The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

vhs 1 The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Another year, another bucket of guts, another pile of severed limbs, another rack of bloodied knives…you get the picture. Now, while I will admit it was a hell of a lot easier coming up with a Bottom 10 for the horror genre in 2012, this year saw for some exceptionally memorable films as well, some transcending heights further than I could have imagined. For all the mainstream movies still alive and kicking today though, my list sees more entries from foreign and independent sources, a trend witnessed since starting these yearly recaps on my old blog a few years back. For every Paranormal Activity 4 or Resident Evil: Retribution, there’s a director out there willing to take a chance on something unique and never before seen, truly going where no horror director has. Not to say mainstream horror can’t be good, just look at last year’s Insidious, but again, Wan’s film was still an original idea, something not always chased after when so many ideas can be rehashed and so many old franchises can be remade or rebooted!

Alright though, no reason to get all grouchy, because that’s what bottom of the barrel lists are for! Instead, let’s celebrate some horror which crawled under our skin and brought our deepest fears out, or made us laugh through morbidly dark comedy, or swung for the fences with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, knocking that twine ball 700 feet straight out of its casing for an unquestionable game winner.

So sit back, relax, and take a ride down memory lane with me as I knock off my favorite horror films of the year one by one. Just remember, this is one single horror writer’s opinion, and in no way should be considered the bottom line. These are the films I sat through and could enjoy the most for a multitude of reasons, each film really reaching to a different part of my pleasure lobe – that exists, right? Variety is the spice of life, and I cover my horror with a shit ton of variety, like cayenne pepper on my pizza, so be sure to expect a true assortment of winners this year. I’m here to help you broaden your horizons, as well as cater each blurb to whom I envision enjoying each film the most. Trust me, I understand not every type of fan will enjoy every type of movie, so I’ll warn target groups if I know you’ll be completely off base with my love.

In any case, here’s my Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all! I’ve linked all movies to their reviews on We Got This Covered, but some have been written by different authors, so I hope that doesn’t confuse anyone. My list is as written, but other authors may have disagreed with my critical analysis. Scouts honor I’ve seen every single title!


10) V/H/S

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: David Bruckner/Glenn McQuaid/Radio Silence/Joe Swanberg/Ti West/Adam Wingard

Producer Brad Miska, Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of my go-to horror site for news and reviews, Bloody-Disgusting, is obviously a man who loves his horror. So hearing he gathered some of the best and brightest up and coming genre directors together for an old-school anthology type collaboration was an attention-grabbing headline to say the least, and I can now say V/H/S does a pretty bang-up job accomplishing what goals Miska set out to achieve. It’s different tastes of horror mashed together in pretty enjoyable fashion, even if at times our directors seem to just be looking for reasons to insert a boob shot or two.

The idea for V/H/S revolves around our filmmakers only being able to shoot using non-traditional camera methods like a webcam or iPhone, obviously along with a VHS camcorder. You’re not getting crystal clear resolution or your digital 3D display, trading picture quality for a nostalgic throwback to horror films of yesteryear, also admittedly providing a good amount of character, and more importantly something different among the found footage horror genre.

Sadly, not all the shorts are on par, Glenn McQuaid’s Tuesday The 17th being the worst. Something about a glitchy killer you can’t see and tired writing doesn’t translate into entertaining horror, but I have to say the rest were each engagingly enticing. I’m going to go against the grain on this one and say Radio Silence’s 10/31/98 is my favorite short of the bunch. What can I say, creepy haunted house work really strikes my fancy.

9) The Devil’s Carnival

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

As the tag-line suggests, I couldn’t help but fall for Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich’s musical horror The Devil’s Carnival. Full disclosure, I also love the two collaborator’s first rock-opera effort Repo: The Genetic Opera, so I already had an inkling of what I could expect this time around.

There are obvious differences between the two, from a more classically musical tone used in The Devil’s Carnival and a more musician populated cast this time around, but all are welcomed with open arms. How could you not be excited with talented artists such as Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) and Emile Autumn partaking in the fiendish festivities?

Running at a brisk 56 minutes, loads of vibrant creativity bring us a hellish carnival scene in the brightest of fashions. From clowns to performers to workers, each “player” wonderfully embodies the helpless soul mentality of Hell’s population, looking to Moody’s Hobo Clown as a perfectly animated character to fit Zdunich’s zany world of Gothic carnies and entertaining headliners. Bravo Ivan, as the Hobo Clown’s main number is both an intoxicating watch and listen, giving us Five Finger Death Punch fans a completely new voice to applaud.

