Robert Zemeckis Says Roger Rabbit Sequel May Still Happen

robert zemeckis might direct wizard of oz3 Robert Zemeckis Says Roger Rabbit Sequel May Still Happen

In an interview with Showbiz411, Robert Zemeckis teased fans with the prospect of a sequel to his 1988 classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the comedy/mystery/film noir/cartoon/live-action hybrid that has delighted fans and enraged grammarians for years. (Where is the question mark that belongs at the end of that title? That’s the real mystery here, Zemeckis!)

While promoting his upcoming film Flight, Zemeckis stated, “I have a [Roger Rabbit sequel] script at Disney, and we’re just waiting for all the executive changes to settle down there.” The “executive changes” he mentions are in reference to Alan Horn, the former president of Warner Bros., who a few months ago headed over to Disney to take over as Chairman there.

Still, there are some other obstacles to overcome, chiefly the fact that star Bob Hoskins recently announced he was retiring from movies (a development which also robbed the world of a potential Super Mario Bros. sequel).

And if there is anything that we learned from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it’s that sometimes the long-awaited sequel to an 80′s classic isn’t worth the wait.

Then again, Robert Zemeckis is the director responsible for Back to the Future Part II and Part III, which are widely regarded by me to be among the best sequels ever made.

What do you think? Are you excited by the prospect of a Roger Rabbit sequel? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Maxim

    Absolute majority of people agree that Indiana Jones 4 was WELL worth the wait. A great movie.

    • grimreaper1234567890

      Absolute majority? You’re kidding? Most agree that it was terrible. I thought it was decent, but that’s the general consensus. And Back to the Future II and III best sequels ever made? This writer is nuts

      • moosecock

        true dat nigga!

      • Marty McFlyy

        Back to the Future 2 and 3 were both great. You are the crazy one.

        • grimreaper1234567890

          Never said they weren’t, they are. Two of the best sequels ever made? That’s crazy talk Marty

      • M H

        Grimreaper1234567890, have you magically talked to the “most” amount of people that you say agree that it was terrible? How is that even quantifiable? I mean do you have concrete numbers to back up such a claim? Well I have actual numbers and here they are: Rotten Tomatoes has KOTCS at 78 percent which means it’s fresh. Metacritic has the majority of critics thinking it good with 27 positive reviews, 12 mixed, and only 1 negative. And their users are split with about equal thinking it was good and bad, with a slight advantage going to positive reviews (203 positive, 186 negative, and 88 mixed). And imdb has the movie in the top 5000 and has an average rating of about 6.4 which translates to slightly above average. How about before you make an outrageous claim about the unpopularity of something, you actually try to get some some solid numbers next time?


        • grimreaper1234567890

          If you’ve ever used imdb, you’d know that 6.4 isn’t too good (only absolutely horrible films get below a 6) and if you’ve ever surfed around the internet you’d know that KOTCS continues to be made fun of to this day and many people consider it as the black sheep in the franchise.

          Since you mentioned Rotten Tomatoes (and I agree with most critics that it is a decent film, just not on par with the first and third) I’d like to note that the user rating for that film is 59%. And the top critics percentage score is 63%. That’s not a terrible score by all means, just a very disapointing one for an Indiana Jones film that’s been in the making for that long.

          You’ve seriously never heard of the KOTCS’s backlash? I think it’s a bit exagerated, but it IS there. That much is undeniable unless you’ve been living under a rock.

          • M H

            Grimreaper1234567890, I have used imdb, and a six rating is more
            average, meaning not great, but not terrible, as you seem to posit.
            Horrible films on imdb get ratings closer to 3 or 4, or lower. For
            example Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space has a 3.8 right now. For
            another movie that’s close to KOTCS rating go to John Carter’s page
            which says it has 6.7 rating, which means audiences aren’t overwhelmed
            by the movie, but that they don’t think it’s terrible and that some
            actually find it good. Even the films up on the IMDb top 250 list are
            only at a 9.2 rating (The Shawshank Redemption and the The Godfather),
            not ten, and the films at the bottom (rank 189-250) are all rated solid

            And yes, I have seen the “blacklash” against KOTCS, but it’s
            mostly just regulated to opinion pieces or comments, such as these, not
            actual reviews of the film itself. You say you think it is a bit
            exaggerated, and I would agree, what I’m trying to get at though is that
            it seems more like the general consensus for the movie is mixed,
            leaning more towards positive, not negative.

            Plan 9 imdb
            John Carter imdb
            imdb 250

  • jpdanzig

    Hoskins was great in RR, but the only ESSENTIAL players are Zemeckis, Roger — and Jessica!!!

  • celebrimbor

    This man obviously never saw T2 and Aliens………. Best sequals ever made,mwah! Long time ago i had a laugh this good.

  • Jon

    What does he mean by us being robbed of a Mario sequel? I don’t know a single person that liked that movie. More like we were saved from having another Mario movie.

  • Robert Christopher Hayes

    As long as they do it with traditional, hand-drawn animation, I’m in.