to be a long time for writer Eric Stolze’s story to reach its unrivaled peak, the wait is absolutely worth it. Under The Bed will certainly give you a reason to fear the dark yet again…

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Remy – The ABCs of Death

d is for dogfight the abcs of death 1 620x Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

I know Matt and I rambled on and on about how much we loved this movie, but it was overshadowed by V/H/S (and now V/H/S/2) and honestly, I would EASILY recommend it over V/H/S/2. The ABCs of Death is a horror anthology that features 26 short films, all from different young writers and directors, all based on the alphabet, and all of them featuring different ways to die. It’s about as creative as horror films can get, and there is truly something in it for everyone. Segments are done in so many different styles. First person, animation, surreal. And while some bits may not work, every single director was given total freedom, and that shines through with a varied, fun, and at times, fucked up film. It really is a gem of a film, with a sequel on the way, and mark my words, Matt and I WILL be featured in an installment down the road.

No, seriously.

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Nato – Would You Rather

%name Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

While Would You Rather may sound like the harmless game small children/drunken bar patrons might play, David Guy Levy’s film takes the innocence of the game and turns it into a Saw-like tournament of torture. Hosted by a wealthy “entrepreneur” named Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs), the sick bastard offers “contestants” a chance at unlimited wealth and a better life if they can win his game. The other “contestants?” Well once they are deemed “out” of the game, they are never heard from again, as Lambrick believes in rewarding the person who wants it most.

Getting past all that humanitarian bullshit Lambrick preaches about setting people free, we see a man who essentially gets off on power and control, toying with people’s lives for his own amusement. Each “contestant” thinks they’re attending a dinner party and just have to participate in silly little time wasters, but Shepard then decides each one’s fate to a degree, willingly choosing to let all but one person die.

Like I said, it’s basically a Saw knock-off, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The tortures aren’t outlandish and intricate, but more effective and efficient. It’s not about how they die, but about the tortures they endure. Simplicity is a thing of beauty in Would You Rather, and we really get to dive into thematic elements because of it.

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Remy – Room 237

room 237 2 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

Okay, okay, I know the horror sticklers may be pissed here, but really, Room 237 is a movie that deserves some real accolades, and though it is more documentary than horror, it’s a documentary ABOUT horror, plunging into the subject deeper than anyone has gone before.

Room 237 is a documentary about the Kubrick/King classic, The Shining, and what it does is shine a light on some of the INSANE fan theories regarding the symbolism of the film. But come on, how many of us horror fans do this with our favorite horror films? Dissect them after years, seeking out and finding hidden meaning in every single frame. Plus, we can all admit that Kubrick was one of the best and most articulate directors who ever lived, so seeing just HOW MANY continuity errors are in that film, you do begin to wonder why – but some of these theories are just batshit insane.

A coupe of them, like the moon faking, will really intrigue you though, and for that reason alone, this film deserves top shelf honors for 2013.

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Nato – Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio Nato And Remys Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldnt Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)

I was going to recommend a silly zombie comedy called Detention Of The Dead for my last pick, being nothing but a funny laugh-fest I had an absolute blast with, but I have to give Berberian Sound Studio props because writer/director Peter Strickland created an homage to an era that actually became its own incarnation of horror. If you want the simple watch, take Detention Of The Dead for a spin. But for those willing to have their intellect challenged and prodded by Strickland’s challenging material, I highly encourage you give this a try.

Strickland tells the story of a sound engineer (Toby Jones) who gets stuck working on a 1970′s Italian “Giallo” horror film in a poorly run studio, and the deterioration of his sanity as he gets farther and farther into the job. To do this, Strickland starts blending elements of the movie Jones is working on into his daily life, until scenes representing both are almost indistinguishable. Is Jones’ character stuck in the movie? Is he in some kind of dream state? It’s a serious mindf#ck of a film, but one that’s done with a distinctively magnificent style and with genre bending poise. The deeper you get into Strickland’s film, the more it will confuse (in a good way), hypnotize, and overtake you.

Don’t you love a filmmaker who doesn’t resort to babying his audience?

Have you seen any of this year’s lesser known horror films? Did we miss any gems you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments!

*A special thanks to Remy for stepping in to guest write! Feel free to follow either of us on Twitter for even more insanity and updates:

Matt Donato

Remy Carreiro

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  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    Loved Would You Rather, and I’ll be giving a few of these a look. Thanks!

  • Sub one

    I have never heard of any of these movies or the people reviewing them
    Should I?

    • Matt Donato

      haha that’s what we were going for with this article. Remy and I picked 6 lesser-known films that came out this you should definitely check out

  • Gatsby75

    Just watched ABC’s of Death a couple nights ago. Very good overall, though some of the films were…questionable.

    • David

      Which one would you say was the weirdest one? I forgot the letter but it was the one where these asian women were farting. That “letter” was… ummmm, “out there”.

      • Gatsby75

        I thought the weirdest one (which was still good) was “Z”. That was waaaay out there for me.

        • David

          Pfffffft… yeah, what the fuck was that about? “Z” was pretty off the wall for sure, Dude. Which one was the best for ya, Man?

  • Macchabee

    I loved Excision and The Loved Ones. I think those were recent and not exactly blockbusters.

  • Mister D

    I would recommend Go Goa Gone (Bollywood zombie movie), The Battery (a low budget buddy zombie film), and Resolution (a low budget buddy… something film). The first two a well done but conventional. Resolution is a bit out there and tough to decypher in one sitting, but the leads have good enough chemistry that I would have sat through it without the supernatural (or not) element.

  • David

    I’ve heard of The ABC’s of Death before but I couldn’t find it anywhere. One day, I finally found it in the most unlikely of places… the Swap Meet. It was also the golden price of 5 dollars but on DVD, on the plus side, it was brand spanking new. After calling some buddies over (6 including my chick & I: Total 8) we started The ABC’s of Death. Most of the film had brass balls but some of the film was just “out there”. The letter “A” was very random & yet badass. My favorite one would have to be “D”. Soooo amazing & honestly brought tears to my eyes. Truly amazing. Now hearing that a sequel is on the way, I’m soooo in. Awesome expose gentlemen. You just got yourself a new fan/follower.

    • Matt Donato

      Haha that sounds like a great fucking night. I did the same thing. Rented it on VOD and called my buddies over for a crazy watch. My favorites were D, L, and H, but so many were great. Much more upside than failures. Glad you like the stuff too! Remy and I pump one of these out a week, so be sure to check back!


    A French movie called ‘Ils’ simple but extremely effective, right to the end credits…….

  • devilgod

    Berberian Sound Studio – not worth the time.

  • Virginie

    I was lucky enough to see Berberian Sound Studio in a cinema. I thought it was amazing.

  • Sarah Khal Eesi Mankowski

    Thanks for mentioning Would You Rather. It really should not be missed, and has really stuck with me. Also, thanks for the recommendations on some others I have yet to see!