10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

The Dark Knight Trilogy has come to an end and Christian Bale has completed his final outing as Batman. Though fanboy speculation and unproven rumors like to say otherwise, the actor will not be suiting up as the Caped Crusader for anymore films. That doesn’t mean that the Bat won’t appear on the silver screen again though, far from it actually.

Warner Bros. has already made clear their intentions to reboot the franchise sometime in the future and on top of that, they also have a Justice League film coming up and of course, the recently announced Batman/Superman team up movie, which may or may not be titled Batman vs. Superman. This means that they’re going to have to find someone else to take on the iconic role of Batman, a daunting task no doubt.

Bale has done such an excellent job with the role and it would be near impossible for any actor to follow in the footsteps of such a talented individual. Yet, if there had to be a group of actors with a shot at doing it, I think I have an idea of who would be on the list.

With that in mind, I present to you ten actors that could play Batman in the upcoming team up film.

Warning: These choices are inspired, different, unexpected and some of them, completely nuts. But hey, whoever said we like to conform?

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Ryan Gosling

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

I know what you’re thinking, so allow me to clarify. I am in no way suggesting that the Ryan Gosling we saw in The Notebook or in Crazy Stupid Love should step into the shoes of cinema’s most beloved superhero. Rather, I am referring to the Ryan Gosling we saw in films like Drive and Only God Forgives. I’m referring to the strong, silent type Ryan Gosling, the one who doesn’t put up with any nonsense and has no problem dishing out punishment.

Lately, Gosling has been showcasing a side of himself that’s dark, gritty, dramatic and tough, all qualities of a well-rounded Batman. Despite still dabbling in lighter fare in order to build up his female audience, the young Canadian actor is amongst the top talents in Hollywood. The handsome 32-year-old may seem a bit young for the role but the film is still a couple of years away.

Ryan Gosling is building a resume filled with impressive credits, and he’s only going to continue his upward trend. Oscar gold will be coming his way in the near future, and his status as a legitimate leading man who can impress both critics and audiences is solidifying.

I have no doubt that he can pull off superhero, and as an added benefit to Warner Bros, I’m sure Gosling would expand the franchise’s female audience. I loved what I saw of the actor in 2011′s Drive, and that film alone made me think of him for this list. His cold, calculated and sporadically violent Driver character reminded me of some of the Bat’s darker scenes. Personally, I would love to see an actor like Ryan Gosling take a shot at the role.

Bradley Cooper

bradley cooper lex luthor 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

Although mainly known for being a pretty face, actor Bradley Cooper is trying to prove that he’s more than just that. After breaking out with The Hangover, Cooper has gone on to take more dramatic roles, proving himself as a leading man in films like LimitlessSilver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond The Pines. He’s one of the hottest actors around right now and many have been rooting for him to take on a superhero role for a while.

Like Gosling, he’d be a draw for the ladies and his irresistible charm, charisma, and playboy-like antics would lend well to the Bruce Wayne persona. He’s also shown his action chops in films like The A-Team and will do so again in the upcoming American Sniper, proving that he has no problem kicking ass when need be.

Would he be menacing and intimidating enough to played the Caped Crusader? Well, it might take some work, but with the right vocal coach and a bit of a makeover, he could be the perfect actor to take on the Bat.

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Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender 007 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

Ah yes, Mr. Michael Fassbender, the man that people are currently touting as the greatest actor of this generation. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant about putting Mike on this list. For an actor drawn to projects like Shame and Hunger, he doesn’t seem like the type to tackle Batman. But then again, he starred in X-Men: First Class, is set to reprise his role in the sequel and will be flexing his assassin skills in the Assassin’s Creed film too.

Those roles may prevent him from headlining yet another blockbuster franchise, but if by some stroke of luck he’s able to sneak into the role, I think he would make an excellent Caped Crusader.

He has a particular screen presence that is very commanding. He made an excellent adversary as Magneto and I think he can take some of those qualities and lend them to the Bat. His natural good looks and undeniable confidence should help on the Bruce Wayne side of things and at 6 feet, he definitely looks imposing.

And then there’s the fact that he’s an absolutely terrific actor, in every way. I’m not knocking Christian Bale, or any of the other actors associated with Nolan’s Batman films, but Fassbender would bring the level of acting in superhero films up to a whole new level.

Idris Elba

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

Though this would be a bit of a controversial choice seeing as Batman has always been portrayed by a Caucasian, I’m still rooting for Idris Elba. Though not an A-lister like Gosling, Elba is a fantastic actor and one who is slowly, but surely, making a name for himself.

After building up a fanbase for his role as Stringer Bell on HBO’s celebrated drama The Wire, Elba has gone on to show off his tough and commanding presence in films like Thor, Prometheus and Takers, as well as the hit show Luther. He is also coming off of the very successful Pacific Rim, which has no doubt raised his profile even more.

With a strong, intimidating screen presence and a towering figure, Elba would make for a solid superhero. He plays the no-nonsense, large-and-in-charge role very well, and he could bring a necessary hard edge to the Caped Crusader.

Not familiar with Elba’s work? Check out the trailer below for Luther, an excellent show that I highly recommend.

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Joseph Fiennes

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always enjoyed Joseph Fiennes as an actor. He’s not exactly a household name and his career isn’t as successful as brother Ralph, but I do enjoy his work. Best known for Shakespeare in Love, which couldn’t be anymore different than The Dark Knight trilogy, Fiennes has also showcased his acting chops, and in an effective manner, in productions like Enemy at the Gates, Camelot and FlashForward, all of which I really enjoyed.

He can do both tough and charming (i.e. Bruce Wayne and Batman) and his lower profile may actually be beneficial for the film, as audiences won’t have any pre-conceived notions going into the reboot.

Fiennes is definitely an underdog, but I say give him a shot.

Wes Bentley

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

Again, another non A-List actor, but a talented individual nonetheless. Wes Bentley is a name that you’ve likely heard, but would have trouble associating a face with. Up until a while ago, I was in the same camp, so don’t feel bad.

The actor still hasn’t had his breakthrough role yet (some may argue he broke out in American Beauty), but his strong presence in the recent blockbuster The Hunger Games has ensured that this star-in-the-making will earn more recognition in the near future.

Like Cooper, I may have a tough time buying the tough guy superhero act, but also like Cooper, Bentley is a talent I believe in. Give him a workout regiment, teach him some basic fighting, and you may just have a Batman in the making.

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Joe Manganiello

joe manganiello 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

And then we come to Joe Manganiello, good ol Big Dick Ritchie from Magic Mike. Or, as he’s more commonly known, the hot werewolf Alcide from True Blood.

Manganiello is on the superhero fast track. Ever since being overlooked for the role of Superman in Man of Steel, the actor has been telling everyone who will listen that he still wants to play a hero, even stating that he’s going after the Batman role specifically.

Though I don’t think he has much talent in acting, he would make an admirable Caped Crusader for a few reasons. Like a couple other choices on the list, he would draw in the female crowd, no doubt about that. But, aside from that, there’s a few other reasons that I want to see Joe go from werewolf to bat.

Out of all the actors on this list, I think Joe is the most well equipped in the physicality department to play the part. This guy is huge. Trust me, I’ve interviewed him in person before and he’s one big motherfu**er. Plus, he has the advantage of already being in the good books with Warner Bros. They almost chose him for Man Of Steel, so they must have seen something in him, right?

Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper 2 10 11 kc 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

Once again, a bit of an underdog, but I still firmly believe that Mr. Cooper has the chops to pull it off. Ever since  I saw The Devil’s Double I’ve been sold on Dominic Cooper’s career. That being said, the dashing British actor is still in the process of making a name for himself and many would label him an unproven talent.

Sure, it would be a risk to put Cooper in the role, but like I said, I’m a big fan of this guy, and believe he could do justice to almost any role, including Batman. He already has experience in the comic book universe too, having starred in Marvel’s Captain America films, and with projects like Need for Speed and Dracula on the horizon, he is sure to gain even more exposure.

If you haven’t seen The Devil’s Double yet, check out the trailer below. Cooper’s fierce tour de force performance is awe inspiring.

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Andrew Lincoln

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

You gotta love the underdog choices, right? Here’s one: The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln. I know, he doesn’t look like the Batman type on first glance, but honestly, Lincoln is one of the best actors currently working on television and his Officer Rick Grimes on AMC’s hit show has me wholly convinced that he has what it takes to don the cape and cowl.

The confidence and leadership he exudes on The Walking Dead is perfect hero material. His character, Rick Grimes, is fearless, brave and courageous, always stepping up to lead the survivors and always restoring peace when there is chaos. Seems like something Batman would do, right?

The Grimes character is also someone in emotional turmoil and can be very loving as well as being fearsomely violent, but always concerned for the greater good, which has been a trait of the psychology of Batman since the character’s inception.

Lincoln plays the role perfectly and I could easily see him translating his work on the small screen to the big screen, should he be chosen to lead Warner Bros.’ most valuable franchise.

Stephen Dorff

%name 10 Actors That Can Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman

And finally, Stephen Dorff. Though some may call him washed up and nowhere near bankable, I still enjoy his work. I thought he was terrific in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, as well as in the little-seen 2008 film called Felon. In fact, I’ve always been rooting for Dorff to breakout into more mainstream roles.

He’s no stranger to the “tough guy” role, which would help immensely, and he’s also a bit of a sweetheart when he wants to be, as per Bruce Wayne’s romantic side. Dorff would probably be the most unlikely choice, since his star is probably the dimmest out of the ten choices listed here, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth consideration.

Check out the trailer for Somewhere below, which features a never been better Stephen Dorff. Then, head down to the comments below and let us know who you would like to see play Batman in the upcoming team up film.

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  • Lance

    Why does no one ever mention Jim Caviezel. He already pretty much plays Batman on Person of Interest.

    • tubstac

      Hell yes Jim would be awesome! As for the rest of that list wtf seriously!

    • captainjm

      yeah the only one i could imagine so far out of all the suggestions is caviezel as an older batman. gosling is a good actor but hes got jonney the human torch storm written all over him ,.even though hes a little old for the character . i thuoght those last two FF movies were really miscast espeicially with evans as the torch. and he happens to be the perfect CAP as it turns out. great actor ,not a good torch.id screen test wes bently but he doesent seem imediatly an obvious casting. but then niether did mike keaton at first. and he did great.

    • Jamie

      Excellent choice, first intelligent suggestion I’ve seen on this entire thread so far, definitely the only one I can see in the role and get on board with.

    • KB01191978

      He’s too old for them to tailor a reboot around him.

  • Aaron

    The only person on this list that would have a shot is Bradley Cooper.

    The person who will be playing Batman in the reboot is Armie Hammer.

  • Alex Stockwell

    In a weird way, I actually see Stephen Dorff playing Wolverine. As for Batman, if they ever make The Dark Knight Returns, I see Bruce Willis as old Batman.

    • tunstac

      I see Clint Eastwood as an old Batman, like the one in Batman Beyond

      • carlos

        good choice

      • mrchasmaniac

        Before Christian Bale I (Don’t laugh) I Liked Brendan Fraser, the square jaw etc. he has the acting chops(see Gods and Monsters). He’d be good as an older Batman.

      • rufusxaviersassparilla

        I always thought Ed Harris as the old Batman would have been perfect.

        • KB01191978

          Yeah, good choice. I could totally see him in that role.

      • KB01191978

        Not, they would do better with Bruce Willis or Christan Bale.

  • Johnny Utah Surfs For Justice

    Well, you certainly put together a list. Not a good list mind you, but one with numbers and actors for sure.

    • bale

      yeah pretty stupid list. forgot to add David Beckham lol

      • Stuttering Craig

        You’re a total retard, you little cocksucker!

      • Semper Fido

        We can call it “Bend it like Batman” :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dillon-Shawn/1610114987 Dillon Shawn

    Let’s not kid ourselves here…people WILL use the Nolan Batman series as the NEW gold standard for judging any batman film(before;or,after the series). Therefore,you’re going to need someone who can not only play the role;but,someone who will have the fanboys rioting in the streets,for better;or,worse(remember how the fanboys reacted when they chose Heath Ledger for the Joker,anyone?) .With that stated,WB/DC should go with Idris Elba;however,since they will reboot Batman in time for the,”Justice League Movie”,they will go with the dude from,”Third Rock From The Sun”,and continue the long tradition of making Batman,”safe and corny”(Getting off his soap box,while shrugging his shoulders,hoping the studios will pick Idris to be the,”Black Panther”).

  • Aidan Sikora

    Andrew Lincoln would make a phenomonal Batman

  • JohnClark_R6

    Only guy I even thought twice about on this list is Andrew Lincoln. But really none of them are good for Bruce Wayne/Batman. I could def see them in other roles though. Gosling was almost cast as Hal Jordan in the GL movie. Idris Elba would make a phenomenal John Stewart. Stephen Dorf as Constantine, Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen, Joseph Fienes as Martian Manhunter, and Wes Bentley as one half of the Wonder Twins. Lol.

    • CrimsonA

      Bradley Cooper could do Wally West but he’s no Barry Allen. Neil Patrick Harris should be Barry Allen.

  • Hewerdine

    If this batman reboot thus happens, I would like to see Chris Pine for the role of Mr. Wayne although i read somewhere earlier that he is one of the few actors being considered to play the Flash in the live action adaption including Bradley Cooper. Warner Bros./DC has quite made a casting error when Ryan Reynolds was cast as Hal Jordan when it should have been Bradley Cooper as GL, Ryan Reynolds as the Flash and Chris Pine as Batman reboot… From here on they can now assemble the Justice League putting in Henry Cavill as Superman… Now as to who will play Wonder Woman, they can cast Odette Yustman… while she is quite thin but she has the face, hey they can develop her body and toned her for the role…

  • Konstantine

    Worst list ever. Not even one good choice.. Ryan Gosling? Really? More like the hottest new names list rather than batman candidates. Lookls like the list was made by a 16 year old girl.

    • Ryan Hill

      Someone hasn’t seen “Drive”. The only ones that are decent are Elba, Fassbender, and Gosling in my opinion. The rest are pushing it.

  • Daniel William Stentz

    LOVE the background image… but i gotta say, this is a pretty poor list. Gosling? Cooper? I like Idris Elba too but this isn’t Stan Lee’s Batman, it’s Bob Kane’s Batman.

    I think David Boreanaz could be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman if he just got the right hairdo, the right demeanors. Think about it! I know it would be different because he’s mostly a TV actor but many tv actors have made successful leaps to film, such as Bruce Willis.

    • Chris

      It’s funny you mention David Boreanaz, because he actually was considered to play Bruce Wayne/Batman when Batman Begins was in development. I think he’d be good for it too.

  • Skyler Gonzalez

    Joaquin Phoenix

  • Skyler Gonzalez

    Or Daniel Day Lewis as an older, Dark Knight Returns type of Batman.

  • captainjm

    what about the actor who plays bones in the new star trek ,i think his name is karl something? he kinda looks like batman even without the mask.havent seen him in much but he just hit the mccoy role outa the park and basicly he was cast against type in that so hes got some depth ,which you,ve got to have to be batman .maybe take a look at jason omara from life on mars also . it might not hurt to check out some 30 somethings who are making an impression in indie films.

    • chase

      that’s karl urban. i totally agree, he will be a great batman

  • Justin Buell

    Is that Scarecrow in the background image for TDKR?

    Oh hell yes!

    • Riley Sailer

      Hey! Thanks for pointing that out. I just got a little more excited!

  • Dan

    You very obviously don’t know shit about Batman.

  • Jack Napier

    Wes Bentley

  • Lol

    What a shitty list. Awful. No good choices at all.

    • YIKES!

      it really was! glad this is only fanboy speculation!

  • Jack Napier

    idris alba playing batman would be like white people playing slaves in the movie “roots”, and im black so……

    • cd2ogz26


    • Brandon

      Dont u think we could use a non-white actor in superhero movies? Its about time we do something about the white dominated comic market, and Elba is an amazing actor to help change that.

      • hewira

        You guys have the black panther…….

        • Curious blk guy

          You guy? The fuck does that mean?

          • MrBlonde

            Means You guys, people of colour. Guys like yourself.

          • Moa S

            People of colour? What about other ethnic groups? Or are you just lumping them all together and counting white people as lack of color or (flavor while we are at it)?

          • Semper Fido

            I think he meant “You people”.

        • Juice Lee

          “we” also have the green lantern but nobody wants to do that now do they?

      • Jason75


      • Alex

        Then we reboot Green Lantern and have Idris Elba as him. I always thought the Green Lantern was black originally and besides…first movie really wasn’t that good.

        • Doug

          You, sir, have proven you cared more about the Justice League cartoon than the actual Green Lantern. John Stewart, the black Green Lantern, wasn’t around until 3 Green Lantern’s passed. Alan Scott, a white guy, was first; Hal Jordan was next, also white; Guy Gardner was the backup Lantern, but after he was put in a coma, then came John Stewart, the black Green Lantern. He and Hal were back and forth as being the Green Lantern because both of them were off and on in retirement, until he finally became a Green Lantern of his own accord alongside Hal Jordan.

          I do agree that having Idris Elba as John Stewart would be super bad ass, though. And as much as I liked Ryan Reynolds as the choice for Green Lantern, I agree that the movie wasn’t that great.

          • Alex

            Because that’s were I first heard of Green Lantern. So I didn’t know he wasn’t the first.

      • Anonimoose

        I agree, but why not give exposure to African-American characters as well. I think Elba would be perfect as Power Man AKA Luke Cage from the Marvel universe. Put him in the next Avengers. Although I would have to admire the balls on a casting director to cast Elba as Bruce Wayne.

      • http://www.facebook.com/AllenTheGreat5718 Allen Franklin

        There are black superheroes in both marvel and dc that black actors can pick up roles for, no need to change the defining characteristics of characters to achieve what you’re saying…

        • Raphael

          His race is not a defining characteristic. The events that led up to him becoming Batman are the defining characteristics.

          • http://www.facebook.com/AllenTheGreat5718 Allen Franklin

            a characters physical description is as much defining characteristics, as the events that occurred in their life. Yes there are exceptions, like there is with everything.. but Bruce Wayne being a white male is definitely a couple defining characteristics

          • Alan

            Good idea, I just love the idea of a white Black Panther!

          • ????

            You mean The Phantom?

      • Jeff Rittenour

        yeah – like when Will Smith as rumored to play captain america? That’s just silly. The prob was they should have created new/more ethnic characters…

        The best thing they could do is make an adult swim cartoon (along the likes of sealab – hanna barabara style) where they bring back the super-friends. But the main roster is always out fighting so the show revolves around the ethnic dudes left behind. lol. Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Samurai & Eldorado…and gleek. In today’s racial charge environment – this is a gold mine of opportunity…then again there is always jon stewart(? the black gl)…black panther…SPAWN…Bishop…blankman…steel…Meteor man…Richard Pryor in superman III…billy dee williams in batman
        hmmm not alot to work with…

      • slosh

        They already added Elba into Thor. Seriously was there a black man hanging out with the Vikings?

      • KB01191978

        I totally agree with you.

    • Todd

      If any of you were familiar with super hero comics, series, or movies you would know that Nick Fury (currently played by Sam Jackson) is WHITE in the comics, and every earlier presentation of Nick Fury, such as when Hasslehoff played him in the Nick Fury film a while back and played by a white guy in the series that included him. They made him a black man with Sam Jackson, so your argument is 100% invalid. Oh, and not to mention, The Green Lantern (played by Ryan Reynolds) is originally Black as well. So yeah….

      • Lewis

        They rebooted Nick Fury and made him black before casting Jackson in the role.

        So, it is your argument that is invalid.

        • Matt Pierce

          No, they didn’t. Nick Fury is still white. The Nick Fury that exists in the Ultimate Marvel continuity, a completely alternate reality from the mainstream continuity, is based on Jackson to begin with.

          • lucascott

            actually yes they did. They rebooted Fury based on Jackson well before the movies existed. And then when it was decided to cameo Fury in Iron Man they thought it would be a hoot to pitch it to Jackson since he was the inspiration for the comic. And he agreed to do the role.

            First comic book appearance of the Jackson inspired black Nick Fury was Ultimate Marvel Team up #5 in Aug 2001. There is even an inside joke in a later comic where the various heroes are talking about who should play them if there was ever a movie made about them and Fury says it has to be Sam Jackson, no one else would do.

          • lucascott

            actually yes they did. They rebooted Fury based on Jackson well before the movies existed. And then when it was decided to cameo Fury in Iron Man they thought it would be a hoot to pitch it to Jackson since he was the inspiration for the comic. And he agreed to do the role.

            First comic book appearance of the Jackson inspired black Nick Fury was Ultimate Marvel Team up #5 in Aug 2001. There is even an inside joke in a later comic where the various heroes are talking about who should play them if there was ever a movie made about them and Fury says it has to be Sam Jackson, no one else would do.

        • Todd

          If you are talking about the screen. That is completely irrelevant. The point was, He was once white, now black. In response to the guy talking about how its stupid to change race. That, is the entire point, so if that is the case, you have no relevance. If that isn’t the case, then refer to Matt Pierce. Because he is right as well.

          • commonsense101

            Yea but Nick Fury is not an Iconic “Principle” superhero. So it doesnt really seem that out of place. To gender or race change a Principle superhero would not work as easily.

          • commonsense101

            could you imagine a chinese Superman? Or a female Spiderman? it just doesnt work

          • Juice Lee

            we have a half latino half black spider-man now so….

          • Moa S

            Dean Cain was a half Japanese Superman.

          • Alex

            No and yes. Spider-Girl, Peter Parker’s daughter.

          • Shane Justice

            don’t forget Spider-Bitch Parker’s granddaughter…not making that up. She’s also half black btw

          • http://www.facebook.com/AllenTheGreat5718 Allen Franklin

            I completely understand where you’re coming from with the Iconic “Principle” Superhero; all those changes people have mentioned such as Dean Cain, the new Ultimate Spiderman, spidergirl and all.. THEY ARNT THE ACTUAL CHARACTER! They’re not Clark Kent, or Peter Parker with a gender or race change, they’re different people who are using the same or similar mantles.. thats what makes it ok.

            As a black person, i would be shocked if they made a black bruce wayne because he has been inarguably defined as a caucasian male. Nick Fury, as stated earlier, isnt as important to the Marvel franchise as batman is to DC, so the race change didnt and wouldnt hit as hard

          • Raphael

            Ummmm but Dean Cain did play Clark Kent who is Superman….not a different character…so yea….

          • KB01191978

            Why would you be shocked? They change the meaning of words all the time, they make changes to the bible, they make changes to HIStory, and they make changes to the laws we are suppose to abide by all the time. By saying that Nick Fury is not important enough, so it’s ok to change his ethnicity. So, are you saying that it would be wrong to change the ethnicity of an important character? That is so silly because we should not be defining one another based on ethnicity, it should be based on ability and what is on the inside. Just because a character is defined as one ethnicity doesn’t mean that the definition cannot be changed. It happens more than people notice when characters are of color in some books that are turned into films. There are many ethnicity changes when characters in tons of movies

          • Allen Franklin

            “By saying that Nick Fury is not important enough, so it’s ok to change his ethnicity”

            I believe I said… “Nick Fury, as stated earlier, isnt as important to the Marvel franchise as batman is to DC, so the race change didnt and wouldnt hit as hard”

            I didnt say anything about anything being “ok,” I specifically said its not as big of an impact. Nowhere near as many people know who nick fury is, as they do bruce wayne; it would be silly to argue that a change in ethnicity between the characters are in the same league of relevance.

            “That is so silly because we should not be defining one another based on ethnicity, it should be based on ability and what is on the inside.”

            This sounds extremely familiar to the rhetoric that “racially blind” people say, without realizing that race is indeed still a major issue where we all live. Its unfortunate that its still an issue, but never the less, ignoring the issue doesnt make it go away.

            “It happens more than people notice when characters are of color in some books that are turned into films”

            So true, like i told a friend of mine earlier today “Whitewashing in hollywood makes my ass itch, its so frustrating”. As i mentioned in my previous comment though, its a different scenario when its a different character picking up a same or similar mantle though (like Miles in the Ultimate Universe becoming spiderman, or Steel making himself a superman “clone”)

          • Longrodvonhugendong

            Spidergirl…look it up…she exists….lol

          • KB01191978

            What is race?

      • Pufnstuff

        The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, was white. His successor, Hal Jordan, was white. *His* successor, John Stewart, *was* black, but he wasn’t around for very long before being replaced by Guy Gardner, also a white guy. When they produced the animated Justice League cartoon, they chose to showcase John Stewart for the sake of diversity. So when you say GL was originally black, you only go to prove you know NOTHING of GL except from the cartoon.

