RUMOR: Marvel Will Kill Off A Major Character In Avengers 4


Here’s Who May Die In Avengers 4

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to note that more often than not, 4chan leaks and rumors end up being nothing more than fan fiction, and there’s every chance that this latest tidbit is just that. Then again, we’ve also seen some accurate information come from the online forum, so who knows? Take it with a grain of salt, as always, but according to one user, Iron Man won’t be around for much longer.

Apparently, now that Chris Evans has renewed his contract, Captain America 4 is “on the table” and supposedly, the plot will revolve around Cap putting together a brand new team of Avengers, with the post saying that this could indicate Marvel will kill off Tony in Avengers 4, as there wouldn’t be much of a purpose for him anymore if this is indeed the route they head down. There wasn’t any further information provided, and admittedly, it’s more speculation than concrete info, but it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that this may be true.

After all, we know that the studio is getting ready to “retire” the old guard, with more and more new heroes joining the MCU with each passing year. As such, it’d make sense that some of the original Avengers would be on their way out soon in order to make room for the fresher faces we’ve been seeing, like Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, etc. Then again, killing off Iron Man would be a pretty bold move – one that we’re not sure Marvel has the guts to do.

Regardless, once the dust has settled from Avengers: Infinity War, and both Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Brie Larson-fronted Captain Marvel have enjoyed their time in the sun, the studio will begin to direct our attention toward the so-far untitled Avengers 4 in anticipation of its release on May 3rd, 2019. It might be some time then before we start to learn which hero, or heroes, will be meeting their end, but until we have some firm details for you to peruse, tell us, what do you make of this latest, potentially suspect report? Let us know in the usual spot and as always, watch this space for more.

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