Star Wars: Episode 7 Will Not Be Based On Thrawn Trilogy

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With yesterday’s announcement that Star Wars: Episode 7 is on the way, speculation as to where the plot is headed is in full swing. While we can’t tell you exactly what the story will entail, we can tell you this: The next trilogy will not be based on Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, like many had assumed.

The Thrawn Trilogy, also known as the Heir To The Empire Trilogy, is a series of novels that picks up the story 5 years after the events of Return Of The Jedi. The series introduces characters such as Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Mara Jade is an assassin who is sent to avenge the death of the Emperor by killing Luke Skywalker, but before killing him she falls for his blue eyes and blonde curls and they end up marrying. Luke is also trying to cope with the fact he’s the only Jedi left, and attempting to change that fact.

Princess Leia and Han Solo are also heavily involved, popping out a pair of twins. The name Thrawn refers to an admiral with imperial sympathies who takes over as leader of the enemy faction.

The series was generally well received by fans, and was even voted into NPR’s top 100 science fiction and fantasy books in 2011.

So that’s a quick overview of what some fans thought the story would be, but as reported by E Online, a source from Lucasfilm says that is not the direction the new trilogy will go, and it is indeed an original story.

So basically you can forget everything you know or don’t know about the Thrawn Trilogy. It’s all irrelevant. However, this does not pose the question of where the story is headed.

There have been rumors that the new films will pick up somewhere between 20 and 40 years after the events of Return Of The Jedi, possibly leaving the story open to appearances by Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill as their original characters. That hasn’t been close to confirmed, so don’t get your hopes up quite yet, it’s just one possibility to think about.

Where do you think the story should head? Are you disappointed that Star Wars: Episode 7 won’t follow the Thrawn Trilogy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • the oddity man

    Man, hasnt anyone heard of antitrust laws? first disney bought pixar, then marvel, now star wars, theyre in talks for james bond, whats next? disneys Matrix?

  • star wars freak

    i think episodes 7-9 should be prequels to episodes 1-3…the Ancient beginnings of the Jedi and the Sith…How Palpatine learned the dark side of the force. i dont want to see a fat Princess Leia…(New book called Start Wars; Darth Plagueis is a great story to create a movie from)

  • SWFan

    I think they can create a trilogy that will fit in between all of the novels without actually sharing their stories (such as using Mara Jade, etc). It would be good for not spoiling any of the great books out there.

  • Caedus

    I think it should revolve around the next generation of skywalkers..
    where han, leia and luke make appearances but not as main characters..
    Maybe set in the beginning of the Legacy era..The only problem is that
    so much happens before that and that people unfamiliar with EU will
    probably have no clue whats going on…

  • grt

    Surely the Thrawn Thrilogy is not irrelevant. It was a great story, far better than the movies. Episode 1-3 were just crap and I’m pretty sure Episode 7 will be crap too. Let Star Wars rest in peace, its time is over and there are better Sci-Fi-series and movies out there.

    • Alex Lowe

      Oh surely not irrelevant to Star Wars as a whole, simply to the plot for episode 7