The Devil’s Carnival is a wonderful take on correcting the wrongs in one’s life, and in this case the ones that brought you to hell, asking its audience “What would you do with a second chance?” Would you waste it? Act on it?

I can promise Bousman’s second musically charged horror film is anything but the same old song and dance. Now if he can just stop wasting his time with films like 11-11-11

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8) Exit Humanity

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: John Geddes

Looks like Bloody-Disgusting influenced another selection on my list, as John Geddes’ Civil War zombie film Exit Humanity was distributed this year by Bloody Disgusting Selects, the site’s newly started production company. Not all films have been winners thus far, as you can see in my analysis of the first ten releases, but Exit Humanity made a great impression for artistic reasons instead of my typical love for over-the-top B-Movie horror. In short, here’s the movie on my Top 10 that will insight the most comments about me being a pretentious prick who is out of touch with the horror genre and how I have no idea what I’m talking about. Sigh.

Like I said, you have to understand Exit Humanity isn’t about zombies disrupting the Civil War, as awesome as that sounds, but instead about one soldier’s descent into hell as he traverses a land now ravaged by zombies, while simultaneously trying to cope with the damage zombies have done to our humanity. Geddes’ film is very much a slow-burn character piece, displaying a hearty performance by lead actor Mark Gibson, also featuring genre legend Bill Moseley and the iconic voice of Brian Cox as our narrator. For me, Exit Humanity spoke volumes for the moral decay and twisted mentality one has to accept now that the dead roam free, abandoning all notions of “doing what’s right.” Do you foolishly help the girl with a bite mark on her arm like a humanitarian? Or put a bullet between her eyes to hasten the inevitable and bring forward a swift and painless death. New world, new life, new rules.

7) Juan Of The Dead

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Alejandro Brugués

The first horror movie out of Cuba? Not sure if I buy it, but that’s how Juan Of The Dead was cleverly marketed, but I can tell you for sure, even if that statement isn’t true, Alejandro Brugués easily could have gone with “The first horror movie out of Cuba you absolutely have to see!” In this silly yet undeniably entertaining zombie flick, Cuba is overrun by the undead, but government officials try to blame the horrific invasion on dissidents. Yes, dissidents more focused on eating people’s brains instead of overthrowing corrupt government rulers.

While one can pick up the undertones of governmental satire and Cuba’s socialist nature, Juan Of The Dead is a riotous horror comedy through and through. Director Alejandro Brugués has created a Cubano equivalent to the UK’s Shaun Of The Dead, which still remains more iconic, but between Juan and his nitwit band of zombie slayers, there’s plenty of poverty stricken carnage to go around – even if there’s no Winchester to kick back in.

If this is the quality product being shipped out, it’s about damn time Cuba got involved in the horror game!

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6) The Collection

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Marcus Dunstan

While you won’t find the newest Paranormal Activity or Resident Evil on my Top 10 countdown, there is one sequel that floored me this year – The Collection. Yes, Marcus Dunstand and Patrick Melton’s putrid smelling, corpse ridden follow up to The Collector is a bit of torture porn beauty, putting to shame the numerous Saw sequels scripted by the duo. While The Collector definitely has a distinctively independent horror feel, The Collection multiplies every working part of their first film by a bazillion, amassing record body count numbers solely in the opening scene. Talk about starting with a bang?

Around every twist and turn in The Collector’s hellish house of horrors, Dunstan and Melton construct increasingly devilishness contraptions of pain, dispatching of characters in the goriest of fashion. This follows one of the golden rules for horror sequels, building a bigger and better movie instead of just repeating a tired “torture porn” formula. “Go big or go home” mentalities create grotesque death executions and heart-racing terror strong enough to distract from some wishy washy scripting, creating a captivating watch for the most extreme horror fans.

5) Sinister

Sinister Ethan Hawke 540x360 The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Scott Derrickson

A horror movie starring Ethan Hawke, directed by the man who brought us The Day The Earth Stood Still‘s remake? I’ll admit I had my reservations, but have since been rendered insult-less towards Derrickson’s creepy homage to bumps in the night. This mainstream scare-fest definitely deserves my Insidious Award (copyrighted) for outstanding original achievement in mainstream horror, although not as overtaking as Insidious itself.