        • Todd

          I apologize. I was more so just trying to add more to thought than Nick Fury. You are right, I do not know much of Green Lantern. Reason, I think most DC comics (aside from a very, very, slight few [including Batman]) is garbage. I am very fluent in Marvel, that’s my area, and the comic book world that I love, and grew up with.

          • Shane Justice

            That’s where you’re problem lies imo. DC comics has been far superior to Marvel in all areas, aside from movies, for over a decade now. They’ve even beaten them in sales a few different months, which is a HUGE deal as most people grew up reading Marvel and DC was kinda shit in the 80′s and 90′s. Either way, if you’re still a comic fan, you would be doing yourself a gigantic favor by picking up some trades from the last ten years or so and holding on tight for some of the best art and storytelling that have ever hit the stands

          • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

            If you are “fluent” in Marvel you would have known Fury was black prior to Jackson being cast in the films.

        • Moa S

          Don’t forget about Kyle. The mexican GL.

      • Himura

        No dude, they made Nick Fury black in the movies because they made him black in the Ultimate universe. I frankly don’t give a damn because in all seriousness, Samuel Jackson is just a badass mother fucker.

        • http://www.raidz3ro.com/ raidz3ro

          And he’s got the wallet to prove it :)

          • Jeff Rittenour


        • Shane Justice

          Jamie Foxx would be a waaaay better Nick Fury

          • Omar Oshea

            I disagree Sam Jckson is a bad mother fucker, Foxx is Mother Fucker Jones end of story

          • t040484

            you guys are funny!!!

          • Raphael

            That Nick Fury was literally based off of Sam Jackson, so no.

        • Ratchet

          Samuel L Motherf*kin Jackson!

        • lucascott

          There’s a prime example. The writers of the source material were wiling to screw around with the races of characters. So why can’t movie makers using same material as inspiration.

        • lucascott

          There’s a prime example. The writers of the source material were wiling to screw around with the races of characters. So why can’t movie makers using same material as inspiration.

      • Brian

        Actually, the first three Green Lanterns were white. You’re thinking of John Stewart. Also, Nick Fury was black in the Ultimate Universe, which served as the foundation for the movies. The reason nobody has a problem with that casting choice is that if they wanted to include the classic Nick Fury, they’d have a hard time explaining how a ninety year old white dude without super-powers is so active.
        Finally, if you want people to embrace black characters, you need to write new and intriguing ones that match their cultural heritage, not just package a white billionaire with a black actor. It’s one of the reasons why nobody, including black people, wanted to see Catwoman.

        • Shane Justice

          Jamie Foxx would have owned black Nick Fury, and Bruce Willis could still own as the cracker version

        • http://www.facebook.com/AllenTheGreat5718 Allen Franklin

          speaking as a black person, this is so true (and the catwoman movie just want that good)

        • Raphael

          As I said before the race of the character is not what makes the character. His origin does not specifically say he has to be a white, black, asian or whatever guy. As long as the actor can play the role is all that matters. We have to get pass this whole since the original creation was white, then he must stay that way. Batman was created in 30s….of course he’s going to be white originally.

          • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

            Actually if you look at his origin in 1939 comic.. he’s white.

      • sarod

        And if you were familiar with comics, you’d know that Alan Scott was the first GL ( had nothing to do with the GL Corps, however, and was caucasian), then came Hal Jordan, another White guy, and then in the eighties came along John Stewart, the black Green Lantern, who was used as a backup GL until Hal Jordan gave up being GL for a while to which Stewart then became a full time GL for quite a while. And… The original Marvel Universe has Nick Fury as White, while the Ultimate Universe has the Black Nick Fury. I think it would be awesome if the ultimate storyline would do a origin story for him and explain it that Nick Fury isn’t a real name, but rather a code name, like James Bond, to which I read a while back is why there are different James Bonds over the years.

        • b-rad

          And to add to that they had to keep bringing Hal Jordan back because they other GL sucked!

      • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

        Actually before Jackson took the role, Fury was changed to an African American in the Ultimates series. The artist thought of Sam Jackson as the character and modelled him after him.

      • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

        Umm the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern was never black. Green Lantern #1 Alan Scott- caucasian. Green Lantern #2 Hal Jordan (which Reynolds played)-caucasian. Green Lantern #3 Guy Gardner- caucasian Green Lantern #4 John Stewert-Black Green Lantern #5 Kyle Raynor- Caucasian.

      • b-rad

        Thats the dumbest statement i ever heard Hal Jordan was NEVER a black guy.

    • Zandy Zain

      How bout nightrunner, he can play as batman of the france

    • jazzyjules63

      I agree. Everytime people discuss a new James Bond his name comes up as well and those who want him call those who don’t racists. Yet I don’t see them putting up any Asian actors. Why not have Donny Yen? Because it’s STUPID.

    • Raphael

      And why not? Batman’s race is not specific to his character. As long as the actor embodies everything that makes the character great that is all that matters. Now if at any point in the character’s origin his race played a factor then I would agree, but it really doesn’t. We are just use to seeing him as a Caucasian man.

      • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

        Raphael, if Batman were a character in a novel then I could see an arguement to possibly cast someone other than a caucasian person. But the comics have firmly established since 1939 Batman is white.

        • lucascott


          I mean “it’s the way it’s always been done” isn’t really a firm argument when talking about a fictional character.

        • lucascott


          I mean “it’s the way it’s always been done” isn’t really a firm argument when talking about a fictional character.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neville-Ross/100002343524258 Neville Ross

        Raphael: You’d also have to come up with a compelling and REALISTIC reason as to how a black Bruce Wayne could have had inherited wealth going back centuries (when Stan Lee did his version of Batman, who was black, his version was a pro wrestler who’d made a fortune in the pro wrestling circuits after a long prison sentence that he was framed for, thus enabling him to have enough money to be Batman.) But this version would have to have a great and realistically logical race-based reason to be having a billion dollar fortune to play around with, and have his shade of skin color (maybe establish that his mother was a black woman that married into the Wayne family, and make him out to be a light-skinned back man [aka 'high 'yaller boy']?)

        At any rate, I want to see a future Batman movie succeed, not just be derailed by controversy started by Faux Noise and racist groups.

        • Alan

          I would love the idea of a white Black Panther, but you’er right, Faux Noise and racist groups would get pissed off. We better bow to them.

      • http://twitter.com/Lexi477 Lexi Kyzar

        I think it means something in Batman’s case. He’s a member of privileged groups (white, male, old money) in every way on the outside. How people view him is a stark contrast to who he sees himself.

      • Run

        Part of the Wayne family history is its participation in transporting slaves via the underground – which runs under Wayne Manor – to their freedom.

        The Wayne family could therefore be white or black. Bruce could be black.

    • Semper Fido

      I dunno. I’d have loved to see Michael Clark Duncan do it. And yes, I am joking. But wouldn’t it rock?

    • KB01191978

      Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you can say it.

  • edgesight
  • J Biz

    Jon Hamm

  • Cyvaris

    Joseph Gordon Levitt or bust.

    • Adam

      He won’t be Batman cuz if you saw Dark Knight Rises…he’s Robin. So casting him as Bruce Wayne/Batman would never work.

      • Cyvaris

        Need I remind you that Batman is not just one man? He is a symbol. Any man can don the suit, his name need not be Bruce Wayne. Robin Blake could easily take up the mantle of Batman and I would be fine with it.

        • Eric Bassols

          yeah agreed pretty sure that was a clear point among the three movies. jgl is the next batman for youre imagination. the name was a throwback. hi my name is robin and my alter ego is robin.

          • David Kojima Ryan

            finally, someone gets it. He’s not gonna be robin. and people are silly for thinking so

          • DDJJ

            dude, he was robin in TDKR, he’s not “going to be”. he played the part of the sidekick, he just didn’t wear a costume, which i thought was good, because that way he fits into nolan’s batman world much better.

    • Tinwoods

      Bust. He’s way too short (or at least looks short). Perfect Robin though.

  • Josh

    It better be Joseph Gordon levitt… Enough said.

    • Ethan

      The series is being rebooted. No exe is going to risk anchoring a turd on Nolan’s legacy. They’re already putting the reboot together so that they can release it in 2 or years

    • Jose

      What About

      Channing Tatum!!!!!! He Would Be the perfect batman. He 6’2 all the girls love him and He’d probably be better batman then Christian Bale

      • PianomanCJ

        Channing Tatum? Really?

      • Oliver

        Yeah and we’ll have Zac Efron as Robin and Will Ferrell as the Riddler! Be serious

      • Alex

        You’re funny.

      • jon

        u messed up if u think if anyone will b better than christian bale

        • Shane Justice

          If you think Bale was a good Batman, then you’re messed up

          • Lorenzo Celis

            Yeah, he was a great batman.

          • SSJ_Warrior

            stfu Bale was the best Batman.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            it is to laugh.

          • SSJ_Warrior

            He had the best portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Keaton was NOT Bruce Wayne and his Batman was pretty good but I prefer Bale. On top of that Bale is a damn good actor.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            no shit…Adam West was a MILLION times the Batman Bale was. How said his batman is – he represents NOTHING about Batman to me. I grew up with the world’s greatest detective – not this shallow, winy ponce.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neville-Ross/100002343524258 Neville Ross

            You and I grew up with a man who overacts, has a paunch (West’s Batman would be beaten to a pulp in real life, as would Ward’s Robin), comes to obvious conclusions, can barely fight (and has too little knowledge of CQC or martial arts), relies on Gadgets TOO much, and finally is just too dammed silly to be a victim of a crime who then becomes Batman. At least The Brave & The Bold TV show is tolerable.

          • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

            I think your messed up !

      • Link

        You need an sctor to portray Batman and Channing tatum cannot act

        • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

          very true, BATMAN/ BRUCE WAYNE its a legendary character you need good actors to portray him

      • Kame789

        Channing Wigga Tatum? The guy who talks like Eminem? No.

      • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

        Problem is he’s a terrible actor.

      • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

        you need to watch more of Channing Tatum films, he doesn’t have that dark, edgy character to be Bruce Wayne/Batman. I prefer a method actor that can portray this character, obviously thats what C.Bale is

    • Tinwoods

      Like Dorff and few others on this list, Gordon is too short. I want my Batman to be at least six feet tall. I say Fassbender.


        You like Dorff but think Gordon is too short?? LOL!!

      • Jeff Rittenour

        this is why Burton/Keaton’s batman is great. If he was 6 feet tall and ripped liked in SOME of the comics – why would he need to dress up as a bat. He’d be intimidating on his own. He could wear a dress and corner you in a dark alley and you’d be like “shit this muscle woman gonna beat my ass!” …Keaton NEEDS the bat-suit to instill fear….then he beats your ass. I love that psychology to him. I much prefer the symbol of fear and terror than the symbol of “hereo” and that “any one can be batman”…

        to wihc I might add – doesn’t that defeat the purpose of him being batman? If he’s not special then why is he the greatest non powered superhero ever? Cuz anybody can be him? Me thinks not… Bruce Wayne is A LITTLE more resourceful than me lol or anyone on here lol

        • nightwing

          that was really funny. i nearly pissed myself laughing. i agree. i want to see a film about a transgendersuperhero now.

      • Kame789

        Fassbender is already about 35. By the time the next Batman movie comes out, he’ll be at least 40. Batman is usually portrayed as being in his late 20s-early 30s.

    • Guest

      the nolan franchise and characters are done

      common knowledge for over a year!

    • flashfast2000

      Gordon Levitt will become Nightwing.

      • matthew12358

        no are you stupid hes robin ,robin john blake if theres an other batman movie it will be the best

        • flashfast2000

          Your a double stupid person.

          • furo30

            “Your” a double stupid person? It’s YOU’RE. If YOU’RE going to insult someone do it properly.

            And to all the grammar nazi’s out there – if it’s OK for you to write like idiots, then it is OK for me to call you out on it.

          • flashfast2000

            Yours a triple stupid, stinky pants persons.

        • robk

          robin becomes nightwing. stupid

          • ZombieGasoline

            Not John Blake, The original Nightwing was Dick Grayson. John Blake isn’t any of the Robin’s from the comics. He’s just a new Robin to introduce his concept.

          • Mr.Simmons

            Actually, it’s never really stated what his real name is… Whatever it is has “Robin” in it, but it could very well be Dick Robin Grayson and he got it changed later.

          • http://twitter.com/Lexi477 Lexi Kyzar

            John Blake is the first three Robins combined. Dick’s quips, Jason’s anger and Tim’s intelligence. Orphaned young like Dick and Jason, sort of on his own like Jason was, and realizes who Batman is by himself like Tim.

    • Stuey

      I like Batman movies that are BATMAN movies..TDKR is one of the worst movie I seen base on Batman. John Blake???? Dick, Jason, Tim…do those name ring a bell?? Joseph Levitt Batman??? LMAO..So glad Nolan mite die..stop him from making anymore Batman movies…STICK TO THE CONTENMT OF THE COMIC BOOKS THATS WHY THEY WORKED FOR 5 decades

      • Voldemort

        Batman and Robin sticked to the comic books and it is the worst movie ever. Sticking to comics doesn’t work, you fucking fanboy. If you think TDKR was bad, you clearly have no taste.Nolan isn’t going to die and btw, he is more rich, talented and creative that youll ever be.

        • Mr.Simmons

          In what way under GOD did the abomination known as Batman and Robin stick to the comics?! They had a giant, beefy Mr. Freeze, nipples on the bat-suit, Batman with a Visa card, bat-skates, Batgirl was some niece of Alfred’s who never existed in the comics (Batgirl was Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter), and reduced Bane, one of Batman’s most intellectual foes, into a mindless brute who follows Poison Ivy around like a lost puppy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neville-Ross/100002343524258 Neville Ross

            I agree with you, even though I still LIKE it as a guilty pleasure.

          • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

            Batman & Robin was just a theatrical revival of the Adfam West Batman TV series in my mind

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neville-Ross/100002343524258 Neville Ross

          You da man, as they say these days.

        • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

          And except for the ending TDKR did stay with the comics. Knightfall and No Man’s Land. Except for the part in the cafe at the end, I loved the film. I mean we find out the auto pilot was fixed (which considering The Bat was in a nuclear explosion it looked pretty good!) and the Batsignal was repaired. It should have ended with those and the thought that the Batman may still be out there. Instead we now have an orphanage over the Batcave (Hey Bruce, way to put those kids in danger if Blake follows your lead) and an unemployed cop possibly taking over the cape (anyone ever wonder how Blake will fund his exploits considering he is unemployed and Wayne Enterprises is pretty much done)

        • dark dweller

          no offence but tdkr is the worst 1 of nolans films the villans were bad the only thing he got right was casting hardy the villans also seemed to die in a rush it was just too long and also where was the joker werent he locked up when the prisoners were releashed by bane

  • BatJoke0

    Bradley Cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Josiebear

    Clive Owen….IS BATMAN!!!

  • Zack Koop

    except for Joe and Andrew, your whole is actors who COULD play Batman through a lot of hard work and changing this or that. How about some guys who WOULD be a good Batman? Also half of these make no sense. You’re trying to re-boot it like it’s Nolan’s Batman all over again. It’s going to be different.

  • Pranto

    I don’t mind to see Fassbender or Jon Hamm to portray Bruce Wayne/BATMAN next.
    JG levitt is more suitable for ROBIN, IMO ;D

  • Jay

    Wes Bentley looks too much like Henry Cavill (Superman)
    Joseph Fienes would be a good choice though.

  • Joao Pedro Canhenha

    Why not Jake Gyllenhaal? He’s a good actor and has capabilities to make a believable Batman and Bruce Wayne.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000015656584 Alex Bauman

      It’s funny you should say that as Jake Gyllenhaal was the 2nd choice to play Batman in Batman Begins

      • g400

        would have looked pretty strange with scenes kissing his sister in the dark knight then hahaha

  • Blacksun

    Idris Elba? He’s an impressive actor, but come on as Bruce Wayne? Lay off the crack, man! Its already hard enough to find Bale’s equivalent. Jim Caviezel isn’t a bad choice. Same goes for John Hamm. Especially, Clint Eastwood as the older Bruce Wayne (kinda like “Looper”). I’m shocked that no one voted for Johnny Depp. This is a really tough question to answer. But I, too, would want JGL to take the mantle since Nolan has already set him up for it. As for the others, yes, Bradley Cooper should’ve been GL. James Franco as Barry Allen, The Flash. Ryan Reynolds for the role of DEADPOOL! Stephen Dorff should’ve been Gambit, but he’s too old now. Channing Tatum as Captain America (even though Chris Evans could act better than him). Ryan Gosling, would be better off as The Man Without Fear, Daredevil! Or Aquaman (no facial hair) even.

  • Chris N.

    whole time im reading this i was thinking how good andrew lincoln would be for the part but low and behold i get to the final page and there he is. awesome

  • Dom

    This has to be one of the worst lists I’ve ever seen. Some of these choices make me think the author is going through a hipster phase more than he is actually thinking about a good casting choice. Lets try to be a bit more serious next time.

    • Stuttering Craig

      Well, tough shit!

  • chase

    all i gotta say is Nolan considered good old inception style Leo for a Riddler before he chose bane, and I for one would love to see that casting work out in this next series. if he grew his hair out, well, you’d have “the batman” or “jim carrey” style, or groom his hair perfectly, and you’d have animated series or arkham style. the man was made to be this dark, clever, twisted, brooding, and egotistical character. he could do it so well!!!

  • Courtney Ashford

    Why did you have to have that background!?! I have not seen the movie yet and it gave something away :( Oh well. I agree with a lot of people that JGL HAS to be the next batman. He can actually act and is not a has been/never been (as some on this list are) nor overpriced (like a lot of the others are). Plus, I LOVE Idris Elba, I do, but look at how so-called “Hunger Games” fans freaked out about BLACK actors playing BLACK characters. Therefore, there will be no black batman.

    • Jamie

      Actually, I completely agree. JLG would be my first choice and if not him, Jim Caviezel is the only other actor I could see in the role. Those are the only two.

    • comanche

      Idris Elba would be the Darkest Knight.

  • Bibo Reyes

    Wow… I’m a very open-minded person but this is a really bad, bad list :)) It’s like this knows nothing about Batman

    • Alan

      The person that cast Bale knew NOTHING about batman… this list is 100X better than him… still shit though.

  • me

    why the hell is everyone saying joshua gordon levit? HES ROBIN! *angry face*

  • Azam

    i know it’s almost impossible to imagine Hugh Jackman as anything else but Wolverine. But i think he’ll make a brilliant Bruce Wayne & Batman.

    You need to have the ability to look rich & posh as Bruce Wayne, at the same time embed sorrowfulness behind the cape crusaders mask.

    Hugh Jackman might just be the right man to take over from Bale.

  • Gaylord

    Josh Brolin or Joseph Gordon Levitt

  • Xavier Allen

    Joseph Gorden Levitt seems a little young to become the Bat.

  • Ev

    I really hope they don’t ruin a good thing. Unless Nolan and Bale return, I don’t see anyway a reboot would work out well. If Bale really wants to call it quits, maybe Levitt as Nightwing spinoff?? And also since Nolan is producing the Man of Steel, I REALLY hope a Batman (Bale) and Superman movie can be made with Nolan involved either as writer, producer, director or all three

    • http://www.facebook.com/AllenTheGreat5718 Allen Franklin

      there have been plans for a Justice League movie for over a decade, been pushed back, canceled, reinstated and all kinds of jive. The point is, if there is going to be a justice league member, there needs to be a batman, and if Nolan isnt directing anymore batman movies then there needs to be a reboot

  • nothingained

    Worst list of possible actors to take over the character. Try again.

    • Stuttering Craig

      Go fuck yourself!

  • nothingained

    Worst list of possible replacements I have ever seen. Try again. Ryan Gosling c’mon!

    • Stuttering Craig

      Fuck you!

  • Patrick Arkham Bane

    Wow, Nolan as a director? Yet I am able to deduct who would be and who wouldn’t be Batman. Seriously, every actor on here being a candidate for Batman? Seriously? The worst poll I have ever seen. Nobody has an actual idea who Batman really looks like do they? LOL at you all for debating on this poll. Let me remind you….Black hair, blue eyes, muscular….possibly 6’2″….yeah thought so.

    • Stuttering Craig

      Your mum sucks cocks in hell!

  • lukefritz

    pretty much the worst list ever

    • Stuttering Craig

      That’s what your mother said when I had sex with her!

  • Dumblist

    Possibly the worst list for Batman’s I have ever seen

    • mutefruit


      • Nintendo Legend

        Fuck off, cocksucker!

        • James

          Really?! “Nintendo Legend”?! That’s your handle? Wow, why do I envision you as a 48 year old, morbidly obese mouth breather, living in your mother’s basement, and trying to come up with a plan to have her “taken care of” in order to use her social security cheques to enjoy the companionship of a “trained professional”?

          In fact, looking at examples of your obviously overextend vocabulary, I’m wondering if you’d grace me with the pleasure of being “bashed to hell”, as you so eloquently put that.

          Nothing like reading the mono-sylabic rantings of a drooling simian.

          • http://www.facebook.com/sprenger54 Anthony Sprenger

            I agree with you James bingo you hit the nail on the head!

          • Semper Fido

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a slam on drooling simians.

        • http://www.facebook.com/sprenger54 Anthony Sprenger

          Ban this retard, don’t need all the foulmouth cursing, only morons express this way!!!

        • jonathan coopersmith

          Another piece of wit and wisdom from our resident arsehole.

    • Movie Magic

      Not probably the worst – Absolutely the worst! And, I thought Michael Keaton was a bad choice for Batman. These choices are much worse!

      • Jeff Rittenour

        What? nonsense…every single incarnation since 89 has ripped off Keaton – so yeah HE WAS AWFUL lol…please. how any can dig Bale yelling and mumbling at the same time is beyond me. Bale was almost as bad as this list.

        • Nintendo Legend

          Fuck you to hell!

          • jonathan coopersmith

            Why do you fell it necessary to advertise the fact that you’re an imbecile with nothing to offer but cheap insults?

          • Semper Fido

            On the internet, you can choose to be anyone. So why do you choose to be an idiot?

          • Superkalel

            Ha ha ha ha, brilliant!!

        • BatmanBeyond

          Thats BS Bale was the best Batman and the best Bruce Wayne out of all the Batman movies made. As a person who has watched all of the movies and is a huge Batman fan i can tell you that your full of crap

          • ed

            Best isnt hard to do. Bale crushed Bruce Wayne but his Batman was a little over the top. But Ill agree Bale was the best.

          • dude

            Except that you’re wrong. Point to a single comic book that endorses the whole notion of Bat-man having throat cancer, while Bruce Wayne somehow has not! The whole reason some people think Bale is better is the same reason many people thought Clooney would be better than Kilmer: thinner lips. Thin lips look more like the simplified lips drawn by most comic artists, specially at that time. That’s all the counts for most fans of batman’s comics, facial resemblance to a “generic face” of most comic books, and robust physique. In fact on boards discussing casting for movies based on comic books 99% of the talk is regarding who is the bulkiest and whether or not they should wear a tight T-shirt with flat colors, or with fake muscles painted in, some padding faking muscles (like “the flash” tv show), or some armor-like thing with fake muscles, or just some overtly complex armor, whether they should wear somewhat loose shorts or a speedo above the ballerina pants or not, and whatnot. Acting or plot are secondary to “coolness”.

          • lokiflux

            Then you’re totally missing the point that Batman isn’t “what’s portrayed in the movies” he’s “What’s portrayed in the comics adapted to movies”. Bale’s Batman (both he and Nolan) came off as a complete idiot. Batman is supposed to be one of the most intelligent beings in the DC Universe, one of the best fighters, he’s a human that can bench press half a ton and leg press 2 and a quarter tons. He’s dark, yet extremely cunning and intelligent and Bale did NOT pull him off AT ALL. His Bruce Wayne also came off as a jerk that wasn’t quite “with it” and that’s not how Wayne came across at all in the comics. He was charismatic and the guy everyone wanted to be. And what was with the voice? Why would anyone think that was a good idea? It’s not a voice modulator, it’s just a weird growly voice that sounded ridiculous.

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            And, my Batman fandom is bigger than yours.
            Bale was TERRIBLE. And, though he was named “Bruce Wayne / Batman” in the script, he never came close to approaching the character. It wasn’t his fault. I don’t think he’s a very good actor, but the script was the real problem.
            You’re such a huge Batman fan, tell me…Bruce Wayne ever before seem like an unmotivated sort of malcontent who needs to be lectured into some kind of direction by his girlfriend? Mocked into it by a Mafioso? Seem like the kind of guy who quits and pouts and hides in his mansion for eight years? An emotional cripple? A mumbler? And then, again, a quitter who’d walk away and let some young guy have the key to his cave?
            Somebody’s full of crap, and that somebody isn’t named Jeff.

