Troy Duffy Is Halfway Done Writing The Boondock Saints III, Also Working On Boondock Saints TV Show

L BS 2 Troy Duffy Is Halfway Done Writing The Boondock Saints III, Also Working On Boondock Saints TV Show

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with director Troy Duffy to discuss the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the director’s cut of his film The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. While talking with him, I snuck in a question about the future of the series and asked if we’ll ever see The Boondock Saints III. Duffy confirmed that he is currently writing the script and also hopes to do a Boondock Saints TV show.

Check out his exact quote below:

“TV show is still on the hopper here. I’m still working on the third film too. I’m trying to find my way through that plot. It could start to get a little bit comic book like when you think about it. You know, these two prolific vigilante characters in prison and then they get out and have the backing of the catholic church. It could get pretty extreme.

I’m working through it though. I’m about halfway done the script. So ya, that’s definitely on the front. We’re doing a third instalment. One of the things that I’m hoping to provide fans with in the third film is a lot of answers to their questions about the brothers. The film is going to be more introspective. I don’t want to give too much away but right now I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turning out.”

Duffy also confirmed that Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are set to return, obviously, and he also hopes to bring Willem Dafoe back.

I then asked him about the TV show and how that would fit into The Boondock Saints universe. Check out what he said below:

“I’m still working on that but it’s a good question. I kind of envision a re-birth of The Boondock Saints for a new generation. With television you can go so much more in depth and tell a lot more story. I’m excited about it.”

We’ll have the full interview for you next week but that’s what Troy Duffy had to say on the future of the beloved Boondock Saints. As a huge fan of the series, I am most definitely excited to see what’s coming our way.

Tell us, are you excited for The Boondock Saints III? What do you hope to see in the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ioana

    can’t wait for bds 3:D

  • Lori Liederbach Windau

    Definitely want to see Boondock Saints III. We’ve been waiting for it to be confirmed since Bd II ended so open ended.

  • Fran McCarthy

    I’m so excited!!!!

  • David Pickles

    i wonder if sean and norman will want to do the tv show.. i really can’t see anyone else doing it…

    • Neil Quan

      Im not sure why they wouldnt. Neither seems to be doing any thing huge in the movie industry. A TV show could be consistent exposure (and steady money). Getting Julie Benz or Dafoe as regulars could be an issue but maybe as recurring characters that pop up every once in a while might work.

      • Rach

        Norman Reedus is currently on The Walking Dead. Depending on the time tables that could be a major scheduling conflict.

        • David Pickles

          oh right so kirkman couldn’t possibly kill daryl off…

          • Erin

            Not just so Norman could go do another show. Daryl’s a fan favorite. He wouldn’t want to give him up.

          • David Pickles

            that means nothing…
            kirkman has the final say in who dies and lives…

            and things can change in a few years..

      • My7Sins

        Norman is already in a TV show, The Walking Dead. He wouldn’t be able to handle doing a second show and still have any time to spend with his kid.

        • hoosier daddy

          In another article I have read both reedus and flanery said that they were on board for a tv show.

    • Luane

      To be completely honest, I think more people would watch if Sean and Norman where in the show. I just cant wait for 3. 1 and 2 were/are awesome!

  • Terri Kwiatkowski

    Epic & Awesome & So Excited for BDS3!!! Norman Reedus & Sean Flanery back as the Saint Bros! :) Boondock Saints Fan For Life! :)

  • Sarah Jo

    OMG!!!! I am beyond excited they decided to continue the best franchise ever!!

  • Brandy McCue

    cant wait for boondock saints 3 to come out :D

  • Nutty1

    Boondock Saints 3? Yes, not so excited for a TV show.

  • kitty3569

    I am excited to know what new adventure troy has lined up for this new movie. I know norman and sean can do anything that anyone will throw at them. I cant wait and sign me up to see it!

  • lauren

    Lets hope its back lyk the 1st film….not gonna lie the 2nd tried a bit 2 hard

  • Zohan

    I hope the tv show is about them as kids…. way excited wish I had a date of release though…

    • Gregor Beals

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. How they grew up, what brought out the killer saints in them growing up (besides their father). And of course they must have a healthy dose of Catholicism, Irish family values, maybe even the character of the old bartender from BS1 when he was younger, his character could be in the series as well, as an employer and a very influential friend to the (young) saints. And of course, his character must have tourettes (Fuck!Ass!)!

      • J~Lyric

        But they didn’t go all vigilante until the first movie sui the show would just be about 2 regular guys then.