Telling the story of an ancient demon named Bughuul, Scott Derrickson mixes extremely atmospheric horror around main character Ellison Oswalt’s hauntingly terrifying house with surprisingly brutal film reels from past dates depicting one grisly murder after another. I couldn’t help but think how easily a major studio could have snatched this beast up and edited it to a PG-13 rating to capitalize on sales, but I’m forever grateful Derrickson was able to find backers who gave him full creative freedoms and make the movie HE ultimately wanted to – brutal and unforgiving.

A major shout out to all the child actors in the film as well! I never want to have children because of you. Thanks.

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4) The Revenant

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Kerry Prior

So what if the Boondock Saints were undead, one was ex-military, and they decided to clean the streets of scumbags? That’s exactly what The Revenant is about, as best friends Joey (Chris Wylde) and Bart (David Anders) deal with the latter’s zombification after he’s killed in Iraq. Joey acts as any best friend should, trying by any means to keep his undead friend “alive,” but soon realizes human blood will be the only way to slay Bart’s ravenous hunger. Well, hell, if you’re going to eat people, why not at least eat the bad ones?

But besides the whole Bart is a Revenant thing, only reanimating at night to drink blood, Kerry Prior’s script is rather funny and commanding, going far beyond the boundaries of a “buddy flick.” This isn’t just two unique friends getting in zany situations together. There are wonderful bouts of true friendship and awesomely comedic horror writing which rivals some of the funniest genre films in recent years, helped by fantastic chemistry between Anders and Wylde. My review tackles many other beautiful details about the film, so feel free to check it out if you’re interested!

3) The Loved Ones

the loved ones The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Sean Byrne

I was fortunate enough to catch this little doozie back in 2010 and have known of Sean Byrne’s magnificent take on the “torture porn” genre for quite some time now, but 2012 finally saw a mainstream release here in the states for a deservedly wider audience. I mean, OK, prom is a horrifying enough ordeal for some teenagers as it is, but The Loved Ones takes awkward teen romance and turns it into dastardly horror provided by an obsessive love that consumes a young girl and drives her into a psychotic madness.

The term stalker is a dangerous understatement when describing main character Lola, as Robin McLeavy gives us a hypnotically unsettling performance while kidnapping her crush Brent (Xavier Samuel) right before prom. Waking up in captivity, Brent has to struggle for his life while being tormented by Lola and her protective father. There’s a wonderfully incestuous dynamic hinted at between Lola and her father to make the situation even more dark, but the true horror festers in McLeavy’s performance as an incredibly jaded schoolgirl who goes leaps and bounds farther than we’d like to imagine, enjoying every minute of it.

This is one of those underrated gems that if you’ve missed until now becomes a must see. Seriously horror fans, get on The Loved Ones if you somehow haven’t already!

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2) Detention

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Joseph Kahn

Alright, another pick I’ll catch a lot of flak for, but you’re either going to love Joseph Kahn’s comedy/horror/sci-fi 90′s decade trashing artistic wonder, or hate a convoluted mess of hyper-ADD inspired filmmaking with the power of 1,000 suns. Since this is my Top 10 horror list, I think you know where I stand with Detention and Joseph Kahn, despite remembering he was the man responsible for Torque.

Welcome to Grizzly Lake High School, your typical clique ridden battleground with jocks, punks, goths, nerds, and a slasher named Cinderhella? Yup, as if high school wasn’t hard enough for slacker extraordinaire Clapton Davis (Josh Hutcherson) and the invisible Riley Jones (Shanley Caswell), a horror movie killer comes to life and starts axing students off at random. What follows is a mind-melt of insanely chaotic yet enjoyable editing, time travel, horror kills, quick-fire pun usage, a hilarious take on teen life, and a very unique grizzly bear. There’s a ton to process and it holds more gravity for younger viewers, but there’s no denying Kahn created something strangely entertaining with unmatched ambition. But, yes, even Cabin In The Woods made more sense than Detention.

1) The Cabin In The Woods

570 The Cabin in the Woods official movie poster 8053 The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Director: Drew Goddard

Bow down to your master, recent horror films.

We’ve seen numerous amazing horror entries over the last ten years or so, movies like The Descent, blah blah blah, you’ve heard the list before. But no film, and I mean NO film, has intelligently roasted my favorite genre while simultaneously delivering one of the greatest, incredibly climatic, instantly iconic, and absolutely show-stopping endings a fan could ask for.

