6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

frontiers 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

The first time I sat down to watch a French horror movie, it was a film called Switchblade Romance (which would later get the name change High Tension for American Audiences), and it fucking floored me. It was, in a word, relentless. The movie pretty much gut-punched you in the first ten minutes, and never allowed you the chance to catch your breath again. While I have some definite issues with the ending of that movie (as most rational people do), there is no arguing that it opened the door for horror fans to sit up and take notice of the French. And that is just what the best horror fans did. I, being one of them.

High Tension kick-started my love affair with French extreme film. A genre that truly knows no limits or boundaries. A genre that not only pushes the envelope, but rapes and murders it and then pees on its corpse. You may think I am exaggerating, but honestly, no one does horror like the French. No one. South Korean may come close with its deep examinations of revenge, but NO ONE can touch the cinematic depravity of the French. Okay, well maybe the Serbs, but let’s not go there right now.

So with Halloween fast approaching, and me covering almost every other horror subject ever with the wonderful Matt Donato in our weekly column, The Last Stand, I wanted to tackle a sub-genre of horror that most don’t, and that is what brings us here.

French extreme cinema. Movies that are more like experiences. Movies that you don’t just watch, but movies that go that extra mile and seem to assault their viewers. Relentless films that make you film like you need a shower and nap by the time they are done with you. That is the other thing. These movies don’t just “end.” They finish when they are done with you, tossing you aside like a rag doll. The best part is, for this list I will focus on some of the lesser known, extreme French films. God knows I have talked Martyrs to death at this point.

I must warn you before you delve any deeper into this list: if sex, violence, rape, death, incest, bestiality, gore and general nastiness upsets you, you may want to go read something else, far away from here.

For the rest of you, put on a rain coat. Shit is about to get messy.



trailer released for maury and bustillos livid 70848 470 75 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

I know that I may lose some of you with Livid, because at points, it almost comes across as a gothic fairy tale. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite violent and graphic at times, but there is an underlying tone of fantasy to it all. The thing is though, this movie is undeniably beautiful. Hell, even the scenes where people get their throats cut open are quite beautiful. It just seems as if every frame of cinematography was well planned or thought out. This is a film that does not rush through its plot. Instead, it takes careful steps each minute, furthering the story and further compelling the audience.

Speaking of the story, it’s pretty simple. It focuses on Lucy, who is taking care of an old woman who may have had a gold treasure buried somewhere in her property. This prompts her less-than-proper friends to decide that they should rob the house one night, as finding that treasure would end all of their financial woes. But this is a French movie, on a list about fucked up films, so you know that the plan does not go off without a hitch.

Now, here’s the part where I may lose you. What compelled me so much about Livid (outside of the painfully stunning female lead) was the fact that I had no idea what direction this film would go in at any moment. Just when I thought it was getting dull, some really, really messed up shit happens.

The pacing here is definitely strange. A half hour in you may think that the movie is slow, but give it a chance. It finds its pacing and once it gets gory and creepy, it does not let up. Without saying too much, the “throat cut” scene caught me completely off guard and quickly reminded me that this was a French film that was pulling no punches. In other words, get past the first half hour and the film gets very fucked up. It is just a “different” kind of fucked up. Trust me, you have never seen a movie quite like this before

Livid has all the prerequisites to land it on this list. A beautiful French lead. Lots of blood and gore, and a mindfuck of a story that takes you on an absolutely wild ride. If you don’t believe me, check out the trailer below.

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Trouble Every Day

dalle 650x360 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

What is Trouble Every Day? I watched the film twice, and still do not know how to answer that. I guess the one thing I will say to anyone who sits down to watch this movie is, it is best not to have any sexual hangups before you watch the film. Seriously. This movie gels sex and death in a way you have NEVER seen before. Also, you will note, YES, the female in this movie is the same woman who played the sicko in the French horror classic Inside. Her name is Beatrice Dalle, and she is an unbelievable talent.

Trouble Every Day stars the overly pretentious Vince Gallo as a man who suffers from a rare and strange libido disease. Basically, when he gets turned on, he ends up getting feral and reacting violently. This causes him to look for a type of cure, which causes him to encounter the Beatrice Dalle character, who has the same affliction. At times, it may seem like a vampire film because it mixes blood sex and death. But it is not a vampire film. It is more a film about human nature. A film about the dark sides we all have, and how some of us nurture that side, and how some of us let it drive us insane and own us.