      • Shane Fullarton

        from the very start you saw that the church was behind them like when they were in the church. They might not have been vigalanties before the first but doubt it if they were choir boys. They new exactly where to goto get guns and the rope. If they were new to this way of life i dont think the guy would just show them all his stuff and say help yourself

        • Rob Mason

          Good point. Maybe the series could lead them along a developmental stage in their young lives that essentially lead them toward where they end up in the first movie. Show their deviousness and anti-social behaviors and how they gradually begin using them in light of a growing conviction with their faith, caused by the outcomes of life situations.

      • Rob Mason

        The revert back to their childhood sounds like an excellent idea. However, I think maybe they should insert childhood flashbacks to explain some of their adult feelings and behavior toward certain scenarios to add more intimate depth to the characters for the audience to embrace. Make it more personal than before, and give the audience a basis for establishing a deeper relation with the characters

  • Tara

    I love my Saints:) cannot wait…so stoked!

  • Elizabeth Ragdoll

    The best news!!! Hope the boys r cast and they kick butt

  • Lesleii

    I want it all! I need those two back to feel truly happy! Please bring back both William Defoe and Julie Benz. I really like watching both of them very much.

  • thelastdisciple

    Regarding the TV show, we may not be able to see anyone else doing it other than the brothers but that’s similar to what they said about the Highlander show when they did it after the films and they were able to pull it off without Christopher Lambert or his character, the show ended up creating even more awesome stories and characters ( like Methos for instance). Of course it could be a total failure but I’m trying to be optimistic. I could even watch a show with just Clifton Collins Jr.’s Romeo (i thought he was awesome in Boondock 2) with maybe just cameos from Sean and Norman every now and then giving him guidance and tips on how not to be a douche lmao. They could make it work somehow..

    I would even watch a prequel show that fleshes out all of Ill Duce’s backstory, similar to the flashbacks in Boondock 2, also maybe show off some what was done in the graphic novels.

  • Michael Scott Peterson

    Come on throw a Black Guy in there as the getaway driver or something!

  • kyle

    As long as they make up for all saints day

    • Gabriel Macias

      WTF you talking about? BS2 was fine. Everyone wanted it so they got it . Get off the sheep path, and stop whining.

      • DarkLordCthulhu

        Hell yeah! Ding dong, mother fucker, ding dong!!!

        • Oog

          who ordered the whoop-ass fajitas?!?

          • Atiana Santiago

            “You wouldn’t know style if it jumped up your azz and pitched a tent”-Romeo. C Collins was hilarious in TBS2 m/

    • bdsbtch

      ASD Is fucking amazing. A true fan could NEVER hate the second film.

    • Shane Fullarton

      why do people put the 2nd 1 down? I thought it was great. I have even heard people saying that the 2nd 1 was a comedy while the first was more serious????? I laughed just as much in the first as i did in the second. Both movies are cult classics and they should make both movies into bluray

      • newsflash

        New flash they already have. You just haven’t been looking.

      • Killer Cyborg

        (Spoilers below:)

        The second one had very few redeeming qualities, and didn’t make any real sense in conjunction with the first movie.
        In the original, the two brothers (and, later their father) are on a mission from God to punish evildoers, so a lot of the weird coincidences and unrealistic action worked perfectly well.
        In the second movie, they downplay the Divine Mission while making the action even more unrealistic, ending up as more of a parody of the original than a sequel.
        In the opening part of the second movie, we find out that the Saints, who ended the first movie with a brilliant and chilling speech that netted out as “if you’re a bad person, then we’ll hunt you down and kill you, no matter what,” have been doing NOTHING to back up that threat. They pretty much made that speech… then ran off to a sheep farm and hid out until the next movie.
        So they went from relentless avengers on a holy quest to just some crazy schmucks who turn tail and run away from their primary mission in life because they’re scared of local cops… even though they have some key cops and even FBI helping them out.
        And they hid out at a SHEEP FARM?
        Why? They were born and raised in South Boston; they’re city boys. Why the hell would they hid out in the country, even if they DID abandon their quest?
        They speak a number of languages fluently, allowing them to hide out almost anywhere in the world. They know AT LEAST, -English





        And what do they do with their skills?
        Do they move their vigilante rampage to Russia, hunting down the overseas compatriots of the Russian mobsters that they killed in the first film?
        Do they head to South America, to raid drug plantations, and to wage guerilla warfare on syndicates and corrupt cops that cause a lot of the drug problems and crime?
        Do they go to Italy, to take on the roots of the Italian mafia?
        Of course not.
        Do they AT LEAST go over to Germany, drink a lot of beer, and hope to stumble onto some muggers?
        No, not even that.