Now, I know a lot of horror fans are saying Whedon and Goddard’s brainchild shouldn’t be categorized in the genre because it’s not particularly scary, but how do you NOT consider a film “horror” when it deconstructs every facet and quirk of the entire genre, both satirically and brilliantly playing with clichès? But on a more basic sense, how do you not consider a film horror with multiple death scenes, zombies, copious amounts of gore, and monsters galore?

The Cabin In The Woods stands as a crowning achievement in horror considering its horror writing is equivalent in quality to a Shakespearian epic, and deserves a tremendous amount more recognition than it already has. I know a horror film will never get recognized at the Oscars in this way, but how about a nomination for Best Screenplay?  I’d make an argument any day for that push. Just look at Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford alone. Their two characters are scripted masterfully and both actors thrive in such a silly scenario, but perfection is achieved easily because of ingenious writing. Then you open up this debate to the entire script, pointing out every nuance and reference, and boy, there’s just too much awesome to swallow.

The Cabin In The Woods made going to the movies fun in 2012, easily beating the competition for my number one spot. You can argue you weren’t scared, but you can’t deny Goddard’s beautiful homage to horror…making it a horror film.

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Close But No Cigar…Films That Almost Made The Cut

Mothers Day Pic The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Mother’s Day (Director: Darren Lynn Bousman) - Apparently this was the year of long shelved projects (Cabin In The Woods), because Bousman’s Troma inspired “remake” is a gleefully gory way for horror fans to celebrate Mother’s Day – although I’m not sure Mama would agree. Bousman is cleverly able to capture what grindhouse fun Troma films stake their reputation on, but delivers with Hollywood style in a way Troma films lacked. In other words, he keeps the brutal violence and sick characters with Scott Milam’s screenplay, but also injects a little respectability into otherwise deviant filmmaking. Oh yea, Rebecca De Mornay delivers a motherly performance you just have to love, otherwise she’ll punish the hell out of you. (Review courtesy of my personal blog before I became a staff writer here!)

%name The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Excision (Director: Richard Bates Jr.) – Richard Bates Jr. gave us a very bloody and eccentric body horror called Excision this year, focusing on a very interesting character named Pauline (Annalynne McCord), her obsession with becoming a surgeon, and her sick sister Grace (Ariel Winter). Traci Lords and Roger Bart play her out of touch parents who round out a slick cast of clashing personalities, but the focus here is on Pauline’s sexualization of body horror in sick fantasies and her monologue type prayers to God as she struggles with faith. A very weird, entertaining, and slightly disturbing look into some strange issues, but a very interesting watch to say the least.

SN D5 0 160 540x360 The Top 10 Horror Films Of 2012

Silent Night (Director: Steven C. Miller) – Holiday horror done right, damn right I might add. Steven C. Miller spins his take on Christmas slasher “classic” Silent Night, Deadly Night with a spiffy new pseudo-remake which is wrapped up nicely with a pretty green bow on top…then charred with a flamethrower and covered in blood. Miller’s grotesque take on holiday cheer delivers some of the best festively themed kills imaginable, turning innocent Christmas staples into tools of seasonal torture. You’ll definitely reconsider inviting jolly old Saint Nick in your house for milk and cookies after you’ve seen Silent Night, an unlikely horror film that breaks any curse remakes usually follow.

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Favorite Poster Work Of 2012

The horror genre remains one of the last genres to utilize creative poster design, while others simply crank out Vanity Fair type photo shoots generically repeated month after month. While I don’t agree with all of these movies, I’ve chosen some of my favorite horror movie posters from this year for your enjoyment!

Favorite Trailer Of 2012

For me, a perfect trailer melds enough hype-creating material with catchy tunage, bringing a truly teaser-tastic short marketing device which makes us want to see the film in question. This year, no trailer has done that like Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake, mainly because this is the first time I’ve been giddy and excited for a Hollywood remake in years! Not only are Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell closely involved as producers to ensure their property is in the best of hands, but their best trailer depicts everything us horror fans love and need to see in an Evil Dead remake – gore, guts, satanic demons, curses, and Raimi’s tree rape. Check out the red-band trailer and you’ll understand.

As for my most anticipated horror films of 2013, I haven’t listed them here, but instead offer a double-loaded list of upcoming horror lore worth getting excited over, which my weekly partner in crime Remy Carreiro helped me out with. Sure, you have to click a link to get there, but who can argue with two for the price of one? We’ll make sure the right films are blips on your radar come 2013.

