Phillip Noyce Will Not Direct The Sequel To ‘Salt’


Phillip Noyce Will Not Direct The Sequel To 'Salt'

Angelina Jolie’s action-thriller Salt was a successful venture for herself and director Phillip Noyce, it took around $291 millon worldwide and by that means it justifies a sequel. But Noyce will not be involved. Ideas for a sequel have apparently been circulated by writer Kurt Wimmer and Noyce was originally interested in taking on another story with the Evelyn Salt. However the director now claims differently:

Those 3 Blu-ray cuts represent just about everything I have to offer on Everlyn Salt… If there ever is a sequel, better its directed by someone with a completely fresh take on what I believe could be a totally entertaining and complex series of stories.

According to reports Noyce has a couple of other projects lined up hence leaving the Salt sequel in another director’s hands. We’ll keep you updated on any further reports.

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