New Spider-Man Suit Will Be A High Tech Design


New Spider-Man Suit Will Be A High Tech Design

Many people have their feelings on the Spider-Man reboot. I for one am not too excited about it but I stand behind not judging something before you see it. That being said, the following news just doesn’t sit well with me.

It isn’t much but a movie insider stated:

“Andrew (Garfield) has been through numerous fittings for the suit which is a very high-tech design“.

Not sure what a ‘high tech design’ means but that doesn’t sound like something a high school student could make. I’m always worried that logic will go out the window when making a movie such as this, which can force you to have a problem with the movie while trying to enjoy it. I know it’s too soon and I’ll wait until I can see more on the story and such before moving closer to a yay or nay but this ‘high-tech design’ just seems off. At least until we know exactly what direction they are taking with this movie.

What do you guys think?

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