          • Khalessi

            The voice Bale did was awful, made me cringe.

          • AZGurl

            Bale not a very good actor? You haven’t seen his other work.

        • Kame789

          Ripped off Keaton? No. Ripped off the all black suit? Yes.

          Please no more all-black Bat suits.

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            Please no more rubber muscles.
            Imagine the “realistical” (not a word) Bale-man. Joker shows up at a party and threatens some no-good-ness. Bale disappears for seven hours so that seventeen costume technicians can glue molded rubber muscles to his frame and fit him with that ridiculous football-ish helmet. He returns to mumble, “I’m Batman,” only to find the Joker has killed everybody, kidnapped his girl and eaten all the shrimp cocktail. So, Bale-man jumps into his “Tumbler” to take chase. Somehow, probably because it’s in the script, he catches up to the Joker. The Joker simply turns left down a side street. The “Tumbler” skids to a stop three blocks down, and it takes three semis to turn it around so it can go back to the exit, only then to find it can’t maneuver because the street is too narrow.
            No more of this s#!t.

          • Resticon

            You’re one of those “I’m so smart…everyone else on planet Earth is an idiot who can’t do anything right” types, aren’t ya? Just looking at your recent posts you come off as an immature whiny child who has no concept of artistic vision.

      • batman

        Michael Keaton is the best Batman.


        • BatmanBeyond

          i disagree with that in all of his movies with him in it he doesnt act like the actually batman. The batman we learn from the tv shows and movies. Batman is dark like in the shows and movies. Michael Keaton smiled too much as batman and watching the movies you could tell he didnt fit in.

          • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

            agree, agree, agree I personally never liked Keaton as Batman he just didn’t fit for the part lack of physique, short, and cheesy. I look at the films today and its like watching a comedy

          • krrip

            Michael Keaton fits the role for Batman for his charming appearence. But sadly, he doesn’t have the whole package. Kristian Bale was so just fine but Michael feels better fit.

            The worse in its class before this was George Clooney. Feels like he’s just clowning around in a Batman suit.

          • dark dweller

            you cant blame the actors blame joel schumaccher and tim burton for turning batman into a joke chris nolan brought back a dieing superhero the actors get paid to do as they told especially in the 90s its only in modern films that actors have a greater influence in movie making

          • dude

            Keaton didn’t fit physically that much but his acting was way better than the whole throat-cancer thing of the new movies.

          • Uknowwho

            Not One Mention of –Lineage Jaw dude– Desmond Harrington from ‘Dexter’, & Stephen Dorf your list just lost ALL credibility

          • RandomFan

            Playing the trole of Batman is a complex role. You can’t just be Batman, but also Bruce Wayne and Wayne is fairly charismatic and charming.

            To that end, Keaton nailed the role, his Wayne was almost flawless. His Batman needed more work though.

        • Kame789

          No, Kevin Conroy is.

          • Kenji Yamazaki

            No, Adam West is

          • http://www.facebook.com/Tsun420 Daniel Wood

            Convoy is the best portrayal but on film alone i would say Keaton hands down. Bale’s batman is too fucking weird and whiney.

          • Semper Fido

            Batman IS weirdness personified. Bale did it right.

          • Terrence Kirton

            Bale, did do it right.

          • Amra

            I suspect Bale could have been really great *IF* Nolan had been nowhere near the script. Nolan turned Batman into a co-dependent moron who leaned on Alfred and Lucius for everything; it’s his fault we had Bruce Whine. Bale needed to tweak the voice and bulk up more, ofc, but I think the “American Psycho” was a very good fit for the role.

          • Terrence Kirton

            You sure about that? I wonder why it made it big at the box office.

          • derpa

            your response is petty and ignorant

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            One: Anything would’ve worked after the flamboyantly-gay disaster that was Schumacher.

            Two: Sheeple flock like flies on crap.

            Three: Dead actor.

            All the points about Nolan’s “Batman-in-Name-Only” being a whiny, co-dependent, un-heroic quitter are spot-on. Years from now, people will laugh at you for liking “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” just like many of you sneer at Adam West or Tim Burton, especially since it ended so poorly.

            Superman / Batman will also suck.

            Three reasons: Snyder, Nolan, Goyer.

            I’ll give you a fourth: the only thing that would work would be to play with the contrasts between the icons; yet, in their now-era iterations, there is very little contrast. They’re both douches.

            OK, I’ll give you a fifth: Giant mechanical Bat-fists. You know the only thing that Snyder thinks is cool about this pairing is the excuse to pull out big bat-equipment. Batman in a robot suit? Oh, yeah — It’ll be there. Guaranteed. That’s the kind of juvenile bullsh that only makes this dumb material even dumber.

            Batman / Superman? Been a fan of both all my life. It should be bigger than anything Marvel could even dream of. And, above all — It should be FUN. INSPIRING. UNBELIEVABLE. It won’t be. It’ll be dark, pouty, cynical destruction porn. These are the wrong people to be involved with this project. Mark my words.

          • Zach

            That’s Too Bad. I *really* wanted this to be something.

            I was hoping this would be like the Batman/Superman comics, like the one with Kara Zor-El where they end up teaming up with Wonder Woman and fighting Darkseid on Apokolips.

            Sadly, I liked *Everything you just said… ‘dark… cynical destruction porn’. And, I think your review is spot-on before its time. Somewhere in the world, a Hipster is shedding tears of joy, clapping.

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            Hipsters get a bad rap. I love hipsters.

            Hipsters tend to be the last defense of the cutting edge while fanboys wallow in enthusiasms both endearing and unfounded.

            I really wanted this to be something, too. I STILL want it to be something. Unfortunately, we only get one shot at these things. Really, despite all the tendencies to rejigger, reboot, remake, reinvent, requel and regurgitate, one shot seals the deal. Nolan owns “serious” Batman forever, to the detriment of seriousness. Schumacher? He gets gay, neon Batman. And, the cool kids diminish Burton’s Batman at the cost of the next generation’s inheritance of something as cool as that. So, who does this generation entrust with the biggest cinematic idea of all, as far as comic book movies go?

            The dude who made 300. The dude who thinks Superman’s last, best solution is to snap a neck. Another dude who thinks “anybody can be Batman.” And a dude who can’t write his way out of a paper bag.

            I’m not just disappointed. I’m pissed.

            It’s up to them to prove me wrong.

          • Gotz

            You can hardly purely equate quality with box office sales. Sometimes the two combine, but just as often it just means the movie got lucky and catered to the right demographics at the right time to get their tickets.

          • Gotz

            Good point. Bale really can be a great actor, but he isn’t always the best pure hero. Nolan could have catered to his acting strengths and facilitated him more in the role instead of spending too much time with secondary characters. On paper Bale is really potentially the perfect Batman, but as portrayed was a little stereotypical and undeveloped as well as being overshadowed by other acting roles. The writing was good in the movies, but aside for Batman Begins which had its weaknesses as well, could have actually took Batman entirely out of the the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises and with barely a little scripting work made it something else either non-Batman related or using another character in the Bat-verse.
            American Psycho really makes me want to see him as a villain or at least a well developed conflicted or anti-hero.

          • http://www.facebook.com/fhb3isback Felix H. Brown, III

            Damn right. Kevin Conroy IS the Goddamn Batman.

          • http://www.facebook.com/chris.stone.1985 Chris Stone

            Conroy is just the voice. We’re talking about film here.

        • TJ

          I think he’s a good Batman but not a good Bruce Wayne.

        • lucascott

          I have to disagree. Keaton was a great Bruce Wayne, Playboy. But he didn’t come off so great as the tortured child grown into a man side of things. He never felt like Batman. He felt like Bruce playing dress up. Rather than it being the other way around.

        • lucascott

          I have to disagree. Keaton was a great Bruce Wayne, Playboy. But he didn’t come off so great as the tortured child grown into a man side of things. He never felt like Batman. He felt like Bruce playing dress up. Rather than it being the other way around.

        • crixus

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      • Bahamut VII

        Oh fuck you, ya prick!

        • Bane

          I will kill you next…

          • derpa

            Baleman fuckin sucked and he can suck my dick

      • John Byte

        Mangiello is the pretty much only reasonable choice here.

        Hell, the first two actors they list, Cooper and Gosling, if anything else are the two biggest fan favorites for the Flash.

        Want a Batman actor? Karl Urban.

        • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

          I see Karl Urban as more of a Hawkman or Aquaman. He has a “warrior” feel to him.

          • Richard

            Im with you on Hawkman

          • ManOfJizz

            Yes. I agree. Most def Hawkman. Not aq

        • http://www.facebook.com/craig.clark.50115 Craig Clark

          I think Urban could do Batman (seeing the Dredd trailer convinced me), but i am not sure he could do careless-playboy Bruce Wayne which has often been imitated oft irritated but never been flattering (Bale was closest, Conroy in 90s cartoon was quite close too(closer than Bale but he had more time to do it))

          • John Parker

            Joe is the only actor I’d approve of on this list. He’s the only one that looks remotely like Bruce Wayne, and has the chops to pull off Batman’s mind games.

          • http://breakfastwithbixby.tumblr.com/ Avi Hyman

            Clooney was actually a great Bruce Wayne despite that movie being awful.

        • Tom

          type-casting is the enemy though, not sure he has the voice for it either, his Dredd voice was a little too tame… and no ‘GRENADE’?! lol

        • Prometheus94

          I can see that, Karl Urban could certainly pull it off.

        • war

          urban good one

        • danny

          I can’t truly imagine Karl Urban as Batman. In my opinion, Leo Dicaprio would do a decent job. he has proved he can play a mysterious billionaire, a playboy, and a cold-blooded killer. All to do would be to tone the killer into a fighter

          • Gotz

            It all comes down to scripting. Karl Urban is nowhere near as picky about his roles as Dicaprio. He is in a lot of campy or debatable roles because of this. He owned Dredd though and it is a shame the movie will probably never get the credit it deserves. Urban should be proud of that role. At least more proud that Sly should be.
            As much as I like DiCaprio he doesn’t fit the role of Batman at all. Urban however, has both the physique and presence to play it well if he is given good writing and direction. If not however, it could easily be another Batman and Robin. I would seriously question the direction of the movie if they chose DiCaprio. If DiCaprio only had the physique for the role he could be one of the few actors to really capture the character in both his physical and intellectual prowess. Unfortunately, he will never naturally be 6’2 with the body of a linebacker. He can be skinnier, look sickly, modify his appearance any number of ways, but he will never be a Chris Hemsworth or Rock in physique. Bale wasn’t on that level either, but he can fill out the suit believably at least.

        • Sirinae

          He’d be my second choice. I rather like the idea of Wes Bentley as he does have the comic book look intended for Batman and about time too!!
          Karl Urban… might work.

        • Jeff

          There is no chance in hell either Gosling or Cooper take on The Flash. This is ridiculous.

        • Omer

          Dominic Cooper is versatile, Karl Urban is so-so (“God good man!”) but Luke Evans is better for this and looks more villianesque. Fassbender too pulled off Magneto which approximates Batman’s darkness. Rest is trash.

          Here is my list:

          First picks:

          Oded Fehr (from the Mummy, Resident Evil movies)

          Luke Evans (the villain in Fast and Furious 6– similar but much better job than Karl Urban)

          Ray Stevenson (aka Frank Castle, the Punisher)

          Paul Walker (the cop in Fast and Furious 6)

          David Duchovny (Mulder in X-Files, long shot I know, but no one is more mysterious and conspiratorial than Mulder)

          Second picks:

          Ryan Robbins (Raiden in Mortal Kombat Legacy)

          Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat Legacy– has the martial arts skills)

          Dominic Purcell (just because he is physically massive)

          Arnold Vosloo (the Mummy guy, would make a good Raz al-Ghul)

          • Gotz

            Great picks for secondary characters, not one Batman among them.
            Oh, and screw Paul Walker. Maybe put him in a Point Break remake.

          • eric m.

            here are the 5 best actors to play batman! 1. liam McIntyre 2. liam McIntyre 3. liam McIntyre 4. liam McIntyre 5. liam McIntyre 5. liam mcintyre….a.k.a. Spartacus..i AM BATMAN!! here is the best choice, so stop making lists of actors to play batman! LIAMS THE GUY! END OF STORY!

          • gogogo

            Luke would be a funny choice considering luke played henry’s father(zeus) in immortals :P

        • eric m.

          hey john! byte this! the one and only list of actors who should play batman! 1. LIAM MCINTYRE! A.K.A. SPARTACUS! NUFF SAID, SPLIT HEAVENS WITH THE SOUND OF HIS NAME! SO REMOVE COCK FROM FUCKING ASS! AND FALL TO COMMAND!

          • Charles

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        • Red Robin

          The only person i can see doing it is Karl Urban, he proved it in “Dredd” the whole movie u just see is mouth and chin. He also has the voice, and he’s a very underrated actor

          • ericm.

            I dredd that choice! red robin yummmmmmmmmmmm! idiot!

          • eric m.

            I dredd that choice asshole! red robin..yummmmmmmmmmmm!

        • crixus

          hey john, byte this! bitch

      • Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas

        While I agree this is mostly a RIDICULOUS list (created by someone who is NOT knowledgeable about comic characters) Michael Keaton DID prove himself in the end. The first 2 Batman films by Burton are the only other relevant Dark Knight films besides Nolan’s trilogy. And Keaton still looks GREAT behind the cowl!

        • dude

          Some Frank-Milleresque “dark knight” style plot with an older bat-man played by Keaton could be quite cool. But I’m not so fond of Burton, I’d rather have Alex Proyas doing something akin to what he did in “the crow”.

        • Semper Fido

          I think I’m prejudiced because I never liked Tim Burton’s work. I couldn’t see past that to actually pay attention to Keaton.

      • Tom

        How dare you, Keaton was a believable wayne, and an UNBELIEVABLE Batman. YOU WANNA GET NUTS?! COME ON, LET’S GET NUTS :)

        I’d maybe try David Boreanaz or Andrew Lincoln. An already set-up/ older JLA would be good though. These would be my other picks:

        Superman – Ed Quinn from Eureka?

        captain marvel – maybe in the future, or standalone movie – Alan Ritchson

        GL – Ben Affleck would be good reboot.

        Wonder Woman – Bridget Regan.

        • Tom

          also Flash – Michael Rosenbaum with died hair, and spiderman-esque lenses on the suit, without lenses, bradley cooper – with a design similar to Blur’s DCUO trailer, and it would be cool to see a bigger flash like in that old movie.

        • TKE127

          um have you forgotten that Henry Cavill is Superman for the Justice League Movie…you need to be shot in the head for saying Ben Affleck as Hal Jordan…more like Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan….Captain Marvel should be played by Patrick Wharburton and I will have to go with you on Bridget Regan as Diana Prince( good choice she fits the part and looks like the comic version of her)

          • ManOfJizz

            Agree.. but then again.. Nathan and Patrick kind of look like eachother.. a little bit.. it would be a little confusing…

      • TCamp

        I agree. This is absolutely the worst list. If it came down to this list, Lincoln is about the only one I would even consider. Still, horrible list.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Tsun420 Daniel Wood

        I think Keaton has been the best Batman so far. Though Bale the best Bruce Wayne, if that makes sense. I Enjoyed Keaton’s batman more then bales all in all. just my opinion tho.

    • Cyber Criminal

      yeah that was a horrible list……

      Bradley Cooper will fit for the role of Flash

      • Nintendo Legend

        Fuck you, and fuck your opinion! If you don’t like it, leave a comment on my site, and I’ll reply with an article bashing you to hell!

        • Sara

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          • crixus

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        • Name


        • Nick Morris

          way to stay classy, if u didnt like his coment u’ll fuckin hate mine, ur list is a damn joke

        • Sega Legend

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          • eric m..

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    • NJ


      • Stuttering Craig

        Fuck off, darling!

    • Jeff Rittenour

      agreed… if they’re not gonna continue from TDKR (which is real stupid cuz we could have a great nightwing-but better I think-batman beyond than ANOTHER reboot) then why tell his origina again. Boring. Same as spider man – that movies was great in parts. Everything that wasn’t the reboot was awesome – the reboot shit killed it. It should have been a part 4 to equal part 2… Even Batman Begins was essentially the story Burton and Keaton wanted to do after Returns but WB said – no thanks. Thank God Xmen FC 2 will try and tie all the movies together. I find it terrible to steal from the works that came before you and then ignore them

      • RandomFan

        Spider Man deserved to be redone. Toby was terrible as Parker.

      • http://twitter.com/dsjj251 Derrick Syl.James Jr

        ” I find it terrible to steal from the works that came before you and then ignore them ”

        By that definition, every Comic movie steals from the comics.

    • Bahamut VII

      You’re a cocksucking butthurt crybaby, you know that?

    • Batman

      i absolutely agree with you what was this person thinking?

    • arun279

      I think John Hamm could make a cool Batman…

    • Poop

      Agreed … Were they even trying. Why Not throw in other useless names like Brad Pitt and the cast of Big Bang while we are at it

    • Annie

      And I agree. This list was really bad, I mean, no hate towards the actors but none of them would play well as Batman.

    • Alberto Leal

      I don’t see you contributing with a name though. That would make you less stupid, if I may say so.

    • Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas

      Agreed! Thank you!

    • jaystrab

      Yeah, why not just throw Arnold Shwarzenegger in there to complete this list?

      • Alan


    • http://twitter.com/RTempleton22 R Templeton

      Yup, this list sucks ass

    • http://breakfastwithbixby.tumblr.com/ Avi Hyman

      Agreed, everyone way too old. This role needs to go to a 25 year old who. A Bruce Wayne who has only been Batman for a short time. Maybe Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf.

    • Gotz

      Agreed. A lot of 90 pound weaklings and the few guys with the physique can’t act or don’t fit the role. Maybe they are selling Elba since despite his race made more sense than most of the guys. I don’t really see why we need to change character’s races just to do it and be dramatic. There are a lot of roles I would love to see Elba in, but not that one. I really do like Elba and could list a few dozen roles to see him in.
      And if you could picture the actor getting up from dinner, going to the bathroom, and snorting cocaine; they probably are not right for the role.
      Cough…. Dorff.
      Unless, the role of Bruce Wayne has progressed far from pretending ginger ale is gin. Gosling comes off as effeminate in everything he does even if he plays the role well. It takes a feat to have every woman in every film you make fawning over you, drooling, and hanging on everything you say and do and still seem less straight than George Michael shaking butt in his first music video. The guy could punch out Mike Tyson and eat babies for a hobby and still never come close to having an intimidating presence. I don’t care what he is for sexual preference, he is still almost anti-tough guy every time he speaks. It could be cool to balance that in many action roles since it is an interesting dichotomy, but not for Batman. If he isn’t super smart, he at least has to be a natural tough guy like Bale.

    • actuzo

      im agree, but Wes Bentley would be a good one.

  • Kal-El

    Jake Gyllanhall should be the next batman if there is one. He was already the second choice to play batman by Chris Nolan, and Nolan knows his actors. Gyllenhall has that broody, conflicted, pretty boy look that can play not only Bruce Wayne, but also Batman

  • Hulon Pate

    I like the idea of Andrew Lincoln but I don’t think any of them can follow Bale. With out thread jumping subjects & sorry If I do. Has it been explored yet, that Nolan is Producing the “Man of Steel” movie? Perhaps Superman or Wonder Woman swooping in and saving Batman (TDKR) would be the saving Grace of the Nolan Dark Knight Universe and would also give a much needed bump of continuity and also would really be the saving grave for the movie’s for the D.C. Comic Universe vs Marvel . I am sure with the obvious darker tones of movie that is following the ” Dark Horse” opus operandi. Nolan’s movies just wanted to be the first to “Kill Off A Major Super Hero” on the Big Screen and it really does not have to be any different. The ending is not definitive for the movie and is subjective to open debate and points of view. Just like when some one dies off and you finish the final page in a book or comic book,it is in deed now over. However a new series can debut and it un-do’s everything the previous comic/movie said and and did for a new series of story arcs. I really feel that the tie in would help DC get a little closer to Marvels domination of the big screen.And It is 100% domination. What’s next killing off “James Bond” or “Luke Skywalker” Blowing up on the Death Star in ROTJ. If there is no tie in to make Nolan TDKR bummer ending all better. I hope the next bad guy just shoots Batman in the unprotected part of his cowl. 5 mins into the movie.

  • Tater

    Michael Fassbender as Batman and Joseph Gordon Levitt as Robin, and Johnny Depp as The Riddler. BOOM!!

    • play

      shut up

  • Marlon Milligan

    This was an awful list..none of these people can do justice to the cape & cowl. My vote goes for the guy that plays Donald Draper on MadMen…Thats Batman …the personality is so similar

    • Alex

      That I can easily see. But he is kind of old. But then again Robert Downey Jr is 47 and he’s a great Tony Stark.

    • Stuttering Craig

      Fuck off to hell, jerkmo!

  • AlphaRooster

    Problem with this list is age. You have to figure a reboot in what 8-10 yrs. How old will these guys be, and handle the rigors of another trilogy that could be 6-7 yrs. So you’re possibly looking up to a maximum of 17 yrs for a final film. I think you need to pick an actor under the age of 30 at least.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Donato/556930521 Matt Donato

      Actually, look for a reboot much sooner than that. The powers that be want a Justice League movie happening now (especially after The Avenger’s success one can only assume), and agree Nolan’s Batman doesn’t fit the tone such a film would shoot for. Depending how quickly DC puts out origin stories with that endgame in mind, we could honestly see another reboot in the next few years at the most… Not saying I agree with it, but that’s the current story.

  • Aaron

    Seriously? You could have at least put Jim Caviezel on the list. He IS the Batman. Or at least a close third.

  • Dan 777

    Not a great list. I kinda liked the idea of Stuart Townsend at one point, but now, I dunno. I do think that David Tennant would be an AWESOME Joker, though.

  • neoanakinpotter

    the Joe Manganiello, Michael Fassbender & Andrew Lincoln choices sound very cool. Joe M. & Andrew L. than most. Someone I ,personally, think would be an inspired choice (same build as Christian Bale) woul be Alex O’Loughlin (From CBS’ Hawaii 5-0)

  • glenn

    I’d like to see them skew younger and go for a Batman in his early 20′s if they really plan on rebooting Batman. Go with a more “by the book” adaptation of Batman: Year One, with a little of the recent Batman: Earth One thrown in to give things a little different look (like go with an Alfred that is more of a grizzled bodyguard and The Penguin as Gotham’s corrupt mayor). They should keep the story dark and serious but try to still differentiate future films from Nolan’s work.

  • http://twitter.com/dreamfall31 Kevin Slechta

    Probably the worst possible list made…way to go!

    • Stuttering Craig

      You suck cocks!

  • http://www.gamingblend.com/ William Usher

    Wow, oh wow…these were all pretty boys (save for Dorff who is cool but no Batman, in fact I’d rather peg him as being a cool Joker but, again, no Batman).

    Gosling is a good actor and so is Fassbender but wow, just because they can act well doesn’t mean they can be a superhero. Bale was perfect as Batman because he’s legitimately crazy, he’s tough and he has a bit of a charming side to being loony. None of the actors listed have the physique nor the dark demeanor to pull off a tortured, mature, threatening Batman

    (I’m sorry but if Dominic Cooper or Gosling tried growling me into submission in a dark alley I would probably step away giggling and telling people how silly they are).

  • brunswic

    I was thinking about Karl Urban.

    • ken

      i totally agree

  • Kohl

    Alba would be a great choice on account he can be very suave and at the same time incredibly terrifying. Gosling is also a good choice simply for the Bruce Wayne side of things, however I think after seeing Drive he would be suited for more of a Punisher reboot. And clearly no one has payed attention to the last two Batman films, Batman is not a person. Batman is a symbol and the entire point of Levitts role is to show the kind of man he is and how he is fitting to take up the cowl of Batman. In no way is he Robin. An heir? Yes. but no Robin.

  • Donnie Thacker

    Andrew lincoln would be fantastic

  • Rajan

    totally crap list…not even one in the list could even match to half of what christian bale did to the batman character…

  • Marteen

    Awful list by the way but idk why ppl say JGL should be Nightwing or Batman his name was Robin in the movie for a reason he has to be Robin. Here’s a list of possible Batman characters that I could see

    Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hamm, Chris Pine, Sam Worthington, or Josh Harnett

    I really hope they put the Riddler in the next movie and I know he is getting old but I can definitely see Ed Norton as Edward Nigma.

    If Ryan Gosling was going to play any superhero I think Flash makes the most sense.