I can tell you, in all confidence, that you have never seen a film quite like Trouble Every Day, and it is well worth it if you can get past that first sex scene. Seriously, sex scenes rarely ever make me gag, as I am a twisted person, but the sex scene in this movie between Dalle and her “neighbour” had me reaching for the puke bucket.

Some might be turned off by the slow pace of this film, but it is a ride worth taking, because the couple dips the movie does take are truly depraved and unforgettable.

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In My Skin

inmyskin1 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

Okay, good thing I brought up the puke bucket, because you will need it again for this movie. I can handle almost any kind of violence in a film. Whereas certain kills and injuries would affect me when I was younger (like when someone would get their Achilles cut), the older I get and the more I see, the less I feel. Yes, I can honestly say that long-term exposure to gore and violence can truly desensitize you to its impact. Regardless of that, In My Skin proved to me that certain violence in a movie can still make me cringe and need to close my eyes.

What kind of violence, you ask? Well, self-inflicted, of course.

Maybe it is because I used to have a crazy ex who would butcher herself, but seeing someone cut or slice themselves is that ONE THING that can still make me cringe. So guess what In My Skin is about? A woman who sustains a leg injury, and as a result, becomes intrigued with her body as a vessel, and just how much damage it can take. So yes, this is a film about a woman who hacks herself up, to more and more extremes. The movie actually holds back quite a bit, but even in those scenes, the sound design will stay with you forever. The sounds of the cuts and slashes are so nasty and visceral that you can almost feel the blade going over YOUR flesh as you hear it.

Man, I am getting a little queasy just thinking about it. Remarkable thing about the movie is, it was written and directed by its star, Marina De Van. It is like the Don Jon of cutting movies.

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frontiers 1 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

Frontier(s) may be  my most well-known movie on the list, but I still wanted to extol upon its virtues, as it seems to get less love than Inside and Martyrs. Frontier(s) is pretty much the French version of Texas Chainsaw meets Hostel. Some (bad yet not really bad, just forced to be bad by their circumstances) people rob a bank and after, they find a nice little inn in the French countryside to stay at and lay low for a couple days. As it turns out, their luck is shitty (a running theme for French extreme cinema) and this particular inn is run by neo-Nazi cannibals.

As if you couldn’t tell from the rest of the entries, Frontier(s) is fucking brutal. You know those horror films that are so cruel and so torturous that you actually feel yourself aching for the people in the movie, begging for the sickos to just put them out of their misery? Yes, this is one of those movies.

Also, a quick warning regarding all of these films. Not to be too spoilerific or anything, but if you come at French extreme cinema (how is it that I sound even more pretentious every time I write that?) expecting a happy ending, you are going to be sorely let down. These movies do not have idealistic, happy endings. Any of them. Ever. It may help to know that going in.

No, these movies make it their goal to find what little hope you have and beat it to death in front of you, and Frontier(s) is no exception.

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In Their Sleep

In Their Sleep 02 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

Easily my favorite film on the list, and one of my favorite films of the genre, In Their Sleep is a movie that deserves way more attention than it’s gotten. This is one of those movies that is SO GOOD that I would not be surprised it if got some Oldboy like cult status over the next decade. Hell, I could even see a (shitty) American remake that would miss the whole point of this film being put into production sometime soon. Now, a good deal of people don’t like this film for just how nihilist it is. But that, my friends, is exactly why I love it.

In Their Sleep follows a woman named Sarah who, from the get-go, we see life has not been kind to. A recent move to the country acts as a precursor to the tragic death of her teenage son, and ends up costing her a marriage. We see Sarah, later on, and follow her one night as she goes to work. She ends up seeing a young boy who seems to be in danger. We, as the audience, note how similar in age and stature the young boy was to her son, and we can see her making the same connections. She ends up stopping to help him as she sees him being pursued by an aggressive man who seems content on killing him.

What follows is one of the greatest cat-and-mouse games ever put on film. I will not tell you more than that so as to not ruin anything that makes this film spectacular, but trust me. It is on Netflix right now, so why you are not watching it at this exact second is beyond me.

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Calvaire (The Ordeal)

calvaire 6 Utterly Traumatizing French Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

People kept telling me, you need to see “Calvaire, you need to see Calvaire.” They say, “Frontier(s) is not the true French Texas Chainsaw homage. Calvaire is.” So of course, I put it on my radar. Now that I’ve watched it, all I can say is holy shit.