Be sure to check back for my Bottom 10 Horror Films Of 2012, which I’ll be releasing in the days to come. Can’t have a “Best of” without a “Worst of,” right people?

So horror fans, how did I do? Which films do you think I unfairly snubbed from top film contention, and which films on my list would you remove them for? Opinions are opinions, and I’d love to hear yours as well! Feel free to let me know your favorite horror films of the year in the Comments section!

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  • Viewster

    This simply is not scary, good horror movies have complex actions they don’t have lot of blood and dont have special effects!

    • Matt Donato

      There was a serious lack of “scary” movies this year honestly. I agree this list has more “non traditional” genre titles, but that’s only a product of movies like Chernobyl Diaries and The Devil Inside utterly failing.

  • Evan Bolick

    THANKS for listing Cabin in the Woods where it belongs, but Sinister was a travesty. Completely un-scary, highly predictable, and Ethan Hawke frankly, got what he deserved given his detestable parenting skills. I’m sorry, but it was truly a train wreck of a film that deserves to be eternally buried and forgotten. Also, how in the world did this bloodless and toothless film get an R-rating?

  • ed

    seriously? cabin in the woods is horror? it is a good movie but it’s really far from being a horror movie… while sinister is actually what a horror movie should be and for me it is the number 1 horror movie for this year and probably the last 5 years…

    • JacksonHart

      Not that Cabin in the Woods was overly scary (nor do I think it was even trying to be), but what else would you classify it as?

  • joedbreeze

    i dont agree i saw sinster ending coming with a half hour left of the movie if it had a better ending it could of made an arguement for the number 1 spot

  • JacksonHart

    Was hoping Cabin in the Woods would be at the top, and I wasn’t disappointed!

    This movie was simply awesome. Such a unique concept, and so well done. There are so many movies that people say “are like nothing you’ve ever seen before”, but Cabin in the Woods is one of the true times where that phrase rings true.

    Such a great movie. Great list. Surprised Sinister wasn’t higher, but that movie is a little hit or miss for some people!

    • Matt Donato

      Glad you agree with Cabin! Yeah, I’m getting a lot of flak on all my articles about Cabin saying how it isn’t horror, but, I mean, I don’t know, my synopsis pretty much states my feelings haha

      As for Sinister I hear ya, but I agree with joedbreeze on this one – it was a tad predictable for me. I saw it coming about a mile away, but it also states how solid the film was. There was no real twist for me, but Derrickson did a bang up job creating decent horror, good enough to make the 5 spot.

      • JacksonHart

        I can definitely respect that about Sinister. It really was predictable, but I liked how it didn’t rely solely on jump scares or typical stuff. I really thought the home videos of the killings they made you watch were scary stuff, but I understand your view on it completely! And hey…5 ain’t bad anyway!

        And yes, I completely agree with your explanation for Cabin belonging in the horror genre. I seriously say those exact same things when explaining it to friends. It’s too scary for the thriller genre, the comedy genre, or the action genre. It’s not the scariest movie of the year, but it was definitely the best one in terms of a quality film.

        Great list once again Matt!

    • jeff beazley

      Cabin in the woods was great, but I think V/H/S goes terribly under rated. That was the first movie to legitimately scare me in a long time.

      • Matt Donato

        If you liked VHS, you’re seriously going to dig VHS2. Caught a screening and it’s crazier in every sense. Check out my review on this site if you want my full opinion man

  • Brian

    Sinister was really good. As was cabin in the woods. I respect this list.

  • Remy Carreiro

    Great list as always, duder. And people who feel inclined to say Cabin In The Woods isn’t horror are fucktards who have no place reading a horror list. Werewolves, demons, zombies, killer mermaids, sex that ends in death, pot smoking burnout, and the end of the world. Yeah, you guys are right, it’s a fucking romantic comedy.

    • John D. O’Brien

      Cabin in the Woods was an extraordinary film that transcended its genre. I think that’s why some people don’t consider it a horror movie; it’s a horror film that’s also a lot of other things, too.

  • Luke Cawley

    i will give you the cabin in the woods was good. but number 1 NO. Juan of the dead was such a better film. their is nothing better then a good comedy horror.

