Paramount Is Moving Ahead With World War Z Sequel

world war z00 633x360 Paramount Is Moving Ahead With World War Z Sequel

After an impressive $111.8 million worldwide debut this weekend, Paramount is moving ahead with a sequel to their zombie flick World War Z. Vice Chairman of the studio, Rob Moore, confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter earlier today.

If you recall, the film was actually set to be the first in a trilogy, but when the production ran into trouble and word of mouth turned quite negative, those plans were scrapped.  Many were expecting the Brad Pitt-starring flick to bomb but instead, it opened strong and actually earned a few decent reviews. It currently sits at a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes and is currently the biggest debut of Pitt’s career, an impressive feat no doubt.

“The great thing about this process was that it showed what a great partner and producer Brad is,” says Moore. “He made a true commitment. I think the movie captured the public’s imagination with something that is fresh and different. And certainly, Brad gave a superb performance.”

I haven’t seen the film yet and after reading our very own Matt Donato’s review, I’m not in any rush to check it out. Admittedly, I think it looks alright and Pitt is usually pretty dependable but given what I’ve read here on WGTC and based on what I’m hearing from friends and colleagues, my excitement just isn’t too high for this one.

As for the sequel, well, I won’t say I’m totally opposed to it. World War Z is doing alright for itself and I would imagine that Paramount has learnt from the mistakes that they made with this first effort. If they can right their wrongs, and deliver a stronger film, then the World War Z franchise may stand a chance at becoming a true success. The source material is certainly there, all they have to do is get it right this time.

What do you think? Do you want to see a World War Z sequel?

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  • Dale

    Need a trilogy. Great fan of the book, which took pace after the Zombie war was over. Second movie could follow the war to it’s conclusion and the third movie could follow the book.

    • 1Opinion

      Going to be hard to follow the book in a third movie if half the story locales were poached for the globe-trotting first movie.

  • RoboDouche

    Why! How is this getting good reviews! It was nothing like the book. We’ve suddenly got CGI super fast mobs of zombies that nip you! This is like I am Legend all over again. You take a great book (I am Legend is awesome) and you add CGI, ignore the book completely and make millions with utter rubbish.

    Sorry guys but I hate this F%$king movie and I hope the writers, director and Brad Pitt get analy raped by a pod of whales. F%$king clowns. Oh yeah Will Smith to. Great actor but he should be banned from changing scripts and singing.

    • movie girl 55

      wow, your name says it…Take a chill pill dude .

  • RoboDouche

    Oh and no blood in a Zombie movie. WTF. What makes Zombies so badass is that they eat you alive. In this movie they take one bite and MAGIC you’re a supercharged CGI zombie that can run like an olympic athlete. Fricking discrace

  • RoboDouche

    Oh and while I’m ranting. Yeah I’m sure Israel would let all their nice neighbours into their zombie free country. Nothing against Israel but who wrote that one into the script

  • rob247

    You have to completely separate yourself from the book in order to enjoy this. Compared to Man of Steel, this movie was intense, exciting and never boring (if you had asked me a month ago whether I thought I’d like WWZ more than MOS, I would have asked what kinds of drugs you were taking).

    The premise is interesting and again, not like the book. A mix of global pandemic and zombie genres. It seems they took the name and went in an almost completely different direction – so you have to divorce yourself from the book and look at the bright side – maybe some cable company will option the rights for a reboot more like the source material – gives you something to look forward to. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie is not the CGI lemming/ant-horde like the commercials make it out to be. Also pleasantly surprised (unlike some of the people here) that you can make a decent, enjoyable contagion/zombie movie without excessive gore. Use your imaginations, folks. The ending definitely sets this up for at least one sequel, and I’m on board.

    • Robert Bayer

      You said it all quite perfectly .. and.. that’s what I wanted to say too …

  • Todd

    Personally very excited to see this film series continue. I understand fans of the genre who are upset by the filmmakers choice to tone down gore, but frankly that’s just the reality of a big budget canvas in the year 2013…and I don’t think this movie needed it. Part of what makes WWZ special is it isn’t beholden to the zombie genre – it is much bigger than that: a gritty globe-trotting adventure a la the Bourne series, but one in which that world being globe-trotted *through* is literally falling apart as the hero tries to stop it. For me that made for an extremely visceral and engaging movie experience. There were other surprises too, like the theme of human kindness and freak acts of survival despite incredible odds – not typical horror movie formula stuff, which kept the audience guessing and ultimately made it very exciting by the time the story reached its conclusion. The last time I felt this way while watching a movie was James Cameron’s Aliens when I was a teenager. I’m shocked that the author of this article on this entertainment website (linked to rottentomatoes and breaking the sequel story to half the world no less) has not yet attended this movie event of the summer and seems to be in no rush to do so. Matt I am sorry all your friends have led you to believe this movie blows so much. Consider finding a few crazy positive human filmgoers in your life to balance it out! I’m serious. One final thought…journalists and the internet have freaked out about this movie’s reshoots. Being a filmmaker myself, I would argue that ALL movie are nothing but problem solving – from script to edit. Movies don’t make themselves, they are made by people…people doing needlepoint while bungee jumping. The stop-and-fix approach should happen much more often in my opinion. The point is they were able to fix it, they did fix it, and the end result shows. Brad Pitt is one of the top dudes for a reason. Did I mention how great he is in this and everything he does? Stop depriving yourself, people! Go see this exciting movie.