Listen, of all the movies mentioned on this list, and for all the depraved things they do, their depravity does not even contend with Calvaire. Calvaire is a soul-raping (animal raping, man raping) movie, and you NEED to know that going in. I am not recommending it based on merit. I am recommending it based on the ideals of sub genre it is in. Is it traumatizing? Is it French? Then it has the right to be here.

Calvaire is about a man named Marc who is a singer and is traveling solo by van to get to a gig he has on Christmas. In typical horror film style, his van breaks down and he falls in with some colorful locals. All seems fairly normal at first, but then he walks by the barn and sees the villagers encouraging and cheering on sex with an animal. It’s at this point that your soul will try to slither out of you, so be aware.

From there on, shit only gets more insane and disgusting. We see that, for some insane reason, these people are seeing Marc as a woman who used to live there. I think you can see where this is going. Think of how uncomfortable you felt when you watched Deliverance, and multiply that by INFINITY and have you Calvaire.

If you manage to get through the film, you will be treated to one hell of a chilling ending, with a simple shot that will stay with you for a long, long time.

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  • M M

    What is the deal with Calvaire. So many reviews said it was horrifying. I watched it and it was well done but very tame. I keep seeing references to extreme rape but there was no rape in this movie. Is there a cut version that I may have watched? I kept expecting to be shocked but it never happened.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Yes, they rape animals and a man in that movie, so I am assuming you may have seen a (highly edited) version.

      • Nathalie Zaïnal

        One of my friends saw BOTH the original and an edited version, (the second without knowing at first it was edited). He loved the original one, called the edited version “crap”. Loses all the chills.

  • John Taylor

    Won’t bother me in the least. Gotta be interested in horror to be bothered by any of the films and I am not interested.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Then why are you here, John?

      Your comment on this article proves quite the opposite of what your actually attempting to say.

      • John Taylor

        Why are any of us here, really? In my case, iit involves sheer boredom. That and a need to oppose titles of articles that assumes everyone is interested in a particular subject. In this case, it was probably 90/10 in favor of sheer boredom.

        • http://www.twitter.com/chasewhale Chase Whale

          *I.E. I am a troll.*

      • yo

        …what *you’re actually attempting to say.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Hahaha, touche’.
          Fair enough.
          I deserve that.

  • jim

    Remy Carriero is one of the best horror fans huh?

    i guess thats why you have a whopping two comments for this article you wrote.
    get your head out of your ass pal.

    • http://www.twitter.com/chasewhale Chase Whale

      Having only two comments makes him less of a horror fan? Look around, pal, unless it’s Slash Film, most movie websites don’t get a lot of comments.

      • Remy Carreiro

        Well said, sir. Thank you.

    • Remy Carreiro

      Just so you know, you are supposed to capitalize “I”.

      Also, your insults are cute.

      Trolls are to article sites what tits are to 80′s horror.

      Happy Halloween, Jim.

  • Kat

    this one should also be in your list. disturbing to say the very least

    • Matt

      Though it is hands-down my favorite film, I feel like it’s overwhelming success and staunch realism set it apart from this list. Irreversible was disturbing because of how honest and, in a way, how likely it was that it could happen to anyone. In films like frontier(s), the gore and violence is so preposterously over-the-top that it’s almost surreal.

  • Danko

    Dude, you clearly didn´t watch Martyrs. This is THE MOVIE that should be a reference to every slash movies fan.

    • http://www.twitter.com/chasewhale Chase Whale

      Martyrs was awful. First 30 minutes were great and then it just shits on itself.

      Also, the article stats 5 traumatizing French, not 500. There are probably tons he missed, but these are the 5 that fucked him maybe. A writer can’t see every film and perhaps he hasn’t seen Martyrs or Gigli, or any other film someone comments with “HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THIS OFF!?”

      • Jae

        Couldn’t disagree more.

        The first 30 minutes for me were pretty generic horror. It is the second half that makes Martyrs so unique and so traumatic for people. I remember vividly the sinking feeling I had as it started to dawn on me what our protagonist and we (the audience) were about to endure. And that overhead shot will likely stay with me forever.

        It is at the top of my list of great films I never want to see again (along with Irreversible and Requiem for a Dream).

