Two More Walt Disney Biopics, As Dreamers Do and Walt Before Mickey, Are Coming In 2014

smb 05582fd r2 Two More Walt Disney Biopics, As Dreamers Do and Walt Before Mickey, Are Coming In 2014

For those of you bummed by the lack of Academy love for Saving Mr. Banks or bummed that Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Walt Disney in that film comprised such a small part of the running time, you may like this following bit of news. Two biopics about Disney, known as the godfather of animation and the winningest person in Oscar history, are scheduled to come out in 2014. They are As Dreamers Do, which stars Olan Rogers as Disney and focuses on his childhood growing up in the Midwest and his aspirations to draw, and Walt Before Mickey, based on Timothy Susanin’s novel that focuses on his years as a young adult on the cusp of fame.

Walt Before Mickey, from director Ari Taub, seems like it will have an easier time finding an audience than the other biopic. Susanin’s book about the visionary’s early years has the Disney family’s endorsement as well as a cast including Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder as Roy Disney and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) as Charlotte Disney. That film began shooting in central Florida in December and is aiming for a July 2014 release. As Dreamers Do, directed by Logan Sekulow, is scheduled for the spring, but carries less pedigree with it – no source material and a cast full of young, fresh-faced actors. Regardless, it already has a teaser trailer (seen below) of Nashville native Rogers sketching away as the famed animator.

Walt Disney is a fascinating character and it will be interesting to see whether or not the films confront some of the controversies behind the beloved visionary. Although Disney was brilliant and charismatic, he is also known for being a racist, anti-Semite, ultra-conservative and tyrannical studio head. The only moment from Saving Mr. Banks that did not portray him as a kindred saint was a moment where he stubs out a cigarette and explains to P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) that he tries to hide his smoking habit from the public.

If you’re interested in learning more about Disney’s roots and rise to animation genius, keep an eye out for both As Dreamers Do and Walt Before Mickey throughout 2014.

Source: /Film
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  • Guest

    If these movies have the Disney family’s endorsement- they will absolutely be sanitized and Disney-ized. You won’t see Walt as he was, for example, the ultra-chain smoker, walking through the studio with his cigarette cough (that warned animators: “Walt’s coming here!”) And you won’t hear of any of his legendary tirades at employees (oh yes, I interviewed one of the greatest Disney artists – it’s on tape – and he gave me a detailed description of what it was like to be chewed out personally by Walt – in the animation building, twice in one day, no less…)

    • rsjkaloha

      These movies don’t appear to have the family’s endorsement. They are independent productions. And Walt’s legendary chain smoking and cigarette cough will likely not be shown as much since these films will mostly be showing Walt as a youngster. He didn’t start smoking till he was in his late teens during the end of WWI. So his “tirades” in the Animation Building on the current Disney studio lot most likely won’t be featured either. He was known to have a temper and demanded a lot from his employees. He was no saint. But his brilliance and impact on the world cannot be ignored.

  • Daniel Kane

    One could see a movie and have an idea of the man. Or, read a book.

  • Pickel Juavez

    Wow, this article was informative before the last paragraph of lies.

    1.) President Obama hides his chain smoking from an American public AND forces them to pay extra for theirs while paying for his. When did chain smoking suddenly become a targeted crime?

    2.) Ask Mary Blair how sexist Walt was? Or the many other women and Jewish people he hired when nobody else would. Ask Walt why he decided to fight AGAINST Nazi’s by dedicating his studio to the Allied forces in WWII, or just go watch Saludos Amigos.

    3.) Yes, Walt Disney has been recorded as yelling at animators. For example the ones who snuck a nude photo into one of his film frames as a joke. He fired all of them. Cannot say the same for the CEO who edited the original The Rescuers. But then again, maybe that is being “ultra-conservative” to keep porn out of children’s films… sadly, nowadays it probably is.

    It is amazing what envy of people who accomplish gets low-lifes to make up about heroes.