Sign This Petition To Make A Dredd Sequel Happen

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Just yesterday we heard that over the weekend at Comic-Con, Karl Urban urged fans to push for a sequel to the 2012 action film Dredd, an entertaining reboot that has since become a bit of a cult classic, despite not making back its budget at the box office.

Lionsgate has kept quiet on the sequel front and even though the film sold very well on DVD/Blu-Ray, we still have no green light for another Dredd film. It seems that people just won’t let the idea of a Dredd sequel die though as 2000AD, the publisher of the Judge Dredd comic, have launched a campaign that includes a petition for fans to sign if they want to see Dredd 2, or whatever it may be called.

Personally, I thought Dredd was a lot of fun and re-introduced the character in an effective way. Karl Urban was excellent in the role and despite a few shortcomings, I found the film to be quite enjoyable. I’m all for a sequel and would love to see one come to fruition, let’s hope that Lionsgate takes notice of the petition.

You can get involved with 2000AD’s campaign here, only if you’re interested in seeing a Dredd sequel of course. If you are though, tell us, what ideas do you have for a follow-up? Where do you want to see the story go? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    A Dredd sequel would be amazing.

    It was easily my favourite film of lady year and one of the best Sci-Fi action films in 20 years, in my opinion.

    Let’s make this sequel happen creeps! ;-)

  • Ashley Beeching

    A Dredd sequel would be amazing!
    It was easily my favourite film of last year and one of the best Sci-Fi/Action films in 20 years, in my opinion.

    Let’s make this sequel happen creeps! ;-)

  • riseup124

    Own my way to sign up. This is the one movie i want a sequel too. Followed by a Pacific Rim sequel.

    • MIXTER

      same here! Though in pacific rim 2, i hope to see daytime battles in other locations, not just the sea and cities at night time in the rain. Was good in pr 1 but more room for scope in a sequel.

      • riseup124

        WOW!!! Yes, exactly!!! There were some daytime scenes but they were too short. With that said, I have the same hopes for Dredd 2. I want them to explore the city and have more daytime scenes also.


    Signed! i got a good feelin about this! Tweet to Lionsgate movies too!

  • Donnie Gianesin

    This movie was gritty and ultra violent, but done right. the violence wasnt just for shock value. it matched the characters and the world they lived in. I’d give my left nut for a sequel.


    Yes please!! Will definitely sign it. Dredd 1 was lean and mean, no filler. Urban nailed it. For Dredd 2 some hand to hand combat, mutants, the wastelands done properly, and a inter block war.

  • Stefano Castelli

    Where is the actual petition? This article just links a mailing list subcription page.

  • hanna

    Please make a Dredd sequel!!

  • KRB

    Urban is Dredd! Next time PLEASE be more conscious of the trailer. The last one ruined everything! Movie was WAY better than the trailer let on.

  • JR

    I can’t believe this struggled at the box office it was fantastic. Finally got a great Dredd movie please make another one!!!

  • Firefly

    This Dredd sux it was soooo boring the Lawgiver didn’t even repeat back commands The original was sooo much better no sequel please

  • Karl-Urban-Isnt-Dredd

    Dredd sequel? Maybe. With Karl Urban as Dredd? Not interested.