        • Melissa Yaeger

          Completely agree. I think Martyrs is almost 3 different kinds of horror movies, one after the other and it just gets darker and more astoundingly disturbing. At first its just violence, then its battling your demons (that crazy scary bitch I will never forget) and the final third just throws you into a volcano of despair at how depraved humanity can fucking get. JUST WHAT I WANT TO WATCH.

          • eYeDEF

            Which is what made it so outstanding.

    • huntermc

      Martyrs doesn’t need to be on this list because everyone who is interested in this sub-genre has probably already seen it. In fact, it’s quite likely that the primary reason they would be further interested in extreme French horror is because they have indeed seen Martyrs.

      • jess

        As indeed has the author. He mentions this in his introduction.

  • Géraldine

    I love your enthusiastic writing, and I am definitely going to watch some films from this list… but Calvaire is a Belgian film.

    • Jimbo

      He never said “movies from France” Belgian’s speak French. Knowledge is power.

      • Jan

        French as in ‘coming out of France’.
        Great movie indeed.

      • JB

        WELL you dont have a lot of power then…
        First like jan say its obvious its mean french as in “coming out of france”
        And by the way 60% of the belgium speak Dutch (they call it flemish) for 40% french
        So think or at least look on google before saying stuff like this specially when you dare put knowledge is power after it

        • Géraldine

          Thanks. I am actually Flemish – as I assume you are too, Jan? – and saying something is French when it is actually Belgian is like saying something is Spanish when it is actually Swedish. And Jimbo, if a Belgian film from the French part comes out, we call it a Wallonian film or a French-language film. Knowledge is power indeed.

      • Logicispower

        We also call all Holly Wood movies “English movies” because Americans speak English.

      • Kris Gokuraku

        Yes he did, look at the header. Belgians speak two languages and we don’t live in France.

        • Michael Kirchner

          from imdb
          Country:Belgium France Luxembourg
          That’s enough to count as french for me. Most of this argument is semantics anyways.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            So if you live in America i shall call you a Welshman or an Englishman or maybe Scottish? Don’t be arrogant and ignorant. And IMDB is never right because noobs like you that don’t know where other countries are post stuff there.

          • Michael Kirchner

            ————> meaning of my post

            ———–> you

          • Michael Kirchner

            >>Reads 1 post by me.
            >>Calls me ignorant, arrogant, and noob

            stay classy kris.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            I shall Ms. Kirchner. It must bother you so much that even after 4 months i got under your skin and you had to reply as the ignorant and arrogant noob you are.

            Either get facts right or gtfo.

          • Michael Kirchner

            Michael is a male name, ignorant, arrogant, noob.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            So Michael means ignorance, arrogance and a noob? But that what i said from the start. By your standards Transformers 4 is a Chinese movie because it was partially filmed in China.

            Try harder Ms. Kirchner, i eat noobs like you for breakfast.

          • Michael Kirchner

            U eat noobs for breakfast? Gross. u b trollin. dont you have anything better then aspie all over movie forums. Get help.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            Offcourse i have better stuff to do but an idiot like you deserves every attention it can get. I don’t need help as i’m not the one who keeps reacting. You started attacking like an idiot, you started being arrogant even though you deny it and you started in being an arrogant and ignorant noob.

            I’m not really trolling though, if i was you wouldn’t even know it. I’m just being honest with you because you are among the lowest of lifeforms on earth and even the worms eating shit have a higher standing in life then a certain Ms. Kirchner.

            The only one who needs help is you, i could arrange an online dictionary for you so you don’t utter nonsense anymore.

          • Michael Kirchner

            Yet you still don’t understand what i am saying and reply only in insults. no you mam are a troll pure and simple.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            I understand alright. You were trolling because you and your stupid arrogant mind cannot comprehend simple sentences. If you would read were you began from the start, if you would had reading comprehension, you would notice that you are the only fool here.

            This gif is you talking.


          • Zombified Hippy

            lol only pathetic noobs like you flag comments because they can’t take the truth. Very smart of you to use the same tactics by saying mam. It really shows your high i.q.

            Again, this is you talking.


          • Zombified Hippy

            lmao, such a coward.

    • Christopher Sharpe

      You beat me to it. Love calvaire, but yes it is belgian. The pub scene will forever be in my nightmares.

  • Matt

    Major props for forgoing the all-too-common love letter to Martyrs that finds its way into just about every foreign horror thread I have come across. Thank you for this list.

