Vin Diesel Gets Broody And Wet In New Riddick Image

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Am I just hopelessly out of the loop? I consider myself pretty well up on my movies, but this is the first I’ve actually heard of Riddick, the latest sequel to Pitch Black. Apparently there’s another sequel in the works. If the latest image is anything to go by, it’s a very dark and rainy sequel too.

The latest image comes via Vin Diesel’s Facebook page, thus proving that the sequel is indeed in production. Diesel reprises his criminal antihero role from the excellent Pitch Black – and less excellent The Chronicles of Riddick – and the plot itself sounds like good fun.  Riddick has been abandoned on an alien planet populated with alien predators, so he’s got to get in touch with some mercenaries in order to save his own life. It’s going from one bad thing to another, though, as Riddick has a bounty on his head and one of the mercenaries has a score to settle with our hero.

So we’ve got aliens and mercenaries and violence aplenty in store, which is all I expect from the Riddick franchise. I’ll hope and pray that this one is more of a return to the low-key weirdness of Pitch Black – although I admit to a little bit of affection for The Chronicles of Riddick. That one had Judi Dench after all.

The latest sequel also stars Karl Urban – I’m guessing as that angry mercenary – Jordi Molla, Matt Noble, Katee Sackhoff and Bokeem Woodbine. Director/writer David Twohy is back too, so at least the gang’s all here.

Diesel has a tendency to keep doing what works, what with the latest Fast and Furious sequel – cannily titled Fast Six – and now Riddick. At least the guy knows his own fanbase.

Riddick will hit theatres September 6.

So what do you think? Does the latest Riddick image fill you with joy at the prospect of another foray into Riddick-world? Check out the image below and let us know what you think in the comments.

%name Vin Diesel Gets Broody And Wet In New Riddick Image

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  • Pellmell

    Karl Urban reprises his role as Vaako, a Necromonger in The Chronicles of Riddick. Maybe by some turn of fate Vaako becomes a mercenary, but I would think perhaps it’s Toombs(played by Nick Chinlund), who really was a mercenary in Chronicles. If I recall correctly, Riddick turned the tables on him and stranded him on a desolate planet. That reads “angry mercenary” all over to me :)

    Either way, very excited to see the next installment. In my opinion you’re spot-on for the rest of the post, enjoyed the read.

    • Lauren

      Yeah, it’s been ages since I saw The Chronicles of Riddick, so cheers for the correction.

      • Pellmell

        Been a while since I saw it too, I need to watch it again to see if they didn’t actually kill off Toombs. I did not see him in the cast credits at IMDB as yet. Still stoked.