  • Stephen Baker

    It’s an interesting list and I do praise a few of them.. Although I could have put a few of them on best of years in recent past.. I would reverse the order with #3 and #1 though.. (I did say years past) The Loved ones and Cabin both sat around for a few years with Cabin being one of those assets from a bankrupt studio.

    Thank god Lionsgate picked it up for distribution and gave me the perfect non-Friday the 13th film on Friday the 13th. I referred to it as an onion with something that looked so simple but with multiple layers to peel away.. And all that carnage in the span of 2 minutes at the end was awesome..

    And now for the main event and how I saw the handling of it.. “The Loved Ones” You mentioned in the article about seeing it back in 2010, but as you probably know it was out the prior September at Midnight Madness.. The first people’s choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival for Midnight Madness went to this gem.. But then it went into what the programmer of Midnight Madness Colin Geddes called “Distribution Hell”
    It took almost 3 years before the indie division of Paramount pictures showed it in a few theaters in the states and then quickly ported to a DVD release only. Now for people like me who were awaiting a Blu-ray Region A release were left out of luck.. Since you could pretty much pick it up on DVD from anywhere in the world, most dvd players made today will play any region dvd’s. It made the release of it seem pointless.. It was almost that the distributors bought it and quickly dismissed it from their minds.. Why Paramount even bothered buying the rights to it and handled the way that they did is beyond any logical thought..
    One of those true gems that no one really will get to see

  • Ms. Cute

    I am a horror freak..
    and this movies didn’t scared me at all..
    can u give me a list of something way scarier ???

  • Jeff

    Did you see Mr Hush? It was my favorite of the year!

    • Ninja Baby

      That movie was scary awful.

  • DeadInHell

    How the hell was Insidious original?

    I suppose I should thank you, though, for opening with that. This way I know better than to read anything else. Anyone who follows the creators of the SAW franchise around with effusive praise can’t be trusted.

  • Douglas Skot Whitman

    As a fan of horror I can safely say I haven’t been scared of a horror movie since the original Exorcist and I saw that when I was 7. So this idea that a horror movie actually has to be scary to be in this list is absolutely retarded beyond words. Cabin in the Woods was awesome and did something we have never seen in any horror movie ever made, it gave a rational explanation for the whole genera even existing and tied most of the creatures we’ve come to love into one universe. The rest of the list leaves much to be desired and could be debated, but Cabin at number one is spot on.

    • Matt Donato

      I can’t echo this enough, spot on Douglas. There’s a reason no “scary” movies are on this list, and that’s because they were all rubbish this year. You want to know where the “scary” movies are? Just read my “Worst Of” list for 2012 and you’ll find them all there.

  • theblackmarketbros

    detention was awful..somebody seen scott pilgrim and decided to try to make a horror like that movie..wasnt funny nor scary so i not sure what they were gunning for

  • LordVolta

    Ughh…hated Sinister. All that evil character did was just showed up and stared at Ethan Hawke.

    • squibby

      What makes the demon in Sinister scary is that he doesn’t exactly do his own work, he just shows up to take credit. That’s what makes him scarier than any other. If I see Jason, I know he’s the one I need to look out for. If I see the demon in Sinister, I know SOMEBODY’S going to get me, but who? Unless you saw it coming, you didn’t know until the end who was actually doing it.

    • squibby

      What makes the demon in Sinister scary is that he doesn’t exactly do his own work, he just shows up to take credit. That’s what makes him scarier than any other. If I see Jason, I know he’s the one I need to look out for. If I see the demon in Sinister, I know SOMEBODY’S going to get me, but who? Unless you saw it coming, you didn’t know until the end who was actually doing it.

    • squibby

      What makes the demon in Sinister scary is that he doesn’t exactly do his own work, he just shows up to take credit. That’s what makes him scarier than any other. If I see Jason, I know he’s the one I need to look out for. If I see the demon in Sinister, I know SOMEBODY’S going to get me, but who? Unless you saw it coming, you didn’t know until the end who was actually doing it.

  • Fra. Gadio

    The cabin in the woods belongs to the worst horror movies list, not of 2012, of all time. It’s not even horror. It’s just a mess of ideas , some originals but overall poorly executed. Anyways apart from that, nice list!

