The Wolf Of Wall Street Breaks The Record For Most Profanity In A Movie

Leonardo Dicaprio in The 001 The Wolf Of Wall Street Breaks The Record For Most Profanity In A Movie

Everyone seems to be talking about The Wolf of Wall Street right now, and it’s easy to see why. Despite all the delays and worries that it wouldn’t turn out well, the film is now receiving endless amounts of critical praise and audiences are absolutely loving it. It’s my personal favorite film of the year and I’m really hoping that it finally brings Leo the Oscar gold that he so badly deserves.

For those of you who have had the chance to see it, you’ll know that it certainly earns its R rating, with an excessive amount of sex, nudity and swearing. It’s so excessive, in fact, that it set a new record for the most “F bombs” in a major motion picture. The previous record was held by Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam, which used the word 435 times. The Wolf Of Wall Street has blown that number away, using the word “Fuck” an astonishing 506 times. In comparison, Martin Scorsese’s Casino used it 422 and Goodfellas dropped it 300 times.

Of course, this shouldn’t really bother anyone as profanity in movies isn’t a big deal these days, but still, it’s an interesting fact, one that hopefully won’t scare away voters come Oscar night.

Tell us, have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street yet? If so, did the profanity bother you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Farty Fartsalot

    Doesn’t surprise me. The film has a potty mouth. And it’s 3 hours.

  • Montgomery Gabrys

    Technically, a documentary about the f-word holds the record – about 351 more times than this movie in-fact. Kind of obvious but still true (check wikipedia – I’d do the link, but I’m not sure it’d work here and I’m certainly not sure the use of the f-bomb in the address would get past filters)

    Oddly enough MASH (the movie) was the first to use it. Once – back in 1970. Progress! XD

  • Larnold

    No way will I see this movie, knowing the filthy language it contains. Bad influence on anybody!