        They end their quest to do battle with evil men, and instead, they… do nothing for 8-10 years, or however long it was between the two movies.

        They become the INDIFFERENT that the very first film was trying to raise a rally cry to.

        Which makes a mockery of everything that they did in the first film.

        So that’s PART of why people put the 2nd movie down.

        The other reasons can be mostly summed up as follows:
        In the first movie, they took the time to set up the jokes, then delivered some devastating punchlines, and they played their action the same way. The script was thoughtful, and that level of thought made the action sequences and the jokes all that much more effective.
        The second movie, in comparison, seemed like it was trying to replay all the best moments of the first movie, but without any of the effort to set up anything well.
        It was all just a flurry of mindless noises and actions, without any real skill, character depth, or understanding of what made the first movie great.
        It’s like one of those guys you know who accidentally says something hilarious… then keeps trying to recreate it even though he has no idea why anybody else was laughing in the first place. It just gets lamer, and lamer, and lamer… then people either tell him to shut the hell up, or they start avoiding him.

        • Shane Fullarton

          the reason they ran away instead of continuing their threat is to make the movie flow better seeing there was a 10yr difference instead of doing what other movies do and try to make us think there is a continous story when we can all see that they are older in second one. Plus the second movie is more personal for the 3 of them with the priest getting killed and el duce’s old partner behind it

  • Maj-Britt Nyman

    I can’t wait!!!! So stoked!!!!

  • The Dirty Mick

    A TV show that doesn’t have the original brothers in it will fail. They make the movie possible. Dafoe is also a major factor. The original saints will have to at least make many cameos in the series. One scenario : the saints at the end of the third movie are snatched up by the Catholic Church and smuggled to the Vatican where they are free from being arrested. They then hand pick two Irish guys from a major Irish prison (Portlaoise Prison) who are as essentric and racially hilarious as they are to continue their duty. This would allow occasional cameos as well as appearances in the form of phone calls or video chats with the two new guys. Something they can do even if

    • J~Lyric

      Question: what if Reedus & Flanery have nothing to do with the show, BUT Rocco is 1 of the main characters?
      I would watch.
      Honestly after reading your comment, I get your point.
      While a tv show seems awesome with a new cast &/or story it may disappoint.

    • AJC

      This would work ! The lads are getting a bit long in the tooth for a T.V. series but with the cameos …………they could be in and out of the series with the “new” saints. Will great to have them back on the streets.

      • Judy Baird

        Really? Norman Reedus is in a TV show!

    • Suzy Q Hankins

      I agree wholeheartedly. You would need to find two extremely charismatic, crazy Irish bastards that can ALSO exhibit excellent chemistry together. That is why we love the series. The brothers are the soul of it and William Dafoe is the cherry on top.

    • Jeremy Arecco

      u dont get it its not ur tv show movie script or novel its his so show sum respect or shut up its fans like u reason why star wats fans have bad rep give him his creative process n mind ur own or shut up

      • The Dirty Mick

        Do you know how to read you stupid fucking retard? It asked for what we hope to see in the film, and to comment with those wants. Before you go insulting someone else, pull your head out of your ass, and learn how to spell. You can continue being a piece is shit somewhere else now. Stupid bastard.

        • Jeremy Arecco

          no its fact and spelled everything right so now who is the dumb ass and its his movie n tv show not yours so shut up and if if im so dumb why do i have gpa of 3.9 oh also why ami art major n culinary minor n certified botanyst hmmm u go to college or university have u ever gone to comic con or e3 do u havce kids like me do u own a house or car like me no then shut the fuck up!!!

          • The Dirty Mick

            You couldn’t even spell all of the second message correctly. Art major huh? Hahaha I’ll take a large fry with my order.

          • Jeremy Arecco

            hey asshole i make 600-1400 a painting at art shows n there every 2 weeks plus i work at medical marijuana dispencerty n i sell my art to other disp. so fuck u

          • Ajc1973

            as charlie sheen would say… Winning!

  • The Dirty Mick

    Continued: Flanery and Reedus are busy with other projects. So it is said, so shall it be done.

  • moonfly9

    I am so friken excited!! Best news I have had all dam day!

  • Jollygrn_74

    Well considering #2 went well I can only hope that the 3rd continues the success and then hope the TV show doesn’t burn like some movie turned TV show failures.

  • shana.hautekeete

    OH HELL YES BDS 3 I’ve been waiting for this for sooooooo long

  • Shawn Fitzsimmons

    I am so buying the movie the day it comes out broke or not….bds3 is a must have….more action would be awesome!!!