  • ThrowDownthenHoDown

    cabin in the woods made me cringe. it just had that lame as shit, trying to be clever buffy vibe all over it. but I guess buffy was quality horror too cos it had vampires, lol…this movie is either tongue in cheek comedy or simply genreless. didnt they write the script in like 2 weeks, or was it 2 days? and thats exactly what it feels like. some highschool kids rushed homework assignment. rly, im not saying I could do better (maybe tho..) but u can just tell that very little thought went into developing what could have been a fascinating concept. sry buffy fan bois.

  • miro

    r u suprised something was scared u when u were 7 ,does not work now ?????i wish same feeling ,same as when i was 7…just doesnt work when u grow up..:)u must find the right 1

  • Tiffany Souza

    Cabin in the Woods? Seriously? These movies all sound so boring! The only two I’ve even heard of was Cabin and Sinister. Crappy article.

    • Matt Donato

      So if you’ve never heard of something it can’t be good? The mainstream movies you’ve probably heard of are all in my Bottom 10 Horror Films of 2012, and for good reasons. If you want good horror, you have to search for it. Be adventurous. Writing something off because it’s unknown is probably the worst mindset any movie fan could ever have.

    • Richard Nevarez

      Have an opinion when you’ve given the movie and chance and not before.

  • Stacey

    I was fortunate enough to have seem Detention and was left with a feeling of “Wha?” “Hoh” and a few other empty words. Good movie over all. Great list. Even if I only saw three of the ten. need to view the rest.

  • Sean1228

    VHS was scary

  • Sean1228

    Cabin in the woods wasn’t scary

  • Sean1228

    I nearly died during sinister though

  • I cwhyyyy

    Sinister being number 5 i deem this list to be nonsense since I hated Sinister and it was a low budget shitty not scary movie

    • Matt Donato

      Hmm, well apparently since you can just go around deeming whatever you want just based on opinion, I deem ice cream healthy, I deem Dave Grohl the most interesting man in the world, and I deem Boston’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner to be our new nation anthem. I’m doing this correctly, right?

  • Danielle Whitaker Owens

    I was soooo waiting for someone to mention the Collector movies. COLLECTION was one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in such a long time with an ending that had me goin crazy. Absolutely reccommend to anyone. AWESOME AWESOME MOVIE.

  • Prof2

    Just saw Cabin this weekend…and my wife’s no longer a horror movie fan, but we both have to admit, it is by far and away the best of the bunch.

  • DaStrongSKRAWN

    The ending of Cabin in the Woods was just too awesome, TOO AWESOME! But as for the rest of the movie, it was meh. Glad you mentioned the “The Loved Ones,” enjoyed that last year from start to finish.

  • jeff beazley

    I suspect everyone here was paid to agree that Cabin in the woods is rightfully number 1. V/H/S was actually scary and got me more then once, but lets ignore the low budget gems and boost the million+ budget hollywood messes.

  • squibby

    As much as I absolutely adored CITW, I think Sinister should be at the top. It had an original, beyond creepy score (Think Family BBQ. What is that, a native chant?); it didn’t spend lots of screen time exaggerating gore or drawing out long sex scenes. While I do love exaggerated gore (Think Tokyo Gore Police.), once you’ve hit a certain point, it’s like you’re just trying to eat up screen time with special effects because you couldn’t write a full-length movie otherwise. Same thing with sex scenes: you randomly have two people randomly going at it despite the fact that it all too often disrupts the flow of the film, then there’s fifteen minutes you didn’t have to develop actual talent in order to fill. My husband always says, “You can tell how bad a horror movie is going to be by how quickly you see a set of boobs.” I kept waiting for a rack and never saw one. Why? Because the movie didn’t need them. Random tits, however nice they may have been, had nothing to do with the story so they simply weren’t there. Sinister is the only movie that has made me want to turn the lights on and look over my shoulder. It was a very refreshing removal from the clichéd butchering of college kids. I’ve seen so many of those that they all start to run together. We rent them just for background noise, it seems. Not so with Sinister. That movie makes you really, truly uncomfortable.

  • HorrorChic54

    The only thing I would argue about Cabin in the Woods is that the monsters didn’t get enough screen time. I’m assuming there will be a sequel and hope in that movie that the monsters get more screen time. The lengths to which they went to create unique monsters (in some sense a nod back to 13 Ghosts) I would hope that each in their own right would be able to blaze the screen with some awesome albeit overly gruesome killing. In some ways the plot line was a bit weak in detail (watered down backstory) but for what it was no big complaints. It definitely was a better watch then the remake of Evil Dead.