    • Captain Hindsight

      Hey buddy, if you read the comics, Robin leaves and becomes Nightwing. Just an FYI

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Fenix/100002234364248 Larry Fenix

    Only person at this point that can pull off Batman both physically and looks is Scott Adkins. Nolan made the superior Batman Series that no one will top. There’s no use in trying so the smart way to go is the the Arkham Asylum video game route. Dark, gothic, excessively violent. Full Batcave, all the gadgets, a ruthless bad ass Batman. Look up Scott Adkins on Youtube. The guy can do all of the Batman fighting moves in real life. No strings or FX needed.

  • Aaron Wade McGee

    List sucks.

  • anomofyobuisness

    Anybody think tom cruise could pull it off???

    • Teddy Ray

      Not just no…

  • Teddy Ray

    When I saw American Beauty, I thought Wes Bentley would have been perfect for Spider-Man. I don’t think he would be a good Batman. I’m with everyone else who thinks Jim Caviezel would be a good choice.

  • Bananaman


  • jpfola26

    terrible list man. good actors but terrible list. ryan gosling as batman would probably be worst than the casting of george cloony. really just awful. fassbender is the only one i agree with.

  • jpfola26

    I can´t believe people aree complaining about Idris Alba. im black, but not offended by the comments, saying he´d be a bad choice. But come on Dominic Cooper, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Sorry but as weird a choice as Idris is he´s one of the least bad choices on the list. Of this list I´d say he´s the second best choice after fassbender, that´s how bad this list is.

    • Ryan Hill

      Elba would be a kickass Batman, but if only he were younger. He’s almost 40 years old, and when they reboot it I’m sure they are going to want to do an origin story again.

  • batman

    worst list ever !!!! Ryan gosling COULD work… but what the fuck were you thinking when you made this list !?

  • Adam

    Dear god, let it cool off for at least 10 years before you make another series of Batman movies. This trilogy should be absorbed by an entire generation before we are inundated with more Dark Knight. Maybe ‘The Man of Steel’ can take over for a decade with it’s own trilogy.

    • Adam

      Hopefully by the time they come back to Batman they have a better list too.

    • Joe

      Good one. That idea is pretty much dead. Movie studios want to milk the superhero cow as much as they can/ The Batman reboot is confirmed for 2014.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=807010553 Charles Oosterhouse

    I can’t believe what I just read.

  • pompatouse

    Is that how these comics are going to go? reboots? All things aside, this was this biggest list of terrible batman ideas… Fassbender being a maybe at best and thats only because everyone else was a terrible idea. Two guidos and a black guy? Do you know how racist a black batman would be??

    • pompatouse

      haha comment typo! never thought i’d see the day!

  • Casey

    In my opinion, Ray Stevenson would be a bad ass Batman..He’s got the Darker look and personality for Batman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyler-Michael-Jennings/626473155 Tyler Michael Jennings

    I would be totally down to see Ryan Gosling as Bruce Wayne provided that Nicolas WInding Refn directed it. The only problem with that would be that even though they do have different directorial styles, I feel like Refn’s take on the Bruce Wayne story wouldn’t be different enough from Nolan’s as they both have the whole “dark, gritty realism” thing going on. It would more than likely be a very good movie, but it would probably feel like too much of a retread of what we’ve already seen before.

    And although it’ll never happen, I’d love to see some kind of spin off or even a short film about JGL’s Robin/Nightwing/Batman 2.0 directed by Rian Johnson, who worked with him on Brick and the upcoming Looper. Johnson could totally make a movie that would fit into Nolan’s universe while still feeling new and also not “challenging” those films in terms of scale. Like I said, it’ll never happen, just wishful thinking.

    • Ryan Hill

      I think your spinoff idea would be great, but unfortunately Warner Brothers just wants to pull off a Justice League movie now, and I doubt that they will care much for anything else. I’d love if Refn directed the new Batman also, but I think they’ll get someone who will do a much less realistic, gritty version of Batman so that it will tie in easily in a world where a hero like Superman exists.

  • me

    how about tom jane???

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wylie-Richardson/1627795507 Wylie Richardson

      Tom Jane already played a superhero – the Punisher. And since that was a rival comic publisher’s creation, that makes it even less likely that he would be offered Batman.

  • fat3tanna

    this guy doesnt know anything about batman

  • Matt

    to the author of this post, please go swimming with a brick tied to your foot. this dumbest list ever

  • http://twitter.com/DezzyArnezz Gabe Hernandez

    how about they just get Joseph gordon Levitt to do a Robin movie and then have the Sequel turn into Nightwing and Robin’s evolution of turning into Batman after Bruce Wayne, and have Joseph Gordan Levit be in the two movies and have Bale cameo to train him but have Nolan as a Executive producer or writer not a director so it can still have its charm and finesse

    • Oliver

      Thats what I thought, this is easily the best Batman film series and it would be a shame to reboot it 2 years or so after it has been finished

  • John

    Awful list. The best ones I can think of are already over exposed by other super hero movies. Billy Crudup and Sam Rockwell

    • John

      It would have been interesting to have Tom Hardy as Batman. Robert Downey Jr. is more suited for the lighter Marvel world. Crudup would be good. Rockwell is versatile enough though perhaps not physical enough.

  • Lewis

    I would imagine the rebooted Batman films will be lighter in tone, to avoid comparisons with Nolan’s film.

    I would love them to go and make the next set of films based on Batman Beyond, with Alex Pettyfer in the role.

  • Obviously A Chinese Guy.

    I’d like to make the suggestion that Jackie Chan will make a better Batman than everyone on the list above :)

  • Bradley Conder

    I think everybody is overlooking something. Replacing Batman is easy, Christian Bale makes a mediocre Batman, Nolan’s directing/writing and the supporting cast made the batman films good. Replacing Gary Oldman as commisioner Gordan, Heath Ledger as the Joker and Michael Caine as Alfred will be the real challenges.

    • Ryan Hill

      Bale is a great Batman, and it’s going to be difficult to replace him. He doesn’t do much in TDK, but his performances in Rises and Begins are fantastic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darius-TarHeel-Born-Dukes/100000484666673 Darius TarHeel Born Dukes

    You ppl. are truly ignorant. Channing Tatum as Batman? Go jump off a roof! We arent trying to get a bunch of fucking women to see the movie. We want someone who can adopt the physical demands for being Batman, and who’s a great actor. Only ppl. I can see as Batman…Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, and Michael Fassbender. Thats it! And JGL isnt Robin in TDKR. His name was meant as a joke at the end. OG Robin’s real name was Dick Grayson, Robin II was Jason Todd, and Robin III was Tim Drake. And since when is Robin a cop? The ending clearly shows that he’s the new Batman. So JGL is the obvious choice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1616625927 Marco Sanchez

      Nightwing the original Robin is a cop, and Tim Drake took the Robin mantle when he approached Bruce Wayne and informed him that he knew he was Batman (and he’s an orphan). So the Robin they are proposing for the film appears to be a new one created from different parts of the old Robin (hybrid Robin). Besides that, it’s obvious that he is going to train with Bruce at the end of the movie whether it’s to become the new Batman or the 1st Robin is debatable.

  • edb

    How about Colin Farrell or Benjamin Walker? Also, I would love it if Anthony Hopkins played old Bruce in a Batman Begins movie.

  • Ben

    Liev Schreiber. I don’t want the young Bats, Nolan already gave us that with Begins. Liev is 45, a fine actor, and at 6’3 is completely imposing. Dark Knight Returns… I think so.

  • Franz Landau

    Where is Nicolas Cage

  • Mandingo

    I think that since Nolan doesn’t wanna do any more Batman movies someone should either concentrate on A: Batman Beyond or B: A new Batman with Joseph G-L as a new Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne as a mentor or something to him; but that’s just me.

  • TheDude

    Disagree with all the choices that are listed however Fassbender is the best(but wouldn’t work right since he is already a key part of the new X-Men franchise).

  • Eric Bassols

    this is annoying. who thought this article was a good idea. awful choices.

  • Tinwoods

    All you crybabies whining about how much you hate this list, yet none of you have suggested anyone (besides the too-short, Robin-esque Gordon.) I don’t agree with some of the names on your list, but I appreciate you thinking outside the proverbial box. However, I think your Fassbender casting would be great.


    wow the franchise has only just finished and the last film just released have you not got anything better to do that who can play batman, or who would be good as any other superhero stop and enjoy the film and wait to see who is in role for the next film. it is by far the worst list for batman but channing tatum please you just want to see his muscles people you all mad thats like saying i would make a great flash or maybe wolverine stop and just be greatful that they are making films like this me i say make a thundercats film boom thats what im talking about

  • juniorfez

    How about Karl Urban? He’s got the look, attitude and height. Can act too.

  • Andri Stefanus

    i rather chose Rob Schneider or Jim Carey

  • jay

    dude, realy!? never come up with a list ever again.

  • M4RT1N

    Michael Fassbender, great actor, nice face for drama, its the best choice.
    Plus: its not a kid, that good to preserve the temporary line.

  • Batmanman

    Its not about the batman its so much about nolan and how he defines me :D
    Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling are the best choices in this list, but not saying the “best”
    My voice for: Leonardo Dicaprio but with more muscle!

  • laceymcbain

    Sorry, but it’s not a great list, and I also don’t see the need to reboot the series again so soon.

    As a female fan of both the movies and the comic books, I’m also a bit insulted that the author’s implying the only reason women might be interested in the films is if the lead character is attractive. Aside from attractiveness being very subjective, I’m more concerned with whether the character is well-represented in the film.

    Can we please get over the idea that women will only go to these shows if dragged along and presented with eye candy?

    • Stuttering Craig

      Go suck your boss’ cock, you bitch!

  • http://twitter.com/e_Room21 Erick

    Idris Alba all the way.

  • sylargrey11

    Not to sound racist but Batman is not black!

  • thebat

    Definitely terrible picks! Jon Hamm, anyone?

  • Juice Lee

    hell ho on batman!! but, if he’s not too old by the time craig is done with it I would LOVE to see him get a shot at being james bond

  • Brian

    Honestly dude. Who wrote this list, Joel Schumaker?
    That complaint aside, it’s always been a weird fantasy of mine to see a young Bruce Campbell play Bruce Wayne.
    Although he was never as ripped as Christian Bale, he still had a good enough build for action (especially if he’s dressed in body armor.)
    But the best part about him would be his portrayal as Bruce Wayne. My favorite part of Bale’s performance was his depiction of Bruce Wayne’s vapid playboy disguise.
    Anyone who’s seen Bruce Campbell in the stuff where he isn’t being attacked by deadites knows that he can play that to a tee.
    Besides, he has the perfect chin for the cowl.

  • Alex ‘Browncoat’ Dimmock

    No, just no. Though I do think Fassbender could be great as Batman, the rest of this list is just terrible.

  • Nick Romano

    are these just dudes that the author has a crush on? i just don’t get how any of these guys fits as batman

  • Monkryface

    All of these people will be old by then.

  • Dale Harris

    What an absolutely godawful list.

  • Kirk

    I have never heard of this website and will never return after seeing this list.

  • yrpto many

    Three words Joseph Gordon Levitt! he is batman now.

    • DCfanatic

      Correction, JGL is Robin.

      • Negrus

        He’s actually Nightwing.

        • sumgi

          He’s actually a guy named Blake.

        • Guest

          His Legal name is Robin John Blake. Believe it or not that puts an end to the speculation (which there never even was if youve actually seen Rises)

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    Michael Fassbender, end of story.

  • DCfanatic

    I disagree with every point you made in this article. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, Nolan and Bale say they are done with batman completely so what’s the point then. A new Batman could only be done if it topped this series and I just don’t see that being possible.

  • Mukund Ragunathan

    Wes Bentley is promising as Batman. Otherwise this is the stupidest list ive seen.

  • thats Mr. Wayne to you…


  • Alec Lepper

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot! A black Batman? Seriously? Sure why dont we make Black Panther white while were at it. Fucking moron go sodomize yourself!

  • Michel Kooijmans

    Henry Cavill, now Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel, Should be BATMAN! He’s got the blockhead face, Like the Jim Lee Batman (and Superman) and can definitely ACT!

  • sarod

    Bradley Cooper would be a great Aquaman!

  • Lexavi80

    Where’s Joseph Gordon Levitt?

  • Alex


  • Stephanie Uber Trick Ward

    Give Justin Timberlake a go….

  • Fuck this site

    how this trash end up in my browser? Worst pile tripe I ever read on the internet. It’s like a trolls message board listing.

  • Daniel

    this is the worst list one can imagine for Batman…

  • person!

    i actually think joseph fiennes and wes bentley aren’t too bad-they’ve got the right looks. of course they’d need to step up their acting for batman.

  • Rahmat Kurniawan Suriadireja

    out of this list, i think Ryan Gosling’s the best choice, but i ain’t too sure if he’d look the part wearing the helmet. same with Bradley Cooper.
    as for Joe..Bruce/Batman doesn’t have to be a HUGE guy. he’d stuck up too much, if that’s the case, and it wouldn’t take an ace detective to find out the connection between the two identities. i’m still rooting Grey’s Anatomy’s ERIC DANE for the part, post-Bale.

  • Persona

    Ryan Gosling maybe, but DEFINITELY Michael Fassbender.

  • http://twitter.com/CineKatz Nick Powell

    This is a pretty crappy list. I was eh about it and then I see you think Andrew Lincoln would be a good choice and even state him to be one of the best actors on TV right now. He’s one of the worst parts about The Walking Dead. I’m sorry I stumbled upon this…

  • worstlistever

    first off…NOBODY should have ever made a list of who could play batman after Bale…
    secondly…since you insisted it really should have been a list of 5 max
    thirdly…the only one that is rough enough to play the batman everyone loves the darker batman would be Andrew Lincoln based 70% on look and 30% on skill….

  • Meowington

    Nathan Fillion and nobody else. He would be perfection.

  • Connor

    Richard Armitage would make an amazing Bruce/Batman post Nolan/Bale.

  • Longshanks

    Like others have said,this list sucks,and is a reason why most “lists” should never be made int the first place.

    The only choice that I didn’t automatically throw up in my mouth over was Wes Bentley,and that’s because I can maybe see him as Bruce Wayne,but not so much as Batman.

  • Damced

    You do not know anything about what you’re talking about, You do not know anything about Batman. Most Epic Fail Top Ten List I have read on my life.

  • http://twitter.com/Jason__Elliott Jason Sapp

    wow, that was awful. Is this a comedy website?


    Not one of those choices would fit. NOT. A. ONE.

  • Shannedo

    Seriously? This list is horrible! Filled with crappy actors who are only rich for their looks. If Mr Nolan was to continue the Dark Knight legacy (which he is not) the only logical thing to do was to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star as Robin.

  • Chaz

    I think Hugh Jackman would make a sick Batman! Yeah, he’s Wolverine already, but still. He even has somewhat of a “Bruce Wayne” type look to him as well.

  • Vince McMahon

    Bradley Cooper? This list fails strictly because of that.

  • Task93

    Horrible list

  • Prince of Helium

    That list was so horrible. Like really really horrible.

    • Stuttering Craig

      Fuck you, and fuck your stupid little opinion!

  • V. Night Zamora

    wow! those choices are the most ridiculous and awful choices i have ever seen in my whole life! im serious just f%&$ pathetic!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FNRLP32CSYT6M2TYNTXGYB3BFQ Harrison Center

    The only decent ones are fassbender and Joe Manganello.

  • Are you Kidding?

    Is this a fucking joke? Did you really list a BLACK GUY to play batman? At NO POINT in time was Batman EVER portrayed to be african american, this is not being racist, this is being true to the comics. You sir, are an idiot and not at all a true batman fan.

  • Horrible Batman Candidates

    Author Matt Joseph…..Now I like Andrew Lincoln for his work in “The Walking Dead” but he is not at this point a worthy successor to don the Batman cowl, nor is anyone else you chose on this list. I’d have to say (auther Matt)….you may need to have a cat scan if you think anyone you chose here is worthy to be Batman. Christian Bale is the best Batman to date out of any of the other Batmans. I have seen all of the other Batmans’ – and I don’t think any of the other actors can hold a candle to the current Batman franchise. The acting by EVERYBODY in this franchise surpasses the acting of the other films by far; and though some complain about the music for TDK & TDKR – I think it blends perfectly. Back to the drawing board with you Matt Joseph….back to the drawing board.

  • Unicorn Slayer

    Everyone was extremely pissed and doubted heath ledger before the movie actually came out. Don’t judge the actors before you see them play the part.

  • dumblist

    holy shit are these the worst batman choices, either there too old, too young, dont look anything like someone who you might think would be batman but its just a bunch of current a listers with a few personal favs seriously article writers are going down hill

  • Butch_Zee

    Couldn’t support any of these choices. Gosling would be the absolute worst of these.

  • knowsbleed

    After seeing Drive, I think Gosling is the only person on this list that I’d want to even come close to a Batman role. I really like Bradley Cooper… but he is too charming and charismatic to be Batman… he’s not dark enough.

  • thrsheblows

    What if Christopher Nolan’s brother directs sequels to the Dark Knight Rises, he wrote most of the Dark Knight Rises and a lot of the Dark Knight and helped produce plus Christopher Nolan said that hes trying to get his brother to start directing. That seems like the perfect combination to me to continue the series.

  • Francesco Rampini

    Thank God the pictures saved me from reading such article.

  • jpfola261

    Edward Norton as
    The Riddler would be brilliant. I either think he should play The Riddler
    before he´s too old or Braniac in Man of Steel 2, with him as backup villain to
    Ryan Gosling as Lex Luthor.

    Since we´re having
    lists, I´m going to make a little one. Casting for ideal Batman Reboot,
    superman villains for Man of Steel 2 and Wonder Woman.

    Cast of Batman

    Batman – Michael Fasbender

    I really think unless we
    get a completely new face Fasbender is the man for the job. He´s young, very
    talented and has that dark edge to his look. He´s also young enough to work
    with Henry Cavill´s ultra young superman. You can see a quiet anger brewing
    within, in many of his performances; Just see Shame or X- MEN First Class. He
    also has a growly angry voice, he doesn´t have to put on like Bale, (not that I
    didn´t like Bales´ performance, but lets face it his Bruce Wayne was way better
    than his Batman) and I could see him being very intimidating. Good luck
    Fassbender I hope those Hollywood hacks have the vision to see you´re the
    obvious choice.

    2. Jim Gordan – Don´t
    know but maybe Harvey Keitel

    to hard. I don´t know if anyone except the late great Spencer Tracy himself
    could do better than Oldman. If you were going for a more noir/Frank Miller
    version of the story maybe. So this is off the top of the head, that of course
    if he´d do it. Although, he´s so good,
    i´d rather him be a villain.

    3. Alfred Pennywern – Brian
    Cox or

    Caines interpretation of Alfred was brilliant, and I personally thought he
    along with Hathaway were the best party of the dark knight rises. It´s hard to
    choose, but I would like to see an even more savvy Alfred played by Brian Cox,
    or, go back to a bit of poshe and sagely advice with Frank Langella (I know
    he´s American, but he´s a superb actor and can do it, plus it´s not like the
    Brits aren´t taking over American superhero roles)

    The Riddler – Edward Norton

    has the Brains, the look, the talent. He plays a great psycho as we´ve seen. I
    just think it would be fantastic, there are many who could play the role, but
    all round if it´s written in a dark sinister undertone, I think Norton´s got to
    have it. Again good luck my friend, I hope Warner Brothers have the vision to
    see that you´d be much better than Dicaprio. (No disrespect to the talented

    The Pengiuin – Philip Seymour Hoffman or Paul Giammati

    I say more. Who could make a scarier darker Penguin. King of the mob. A
    sinister dark twisted figure, with a pentient for machine gun umbrella´s. It´s
    got to be Hoffman.

    up Paul Giammati, very talented and charismatic actor. He´d do the job.

    could do the hard job, of following Danny Devito´s bravaru performance.

    Man of Steel 2 Villains

    Lex luthor – Joaquin phoenix

    of all for all those who say Lex Luthor isn´t a good villain because he doesn´t
    match Superman in strength, and therefore shouldn´t be in the films it´s nonsense. Lex Luthor is
    perhaps the best and coolest super
    villain apart from The Joker, if left to the right writers. He´s petty,
    arrogant, egocentric, sensitive, vain and consumed by jealousy over the man in
    blue taking his rightful place as savior of humanity. He is the smartest man on
    the planet and it is his accomplishments that should be praised, instead this
    annoying alien boy scout has come and taken all his glory. So instead of using
    his vast intelligence to further humanities plight, he takes their rejection to
    heart and instead becomes hell bent on destroying Superman and his adoring
    sycophantic fans who can´t see the real danger Superman poses to humanity. He´s
    complex and dangerous, and an integral part to the Superman mythos, he just
    hasn´t been done justice in Film.

    I do think they were right to leave him out of the first one and set him up for
    second, possibly with Braniac, so they can really fuck with Superman´s mind,
    while at the same time be a match for him physically.

    who should play him. An odd choice maybe, but given the darker tone Snyder
    seems to be setting, I think someone who can do justice to the tragedy of that
    story. There´s a certain pathos to Lex Luthor when you look at it, a boy
    genius, who´s intellect was so vast, that the words used by Pa Kent in the
    Superman teaser could almost have been said to Lex as a boy, when he´s 12 and
    invents a super fast computer processor ¨One
    day, you’re gonna have to make a choice. You have decide what kind of man you
    want to grow up to be. … Whoever that man is, good character or bad, is
    gonna change the world.”

    Can you see it in a tráiler,
    cause I can. VO of Lex´s dad saying that (Pa Kent´s speech) as you see Lex as a
    Little boy 6 reading War and Peace, then at 12 building his first computer
    processor, graduating at 15 from Harvard, then the last shot as he says “good
    or bad´is gonna change the world.” A shot from Lex Corp, Superman fly´s past
    the top window of the Sky Scraper, a shot of a bald man in a dark room, his
    seat turned toward the window. The end.
    Well I´m hoping that bald Young man will be Joaquin Pheonix, he´s
    brilliant, and he has this way of bringing a real emotional core to the
    characters he plays, even villains. See Gladiator. I think personally this is
    my best choice. As you can see I´ve thought it through. I think he could really
    make us feel sorry for Lex´s plight and fustration.

    2. Braniac – Robert

    One this guy needs a come back. He is brilliant, yet
    seems forgotten. If anyone could toy with the emotions of Kal-El promising him
    secrets of his origin, then switch to cold, psycho robot in an instant, it´s
    this guy. Really, I know it´s never going to happen, but what a shame.

    far as I´m concerned these are the only two villains who should be in Man Of
    Steel 2. I may not even bother watch it if they are not put together. They are
    Superman´s strongest and most meaningful foes and they work best together. If
    the film makers don´t have the vision to see that and how they would work in a
    more realistic Superman World, then fuckém. And if they do some stupid casting
    like Bradley Cooper as Lex luthor.

    Cast of Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman – Christina Hendricks

    picture below. Need I say more? Yes, ok I will. She plays the uber cool, uber
    sexy, uber bitch on Madmen. (her talent ehh eh hem!! Got me through a whole
    season) But on a serious note she can obviously play strong, domineering and
    well sexy man killer characters, I think she could easily pull off nobel
    warrior, and man would she look good in that suit.

    Queen Hippolyta – Kate Winslet

    any who don´t know, this is Wonder Woman´s mother. Now a lot might think Kate´s
    a bit young looking for the job. But you must remember the women of the island
    of Themyscira do not age past a certain point. And she could be put in makeup
    to look slightly older. I think Winslet is a brilliant actress and I just think
    she´s right for the role. She´ll be the ultimate superhero MILF if you like.
    Feminists please don´t hate me ;)

    3. Mala – Sofia Vergara

    Now i would have picked this
    chick for Wonder Woman were it not for her accent. But since the strong
    Columbian thing probably won´t fly and I can´t see her sheding such a thick
    accent, I´ll go for second best, Wonder Woman´s best friend and frequent
    sparring partner, the man hating, pro female seperatist, and second greatest
    warrior of Paradise island Mala. Trust me when I say a cat fight between Sofia
    Vergara and Christina Hendricks would be a thing of utter beauty.

    4. Hera or Aphrodite (Wonder
    Woman´s second mother) – depends but I would say either Emma Thompson or Juliet

    As she would be the imperial
    Goddess, wife of Zeus, it could be some hot young actress. But nonetheless I
    think the better choice would be to a slightly older maternal figure. So I
    think go for these two who are great actresses. But it would have to be a fantastic
    script to get any of these two on the Project.

    5. Steve Trevor – Ryan Gosling

    Well this would be good
    casting (I´ve seen others say he should be Batman. There crazy) If anyone could
    get under the skin of the Amazonian princess, and be cheeky enough to get her
    to want to give him a slap only as much as she wants to save him, it´s the
    Gosling. I think he could be heroic,
    funny and we all know he can be charming. It would be a great suit for him to
    be the only guy in the world who could pull Wonder Woman.