  • Julie Conlon

    This just made my day, actually my month, no MY YEAR!! Thank you Try for providing us with the best movies ever and cant wait to see what happens next for the McMannus Brothers!!! and Romeo and Rocco and Smecker and Dolly and Duffy, however sadly not Greenly :’(!!

    • Brittany Burkett

      Why do you not want Greenly back in the movie?
      He was a bit funny in the last one.

      • Pug

        Umm, have you not seen the second film?

        • Rhonnie

          Just because Greenbeans died the the second film doesn’t mean he can’t come back in three. I mean, after all Rocco died in the first film back he was in the second so why not Greenly?

  • MaryAnne Heath

    Oh I CANNOT WAIT FOR BDS III!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

  • Marissa Reeves

    Cant wait. Love these movies

  • Dave Dawkins

    Bring…it…ON. ERIN GO BRAGH!!!!

  • Angel

    THIS JUST MADE MY LIFE!!!! <3333333333333

  • James L. Barwick

    Can’t wait to see it. I think it would be cool if Clint Eastwood would be in it and bring them some rope!

  • Joleen

    Squeeeeeee so excited!!!!

  • Dwayne Bacon

    Hell yeah!! Bring it on. I love the Boondock Saints. Can I be in it?

  • Alice

    I’m very hopeful for the movie but I find a tv show impossible. Norman Reedus I don’t think could handle a lead role in two shows.

  • Kelly Rose Talley

    Cant wait

  • William Hunt

    The tv show would only work on cable. The major networks would chop the hell out of it. Just stick with the movies.

  • Rachael T

    The TV show will only be good if Norman and Sean play the brothers. When the series started they were still young so unless he’s going to write back to their childhood, they need to play the brothers.

  • Jensen

    Clifton and David go back?

  • Colleen Elizabeth Spires

    Can’t wait. Nothing hotter than two sexy men and lots of fire power. They should just the tv show too. I can never get enough Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery

  • VanPastorMan

    The TV show would have to be on HBO or Showtime because of the famous profanity that the Saints love to use. I am pumped for a 3rd movie though.

  • Ruth

    How can anyone who is a BDS fan NOT want a third movie?! I loved both of them and am completely stoked that Duffy is working on the next one!! <3 With Norman in TWD, which he rocks as, I doubt he would be in the series, but someone suggested cameos with him and Sean, which would be cool! I think it would be neat to have some recruits for the series in different cities, and maybe a network between them, Romeo in Boston plus others in major cities…*They should be in every major city!!* Yep, definitely on pay TV to keep the feel of the characters; besides, Rocko's F-bomb bit in the first one was classic, and that won't happen on networks! Thanks, Troy, for keeping this going!! <3

  • the brother saints fan

    Best movie ever. Nothing can better than to have Julie Benz back for #3. She’s so wicked.

  • Doctor Death

    Screw all you complainers. I’m already standing in line. When you get here, remember to kiss my ass.

  • brandi40

    I have been waiting for this forever, I’m a huge fan

  • Chris James

    More Smecker Dammit!!!

  • Bernie Surita

    NIce! Norman Reedus is the man of the action hour now!

  • Aaron

    BS3, yes…a tv show? fuck naw…we love the saints, but let’s not risk driving this thing into the ground

  • Kimmi71

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE can stop begging Troy Duffy now:)

  • kevin

    If norman and sean aren’t in the tv show I’m not watching

  • Russ

    Fuck Yea!

  • Oog

    i want the movie to pick up where it left off. i want agent smecker and special agent bloom to help bust the brothers out of prison and i want a f**king RAMPAGE! i am tired of movies that glorify mafiosos! it is time to start using them as the cannon fodder that they are!

  • Dominic


  • David Hernandez

    Hells yeah man! Another Boondock Saints movie!

  • Legacy

    I LOVE BOONDOCK SAINTS 1 & 2… I WILL LOVE THE 3RD….. IT’S BOONDOCK SAINTS!!!!!! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE??? KEEP THEM COMING!!!!! I really hope that Willem Dafoe returns too… :)

  • Daniela Daniel Dos Santos

    Duffy I love you ausyhuahsuahu

  • mitchel forbes

    I think that they need to make a 3rd one already because at the end of the 2nd one they left off for a grate 3rd one. I love this movie.

  • JaydedDragon

    So, please tell me that Rocco will be included in the 3rd film in some capacity!??!?!?!?!?!? BDS 2 with the dream sequence was really cool!!! Excited to have the MacManus brothers return!!!

