Sam Mendes May Be Directing James Bond 24

Sam Mendes 1 Sam Mendes May Be Directing James Bond 24

English film director Sam Mendes, who helmed the lastest Bond film Skyfall, which turned out to be a major box-office success and raked over a billion dollars worldwide last year, may be returning to direct the upcoming James Bond 24 movie. Um, yes please?

At first, it seemed like Mendes wouldn’t be attached to the project due to the fact that John Logan’s busy script-writing schedule included penning not one, but two Bond sequels, which would require Mendes to direct two movies back-to-back. However, those projects will be individual stand-alone films, and thus the director is now interested in helming the next installment.

After Quantum of Solace didn’t quite make it to the heart of some critics, Mendes’ Skyfall won them over with his classy and stylish direction. He presented an action-packed flick with a delicious emotional twist at its core and reminded us why we fell in love with the 007 character in the first place, while also gracefully handling the exit of Judi Dench’s character which paved the way for a new M to take over.

Mendes has proven that with his direction, the Bond films not only can display great action sequences and dazzling cinematography, but they can also portray some inherent psychological and thought-provoking themes with excellent characterization. If he comes on board, it’s safe to say fans will definitely be happy to see what he does with James Bond 24.

The film is predicted to start production later this year or earlier next year, with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson as producers. Daniel Craig will be returning as the protagonist, with Ralph Fiennes in his new role as M and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.

Mendes is currently working on his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which opens on stage this summer, and then he’ll be helming the King Lear play. We’ll just have to sit tight until he’s finished his current projects, should he officially decide to direct James Bond 24.

Until the espionage movie is released in theaters, let us know what you think of Sam Mendes as the director? Did you like his work in Skyfall?

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  • Juan Cabrillo

    This is a CRITICAL piece of good news for the franchise! If Mendes can direct the next one, Craig stands to have a solid legacy of films by the time he passes the torch. Not only would a Mendes return keep Bond going in the right direction, it would keep David Arnold away from the franchise! Skyfall was the first really good soundtrack I’ve heard from a Bond film since The Living Daylights. A vote for Mendes is a vote for Thomas Newman. Let’s do it!

  • Swatyo

    actually the soundtrack was the weakest part of skyfall, other than that, the movie was a 10/10. They should actually bring Arnold back, his scores put more energy into the movie.

  • Anthony Donovan Stokes

    I have to disagree that it was action packed. I had a few complaints but one of them would be the movie was too damn long and it had pacing problems. Still a good movie, let’s hope the next one is a little shorter, though generally sequels to movies that are overrated become worse, like The Dark Knight Rises

    • Efe Dada

      I completely agree about The Dark Knight Rises. I’m one of those people who thought its predecessor was much better.

  • Paul Lane

    Makes $ense. Actually the Bond films have asked successful directors back again.
    Lewis Gilbert ha a big hit with “The Spy Who Loved Me”. So he came back (less successfully) for Moonraker. Hey How about Mendes remake Moonraker? He could fix it, it is one of the best Fleming books.

  • andrew11

    As much as I enjoyed Skyfall, I would rather not see Mendes waste more of his time/talent on blockbuster fluff. Which is to say that I would rather see another American Beauty or Rev. Road than another Bond film.