    Ares (God of War) Villain – Mads Mikkelsen

    God Of War and I think Wonder Womans coolest villain is the most filmable of
    her rogue gallery. This is the way to do a Dark knight or Man Of Steel with
    Wonder Woman. The greatest woman warrior, and a feminist icon for the powerful
    woman, conflicting with the violence and wonton destruction of the man´s world
    and the Sex in The City Generation of women. And who greater to represent man´s
    destructive capacity than Ares, the God, who´s powers literally feed off death,
    famine, greed and misery. I really can´t see anyone doing it accept Mads. He
    just has that crazy look in his eye. He´s perfect.

  • Tokenn

    Wow…a lot of bad choices here, but a few good ones too. Idris Elba would sure bring a different vibe to Bruce Wayne, but he’s got the look and physique and gravitas to take the role. Joe Manangianella [sorry, can't spell his name at all] certainly has the look too…you could sure do worse [Stephen Dorff??]

  • jpfola261

    I had pictures, but they won´t upload.

  • jhoctober75

    horrible list!!

  • jhoctober75

    Bale was great as Batman he just had some issues with the voice when he was Batman,next guy needs to be 6’2 or taller.

  • Chris Hopkins

    why not just pick up where they left off? have blake become the bat, tell that story, I’m done watching bruce wayne origins I’ve read it 1,000x I’ve seen it 1,000x tell a different story in the “reboot” that fits this world, use blake to link this world to man of steel and JLA film, the number one thing DC and WB should learn from marvel is tie everything together, it builds interests in the ensemble more…

  • Ben

    I think Ryan Gosling is most perfect to play The Flash..his face is exactly resembles The Flash in Justice League animated series.

    • jpfola26

      your right, if gosling should play any character it should be The Flash.

      How about?

      The Flash – Gosling
      Green Lantern – Jamie Foxx
      Martian man Hunter – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (From Lost Mr Eko)
      Wonder Woman Christina Hendricks
      The Batman – Fassbender
      Superman – Henry Cavill

      • http://twitter.com/tvd_luis Luis L

        Bridget Regan is Wonder Woman.

      • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

        Gosling- ok
        If they use GL in a film, it’ll be Jordan
        Christina Hendricks, even though I love the gal to death isn’t built to be Wonder Woman. Who ever they cast needs to be young and athletic and of possibly Mediterranean (prefferably Greek/Italian) decent.
        Fassbender I’m cool with
        And I need to see Cavill in MOS before i can go with him.

  • Mr_Wayne

    *Looks at comments* Fanboys… #facepalm. Anyway, The list isn’t THAT bad. The thing you fanboys have to remember is Batman/Bruce Wayne is such a… perfect character. Aesthetically speaking there aren’t too many 6’2, blue eyed, black haired, chiseled jawed, actors that are actually talented enough to pull off the role.

    Good choices:
    Ryan Gosling
    Michael Fassbender

    Joseph Fiennes
    Joe Manganiello
    Dominic Cooper

    Before you fanboys go on a tirade, these guys aren’t bad actors. Especially the first two (above). I’ll admit the original article’s list had far too many “underdogs”. The list came off like some fan fiction crap. WB/DC better think of someone good though. From the looks of these comments, they ain’t got a chance.

    • jpfola26

      its a crap list.

    • jpfola26

      its a crap list.

      • Mr_Wayne

        Then you make a list to replace this one. I bet you can’t. Half the list is ok, the other half is obviously bad. But you people are pounding this article as if you can do better and I bet you can’t. Don’t talk $#!+… just prove it. Make a list… now.

  • capnredts

    wes bentley has the look like the animated series had with black hair and sort of a square jaw although ive never seen him in anything i think hes the better choice. christian bale just seemed like a bit of a stretch for batman anyway

  • ergo

    if they were smart, they would use Joseph Gordon Levitt in a Batman Beyond movie, so it can go in the same universe as nolans trilogy. Obviously he wouldn’t wear a lame skinny costume, but you can make it the same story line. He takes up the mantle for bruce wayne, you don’t even need to have bale in the film…and this way they can use him in the Justice League film that is undoubtedly coming

  • bob2

    Think if they continued the story and made a 4th Batman.

    Do you think Alfred is going to let Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Character be Batman. Alfred would say get out of my house. He didn’t even want Bruce Wayne to be Batman. JGL’s character doesn’t have the money and resources that Bruce Wayne has.

    Though I would think it would be cool if JGL’s character was Batman Beyond and Bruce Wayne stayed in the Batcave to help him. Alfred would have passed on.

    Did Bruce Wayne die? At the end you see Fox talking to his engineers and one of them says that the auto pilot was fixed 6 months ago with a patch. Maybe Bruce fixed it and never told Fox.

    But if Bruce is in hiding remember what Ra’s Al Ghul said to Bruce in Batman Begins, that “The World is to small for Bruce Wayne to disappear”.

    So maybe they should make a 4th Batman movie. A Batman Beyond. Bring back Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt. But they would have to get a new director because Nolan is out.

  • Anonimoose

    Can we admit that the majority of us are going to hate whoever is chosen as Batman for the reboot. After something this critically acclaimed (rightfully so) there isn’t going to be much of a fair shake given to the next film. Anyways out of your list Fassbender or Gosling would be the best choices. I lean more towards Fassbender because he has a more intimidating demeanor about him in the vein of Batman. Obviously Gosling van be intimidating, watch Drive for proof of that. I just don’t think he could pull of Batman in the contemporary fashion. We could always have Kevin Conroy put on 55 pounds of muscle and do Batman.

  • SSJ_Warrior

    Fassbender is the only guy worthy of the cowl on this list.

  • Corey Avis

    I think Josh Holloway who played Sawyer from Lost would make a pretty decent Batman.

  • R

    The ONLY person I can see as Batman on this list is Michael Fassbender.

  • Nathan Grace

    Terrible list of choice…. It you want a Batman try a breakthrough star. If you got to choice a Batman try someone who know Martial Arts, good with weapon, extremely dangerous in movie. My choice would have been someone who is dangerous in movies and like explosion…

  • ble

    As a black man I think having idris elba as batman is stupid bruce wayne is white why are you trying to be p.c this whole list sucks ass

  • ryana

    Yeah, this list is pretty shoddy. Gosling and Cooper, while i’ve got nothing against them, are not good choices, way too mainstream. And WTF is Idris Elba doing here? Stephen Dorff would work if Joel Shumacher came back….ugh.

  • 956400

    andrew lincoln ffs?? how about jon bernthal? a much better actor, the dark gaze, and of course the jawline!
    and yes gordon levitt should defo become a hero in his own right.

  • Bloodstain

    This list was horrid. The only one who was marginally okay was the guy from the Walking Dead, and even that would be a bit of a stretch. Terrrible, terrible list. I pray that nobody at WB would consider such a crap list.

  • Kal-El

    this whole list is fucking retarded…the only good choice was Michael Fassbender…he is the only one who could pull it off but I’m still holding out for him as the next Bond

  • Jordan Grey

    Wes Bentley, maybe

  • JustPassingBy

    The only one I could see actually pulling it off would be Fassbender, Elba to but lets keep faithful to the source ok? But then i tough Ruffalo would mess the Hulk, so what I do know

  • Splinter76

    … Worst list I’ve ever seen for casting Batman.

  • wtf list

    wtf a black batman ?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CuRecka Tyson CuRecka Curtis

    terrilbe choices…really? the d-bag from the Hangover movies..as batman lmao

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Honestly I always though Alec Baldwin wouldn’t have been perfect. Watch the shadow – he’s doing a pretty good bruce wayne in that movie.

  • lollerskates

    lol this list was hilarious

  • http://www.facebook.com/valeriy.savlokhov Valeriy Savlokhov

    what are you diong? you want to kill the franchize??

  • captainjm

    They need to qiut thinking about the payday and just forget about making any more stand alone batman movies for a good while .the Nolan/ Bale trilogy is a masterpeice. worry about how to pull off the JLA characters wich could be great . whenever these studios are more concerned about making money than making art ,they make shitty art! and it s really easy for superhero movies to epicly suck if not appraoched with the qaulity of respect and love for the genra they require. I still think Urban or Caviezal would be good for the JLA Batman as long as his name is BRUCE WAYNE.

  • http://twitter.com/Jason__Elliott Jason Sapp

    Horrible list. They just need to get an unknown, 6’4”, 230-240 pound muscle pound martial artist who can act. Too easy, right? :)

  • disconnexions

    Pretty bad list..BUT my picks out of that list: Joe Manganiello or Wes Bentley

  • Yeet Mai Nats

    The asshole who came up with this list deserves cancer.

    • AZGurl

      Obviously no one in your family has ever had cancer.

  • Brad Harris

    Bradley Cooper is probably the best choice out of all these to play batman. I wouldn’t choose anyone else on this list.

  • Chris Kraucunas

    “Though I don’t think he has much talent in acting, he would make an admirable Caped Crusader for a few reasons. Like a couple other choices on the list, he would draw in the female crowd, no doubt about that.”
    Seriously? You think a non-talented actor would be an admirable Batman? Are you retarded? Did somebody PAY you for this?

  • lobbyboy

    What i think we can all agree on, is that fat Val Kilmer needs to put on the cape, cowl and ill fitting utility belt one more time.

  • Amir Faiz

    find someone that has the voice like Kevin Conroy~ it would be nice~

  • http://twitter.com/richardsztajer richard sztajer

    bring back micheal keaton as batman . he was the best batman by far!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-McCauley/100000485186527 William McCauley

    Oh, please, don’t recommend Bradley Cooper, he’s a slightly less ugly and obnoxious version of Owen Wilson (without the broken nose) and he can’t simulate human emotion.

  • Lets Hope

    Lets hope Warner Brothers pays Christan Bale a lot of money to be in the Justice League movie!

    • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

      Word !

  • http://twitter.com/tvd_luis Luis L

    This list sucks.

    Ben McKenzie or Jensen Ackles for the next Batman.

  • Inthecage69

    nicholas cage?

  • Overthemoon

    This seems more like a list of random actors the author might have a crush on.

  • Damo

    if any of those guys played batman / bruce wayne i would personally get on plane and piss on WB studios!

  • JFinch

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! No.

  • Derek

    This list is horrific. I think someone that would fill in great as the next Batman would be Armie Hammer.

  • Annie

    I do believe that Batman should have a natural darkness to his character and the best of those options is in fact Idris Elba. The Nolan films didn’t care about making the Al Ghuls white when they’re Arabs so why can’t it be the other way. Idris Elba is an amazing actor and he has shown that he can play a good guy with a dark side amazing well. There are probably better less exposed actors for the role. At the end of the day I doubt casting directors will be looking at our comments. The choices are not that great altogether.

  • BatmanBeyond

    i agree with dumblist, This is the worst and most awful batman list i have ever seen in my entire life.

  • Seriously?

    Did you just go thrugh and pick guys with facial hair that you thought were cute? I hope Batman is dead if anyone takes your choices seriously with the exception of Elba (who oobviously could not make it). Go ahead and add Tom Cruise to this list.

  • hijodeerebo

    worst list ever, maybe fassbander but hes got an english accent

  • twotimes

    okay to ryan gosling, the rest a big NO!

  • Ishmayl

    This is pretty bad – I mean, 2 or 3 of them, I could see seriously being at least in contention by WB (though I still wouldn’t likely choose them myself), but most of these are just like a joke.
    Honestly though, I would be willing to see Wes Bentley considered pretty seriously for the role – I’ve always liked him since American Beauty.

  • John Ruml

    My God, all of these would be terrible as Batman. Has OP even read a Batman comic? Like, in his life?

  • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

    I say leave BATMAN rest until JUSTICE LEAGUE we need more DC characters, hopefully MOS (Superman) starts the journey. On this list there’s only one actor that’s close to Bales performance Ryan Gosling

    • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

      Just saying Gosling played a dark character when played the Driver in DRIVE

  • DCfan

    Ok. Some of these are outrageous. But some are not bad. I think lincoln would b great.

  • batboy

    WORST list ever

  • Pom

    Worst list ever.

  • Jecht315

    I will never see a Batman movie with Bradley Cooper. “That would be like casting Michael Cera as Shaft”
    (+10 internet for whoever knows who that references)

  • manu

    jim caviezel

  • Prmaguiar

    I stopped reading when I scrolled down the page to see who “Ryan Gosling” was.

  • Wesley Gibson

    most of your list was off base.. but Fassbender was bang on (with a HEAVY Bale workout routine) &Gosling is also a good tip.. i was blown away when i saw Drive.. made me realise hes one of the best oung actors of our generation.. &if ur talking Batman for the new Justice League movie..then yes.. coz whoever is picked for that CANT be taller or more imposing than the midget like “super” man that is Henry Cavill -_-

    otherwise, if its a stand alone reboot then your ONLY two viable choices are Josh Hartnett or Robert (Yes HIM) Pattinson 6″3 & 6″2 respectively both good looking &able to BELIEVABLY carry off the suited down Bruce “charming basterd” Waynes male Paris Hilton meets Bill Gates persona with ease..
    when it comes to the gritty Bat/Wayne scenes i think they can also hold their own.. in the physicality i give Josh the edge even tho he’d have to bulk up a LITTLE bit.. this is where Rob lets down the side as since he wrapped filming on Vampire Fairytales he’s let himself slide abit but Bales instructor should be able to whip him into shape &anyone whos seen Bel Ami Remember Me or the upcoming Cosmopolis will know he can project the grit & “darkness” neccessary for the role..
    plus the actual SHOCK if he DOES get picked &the derision as to wether he’ll make a convincing Bat would actually play well into the run up for the film.. as unknowing fans would be expecting very little
    &while it could turn into a bit of a circus.. he’d be the most famous guy EVER to play the bat &that could break him of the tween heart throb curse he hates so much.. from sparkly deerhunter to Avenging Creature of the night.. arcs dont come anymore perfect than that -_-

  • UnclePac

    Idris Elba would be better suited to play Al Simmons “Spawn”

  • UnclePac

    Idris Elba would be better suited to play Al Simmons “Spawn”

  • Mr. Delux

    Well, it seems like you (Matt Joseph) were high on drugs when you wrote this.
    The nonsense begins even before the text, in the title. There’s is no way that there are 10 actors listed to succeed Christian Bale on the role of Batman. I’d say 3 at the most and probably none of those three were mentioned by you in this article.

  • Batman Rises

    Never, should this list have ever been made.

    Here’s a much better list: Christian Bale.

  • JoshuaSanchez189

    Whatever, I just hope we dont see batman for a long long time. The Nolan films deserve that much respect at least.

  • ed

    This guy hates batman or else just picked the first 10 guys that came up on Google images.

  • Wolferchief

    My Votes on Ray Stevenson


    I’d like to think Colin Ferrel, would make a decent Batman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.murray.77398 Adam Murray

    Idris Elba has been vieing for the role of Blade reboot, and though I acknowledge Snipes put the role in the mainstream(as well as saving the comic book movie genre after Batman and Robin and steel nearly killed it) Idris would be good because 1, he is a fast learner when it comes to action, 2. Blade is british( but he grew up in New York City) 3. If Idris is a good choice for batman as you think, then he is perfect for Blade, just give him some time to learn the martial arts and swordsmanship and you good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tactikiller Dane Anderson

    If height weren’t an issue, I’d say Jeremy Renner. I think Bradley Cooper could pull it off. I’ve been a bat fan since the day I was born. Watched reruns of the sixties tv show, consumed all the comics I could, wore out my vhs copies of BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS…so Renner and Cooper are my vote. Or Sawyer from Lost…I can never remember his name.

  • Eileen Johnson

    When it comes to a draw for the ladies, no one on this list draws me the way Christian Bale does. I find the most interesting choice, though, to be Andrew Lincoln. It’d be good to see him on the big screen.

    • Lang

      Andrew Lincoln would be perfect. His acting is flawless and he murders leadership rolls.


    There is no way the Nolan films can be topped, so they shouldn’t try. Let me explain.
    I vote they should go Batman Beyond and have old man Bruce Wayne played by Clint Eastwood.
    Now we just need to debate on who would play Terry McGinnis.

  • mind

    I think the next Batman/Bruce Wayne will be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We see the character of Blake explore the batcave near the end and we also see him throw away his detective badge.

  • Goerginah06

    Jake Gyllenhaal? or even matt bomer?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jered-Lacks/1128197292 Jered Lacks

    Andrew Lincoln and Joe Manganiello I could see if they did a movie based on the Arkham games. Wes Bently has the Bruce Wayne looks, but I’m not entirely sure about his acting as far as the comic book world goes. We all saw how awful he was as Black Heart in Ghost Rider.

  • Your Article Blows Ass

    This article sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls. For real.

  • hb

    garbage. and Stephen Dorff?? please



  • Jack

    Keeano Reevs would be a cool for Batman.

  • Anon

    These are, in all honesty, incredulously poor choices. I’m just at a loss for words.

  • The Vision

    How about we give joseph gordon levitt a chance and stick to what happens after TDKR, spearing us all from another painful origin story reboot.
    Anyway if RDJ Tony Stark/Iron Man has taught us anything is that acting skills heavily outweight looks, you can find a lot of better looking, fitter, more physically idylic actor to play tony, but RDJ doesn’t just play Tony, he is Tony.

  • http://madeofhells.tumblr.com/ Triangle Dimes

    This is a terrible article and you should feel bad for making it.

  • Lolwut

    The only ones I agree with from this list is Joe Manganiello and Andrew Lincoln. Because of reasons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nate.brill Nate Brill

    i think the ultimate dream batman would be tom sellek with kevin conroy dubbing batman.he would be an older more expireanced batman that makes bad guys piss there pants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PETk8eBbfN0 that’s how awesome a more mature batman could be.

  • Matthew Close

    Can’t believe so many “fans” are bitching about the actors who have played Batman… there was only one guy who was bad at it and that was because the movie itself was shit… George Clooney… I won’t even speak the name of that piece of shite movie… such an amazing cast… such an amazing fail to use them well…

    Oh well… I guess some “fans” are just born to bitch :P

  • PleaseStop

    If Andrew Lincoln builds some muscles (currently he has a body of a 15 yr old boy), then he’s PROBABLY the least shit*y proposition from this list. The rest? God awful. Mr Joseph, I feel dirty and violated by your Batman-to-be list.

  • O Rly

    I love the stretched wide BUTTHURT of all the Nolanites here with their “adult” and “edgy” film. Bale was terrible, the final movie was in shambles logically and underused characters. The only actor who ever portrayed Batman decently was Keaton, with Conroy a close second as the voice of Batman. Get your head out of your asses: the population is SICK to death of the Nolan cock sucking fest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vickishawn.connery Vicki-shawn Connery

    all of these would be horrible choices, and to even entertain changing Batmans ethnicity is just ridicules and no im being racist i just hate it when beloved characters are drastically altered just so some idiot director or writer can get extra publicity solely on race changes. “oh oh look at me im so not racist see i made Batman black im so trendy! next up im going to make superman a transgender cephalopod!” seriously fuck no. end of argument.

  • vcus

    John Ham is our perfect choice!

  • Reality

    People say Zac Efron must be the next Bat Man.

  • Magnus Murdoch

    Michael C. Hall

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainn.summerz Rainn Summerz

    This list is obviously put together by someone who hates Batman.

  • http://twitter.com/ElMalignoSENSEI El Maligno SENSEI

    All these guys are older than Christian Bale … I guess WB will be looking for a younger actor than Bale in order to star a new franchise in 2016.

  • Ramesh

    This article is an april fool’s joke? May i suggest you post lady gaga as one of the contenders. It will be a bit more funnier that way

  • Tom

    Michael C Hall! Dexter is basically Batman without the costume and the “no killing the bad guys” rule!

    • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio

      nah dude …he is Edward Nigma / Riddler will be perfect

  • http://www.facebook.com/abSOULuteD Dwayne Soull Murphy

    To anyone that thinks this is a bad list, shut up or post up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.borg.56 Christopher Borg

    I think someone was really high on something when pubishing this list. I might agree on Fassbender but since he already wore a Magneto cape putting on the bat might be tricky as people would start to discuss in which he was beter playing, diminishing the effect of the movie. Batman should be played by some tall bloke who looks like he could kisk ass even without the mask on. James Franco ‘might’ fit the part with some pumping iron or even James MacAvoy!

    • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

      If Fassbender is out, Franco (Green Goblin 2) and MacAvoy (Professor X) should be the same way. But you have had Chris Evans (Human Torch & Captain America- both Marvel) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool and Green Lantern) pull double duty.

  • paul

    who the hell thought up this list! i think a good batman would be jason statham??? but bale is brilliant gives keaton a run for his money. however they will never be able to top heath ledgers joker.

  • mk

    why isn’t meryl streep on this list?

  • http://twitter.com/Poison_Arrow07 Poison_Arrow07

    First off, I’ve always enjoyed your articles and this one is no different. As a movie buff, i can understand the appeal behind each of the actor’s mentioned here, but I just can’t see the likes of Wes Bently(even though he has that brooding look), Andrew Lincoln, and especially Idris Elba, ever don the Bat suit ! Michael Fassbender is the man of the moment for me, and Ryan or Bradley on the other hand,would be great as the caped crusader too…see the reason Christian Bale is generally seen as THE Batman for me is because, before he got the role he wasn’t really a commercial film actor by any means, but everybody knew he could act. I remember when I saw his performance in American Psycho, I knew this guy can do any role.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raj-Kumar-Dash/617328091 Raj Kumar Dash

    If Jim Caviezel was younger, I think he’d make a great Batman. His character in the TV show “Person of Interest” has often made me think “Batman without a cape” — except for his use of guns, of course

    • http://twitter.com/RobLove3 Robert Julio


  • epic fail

    omg dude. whats next, justin bieber??! lets say the first 2 would work but still… omg..

  • kt

    Micheal Keaton is the best Batman so far.

  • Steven

    I agree with the comments below. These are all horrible, horrible choices. What even?

  • Clarabow

    Richard Armitage

  • tubbs crackpot

    bradley cooper is the best bet

  • Victor

    Kevin Connroy is the best batman

  • MovieBuff

    Worst list ever!
    Fassbender yes, Manganiello maybe – everyone else FUCK NO!!!

  • kerra

    Gabriel Macht…nuff said

  • 215TheVoice

    Jim Caveziel, from ‘Person of Interest’ would make a good batman.

  • 215-theVoice

    Bradley Cooper would be a George Clooney type of Batman, and we all know how that worked out!

  • Mailguy

    I agree, the first two, were a good spot on, but the turned to a what were you smoking list.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUHWX4TIAZRFNFYCWUE43OZDUQ 7LeagueBoots

    The only person on this list I’d like to see as Batman is Idris Elba. All the rest should stay as far away as possible

  • Monkiimagic

    Wonder why Clint Eastwood wasn’t in this list….. They looked at him to make The Dark Knight series where batman is an old, tired crime fighter….. would offer some different angles to take the batman story.

  • Kara

    Once they listed Idris Elba I instantly gave up.

  • Nachiket

    Only Fassbender & Gosling make some kinda sense …
    Fassbender,more so than anyone else.

  • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

    If they wanted to continue in the Nolan verse and bring Bruce back, or have a few adventures pre retirement, I could see Gosling in the role. He’s a decent actor and does resemble Bale slightly.

  • http://twitter.com/JAVincen john vincen

    If he were done playing Wolverine, I could see Hugh Jackman as Batman.

  • honestlypeople

    Tom Hardy would honestly play a badass Batman if he hadn’t played Bane. Hell, he should play Batman anyway. He won’t look anything like the Bane character, and new villains will be introduced.

  • Clayface

    I could be Batman.

  • Bossdaddy2341

    Might as well use Denzel

  • duaneshango

    idris for john stewart GL, no black bruce wayne. He can play nite owl from Squadron Supreme (Supreme Power)

  • theCuddler

    Idris Elba is a completely badass choice. lets start a petition….

  • Dark Knight

    Daniel Day-Lewis as an established mature Batman would be perfect

  • Kira

    # Elba is the best batman!

  • Kira

    Elba is the best. The rest is just shit.