    • Neil Quan

      They never should have killed Rocco off. However the dream sequences really slowed down the movie. I would hate it if they did it again.

  • bsgurl1228

    Omg. I keep tellin my husband that i cant wait for the third one. Im super excited. Realy big fan.

  • mike s

    a tv show would ruin it because of the previous boondock saints movies. they should just do a third movie and go from there to keep the audience wanting another blockbuster movie

  • Neil Quan

    With these long gaps between movies, Norman and Sean will be collecting social security before they begin filming. :-(

  • Saints lover

    Super excited for the third movie not sure about a TV show though. You would have to keep the original brothers and their father for it to be any good. For the hard core fans of the Saints if you change any aspect of this I’m afraid that you will loose a very large fan base. I for one would be very disappointed if you didn’t at least have the original brothers for the TV show

  • Johnny

    Stay with the movie please. TV shows would destroy the spirit of boondock saints… a third movie and then nothing more. Classic and with high quality…dont split ur energy on a movie and a show..

  • Misstery♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    Can’t wait for BS3! Would love a TV show also!

  • kalaya

    Since the end of ASD, I’ve been thinking about having Bloom and Smecker breaking the guys out of Hoag, because someone killed their mama. Romeo, Dolly and Duffy are waiting in Ireland for them to return.

    The daughter of Yakavetta pulled in the reigns of being the biggest mob leader like her daddy was.

    When she comes back, she comes back with a vengeance. She’s smarter, and more of a running man of the mob. She gets things done, she starts off with the MacManus mother.

    Yepp, that’s how i’d like to see it.

  • lady grantomas

    I cant wait for the movie, have mixed feeling on the tv show.

  • Danai

    I CAN’T WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it lives up to our expectations

  • Killer Cyborg

    The second movie was so bad that it actually lowered the quality of the first one.
    From his outline of the third, it doesn’t look like that trend is going to change.
    Which is sad, because the first movie was incredibly well-done all around.

  • SenileDavid

    Hopefully it won’t be as stupid as the 2nd!

  • Sean Pugh

    Well tv show or movie please film it in New Orleans so I can get cast as an extra…lol or better yet cast me as a long lost step brother. Anyway good luck Duffy!

  • Beantown Saint

    I like to see dream scenes with rokko like in part two

  • CrystalQ

    I can’t wait for the next BDS film. I hope that you bring back their mother in Ireland. She was the best and I was sad that she was just in the outtakes. It was so funny…who was born first….the one with the biggest C**k. When I watch the first movie, I always watch that outtake of mom pretending to shoot herself over the phone….Please bring her back for a scene or two.

  • Normanreedusfan

    How will norman have time to do the walking dead and boondock saints lll and/or the boondock saints tv show. I think there may be some problems with that

  • JH

    I for one cannot wait… I just love those guys!

  • Shannon Fisher

    I am so excited about the third movie coming out. I do have to agree though, that the tv show may be a bit of let down, depending on the way Duffy decides to proceed with the script. I think the tv show could also be very great as well, again, depending on how Duffy proceeds with the script.

  • VeritasAequitas

    Without Flanery & Reedus the show will suck..

  • Svjetlana Hooplah Rox

    I wouldn’t watch the tv show if it didn’t have Norman and Sean in it, not even if Rocco still in it!

  • Tabi

    i wish that billy’s character of noah hadnt gotten killed in he second. i do hope that you get a lot more perspective on the mother of the boys. if there is a show, i do believe it is going to be damn awesome.

  • Kalaya Curl

    Well we know that Smecker isn’t dead! How about bringing Eunice, Smecker, Romeo back along with the finest Boston detectives minus Greenly and break them out. Have Yakavetta’s daughter being vengeance for killing her father?

    • Kalaya Curl

      Bring not being*

  • johannah90

    We need Boondock Saints on a cable channel, with the original McManus bros, Willem Dafoe would be awesome, if he would/could do it, with a continuing storyline, in lieu of a different story each week. With a connection to the church, this would be an amazing show with an already huge fan base, add more humor to it and it would be even better. I think this has the potential of exceeding Breaking Bad in viewership!!!

  • ReedFlanFan

    I just can’t wait to see what happens while they are in the prison! The ending of the second just left me in suspense especially when the 2 FBI agents (Dafoe and unius bloom) were talking about breaking them out and “a little birdy tells me they’ll be just fine” and they are looking out at the criminals and reedus makes his fingers into a gun and flanery is shaking his head and pointer! Ugh! I am just so overly excited and cannot wait!!

  • T

    Cant wait!!