  • medavidson

    Great article. Thanks. I will search those out. medavidson

  • Valve Debaser

    Nice little list, don’t want to be picky but I saw Switchblade Romance first in the UK with the UK title change, but the original title was Haute Tension, so High Tension for the US market is the more correct title, no? Forgive my ignorance if I’m mistaken, tis late.

    Keep watching the fringe, it’s twitchy :D

    • jess

      It’s more of an exact translation, but nobody says ‘high tension’ or if they do, it doesn’t mean ‘haute tension’ in the same way as it does in French, which I THINK means something similar to walking on a high rope somewhere near the ceiling, and is a catchphrase. Switchblade Romance is not a translation at all – so, yes, a completely incorrect title – but a better name because it sounds more natural, and describes the meaning of the film.

  • Danno81

    So I just popped on Lovefilm and ordered a few of these to rent.

    Calvaire may not be one to watch with my lovely delicate wife then. She struggled a bit with Dexter to begin with and I’ve never manged to get her to watch the most commercial of horrors. You never know though…

  • ziggyboo

    “Maybe it is because I used to have a crazy ex who would butcher herself”

    Well, that was a shitty, unnecessary thing to add to your article. Makes you sound like a massive douche.

    • xylo

      Found a cutter

    • Hambone72

      How is finding a real life relation to the film (thus enhancing the emotional experience) douchey? If she cut herself up she definitely was “butchering” herself.

  • FloridaJudy

    “Eyes Without A Face”. First French horror movie I ever saw, and still scary as hell. My date passed out.

  • Jillian Theriault

    I used to work at a video store, and I have to agree with you that High Tension is EASILY the most terrifying movie I’ve ever watched. My boss and I both watched it and then whenever we wanted to freak each other out, we’d mention it. It was also my go-to title for customers who wanted a REALLY SCARY movie.

  • PippyFilthBits

    Boring. I just finished watching all five of these and I’m feeling pretty damn let down. The ending of “Frontier(s)” was particularly disappointing in an annoying sort of way. I think that if my first language was was french I would have found these pieces to be more entertaining.

  • Travis McCoy

    I have watched high tension and frontier(s) as well and I agree with what your writing. I haven’t watched the others and hope to remedy that soon.. and I have to say when I watched frontier(s) it blew me away. the cinematography and colors were truely amazing in the film and i watched it multiple times.. ty for this list!!! it appears we have the same tastes in horror :D ty

  • Val Gruen

    You forgot to add MARTYRS and INSIDE

    • screenamesuck

      I’m guessing you didn’t even read the first page. “The best part is, for this list I will focus on some of the lesser
      known, extreme French films. God knows I have talked Martyrs to death at
      this point.”

  • amol


  • Cathy

    Why is it that raping a female is apparently okay by you, whereas raping an animal or a man will make your soul “try to slither out of you”? How disgusting.

    • sitonmyface

      Shut up woman

  • Nathalie Zaïnal

    I loved Livid. Saw it with friends , though the one who brought the DVD presented it as a “Dark Tale”, not as an horror movie. I loved the atmosphere.

  • Alex Morton

    Just got done watching all of these; made a weekend out of it….lol. Phenomenal, to say the least. As a life long fan of horror I have to say that I greatly enjoyed watching all of these. Personal favorite was “Livid” but thanks for the recommendations. My eyes will never be the same again…..lol

  • Ccourt

    A Serbian film. That is truly one messed up flick.

    • harley

      that one would go well on a serbian list, but this one is french… try reading before leaving a comment…

  • Guest

    Where was Requiem for a Dream? And why are all the movies foreign film?

    • http://www.twitter.com/chasewhale Chase Whale

      Did you forget how to read?

    • S

      Read the title.

    • eYeDEF

      Requiem? How can anyone in their right mind call that movie horror?

  • King Mohamed

    umm… “a serbian film” … carry on

  • mike

    How can I find most these movies?

  • John Watkins

    Alexandre Aja’s “High Tension,” (“Haute Tension”), except for the godawful ending. But I promise you, the first 85 minutes are truly, truly gripping & terrifying, and every bit worth the jaw-dropping stupidity of the last 5. Just go into it bracing yourself for an awful ending, and just sink yourself into the rest of the movie. If you are strong enough, you may be able to imagine it has a different ending. :)

  • harley

    by the time I got to that first sex scene, I was already asleep… but I give you the credits for that particular scene, it is definitely disturbing…

  • Lisa Smith

    Excellent article! Considering how many horror movies I’ve seen, I’m amazed that there are movies on this list that I haven’t encountered. I’m renting Livid, Trouble Every Day, and In Their Sleep as soon as I can. Coincidentally, I have In My Skin at home right now. My all-time favorite movie in French, though, has to be Martyrs. I think about it often, it left such an impression on me.