  • sean horoc

    ready for this? batman beyond live action movie: Jon Hamm as batman in the beyond suit before he gives it up, Clint Eastwood as old Bruce Wayne and Andrew Garfield as Terry McGinnis

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.w.anger Charles William Anger

    my facking god was the person making this list blazed out of his damn mind none of these guys fit for the role most of them are just fan pretty boys that couldnt do the role and the others are just skinny dumb asses bale is the only one that fits it perfectly and hopefully he will take the part for the fans and others since he’s blown it way out of the ball park for the whole entire batman saga, at the end of the dark knight rises the former detective went into the batcave and got to see everything so if they really wanted to they could have made him robin and continued the storyline and keep it going which is what they should do cause to what i know of batman was older when he started to train robin to fight along side him and now as to bale for him he made the highest standard possible for the role of the batman i personally think there isnt any other actor out there that could top what he did he had intense fighting scenes that were filled with high emotion and a backstory for them which he portrayed in his role its as if he made it into his own life story which is what the best actors do and then they keep doing that role like depp doing jack sparrow though there is going to be some people who wont like this comparison but the people who played their roles like depp as jack sparrow he loves the role its as if that person named jack sparrow was inside him and all he did was take it out and let it play out its as if depp is actually like his role jack sparrow just like how bale has basicly had the persona of the batman inside him and he just pulled it out of himself and added to it which is why it had such success with the fans which is why he should keep going as long as the people writing the scripts can come up with good scripts for the batman movies and nolan should keep making them for as long as there is a good script

  • BatNerd

    They should get Kenney Bradford. Very much unknown, but a young actor on the rise. Muscular athletic physique to pull off the “look” Just sayin….

  • Carmichael

    Idris Elba? You can’t be serious. I see him playing John Stewart (the black green lantern). i

    I’d prefer this instead:
    Ryan Gosling – Bart Allen
    Bradley Cooper – Barry Allen/ Oliver Queen
    Michael Fassbender – Hawkman
    Idris Elba – John Stewart

  • what?

    Wow, this is a bad bad list. Andrew Lincoln is a good dark horse, but would never be cast as his name isn’t going to sell tickets. Gosling would be interesting. I’m sure he could pull the character off…but he’s kinda short for the role and would probably look (more) silly in a bat costume than any previous actor. All the other picks are garbage and feel like they were pulled out of a hat consisting of all the contemporary 20-40 male actors listed on imdb.

  • roloracer

    Nobody will be able to replace the intensity of Christian Bale’s Batman after this movie, specially none from this list, that was the reason for the disaster on Tim Burton’s Batman series, thinking that having so many different Batman’s wouldn’t affect the story.

  • dark dweller

    clive owens crap acting could be the trick to the batman role a man of little words his size his ideal a outsider could be jeremy renner or eric bana

  • TJ

    Karl Urban, Joe Manganiello, or Jon Hamm are the only plausible choices to be pursued for the role of Batman: The Dark Knight Lives! Even the Robin cameo is entirely doable in the form of Leo Howard, the martial arts master and actor of the Young Conan in the 2011 version of Conan The Barbarian!!! Just as the role of The Flash has to go to either Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling. And Ryan Reynolds should be dropped from the DC Universe as GL and replaced with either Adewale Agbage or Idris Elba, playing GL – John Stewart, or Nathan Fillion, playing GL – Hal Jordan. If the role goes to Urban or Hamm, since it is highly unlikely that Henry Cavill will be involved in the “Justice League” movie; then it leaves runner up for Supes – Joe Manganiello to fill the Boy Scouts suit! He is physically imposing, filling that aspect of the role at 6’5″ tall, to Urban’s 6’0 or Hamm’s 6’1″ Batman. Wonder Woman by either Cobie Smulders, Moon Bloodgood, Michelle Monaghan, Adriana Lima, or Adrianne Palicki (whom deserves the chance to show the WW chops that are being ransomed and kidnapped by NBC wrongly!) Dennis Haysbert – Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman played by Gerard Butler or Hugh Dancy or Paul Bettany!!

  • lostboy408

    What about Guy Pearce?

  • chicken nipples

    If there is one person I can think of to succeed Christian Bale, it is Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men). I think he’s the only one who’d make a great Batman.

  • Jim Yohan

    Joe Manganiello with a shaved face and shorter hair cut wouldn’t be a bad choice. But damn, the rest, really?

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.abbey.73 Aaron Abbey

    i see playing batman being played by CHRISTIAN BALE

  • Mike

    Am I the only one who thinks Jon Hamm would be the perfect Batman!?!?!?

  • Lonnie James

    absolutely the worst picks ever

  • Badlist

    Terrible list… It should be listed
    1.Jon Hamm
    2.Joe Manganiello
    3.Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    4.Josh Brolin
    5.Jake Gyllenhaal
    6.Christian Bale (if Nolan is involved with the reboot)

  • smc

    the best batman is and always will be adam west, nuff said


    An “Actor like Ryan Gosling”? I bet you’re listening to Ke$ha right now, aren’t you, Princess?

  • Matt Jothephth

    Why did I write thith? Becausth I already had all thethe pitureth of thexthy men and wanted to make thomething bethides a masturbatio collage thith time!!! TEEHEE!!!

  • Juan

    John Hamm…nuff said

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake.winderlich Blake Winderlich

    Idris Elba? really? nick fury and spiderman already turned black, but not batman

  • http://www.facebook.com/sprenger54 Anthony Sprenger

    None of them, Adam Lincoln is too old looking for Bruce Wayne, don’t like several of the choices.. Like I said none of them!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sprenger54 Anthony Sprenger

    Why not bring back Adam West LOL LOL! THE CHOICES ARE EQUAL TO HIM!

  • Doesa

    Bad list! But I think that Gosling would be a good Batman

  • krink

    how about Bruce Greenwood… he’s got the look and voice down, especially if they went with an older, more cynical veteran crime fighter… that’d be my choice

    • Shane

      I could see that.

  • Shane

    Bradley Cooper as Batman? No. But if ever make Justice League, put him in for Green Arrow!

  • DBJ305

    Chris Pine as robin in next batman???????

  • Jawad Pullin

    how bout Keifer Sutherland?

  • brad

    Andrew Lincoln not the Batman type? He’s the only actor listed here that is the Batman type.

  • ShreksEsel

    Scott Adkins is the guy to vote for

    Maybe he does not have to same acting skills as Christian Bale but he kicks some serious ass and since I can imagine the new reboot following the Batman Arkham Asylum/City games style, you need a physically impressing Batman – not a sleek Bruce Wayne.
    If you don’t know him, buy a copy of Undisputed 3 (or go see Expandables 2 or Universal Soldier 4)

  • http://twitter.com/dsjj251 Derrick Syl.James Jr

    Eric Bana

  • Cil

    Except for… maybe… Mr. Wes… This list has nothing good on it. Well, I’m just too happy that Chistian Bale is not Batman anymore because he is a good anwful Mr. Wayne and you come up with Bradley Cooper. Really????

  • adadadaad

    this list is complete fucking bullshit

  • lon

    outside of Ryan Gosling WORST list I’ve ever seen! Why I would even take Tom Cruise over these guys and I would take a bullit before i saw that movie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janitha.h.fernando Janitha Heshan Fernando

    what about Josh hartnett….!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/boredomincarnate Tom Abila

    A couple of the names on this list are promising. I could actually see Gosling as Batman, yeah he’s a pretty boy but so is Wayne. And he impressed me in drive, he could do it. Most of the names just made me cringe though.
    On a side note, most of these comments are trying very hard to give me cancer.

  • Chuah Sang

    They’re all bad. Really bad. Makes me wonder why you even publicized this shitty opinion of yours. Batman actor has to be : white, at least 6 ft, Deep voice. Has an excellent(if possible) martial arts background. age between 30-42. has to be muscular. and the actor won’t have any history with the Marvels movies. My example would be
    Michael Trucco, Matthew Mcconaughey,
    Jared Padalecki, Keanu Reeves.

  • Athanasios

    Wentworth Miller is the perfect choice for Batman if you have seen Prison Break you know exactly what i’m talking about

  • James

    LMFAO! these are the worst batman choices ever, forget about conforming, your list is just fucking pathetic its like you don’t know shit about what batman is supposed to be like. your first two choices werent bad but those guys would do better as a nightwing type character. overall your an idiot and your list sucks donkey balls dumbass!

  • Kevin

    Don’t do another origin story like the Spidey reboot. Pick up Batman mid-career and emphasize his detective skills. And the right actor to play him? Jim Caveziel, hands down. Watch him in Person of Interest and you’ll see it.

    • Ramone DeCurta

      Caveizel was my basketball teammate!

  • Kharon Anon

    When the original Batman movies were coming out I thought Jeff Speakman would’ve made a GREAT Batman. Now I think he’s too old for the part unless, that is, somebody ends up making a live action “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, in which case he would again be perfect.

  • Nick Getley

    Is this a list of Batmen or man crushes?

  • Raul

    Yeah !!,Pee-Wee would be a great choice, LOL!!

  • Dark Knight1019


  • Adam Heat

    Dylan Mcdermott would be amazing for both Bruce and Batman.


    He even pulls a Batman appear in the movie, “The Campaign”

    shower scene

  • BradleyCooperHater

    What is with these lists of “Actors who can/should play this and that character” always including Bradley Cooper? For 1, he doesn’t fit the character(s) in any way/shape/form. 2. He’s a horrible actor. He’s nothing but a pretty boy. Nothing substantial about him. 3. Again, HE DOE NOT IN ANY WAY/SHAPE/FORM FIT THESE CHARACTERS!!!!

  • batss

    where is Hugh Jackman? I think he would be able to be best Batman. He is talented, longer(6ft 2in), and so muscled. We all know real batman should be portrayed by a well built person but not by dwarves like Michael Keaton.

  • Vegeta

    Gosling as Batman?

    Guess M.Night Shyamalan should be director
    Some people just wanna watch the world burn

  • Matthew746

    Only Fassbender on that list would make a good Batman

  • Matthew746

    Also I think Joseph Fiennes wouldn’t be a bad choice either

  • Listy

    This list sucks.

  • Steph

    The Keaton/ Burton Batman was the best film version of Batman to date. Keaton’s Batman was smart and fearless. He figured shit out without the help of others (except Alfred) he portrayed the Batman/Bruce Wayne alter ego as if he was struggling sometimes to keep both in check.The villains back then scared the shit out me as well. The Joker (Nicholsen) The Penguin, Max Shreck and Catwoman from the 90′s Having said that Christian Bale/ Nolan version is great too but in different ways. But honestly my favorite Batman portrayal thus far is still the Animated Series from the 90′s. So far none of the movies have had the same balls. That’s just my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dmalta.selah Daniel Malta

    WTF. Ridiculous choices. Only that can be taken into consideration is Bradley Cooper. He would be an awesome Bruce Wayne, but as the Batman…

  • Hernán Camilo

    The look and the character of Bale will always be absolutely unbeatable; as Bruce and as the dark knight, Christian Bale is Batman.

    • Ramone DeCurta

      Bale is far from the best-looking Batman. Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer were both much better looking as Batman, though Bale and Keaton acted the part better than Kilmer. Bale and Kilmer were easily the best Bruce Waynes. George Clooney was all wrong for the part, as he brought nothing to the role. Clooney might have been a better Green Lantern at that time.

  • anonmy

    I think Keaton could have been regarded as the best-if he was starring in Nolan quality films. His Batman was a bit more subtle and interesting. He didn’t need to yell or act crazy to get the point across of Batman’s psychosis Too bad the Burton films had him do out of character things like kill people and smile now and then.

  • Nick D.

    Gerard Butler would play the best batman for any future batman movies and by far is a better choice than any of these choices. he has the size and look that is needed to play a great batman and if they made the bat suit from the game Arkham asylum but a little darker and placed Butler in it, IT WOULD BE PERFECT……

  • toomuchcoffee

    Fassbender or Gosling would be perfect imo

  • Jon

    I think the best choice on this last was Fassbender.

  • Neil Nera

    I think Scott Adkins would be the perfect new Batman. He has mad martial arts skills (Batman is a master of different martial arts styles) plus he’ll look good as Bruce Wayne.

  • akash

    Rocco shifferdi (porn star) is the best choice for the next batman character………..what do you think guys?

    • sunnyblack76

      what about Nick Manning?!?!

  • sunnyblack76

    Sam Worthington.

  • Ovillafane

    Tom Cruse I always believe is perfect to play the Bruce Wayne rol.

    • Ramone DeCurta

      Tom Cruise is like 5’7. He could never play Batman, who is supposed to be at least 6’0! I will admit, however, that when he was younger he might have made a great Robin/Nightwing. You might as well cast Michael J. Fox while you’re at it. Batman has to be fairly young-looking and tall – if you’re going to re-boot. Tom Cruise is very well preserved for a 48-year-old, but he’s still too short. NEXT!!

  • da works

    I think Dude from true blood or Andrew Lincoln would be the best choice for the batman reboot, Simply because Both can Act, Now dude from True blood Has the Physical Presents (height) and the acting chops, not to mention the voice to pull it off , i think he should be Wayne

  • http://www.facebook.com/stevemartin91 Steve Martin

    Bradley as Flash hell no Flash is a much younger dude and im so tired of actors switching from different roles like Ryan Reynolds playing green lantern and deadpool even though i love Ryan’s acting in basically all movies but no that’s not cool Eble has my vote

  • Rey

    black ??? Wayne should be a black ? are you dumb ?
    if original Wayne was black, ok, but IT’S NOT !
    As ORIGINAL (i insist on “original”) Nick Fury. Who was never been created as a black man. he’s black only in one spin-off, in Ultimate, but it’s NOT the original one.
    And Urban… Well, in Dredd, his helm is too big for him !!!

  • reynak

    Jake Gyllenhaal will be a good batman.

  • Big l k

    i can see Andrew Lincoln playing batman he’s reall good in The walking dead

  • Baneson

    this is a much better choice: Collin Egglesfield…

  • KingRell25

    Hahaha you made me laugh so hard


    Joseph Fiennes or Wes Bentley would totally work for me.

  • http://twitter.com/DaneSager Dane Sager

    Andrew Lincoln is a definitely unique choice. Seems similar to Michael Keaton in its far-out-ness. I like it. I really like that.

  • shutthefrontdoor

    wes bentley would be sick

  • iaudatkam

    The Batman is an incredible fighting machine, most skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Those skills can’t really be acted on or portrayed without really having the skill in the first place. While the Dark Knight series are the ‘best,’ the bat’s hand-to-hand fighting skills needs an overhaul. So, maybe many fans out there will probably want to kill me but why didn’t they find someone like Scott Adkins, for the Batman part anyway. Hey! It’s just a thought….

  • Guest

    The Batman is an incredible fighting machine, most skilled hand-to-hand
    combatant. Those skills can’t really be acted on or portrayed without
    really having the skill in the first place. While the Dark Knight series
    are the ‘best,’ the bat’s hand-to-hand fighting skills needs an
    overhaul. So, maybe many fans out there will probably want to kill me
    but why didn’t they find someone like Scott Adkins, for the Batman part anyway. Hey! It’s just a thought….

  • steve barnett

    JON HAMM!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Porter should be the new Batman

  • Panfriedskillet5

    These are terrible choice, except possibly for Mangiello. I’ve never seen Magic Mike or True Blood so I don’t know how good he can act, though. I’m not really sure who should play the next Batman, but seriously, how many Batman films can you come up with before you run out of ideas? I mean even going by the Batman comics, there’s only so much you can do movie-wise before it seems like your just watching the same exact thing over and over again.

  • grant landis

    I don’t know who should play Batman, but I believe Johnny Depp should play the Joker. Imagine the Johnny Depp character in “A Clock Work Orange” combined with the smile of his interpretation of Willie Wonka. Add lots of crazy laughing and you have the Joker.

  • Alberto Leal

    I nominate John Hamm. He would make a great golden-age Bruce Wayne/Batman I think. A more classical interpretation perhaps.

  • Stevo of the 852

    Sam Worthington – Search over

  • http://twitter.com/Chelsee_Belle98 Chelsee Byrne

    I say Fassbender or Bentley. I actually really like the thought of Wes Bentley playing Bruce Wayne. He suits it. (please don’t hate me for saying that, it’s a matter of opinion).

  • Ooopisnail

    that was your list of actors. Bradley cooper maybe. You actually put stephen dork in their. you’re a moron.

  • Ramone DeCurta

    I like the idea of casting a relative unknown in the role…certainly not an A-lister. The USA Channel has quite a nice stable of up-and-coming actors who could play Batman. For example, Gabriel Macht (“Suits”) would be the perfect Bruce Wayne and Batman. Neal Caffrey (“White Collar”) or Jeffrey Donovan (“Burn Notice”) would also be brilliant.

    Aside from those guys, an experienced actor like Billy Zane (he played Cal in “Titanic”) was made for the role, and there are rumors that he was actually meeting with Nolan about the role for the third movie until Christian Bale signed back on. For the re-boot/trilogy, I think he would have been a better choice than Bale, and his name came up several times with studio heads.

    Villain: I would like to have seen Sophia Vergara as Harley Quinn. Any doubters need to check her out as a jail psycho in Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail”. Of course Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Cruel Intentions”) and Natalie Portman (“Thor”, “Black Swan”) would also have been stunning choices for the role.

  • Guest

    I would like to have seen Sophia Vergara as Harley Quin. Any doubters need to check her out as a jail psycho in Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail”. Of course Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Cruel Intentions”) and Natalie Portman (“Thor”, “Black Swan”) would also have been stunning choices for the role.

  • Sean McCallum

    I think you need an actor who is physically imposing; at least 6 ft and broad shouldered, and old enough that Dick Grayson can be Nightwing. Yes. It’s time to bring in the Bat Family.

  • Stany March

    It will be really hard to replace Christian Bale…(the best!!!)

  • Zach

    Scott Adkins should be the next batman because he can fight and he looks like Bruce Wayne

  • Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas

    Are you HIGH sir? First off-an African American BATMAN? You are clearly just trying to either ruffle the fans feathers, or trying to be ultra-’P.C.’ And the reason you can’t do that is because you DO NOT drastically change a beloved character that has been around as long as Batman has. Just look at what happened to Roland Emmerich’s disastrous re-tooling of Godzilla. The fans rejected it and for good reason-Godzilla was NOT a cowardly frightened giant iguana. And Stephen Dorff??? While certainly a capable actor-isn’t he about 5 foot tall? Shame on you…

  • Crawler Assault

    If Hugh Jackman can play Wolverine he can also play Batman

  • Codeguy

    Nathon Fillon

  • Wayne

    This list is absolutely terrible with the exception of Fassbender who is honestly too old at this point. Maybe Wes Bentley but event that’s a little bit of a stretch.

  • Bubbubsky

    Jon Hamm. He looks pretty much exactly how I expect Bruce Wayne to look. He has the size, the dark hair, the chin, and the age of the veteran Batman of the comics.

  • Dylan McDermott

    Dylan McDermott for bat-man.

  • TheBruce Wayne

    I look more like Bruce Wayne than this actors

  • alex

    i think scott adkins would be a good batman

  • iehfjhfsj

    Dwayne the rock Johnson might be good

  • Bruce Vain

    This is a joke, right?

  • Travis

    All I can say is thank god you aren’t in charge of anything having to do with Batman. While some of the actors on this list are good actors, not a single one of them is the right choice for playing Batman let alone Bruce Wayne, who is far more complex than his hooded alter ego. Bale was a fantastic Bruce Wayne and a good Batman.

    I still firmly believe we are going to get more movies in Nolan’s universe just not with him directing. I honestly believe his brother will continue to write them and Nolan will be involved in a producing role. You don’t walk away from a series of movies that makes the amount of money that these do and you don’t cast actors like Levitt and Hathaway if you never plan to use them in the roles again.


    Pussy actors not fit to lick cristian bale’s ass. probably only andrew lincoln has some potencial but even he isn’t badass enought to be the batman

  • dasgeqg

    a black man playing batman, you wouldnt see where the mask starts and ends

  • http://www.facebook.com/bjorn.sandberg.77 Björn Sandberg

    Joe Manganiello was the only one that was even remotely acceptable.

  • Ed Luis Valentin

    Considering the people you named, i;m surprised that Nicolas Cage and Arnold Schwarzenegger are not in it..

  • SNShady

    best actor to play him would be jim caviezel

  • ThisListSucks

    You can tell a woman who knows nothing about batman made this list

  • decs

    screw these choices,non of these actors could portray such a physical role as christian bale did.i think micheal fassbender would be perfect for the role as he is quite dark in films.

  • FilmFan

    I don’t know why everyone is trashing this list. Nearly all of these
    men are A-listers and many WILL be considered by the same enlightened
    body of film execs that thought Nic Cage was an excellent choice for
    Superman. So get over your indignation.

    This is not a biopic
    Bruce Wayne doesn’t have to look like the cartoon he is FICTIONAL. So
    these people who won’t go out of a physical type to find the perfect
    actor should expand your narrow thinking.

  • FilmFan

    I don’t know why everyone is trashing this list. Nearly all of these
    men are A-listers and many WILL be considered by the same enlightened
    body of film execs that thought Nic Cage was an excellent choice for
    Superman. So get over your indignation.

    This is not a biopic
    Bruce Wayne doesn’t have to look like the cartoon he is FICTIONAL. So
    these people who won’t go out of a physical type to find the perfect
    actor should expand your narrow thinking.

    • DirectorR

      Agree Filmfan.
      Also, the same fanboys who speak highly of diversity get ADAMANT that no person
      of color can be a hero who wasn’t that race originally (in the comic books or
      graphic novels). My wife made an inspired suggestion that Wonder Woman be Paula
      Patton or Aisha Tyler for the JL movie. Wonder how that will play…

  • julianne

    How about David Boreanaz who used to be Angel and is now Agent Seeley Booth on Bones. He has done a massive amount of action sequences and has the chin and lips for the role.

  • da-man

    2 words, Gerard Butler

  • James Porter

    What about JIm Caviezel? He is practically playing Batman in Person of Interest.

  • todd

    None of them would be able to fit the bill. I personally think bale needs to stay for a while

  • Hafa Ball

    I could see Ryan Gosling… other than that.. o.o

  • Kenji Yamazaki

    I am backing Rowan Atkinson to play Bruce Wayne/ Batman

  • TheRealist

    Crazily enough, I’m throwing in Wes Bentley as my top pick. I’ve only seen him in Hunger Games, yes. But that guy was fascinating to watch – I immediately liked the dude. His expression and the way he held himself. He seems like he CAN be an asshole, but instead chooses to use his smarts and abilities to be clever, witty and resourceful. Perfect for billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and the uncowled Bat figuring things out in the Batcave – seeing him walk around controlling things in the Hunger Games control room helps me visualize this one.

    He has the general standard comic book face shape. He can bulk up. He’s already entertaining to watch, and that same humorous, likeable look can easily descend into half-unhinged, half-carefully controlled rage that is Batman with the cape and cowl. And we’re definitely getting into the trend of having not-quite-A-list stars getting into the superhero suits, so he fits the bill for that as well. So you know my vote, and you have my reasons.

  • Kriss_Kringle

    This is a terrible list,excluding Michael Fassbender,who would be a fantastic choice to play Bruce Wayne/Batman.If you guys didn’t have the title as descriptive as it was,I would have thought it’s a list of actors that shouldn’t play Batman.

  • Bale for ever

    I believe the best batman is Christian Bale,and no one can surpass him!!!!!


    idris elba, dominic cooper, joe manganeilo……R YOU OUT OF UR MIND

  • Twinkie Bomb

    I think I’d rather either the first two or the last pick. Everyone else, sorry…NO DICE!!! But to the comment about Karl Urban, maybe as another member of the JLA.

  • Dreskan

    Ryan Gosling is probably the best actor out of the choices here. You can train someone to be Batman, give them a workout, build that discipline, so you’re actually casting for Bruce Wayne. Gosling fits that billionaire playboy look. He is the best choice for Bruce Wayne in this list, and actually a good choice overall.

  • lucascott

    Joe is the only one in my opinion that physically fits the role but I don’t feel him as Bruce Wayne. And certainly not if he’s meant to play the same version as Christian Bale.

    A rebooted version for the JL movie, perhaps.

  • lucascott

    Joe is the only one in my opinion that physically fits the role but I don’t feel him as Bruce Wayne. And certainly not if he’s meant to play the same version as Christian Bale.

    A rebooted version for the JL movie, perhaps.

  • stavros129

    Really shocked about how bad this list is!! Particulary Stephen Dorf!! He would do a great Smurph though…

  • guest

    jim cavizeal for batman!

  • SR1965

    Definitely the worst list of possible actors. This article should never have been published.

  • Semper Fido

    Two words: Jeremy Renner

  • sir william

    so far all these actors are fucking gay and are you serious a black guy get a fucking life if Chris says hes done let it be shit DC and Warner Bros. will start fresh
    and hopefully not with any of these (I’m not clever enough to think of a better adjective)

  • Kvothe_ModTech

    Yeah pretty horrid list there, the only one I would actually like to see from that list is Andrew Lincoln. He owns in The Walking Dead!

  • http://twitter.com/AwkwardBeans AwkwardBeans

    Whoever wrote this is a moron

  • ed

    not a one.

  • Tyra

    Stephen Dorff….yummmmmmy….Bales defo da best Batman gonna b a hard act to follow….

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelAllenMagliulo Michael Allen Magliulo

    Wes Bentley looks like he would make an awesome Superman

  • val

    i would love that bale would play once more batman. he is great as the dark knight, and not even one of these actors matches with him

  • I<3YourMom

    Just find someone that looks like a good Batman/Bruce Wayne and have Conroy do the voice over like they did with Andie McDowell in that crap movie. The list does suck a bit but it does get you thinking about who would be a suitable batman so its not all bad. Just to piss people off I’m going to throw out an outlandish suggestion. How about Collin Farrell since he seems to be the resident reboot Actor. Or just throw in Jeremy Renner and call it a day lol.

  • I<3YourMom

    And the day Stephen Dorff is batman is the day hell froze over and Snoop stopped smoking weed

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucianaveronese Luciana Veronese

    Gosh, this list a total crap

  • http://www.facebook.com/dracotias Andrew Alokfaasnual Smailes

    not to be racist but you can’t have a black batman, you can’t change a character like this that much, he could be batwing possibly…but there’s a reason no one talks about batwing…

  • ChrisFawkes

    Keaton was ridiculous as Batman. The whole burton era was a silly joke trying to make a dark version of the 60′s tv series.

    Clooney was the best Batman of those films though even if his film was not the best. He was the first to look like a man and like a billionaire.

    I don’t see anyone on this list Pulling off Batman but they have cast worse.

  • Rob

    Josh Duhamel is a great actor and would be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman..

    • Chad

      Shut your stupid mouth. Never.

  • AlfredPennyworth

    I could see Jensen Ackles in the role of Bats. He’s got the physique, the charm, the wit and the ferocity that it takes to be Bruce Wayne and Batman. Only thing that plays against him, I feel, is his height.

  • Tarzan23

    Fassbender and Lincoln would be amazing choices

  • CreativO

    I think Matthew Fox would play a great Batman! The doctor character from LOST. Wouldn’t he be great!?!!

  • MoronWriter

    WOW!! really? This is a VERY stupid list, who is the moron that come up with this list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/will.florest Will Florest

    Not a very good list. Althought I’d love to see Andrew Lincoln play the Dark Knight; and have Idris Alba voice the title role in a Batman animated feature or making a cameo as BatWing, Ryan gosling and Stephen Dorff would be better choices for the Flash or Green Arrow. I think Micheal Fassbender is one of our generation’s most gifted actors (see Shame) he’d play the ever enigmatic Aquaman better than anyone. Keep searching Hollywood. Because you’ve also got to put someone in NightWing and Robin suits soon too…

  • http://www.facebook.com/hassan.ahmed.39589 Hassan Ahmed

    Leonardo Dicaprio, he can pull off Bruce Wayne easily and he can be a serious Batman

  • http://www.geekenstein.com/ Craig Kandiko

    Interesting list. I like it and can agree on the majority of the actors. Remember people hated the choice of Heath Ledger at first, now look at them eating crow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fhb3isback Felix H. Brown, III

    I say just send the Brinks trucks (yes, I said “Trucks”) to Christian Bale’s house…

  • amit

    Thomas Jane should play Batman

  • Abel Casas

    I think Thomas Jane would be the perfect Batman. Stop looking.

  • Werehoff

    This list was terrible only michael fassbender was a reasonable suggestion

  • Prometheus94

    I have to say Gosling is a poor Choice as is Cooper. One person wrote Karl Urban is a good Choice, and I agree but the ones on this list I think Fassbender can pull off Batman not Bruce Wayne, I think Joe has the look and he is kinda huge. Reminds me a little of Miles O’Keefe who I thought (in the late 80′s) would have made an excellent reboot of Batman/Bruce Wayne at the time. So I would have to go with Joe Manganiello.

  • Alan

    At this point a dead fish would be better than that god awful Bale!

  • General

    Gabriel Macht can play the role to its excellence

  • Hayder

    Matt Bomer man
    The Perfect Batman

  • http://www.facebook.com/echarkowy Erin Charkowy

    Ewww Really? Youre insane indeed

  • http://www.facebook.com/hamzehmohammad99 Mohammad Hamzeh

    I’m sorry bal but i don’t think that anyone will bull it off like chrisian bial

  • Mastr Mind

    worst list ever
    My choices: Matt bomer, Karl urban(just watch the 2012 Dredd movie) or Ray stephenson.
    P.S I chose matt bomer cause he shares similarities with Henry Cavill who will play Superman. Bruce and supes are like twins

  • yesandno

    No, sure there all great actors but, the only person I can see playing batman the way I envision batman is the wrestler KANE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ash1138 Eric Lucero

    Wow, this is a bad list. I have to admit however, that there is one inspired choice in this ridiculous list: Joe Manganiello. In a reboot of the franchise that would be less Nolan and more comic book inspired (where Batman actually fits in a world where The Justice League exists), I can’t think of an actor who I’d more like to see.

  • TKE127

    I think Anson Mount would fit the part of Batman/Bruce Wayne PERFECTLY…Hes got that dark mysterious look about him and Hes a beast of a actor….batman is suppose to be big and buff….He has a deep enough voice to where he doesnt have to disguise his voice to make it raspy

  • http://www.facebook.com/MarcelLopezz Marcel Gutierre

    Sorry no one, and I mean NO ONE can play this role except BALE!

    • TKE127

      beg to differ and it was already said that The Nolan Batman Trilogy is to itself as if Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc didnt exist in Nolan’s Batman’s World….Anson Mount could do a great job at playing a new Batman probably be more like Batman Animated Series Batman more so

  • http://www.facebook.com/MarcelLopezz Marcel Gutierre

    You need Bruce Wayne in Justice League, so only Bale can do Bruce Wayne!

  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.peirotti Juan Peirotti

    This list is entirely moronic.

  • owen

    Only andrew lincoln and michael fassenbender could be contenders from this list the rest i think would be kinda silly and would kill the buzz batman has right now

  • Unitedrulez

    The design of this site sucks. I had to click 5 next buttons to read the entire story .

  • judybluetits

    Don Draper

  • Paul

    You missed out carrot top on this list…

  • Negative Nelly

    It’s Batman not Blackman, a black Bruce Wayne huh? You must have rocks in your head you noodle

  • Batmanfan

    My top two picks to replace Christian would be Jim Caviezel or Scott Adkins.

    Jim Caviezel would definitely be the superior actor for the role, in fact one thing he shares with Christian Bale is he also has played Jesus on film.

    Scott Adkins while maybe not having the acting depth as Caviezel, would definitely bring it to the next level in terms of the fight and stunt sequences by 100% not that Bale didn’t kick-ass.

  • Matt

    Not a fan of the list. i honestly think I good fit for a new Batman is Jon Hamm from Mad Men. John Draper does have the persuasion and sound of a Bruce Wayne, and he is a versatile actor so he may be able to pull off putting the suit on. My vote is for him.

  • http://twitter.com/7H0M50N TT

    The worst list ever, except for Wes Bentley.

  • deadpooldeathstroke

    Timothy Olyphant/Karl Urban

  • WTF

    This is awful. The worst lit I have seen ever. It started off well with Gosling as a possibility. But lost it completely by page 2. Half of the people listed are so sub par in talent they can’t get starring roles in B movies.

  • White Arrow

    Jesus christ…are effin retarded. at least u got 1 out of 10 right. i can see the dude from hunger games play him well. but the rest?! really? wtf u smokin?

  • Roland

    Seriously? this has to be the worst list of actors to play Batman? let’s go at it one by one:

    Ryan Gosling: Good actor, but that doesn’t mean he can pull it off. He does have the height, but not the build and the appearance! He looks like the reject Backstreet Boys member… Maybe he can pull a Flash or a Aquaman, But no way he could ever pull Batman/Bruce Wayne.

    Bradley Cooper: Probably could pull off an OK Bruce Wayne, however he would not make it in my top 50 list of actors to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. His face just doesn’t scream Bruce Wayne… He’d be a great Green Lantern/Hal Jordan though.

    Michael Fassbender: Really? I mean he’s a great actor (So is Robert DeNiro, but i don’t think he can pull a Batman, do you?), but he looks more like a villain than the Gotham’s most elusive bachelor and Billionaire Playboy/Dark Knight and worlds best detective. I would probably not cast him for any DC Superhero at all. A DC villain maybe. He’d be a great Lex Luthor.

    Idris Elba: Really? This has to be your worst choice so far. Not to sound racist, but it’s like casting a bunch of Japanese actors to play for the Cosby Show reboot! Again, Bruce Wayne is a 6’2″, black haired and blue eyed white dude. Idris Elba is one of my favorite actors, and could probably have pulled the best Alex Cross, but not Batman.

    Joseph Fiennes: Basically same thing i wrote for Gosling.

    Wes Bentley: Looks better than your previous choices. He could pull a Bruce Wayne, but i’m not so sure about Batman. He does not have the height or the build.

    Joe Manganiello: Now he’s your best choice so far. He’s even in my top 5 to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. He has the built, he is even taller that Batman. However, i don’t think he is a good actor, although his physical appearance is very close to Batman/Bruce Wayne, and that is why he is in my top 5.

    Dominic Cooper: Really? Did you also reconsider Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron for this role? Does not have the height or the build of Batman/Bruce Wayne… He was perfect in Devil’s Double, but he would be a lousy Dark Knight.

    Andrew Lincoln: I like the actor, but no way could he be Bruce Wayne. Too ugly for that. He also does not have the height or the build.

    Stephen Dorff: Too short, too stupid to pull of the worlds best detective. He could probably pull of a mafia boss, like Black Mask/Roman Sionis or maybe even Victor Zsasz the serial killer.

    Some people really do not understand, that when making a movie about a popular superhero (and they don’t get more popular than Batman), a true loyal portrayal of the character is very important to the fans. I grew up reading Batman comics, and i hate to see that such icons are twisted and used just to make money (like “Batman and Robin”).

  • Trollolo You

    A black Batman? Drop dead.

  • Gino

    It needs to be an actor with a serious attitude, that’s why I liked Christian Bale to a total opposite of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.Th only person I can think of right now , is Jim Caviezel, I picture him as a Frank Miller type of Batman

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruby-Lea/100002360199116 Ruby Lea

    These were definitely some interesting choices, however as much as I ADORE Idris Elba, that’s never going to happen so why even include him, I know that the Green Lantern at times has been black so I’d love to see what he’d bring to the role, for sure he’d blow Ryan Reynolds portrayal out of the water. Then there’s Steven Dorff, like the writer I adore him and would like to see him back on top, or at least in the middle, he can act and would bring some great choices to any number of villains or even other heroes, but not Batman. Dorff is a very small guy and no amount of beefing up is going to change the fact that he’s like 5’6, maybe 5’8. Batman is intimidating in part because of his stature, so yes Joe Mangienello would make a good choice as far as physical intimidation, he has yet though, even though I love me some Alcide and Ture Blood, shown me that he has the acting ability to pull off such a complex character. From this list, I like Wes Bentley, while not well known he’s a fantastic actor and even has some of the physical traits needed for the character and if you’ve seen American Beauty, he can definitely pull off dark and brooding.

  • crackd

    Ridiculous list except maybe for Dominic Cooper.

  • Amra

    Joe Manganiello seems to be everyone’s fave here, but I feel Joe d/n have the
    right look for Wayne, IMO.
    Wes Bently almost has the look, but no. Also, he’s apparently a no-sho risk, as he spent much of 2010 mostly being on drugs.
    Fassbender would need a *serious* workout regimen, and accent retooling. He is a bit too refined, IMO, but could be passible.
    Idris has a habit of being far better than the movies he is in, and is seriously *the man*. . . but not the BatMan.

    The rest. . Not a chance in hell.

    IMO, Viggo (with some serious muscle mass on him, and a some work on his
    accent, tho he is good at that sort of thing), could possibly do it.
    He would be my 1st choice.

    Otherwise. .

    Scott Adkins, maybe, if he could be counted on to act well enough.

    John Hamm, tho he lacks the needed jawline, and would need to work out, as most of these guys would. He’d make a better Bond than Batman, tho even then, not as good as Craig is, IMO.

    Some like Armie Hammer for the role, but I think he just looks too much
    like a kid, and not really built for looking stern.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tj.learnihan T.j. Learnihan

    Superman-Henry Cavill; Batman-Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, or Jim Caviezel; Green Lantern- John Stewart=Idris Elba/ Hal Jordan=Nathan Fillion; Martian Manhunter – Carl Lumbly, Dennis Haysbert, or Peter Mensah; Flash – Patrick Wilsom, Liam Hemsworth, or Liam McIntyre; Wonder Woman – Jaime Alexander, Gina Carano, Adrianne Palicki, or Tricia Helfer; Aquaman – Josh Hollway or Alexander Skarsgard. DARKSEID – Kevin Durand or Joe Manganiello (Would have chosen Michael Clarke Duncan – Awesome Actor, whom has since passed, R.I.P.) Remember that first and foremost that Budget is the name of the game here and many if not most of the actors are not in the Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. Income Bracket thus more likely!!!

  • Superkalel

    Ha ha ha ha, oh man, idris Elba??? This list does suck. Sorry man, choosing a black guy to play batman is completely unnecessary. Might as well throw Sylvester Stallone jet li and the rock on your list to make it simply retarded. Why not someone who has emotional range and also, this is important, someone who looks the part!!! Bale was the best by far!! It will be hard to replace him. I like Jim caviezel but he just might not have the grit enough to become the batman. As far as emotional range looks and capabilities, he’s probably, in my opinion, one of the better fits.

  • BZ@cka

    ithink ryan gosling is a good choice but he’s too pure , batman is hatred and fear and darkness , i think the best that could fit under black cape with a great script is will smith .. if he ever does , he would take the character to dimensions we’ve never experienced before with batman .. but that’s just me :)

  • Terrible list

    You are honestly a fucking idiot. Go educate yourself on batman and try and write this article again

  • Athena

    Michael Keaton IS Batman. No one else can touch his portrayal of the dark knight/detective. This offered list is all wrong. Not one of the actors are right for the role of Batman. there is only one actor besides Michael Keaton who can play batman and that is the guy who plays Hotch on Criminal Minds (the lead FBI profiler). He would absolutely rock that role!

  • Nate

    Mangiello has the right look, but he’s too huge. They’d be better off dying his hair blonde and having him play Sabretooth in a future X-Men or Wolverine movie.

  • sdfgdfg4

    I wish this franchise would die. It’s almost as annoying as MLP.

  • bane

    I approve of two from the list. Wes Benlty (see the Four Feathers…This movie proves his acting chops and will convince you that he could play both the dark knight and his alter ego Bruce Wayne…most actors undergo a workout plan prior to camera time as a superhero. he would be no different) The second of the two would be Mangiello, who I am not familiar with but he has the look of a Bruce Wayne…all the others are way wrong and I agree that gosling would be the best choice for flash… Karl Urban maybe a Batman but he does not have the presence for Bruce Wayne….just my two cents

  • war

    that list sucks ,but heres one how about the cat from watchman that played ozymandias, or get someone that looks like and same height as cavil.

  • war

    that list sucks ,but heres one how about the cat from watchman that played ozymandias, or get someone that looks like and same height as cavil.

  • World’s Finest

    Hugh Dancy…watch him in the Hannibal TV show. He is Bruce Wayne and Batman…has the angst and intensity to pull it off.

  • Swopie

    Why not just call it 7 actors who could ruin batman forever

  • Danny

    Ok, Bale was the best Wayne, he had the charm, looks, and the i’m-better than you attitude Billionaire playboys must have. In terms of Batman, it seems like he is the only “muscular” one. George Clooney looked old. Micheal Keeton looked average, Val Kilmer was decent. Bale was intimidating and looked like there was a struggle. so if you don’t like him because of his bat voice, fuck off

  • Terrence Kirton

    Wes Bentley, everyone else don’t matter. We need a fresh face to play the Bat. It’s simple as that.

  • srghfghdfgh

    Now Armie Hammer could portray Batman, but not any of these guys on the list.

  • Sirinae

    Definitely Wes Bentley!! OMG, he looks the most like what Bruce Wayne is supposed to look like and he’s a fantastic actor, plus he has Batman’s anvil jawline. Please be it him!!

  • John Sayegh

    joseph gordon levitt should play batman so the new trilogy can match the era ps in the end of the dark knight rises hes in the cave which implies something night wayne or batman like in the comics !!!!!

  • John Sayegh

    joseph gordon levitt should play batman so the new trilogy can match the era ps in the end of the dark knight rises hes in the cave which implies something night wayne or batman like in the comics !!!!!

  • Bob

    You made a mistake, you meant to say Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper would be perfect to play Flash.

  • Scoop

    This is an awful list lol

  • Dane Esposito

    I think Joel Schumacher secretly wrote this list…

  • John Do

    This list is a joke :P Hahaha didn’t feel it with ANY of the actors, except Idris Elba of course… NOT HA! Batman, black? LOL

  • mattcat8329

    Does no one seem to grasp the reality that if Batman hadn’t changed his voice, there would have been people (most closest to him) that would have realized Bruce Wayne was Batman?! Yes, men want to be Bruce Wayne and women want to sleep with him. A man as much in the public eye as Bruce Wayne needed to have drastically different characteristics, including his voice. Not necessarily addressed in the comics/graphic novels (although I believe there may have been an inkling of that logic in an early comic), but it needed to be. All of you “throat cancer” whiners need to stop. And how dare you question Nolan at all after The Dark Knight. There has never been a better comic character adaptation than Heath Ledger as the Joker. Sadistic, brutal, relentless, unforgiving, funny, and genius. And Nolan (with his brother) wrote his dialogue. TDKR wasn’t the greatest batman film, but it wasn’t going to live up to TDK regardless. Imagine having the entire script written for TDKR with the Joker in it and then your Joker dies. So you have to completely rewrite the ending to your trilogy from pretty much scratch. Fanboys always want, so desperately, to have movies stick impossibly close to comic/graphic novel storylines. They won’t ever be satisfied because that just isn’t a possible feat. There’s too much history and too many different storylines for there to be a perfect adaptation. It won’t ever happen. There will only be renditions and interpretations, and I say god bless Nolan for his. He not only saved a frickin franchise but breathed new life into it as well. There are plenty of movie franchises to complain about (see Fantastic Four, for God’s sake), let’s leave the pretty damn good ones alone.

  • Dakota Dare

    I can see Ryan Gosling being a possibility maybe, but all the other actors in this list are just not Dark Knight material.

  • Redkryptonite

    Was this a joke list?? absolute shit

  • aaron

    might as well be christopher walken lol list not great

  • andy

    How is there absolutely no mention of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Surely he is actually quite likely to get it

  • Larry

    I don’t know if they added him into this or not, because I stopped at the first one that they mentioned, but if anybody is in the next Batman film, keep the franchise going and sign on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Just because his name is Robin does not mean that he has to BECOME Robin in the next film. If you remember, he was left the Bat suit.

  • Splinter76

    Wow… except for Joe Mangan… whatever… this list is TOTAL crap.

  • sqDFW

    you atre just shit.

  • CV

    This actors would ruin the Batman movies…

  • hp

    I guess I like Michael Fassbender…

  • Gu

    Luke Evans for Bruce or Michael Trucco

  • Tyler

    Yeah Idris Elba could probably do Bat Wing from the New 52 but other than that, what in the hell was that list

  • Aesop

    Of the entire list I could only really see maybe… and this is a big maybe. Idris Elba. The rest I just can’t even see pulling off the poise and confidence without turning it into cockiness. I’d agree that Bradley Cooper would be a possible for the Flash… the Flash is cocky and Cooper definitely comes off as cocky ;)

    • Aesop

      I could see Antony Starr (from the Cinemax series Banshee as a possible) with Kit Harington from GoT as a Robin… a more grown up Robin… but still. Joseph Gordon Levitt would be a good Nightwing.

  • jonesy

    just bring back bale….hes great and still very fresh in peoples minds otherwise this will suck

  • psnrndns

    Possibly the worst list….for anything.

  • Pablo Sanchez

    WORST list EVER

  • demoncat_4

    interesting pick though bradly cooper would work better as martian manhutter or green lantern the batman not broodish enough. gosling would be intriqued to see how he pulled off wearing the bat suit for bruce he could proably nail. as long as who ever is picked does not do an impression of bales batvoice.

  • JimH69

    Am I the only one who thinks Bale is meant for the role and would be a fool to step away from it??? If Harrison Ford can be Indiana Jones into his friggin’ 70′s why are we putting such a great actor/character combination out to pasture???

  • Rob

    That list is horrible, Stephen Dorff? Idris Elba? Even Idris Elba would be smart enough to say no

  • Andrew Arnold

    That’s a pretty weak list. I’d say maybe Fassbender, maybe.

  • Colby Rogers

    First thing I thought when I saw Dorf with his disheveled look was a new Joker. Intriguing look anyway…don’t know anything about the actor.

    • Colby Rogers


  • TAG

    Worst list i have ever seen. And i am so sick of gosling showing up al the time. Bale wont do it again, but Warner Bros should give him the biggest paycheck to helm the role once more. Justice League may never be successful without him. At least in terms of major profit

  • Jeff Habib

    Stop with the Wes Bentley. He looks like a Twilight character and should never be considered for Batman. After doing a great job with Dredd, I like Karl Urban. He could portray Batman, but I don’t know about Bruce Wayne. Gosling and Cooper would both be good for Flash and GL. Elba is black. There are several characters who should never have their skin color changed and Batman is number one. The Wayne’s have been in Gotham City since the beginning as a prominent and rich white family. You should never make Batman, Superman, or Captain America black and you should never make Black Panther, Cyborg, Luke Cage white. You do not mess with a character like Batman on the skin color. Too much history about his family being rich and white.

  • idkwhatever

    Scott Adkins should play Batman. I want to see some real detective skills and some real martial arts dammit!

  • idkwhatever

    Idris Elba is perfect for John Stewart, they better snatch him up before it’s too late. I don’t want any A-listers like Gosling or Cooper tbh. I prefer unknowns. This is one of the reasons Ryan Reynolds should stop playing comic book characters.

  • idkwhatever

    I’m tired of seeing Fassbender, wth is everyone’s obsession with this man. I don’t see him as Batman at all.

  • clay1973

    I agree that Keaton wasnt a great Batman but if they really want a good actor that can play the injured playboy then I say Christian Kane. And he can fight too.

  • Strong Guy

    Very bad list. I’m not even sure one of them even fits the character 10-20%. If I had to pick anyone off that list I’d pick Fassbender, but he would never be a guy I pulled out to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. I’ve seen a few people mention Karl Urban, who could pull the role off fine, but honestly I think Urban could do other roles better in the DCU.

  • Faisal Almatawh

    you’re just picking people with facial hair.

  • X1K

    Bale pulled off a perfect Bruce Wayne but he just doesn’t seem fit for the role of Batman. I think they should go for an MMA, more physically fit actor like Scott Adkins. He even looks like him. His performance in the latest “Universal Soldier” was pretty good.

  • Jesse Garza

    What about John Hamm?

  • Bill

    This is the first of these lists I’ve seen that didn’t have Armie Hammer in it, so bravo for going out of the box. I actually quite like Wes Bentley, I agree below that Bradley Cooper would better fit the Flash. This guy might be a bit young, but what about Liam Hemsworth? There, I said it-Thor’s little bro, who was actually in the running for Thor. He can play tough, he has those piercing eyes that would brood straight through the cowl, he has the chops, and he has the size…

  • Name

    why do all these lists always have Idris Elba and/or actors who have already been tapped for other comic book stuff?

  • mako_zero

    Matt Joseph is definitely a Marvel-Fan.

  • isakglasses

    I think the choices of andrew lincoln ,wes bentley and ryan gosling are perfect.The rest is a bit unusual but we all know Karl Urban is BATMAN

  • thehell

    Hey this guy can grow facial fair. Perfect for Batman.

  • Vallek

    that’s a terrible fucking list…jesus christ…

  • Username100

    I’d love Idris Elba to do it. If you want to re-invent the franchise and beat Bale’s performance a coloured Bat would be your best shot.

  • 83Vette

    You seriously just retitled this list from over a year ago. How about giving us some new shit…

  • ReedBlack

    Stephan Doriff??!!!!!! HELLLLLLL NO!!!! Batman/Bruce Wayne can’t be a douche bag.

  • celie

    Bad list of name – none of them fit the bill!

  • anujbeatles

    Jon Hamm? Anybody? Just bulk him up, he’ll be perfect. And Ryan Gosling would actually be great. If you’ve seen Drive it’s hard to disagree, honestly!

  • G Wizzle

    How about the dude that played Kahn in the latest Star Trek Movie?

  • Tim C

    How about that Christian Bale guy? That’s who SHOULD do it!

  • Nick

    Where is Karl Urban?

  • castor

    whoever wrote this is an idiot.

  • castor

    and everyone of these comments is also idiotic….