  • Anthony DuLac

    Why would any sane, moral person encourage watching these types of crappy movies? Just wow. People are definitely morally bankrupt these days. No doubt about it.

    • shodan

      The real question is: why would someone of such fine moral character, such as yourself, seek out an article listing traumatizing horror films?

      • Anthony DuLac

        To see if anyone actually watched this Crap.

        • shodan

          Stop. Just admit you trolled. No harm done. And you up-voted yourself? Really?

          • Anthony DuLac

            No trolling, just some dismay that there are tools out there who would watch this Crap. Just admit you’re a tool. No harm done.

    • teenage mutant oompa lumpa

      stop being a bigot -_- just bcuz u think that these films r “immoral” does’nt mean everyone else hav to agree with it….u can’t jst go arnd enforcing ur beliefs or morals or wateva on others,…cuz then that will be immoral…..also these works r essential in their own ways..and maybe french new wave horror is not for u,better stick with twilight i suppose….

      • Anthony DuLac

        English, learn to write it.

  • Jim

    Hostel I & 2 gave me nightmares! I don’t what kind of audience they’re after with disturbing movies of that genre.

  • Lola

    Interesting how much attention was given to the male rape scene in Calvaire being so terrible and that you should be getting ready for it. As a female horror fan, we’ve dealt with that for decades. Catch up.

    • Emm82

      Yep,welcome to our world gents.

  • Andromeda Hadouken

    Haven’t seen any of them, definitely plan on it. Love the mention of Oldboy. That’s like, one of the most jaw-dropping films I have ever seen.
    As for French films, I haven’t seen a lot. Those I have seen, even when they’re not of the horror genre, tend to be pretty weird and often disturbing.

    I will say that ‘Sheitan’ messed me up. I wasn’t even sure what the fuck I just watched. Disturbingly disgusting dialogue? Check. Bestiality? Sure. Weird as hell devil shit? Mmhmm. Incestuous themes? Why not? And the final scene, all head-fuck bad-trip like… I could be wrong, but I also think there was a scene where one of the dudes tried to or did rape a girl while she was passed out, but I could be thinking of something else.

    Apparently, ‘Sheitan’ belongs to the horror/erotic comedy genre, but um, I don’t see anything funny or erotic about it. & apparently, it’s not even considered that horrific in France. So, um, what exactly DO the French consider to be horrific? I’m scared by very curious to find out. D:

  • No

    Thank You for listing in your sleep. I really liked this film as with Haute Tension and couldn’t remember the name to ever watch it again. But I guess for me the MF films that hit me the most was Asian films (mainly Japanese and some Korean)

    But that’s my taste, weird and bizarre. I would see a seen as bad or worst as like Irreversible but then afterwords I say to myself “that was awesome”(rape isn’t awesome by the way) but of course it’s taste, different things get under your skin in different ways. Imprint still gets me. and american one’s like Victim or Hard Candy, genital and body mutilation make me feel (only a little). ):

  • guest

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll definitely avoid these.

  • Pieter

    Some other French-language horror films I enjoyed a lot are:
    Vertige (High Lane)
    Ils (Them)
    Captifs (Caged)
    La Horde (The Horde) zombie action flick..

    and in my opinion a little less good, but still ok:
    Les Sept Jour du Talion (Seven Days)
    5150 Rue des Ormes
    La Meute

  • Boothby171

    Seems “intent” on killing him (not “content”)

    Creepy list. I shall make sure I miss ALL of them (I am tempted by “In Their Sleep,” however; but I expect I’ll regret that…)

  • Corey Hutton

    Movie violence can only desensitize you to movie violence.

  • Bob Zyerunkle

    Am I the only one who finds French film often brilliant, yet even more often terribly overwrought (how you say, Irreversible, Martyrs, High Tension)? I’m wary, but I’ll most certainly be checking these out.

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Requiem For A Dream. It’s not the same traumatizing as horror but it’s the most effective anti H movie ever. I know personally because I’ve tried just about everything but I will never touch H because of this movie.

  • Phillip Raffle