  • Nick Morris

    this is effin horrible, i will cut my wrists if one of these guys is chosen (except for maybe Gossling), how bout Tom Hardy (warrior) or dude from Conan the Barbarian remake hell i’d take dave bautista over 9 outa ten of these actors…… idra (great actor but i always have known Batman as white)…. stephen dorf… smfh…….. hellllllll noooooo, might as well cast Christian Slater………… be ashamed

  • scott

    Is this foreal? Ryan Gosling? A black guy? MICHAEL FASSBENDER? All good actors, HORRIBLE choices for batman for many reasons, not the least of which being bruce wayne is approx 6’2 210 lbs (which is why he can dominate multiple foes). Manganiello has the physical capability but not the persona. The rebooted batman needs to be an underdog actor yet to make a name for himself. We all have opinions, but yours is wildly ill-conceived.

  • Rahim Samad

    I’m sry But David Borenaz has to be considered for this. Bruce should be alil older then Clark. Watch Season 1 of angel. He can get Bruce Wayne as well as Batman. also he can bring alil of crazy out of the character we havent seen since Keaton.

  • Khalessi

    wes bentley was probably the only good choice on this list

  • Dude

    Michael fassbender

  • http://www.disconnexions.com/ X-Man

    I lost count of how many times I said “WTF? at some of these choices…Elba? Dorff?? can’t be serious. Bentley or the guy from True Blood are the only two I can see doing it. Lincoln would be a longshot, but it would bring in the audience for sure.

  • Zifran

    That is a ridiculous list of Batman’s haha. The guy who cried at a plastic bag as Batman. Fassbender is the only passable one.

  • newt

    josh brolin

  • newt

    if you want a badass batman who looks like he can beat up superman go with josh brolin.

    ryan gosslin? lmao

    idris elba would be good for the john stewart green lantern or cybrog.

    i hope they cast brad pitt as lex luthor too…outside the box box it would be a homerun

  • Mopo

    Donnie Yen would bring the house down as Batman. I haven’t heard his American accent yet, but he was raised in Boston so I can’t doubt him. Watching Batman have to break a sweat fighting thugs in Dark knights was a little embarrassing.

    • allen break

      I agree. Whoever they choose, should be someone who is good at martial arts.

  • Phillip Johns

    Horrible list, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • Andrew Singleton

    How about a real longshot… What about Dominic Purcell? I would love to see Karl Urban give it a shot, but I’ve always liked Purcell, and found he’s been underutilized in his movies. Or he suffers from a bad script(Blade: Trinity)

  • Such heroic nonsense

    Jesus. what a horrible list. is this all that hollywood has to offer?! And why does some of the list include guys in the ages of 40-50? We need a relatively young batman (who does not have grey on his chin for one) to utilize for after the JL movie. Using the wrong man for batman could really pose a big threat in the movies to come

  • Tiny

    KARL URBAN. Did you see that guy’s Dredd? He made the voice believeable and not corny. Easily best Batman choice.

    • IamSlave

      Yeah because Batman is so much like Dredd….

      • Tiny

        Raspy voice, take justice into your own hands, lone lawmen… Ya nothing alike…

  • GodsAdvised

    How does Karl Urban not make this list? Dude has been my #1 to take over the cape and cowl for a while now. He’d nail it.

  • whatthehell

    Was the writer trolling?

  • Dakomon

    All these guys you could snap there necks by shaking them hard. How about someone to play Batman, not Bruce Wayne.

  • Dakomon

    Maybe that guy from True Blood. Batman is 6’4″ 230, all muscle. Basically built
    like the Rock.

  • Triple m

    First thing.. someone no taller than Henry Cavill

    That rules out a few

  • Igor Vihnanek

    I vote Idris Elba. the rest is ridiculous :D

  • JFIG

    i think Matt Bomer could pull off a decent Batman, however he and Cavill have a similar look.

  • Rene Belloq 12 inch dick


  • paul blake

    Fanboys would lose their shit if Idris played Batman

  • BatFreak

    What? No Shawn Roberts? He has the look of someone who could be Batman. Plus as an added bonus if it’s at the beginning of Batman’s career, he’s only 4 years older than Bruce Wayne was when he first pulled on the cowl and realized who he really was. Plus it could save Roberts from any other Paul W.S. Anderso-should-have-been-aborted-adaptation films post RE6.

  • Sebbydad

    Joe Manganiello is wrong for Batman but I think he would be solid for Captain Marvel or Captain Atom for DC properties or for Cable or possibly Thunderbird for Marvel properties.

  • Underground Cosmonaut

    >”Bale has done such an excellent job…”
    Right after that line I should’ve just stopped reading.
    Christian Bale’s a good actor and all, but he’s not Batman. He’s a guy in a mask and cape with a serious smoking addiction.

  • Jason Todd

    not a very smart list, i have to agree. but kudos for having an opinion. Personally i would love to see Viggo Mortenson play Batman. As much as we say that we care about the Bruce Wayne persona, we really don’t. We are just waiting for him to suit up and beat people senseless. How many times do we have to see Thomas and Martha fall in crime alley? We know the history, we know the tragedy. Lets move on to the part of the hero that we all wish we could be.

  • No.

    Hands down, the worst list I have seen for possible Batman actors. Trolling aside, you’re honestly recommending that skinny fuck from Hunger Games as Batman? Idris Elba is older than Bale, and Dominic Cooper…seriously?! I’m sorry but this is just shit…just plain shit.

  • Dave

    No Luke Evans? Wow this list is just sad.

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    Your choices suck.

  • JasonWest96

    that’s the worst list I have ever seen in my entire life, suckers. Idris Elba seriously. Brad Cooper should be Flash or no one. The only guy in thi stuped list who clould play Bruce Wayne/ Batman is Michael Fasbender or Christian Bale!

  • JasonWest96

    I think Henry Cavill should pla him to. He could play Wolverine

  • skinnyskinny

    pretty bad list…would really like to see joseph Gordon-levitt play bats

    • Jamillah

      I agree to an extent, but they called him robin in the dark night rises…unless there is something i am missing from the comics.

  • nef

    Gerald butler???

  • Thomson Jenks

    Ha ha Stephen Dork, I mean Dorf as Batman/Bruce Wayne? We already got a short Batman in Burton’s version, I don’t think we want to see it again. At least I like some of your choices.

  • Harry

    What about Brad Pitt,

  • nekro75

    I agree, a shit list. James Franco or Karl Urban for the role.

  • kemo

    Jim Caviezel as Batman! No Beefcakes. No Heart Throbs. No Magic Mikes. We need Ballsy Grit!

  • hot rod

    I think Bale made the Batman work in the flesh. He is by far the most intimidating when donning the cape & cowl.

  • awesome-0

    Jon Hamm as Batman!

  • Dark knight

    What about Karl Urban? He played a terrific role as Dredd. Has the strong jaw and deep/raspy voice. I think he could stand strong against Henry Cavill.

  • Kirk Mailloux

    Wes gives off the vibe that he is a Batman that would kill bad guys.

  • Kirk Mailloux

    NO BLACK BATMAN. That is what Batwing is for.

  • Gene Turlington

    None of these is the correct answer.

    • allen breck

      I think Tom Cruise is better than any of those choices.

  • Thomas Priday

    All the fanboy lore here is starting to become frustrating.

    It’s a two hour movie. It’s not going to be one of the greatest films ever made.

  • Batman1379

    Jim Caviezel is my pick for Batman!!!

  • Batman1379

    My JL cast: 1.Superman-Henry Cavill 2.Batman-Jim Caviezel 3.Wonder Woman-Lena Headey 4.Cyborg-Michael Jai White 5.Flash-James Franco 6.Martian Man Hunter-CGI with Lawrence Fishburnes voice talent or Idris Elba taking on the motion capture role and voice acting 7.Green Lantern-Chris Pine

    • eric m.

      another penis puffer!

  • vincent

    i have faith they’ll cast someone good, someone not on this list. And the new Batman should mix well with superman. The dark knight trilogy is awesome, but its darker and serious so I never would’ve believed there to be real superheroes in that universe.

  • pattiebest

    Make him an offer he can’t refuse and Gosling would be your man – I think because he is tired of acting, his movies, even ‘Drive’ have not been money makes, he is an actors actor, but, if he did a trio of Batman movies? He could really retire, happily, from acting. And unless you have seen him in ‘Only God Forgives’ and know what he can do with one word lines, and how calmly tough he can be, you wouldn’t know he could do this. I don’t necessarily think this will be a ‘versus’ movie, it may start out that way, but I think they will team up, better for sequels, so, since they went with Cavill? sorry, they need to stand well next to him. I think Idris may be our first African-American James Bond, and Batman might screw that up, but agree, he’s the man! I think there is a little bit of a problem if you do see it as a versus movie, even in our modern world of going white against black, when Superman is so true blue American and Batman can be played with a bit. No offense, please. No on Fiennes, Cooper(s), and sorry, the other white, more of a villain dude, and a maybe on Fassbender. I had not realized that Mangiello, sorry again, was that close to Superman, recently seen post this season’s shooting, a very good season I might add, of True Blood, where the where?wolves seem to be mostly from central porn casting and have not been given anything interesting to do, he must be starving for something challenging. He lost something in the looks department with the haircut actually and I am not a long hair gal, but, they want this out the summer of The Avengers 2, I read, which is NEXT summer, they have brought Nolan’s uncredited writer on and are underway with a script already, he has time to grow it back. The only other underdog name I would throw into the mix is Dexter’s (ending) Michael C. Hall. Batman is a proppy character and apparently he is amazing with props and stunts. He has the voice and the lower part of the face is right. He has done nothing that transferred well to the big screen and would jump on this, and is certainly available. I would hope for an audition at least. Interestingly, you can’t forget the aristocrat that Bale played as well as the tough guy. If they were that close to JM of True Blood for Superman, he almost has the role, but are he and HC too similar? Maybe HC could pull off Clark Kent better and the problem now is can JM pull off Bruce Wayne? He is the right guy for the caped crusader, but can he be elegant in the mansion? Super Heroes both, but with very different origins. Gosling can pull off the class and the playboy without question, and he can suit up with the best of them, after all, there were a lot of people who didn’t think Daniel Craig could be Bond! And he was the perfect transition Bond into an action star – and still wear a tux into Casino Royale without questioning if he belonged there.

    Interesting choices and an interesting role because it encompasses two characters and Christian Bale is a genius of course playing one than the other, like Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman. These characters harbour a tragic flaw, it has to be very subtle, but there. They are broken and lonely inside and save the world to save themselves. It ain’t all muscle and Daniel Craig with his incredible acting gift, plays that dynamic better or at least as good as Bale, as 007.

    So, it isn’t only who can be Batman, a simpler question. The real question is who can be Bruce Wayne and become Batman, you need an actor for that and my money is on Gosling, make him an offer he can’t refuse. It would be so exciting it would make more money opening night than most. On your list, as an actor, Fassbender. He has played the tragic figure, he has played the hero. Do people want to line up around the block to see him and HC, both British, play American super heroes? It’s all good, right?

    Because Warner Bros. is trying to play catch up with Marvel, and they really aren’t even close, they are going to need a proven, take it to the bank actor, would be my guess. If they go with an unknown, like HC, well, I will just stop right there. I think you need someone people would really like to see in the role, curious, love struck, charming, a Clooney of years passed, to ensure box office success. I fear for Joseph Gorden-Levit, clearly a Robin.

    The smart money would be on Gosling.

    I could add, have seen him really buff as an action star in a sort of ok Scifi movie, ‘Lockout’, Guy Pierce. He could do both.

    Jeremy Renner – but seems to be batting for the other team, though he was really pissed off with what Marvel did with Hawkeye. He has the name.

    Skaarsgard from True Blood rather than his partner JM – he exudes the charm and does tragic well and is a born superhero.

    If they go old school, and honestly folks, hard to believe, but the ink was wet on Tom Cruises’ contract to play Ironman when he pulled out, there are photos of him suited up! Impossible! But you can’t rule out Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, both 50 this year, you just can’t. Brad just had his biggest box office opening and can play action no problem, and has become much more elegant over the years as a person. Tom can do it. He would do it and he would really do it, jump right off the top of the Burge-Kalif, batwings and all. People pay money to see that and they still pay money to see him. Tom is back with great movies in the bag this year, Oblivion and a very believable Jack Reacher. And more coming. You can’t rule out box office. And the minute he walks on the screen, he IS whomever he is playing, Tom disappears, would be very believable and just refuses to age.

    Okay, there is always one more – drum roll, all the reasons above, better actor than ever, right in every way, adored now by the public, perfect for both sides of the role…..

    Ben Affleck

    No kidding.

  • jim

    Cooper for Green Lanter while Gosling for Flash

  • Elliott Montana

    This list is fifty shades of bullshit. The only one remotely close is Joe Manganiello, but that’s just with his look. he couldn’t brute if he tried.

  • Joshua Martelle

    no to everyone of those, wait… HELL NO

  • Tammy Rainey

    Seriously? Karl Urban. Nuff said.

  • Run

    Gabriel Macht?

  • mister J

    Idris Elba should Play T’Challa aka Black Panther not Batman!

  • Dante Dickson

    luke evans from no one lives and fast 6

  • crixus

    hey! hey! calm down ladies! theres only one actor who would kill as the new batman! his name is liam McIntyre a.k.a. Spartacus so zack make it happen! liam earned a major role with his epic performance as SPARTACUS! so end of subject

  • telly

    calm down you video game lolI’mnotsmartenoughtomakeacleverinsult! Nintendo legend in your own mind, and the sega bitch! I would smoke both of ya! in techmo bowl or chronic the hedge hog! love the guy who wants Spartacus actor liam McIntyre! what a great choice crixus! SHALL WE BEGIN! SHALL WE BEGIN! SEND ALL THE REST OF THOSE ON LIST TO PLAY BATMAN TO THE FUCKING AFTERLIFE!

  • chuckaluffagus

    How about Matt Bomer or Karl Urban? Anyone?

  • Coby

    hell naw that list is a no no

  • Nick

    Come on, why isn’t George Clooney on this list lol

  • Samantha

    Eh. Most of those guys are too short. Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Idris Elba seem the best choices to me (in terms of this list). While I like Joe Manganiello (as a person, not his roles)—> He’s a major nerd (reference: Nerdist), I think he might actually be too tall in comparison to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Of course there are camera tricks they could do… either way, I’m sure the studios will cast well. They’ve done fairly well, so far.

  • A-rod Grime

    Armie hammer or Jason momoa. That is all.

  • khalid

    Paul wesley is the best actor

  • http://heavenhollywood.com/ Heaven Hollywood

    Wes Bently Looks too much like Superman lol This list sucks. Edris elba? cmon people.

  • nitron94

    I could picture Wes Bentley as Bruce Wayne. He definitely has the look

  • TheLoungeMod

    Wow, a lot of $#!7 ideas there. Did the author come up to Washington and smoke a fatty before making this list?

  • Tony Hernandez

    I think Joe Flanagan of Stargate Atlantis would be a perfect Bat

  • Rick

    Matt Bomer

  • GT


  • Nuts

    When ever did they have a black Batman?

    • eric m.

      last year in Compton!

  • harvey_the_wonderhamster

    No… No No No…. Just… No. There is only one logical choice for batman and that is Liam Mcintyre. Not only does he fit the bill in terms of look and voice but by being a less well known actor he won’t completely steal the spotlight from Henry Cavill who is still relatively obscure.
    In addition, if Lex Luthor is going to be in this film I propose Mark Strong.

    • ericm.

      yes,yes, and yes I already said liam McIntyre as the new batman. he is a perfect fit! make it happen! wheres Nintendo legend in his own mind, ang gay sega bitch!

    • ericm.

      even manu bennet would make a great batman…a.k.a. crixus of Spartacus. shall we begin! Harvey you are a ….SMART MAN! I AM SPARTACUS!give it to liam . then manu as 2nd choice.

      • crixus

        hey! if they don’t pick Spartacus actor liam McIntyre then they should stop the batman movies altogether. they were a weak portrayal anyway, that’s why cristian baled on the show! I mean come on! batman flies a nuke a mile out into the harbor and it blows up without killing batman or any gotham residents! come on man! it has a blast radius of at least 100 miles! bane almost killed him imagine what the man of steel would do to him! liam would revive the dying role of the dark knight, if not liam then kill of batman once and for all!

  • Orca

    Where’s John Hamm ? He is only 3 years older than Christian Bale, and when you look at him you can see Bruce Wayne.

  • the gingerhood

    terrible list

  • Spencer Brokaw

    Wes Bentley could pull off Bruce Wayne. I could see him playing Batman,

  • Sal

    Completely horrible list. This writer should never suggest anyone for a movie role again.

  • H4BAF

    What an idiot. A black Batman, a latino Batman, and that toolbag “Dorff” are great candidates?
    If any of those fools wind up as Batman, I won’t go see it. Why not include Drew Barrymore and that midget from Austin Powers to the list while we’re at it?

  • jaygenesis

    Matt Bomer is 100% Perfect for Bruce Wayne ,,,He”s Classic & Bionic

  • jaygenesis

    The New Bruce Wayne & Batman

  • Alex

    Armie hammer!!!

    • ericm.

      baking soda for batman dumb ass!

  • Damien

    Armie Hammer

  • Winston Williams

    joe Mangiello for BATMAN!!!

  • Joe

    Brandon Routh would be an excellent Batman.

  • Yo

    Bradley cooper as green lantern
    Chris pine as flash or Ryan gosling
    Joe mangienello or armie hammer(if he apologizes) as batman
    Sam clacking as aquaman

    • crixus

      now thats an all star cast of…. (I’m not smart enough to be clever, so I resort to homophobic slurs)! broke back mountain is screening a sequel! they are front runners for that not batman! asshole!

    • ezekiel clare

      Sowt h Chris Line if Bradley Cooper.

  • Jack

    “Holy [relevant pun], Batman” that was a terrible list.

  • Ridiculous List

    Get Victor Webster from Continuum to play Batman.

  • Keely-Nicole

    Idris Elba!!! All the way! I got excited when I saw him on the list. Amazing talent. He would make an amazing batman

    • crixus

      that’s all we need! a crack head batman. O.J. is getting out of prison soon!
      hes good with weapons, and al cowlings as robin! dumb ho!

    • Jack

      Batman isn’t “large-and-in-charge”. There is more to Batman than scowling and saying: ‘I AM BATMAN’.

  • fencinwithjensen

    You want a real Batman contender? Jensen Ackles. Problem solved.

  • Mark

    This list was so bad I was literally laughing with each pick! lol Don’t get me wrong, great actors among these but none even remotely close to batman! lol and a black batman? lol nothing against black people but this author was smoking something when he made this list! haha!

  • bumbum

    Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) for a skinny batman! Lol

    • eric m.

      another cock smoker! might as well give role to a real dr. his name..neil Patrick harris a,k.a. doogie howser! that’s as dumb as dr. house. you sharing his oxy stash you ass!

    • crixus

      just what we need! batman with a vicodin problem! asswipe!

  • jack56

    Wow. There is not one actor in this list that would make a good Batman. The worst list I have ever seen. Glad you’re not casting the film….wow…epically bad.

  • batham

    Okay everybody, run with me here. Let this fester in your brain a little bit. Just think about him in the suit and how awesome it would be….. Jason Statham

    • crixus

      let this fester in your peanut brain! batman doesn’t use rogaine asshole! statham does! remove cock from ass! wait batman has a utility belt to carry his can of rogaine! to spray on his enemies! I guess the penguin or joker could use more hair! the short bus is waiting outside your house for you! run along corky!

  • Suzie

    Don’t think it is the best list but I do think Wes Bently could make a good Batman.

  • allen

    michael c. hall would be good batman (the dude from Dexter)

    • crixus

      love dexter, and mr. hall as an actor but come on ass wipe! a ginger batman! .might as well have an albino play the dark knight! Spartacus guy liam McIntyre is the man to play batman! nuff said!

  • tc

    Karl urban! Or a cgi Batman With Kevin conroys voice!

  • ezekiel clare

    Jon Hamm, Wes Bentley.

  • dian

    How about gerard butler?

    • eric m.

      if not liam McIntyre or manu Bennett, or even dustin Claire….then gerard butler makes sense.

  • Mark

    In my mind, Matthew Fox would make a superb Batman!!!!

  • http://www.neejan.tumblr.com/ Neejan

    Some terrible choices listed over here. I would choose Jim Caviezel.

    • ericm.

      jesus christ! no literally !

    • eric m.

      damn! neejan, you are an ugly fuck! you look like a terrorist!

      • http://www.neejan.tumblr.com/ Neejan

        go shit in your pants little boy

  • J

    This has to be the most IGNORANT list for Batman candidates ever. Just goes to show that a lot of these non-Batman fans don’t understand the nature and presence of Batman as a solo crusader, a rival to Superman or leader of the Justice League.

    • eric m.

      tell em! just imagine Stephen dwarf as batman, robin would be taller! penguin would be taller! haha a bunch of cock smokers made that list! imagine that! batman shopping for clothes at kids r us! and a black batman wouldn’t work cause his mask would slip off from all the gerri curl juice!

      • earl

        yo that’s fucking racist… but fucking true! love it!

  • http://doucheborg.com/ Mike Hartigan

    I’m ok with Idris Alba as long as they agree to make Black Panther and Luke Cage caucasian.

    • eric m.

      another cock smoker!

    • eric m.

      hey dick smoker! a black batman for a white black panther! im sure joanne chesimard will play catwoman and chuck d as batman asshole! fight the power!

    • eric m.

      is this mike? friend of dirty ernie and johnny obreiter?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Fassbender 100%

    • eric m.

      you like your ass bent! what are you nuts!

  • Workshed

    Batty should be older than Supes so where the fuck is Bruce Campbell on this list…?

  • D.OWENS=3


    • crixus

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  • Ehm… what?

    Steven Dorff? Seriously?

  • Charles

    I think Ben Affleck should play Batman

    • ericm.

      hey penis puffer Affleck is the daredevil, not even a good one, so no! he cant play batman and fuck that role up too!

      • Charles

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        • crixus

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          • Randy Couture


            Good one Dumbass.

            Ben Affleck will do alright as Batman

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          • Charles

            hey penis puffer Affleck is the daredevil, not even a good one, so no! he cant play batman and fuck that role up too!

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          • crixus

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          • charles

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    • eric m.

      ok its been announced! Affleck gets to fuck up another superhero role! daredevil sucked ass! wont waste coin on this batman! they are gonna regret not using liam McIntyre aka Spartacus! maybe matt damon can fuck up role as robin too!

      • Ben Affleck

        No shit Sherlock it’s been announced.

        • ericm.

          was in vegas fuck face! sorry I didnt have time to watch the news!

        • crixus

          hey ben you still blowing matt damon! wasn’t announced on this blog assface!

  • Jivesh Hanoomaun

    Jensen Ackles?

  • kato_minnesota2013

    i like Chris Pine…i think he would fit as Bruce Wayne/Batman

    • crixus

      too late! gay Affleck is batman, and daredevil..l what the fuck!

      • kato_minnesota2013

        yeah i know he is already the new batman…im just saying i think Pine would be a better batman then Affleck…but oh well its already gonna happen whether we like it or not…

        • crixus

          pine over Affleck for sure! but Spartacus actor liam McIntyre by far would of been best! awesome actor and he can fight! and hes living in los angeles ready to work! he would draw much coin at the box office! not gonna pay to see bennifer fight crime! let me guess matt damon as robin too!

          • eric m.


          • crixus

            yes my fallen brother will not be forgotten!

  • gabe

    Why is nobody mentoning kevin porter for the role of Batman/bruce wayne? He has played batman several times in smaller fan films. Hes physically imposing. He sounds very close to kevin conroy with his excellent batman voice.

    • charles

      reason why fuck face is they already picked Affleck, done deal! ass face

      • gabe

        Stfu! I was speaking about this before i knew affleck was chosen to play batman you retard.

  • Roger

    Hey, has NO ONE thought about Gabriel Macht? I mean, come on! He’s got the face, the attitude! Has NO ONE SEEN Suits? The man is an animal! Now picture him in the cape and cowel, eyes dead, growling at a villian.

  • http://muon-neutrino.tumblr.com/ Triple Doble U Bé

    Guys are you fucking serious posting this shit of list?

  • KB01191978

    I’m hoping that Idris Elba will be the first black James Bond, Bruce Wayne/Batman not so much.

  • Jamillah

    First off, idris elba is a very talented actor and the writer of the article did say it was a controversial choice – which i agree with as the author stated batman has always been white. I agree they should stick to that and not change up an iconic character so drastically. That being said, he could completely pull off the bruce waune character, though i am not sold on the batman persona.

    Lastly, i understand this is an online forum for everyone to speak their mind, but there really wasnt a need for the language you used.

  • ericm

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