X-Men Producers Want Spin-Off Films For Mystique, Gambit And Deadpool

x men gambit wallpaper 576x360 X Men Producers Want Spin Off Films For Mystique, Gambit And Deadpool

No longer content to make standalone superhero movies, studios are looking to put together superhero movie universes, thanks largely to what Marvel has done with their interconnected properties. It’s too early to tell whether or not this will be good or bad for the genre as a whole, but Sony, 2oth Century Fox, and Warner Bros. are clearly planting seeds to emulate what Marvel has done.

Warner Bros. is laying groundwork for a DC universe with Batman vs. Superman, Sony has greenlit multiple Spider-Man sequels as well as Venom and Sinister Six spin-offs, and Fox is looking to fix their X-Men universe with Days of Future Past, then one day merge the property with the soon-to-be-rebooted Fantastic Four. 

What’s going on over at Fox is particularly interesting, as they were the ones who helped kickstart the superhero genre in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s X-Men. They now have six X-films under their belt, with more on the way. DOFP arrives on May 23rd, followed by its sequel Apocalypse in 2016, another solo Wolverine in March 2017, and a possible X-Force movie sometime after that. Yet, despite the long list of mutant-centric movies already made, the studio has failed to really connect all of them or create a “universe” to rival Marvel’s. They’re looking to fix that now though and will hopefully solve a lot of the franchise’s problems with some time travel magic in DOFP. A lot is riding on the film, but if it succeeds, it could mean big things for the mutants, and more solo films in the future.

After the disaster that was The Last Stand, the studio had several solo films in mind, for characters like Wolverine, Magneto, and Gambit. When the first of the planned batch, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tanked in 2009, those spin-offs were thrown out the window and the script for Origins: Magneto was reworked and turned into First Class. 

Now, the producers of the franchise are revisiting the spin-off idea, as a way to help them from losing the property rights to Marvel. Last year’s The Wolverine proved that the idea can work, as long as the filmmakers have a compelling solo story worth telling. Lauren Shuler Donner is hopeful about the concept, and would like to re-explore characters we’ve seen briefly in past films. When talking to EW, she said:

“There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it. I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

Gambit and Deadpool showed up in Origins: Wolverine, though they weren’t particularly well adapted. A Deadpool movie already has a script from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, though I think that if that movie was actually going to happen, it would have been made by now. Deadpool’s a bit of a hard sell for the studio, and may not be a risk they’re willing to take. Gambit, on the other hand, may be more up their alley, and Donner herself has mentioned that she’d love to see Channing Tatum in the role at some point.


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As for other characters, Simon Kinsberg actually has Mystique in mind, saying:

“I love what Jen Lawrence has done with her, and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.”

It makes sense that Fox would want to keep Lawrence around a bit longer. Her X-Men contract is up after Apocalypse, and with The Hunger Games franchise ending soon, she’s bound to have more free time on her hands. She’s also a pop culture goddess at the moment and a huge box office commodity. But will the 23 year-old Oscar winner want to fill her time with more time in Mystique’s full-body blue makeup?

The second question that a possible Mystique film raises is, “Does she deserve her own movie?” DOFP marks her fifth film appearance, but she’s always played second fiddle to the more front-and-center mutants. In fact, she’s been little more than a Magneto sidekick thus far (and barely even spoke in the original trilogy), so I find it hard to picture how well she’d be able to lead a film of her own.

Of course, anything is possible. Mystique has a long and interesting history in the comics, and has even led a few mutant teams of her own over the years, like The Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force. So if they did decide to make it, they could easily find some inspiration in the source material.

As of right now, this is all just conjecture, mixed with a few quotes from producers hopeful of keeping their long-running franchise going. It’s definitely possible for these characters to be given compelling solo stories, but that may run the risk of going against the team-up premise that makes the X-Men franchise stand out amongst their competition at the cinema.

Tell us, would you be interested in any of these solo films? Or are there other characters you’d rather see get spin-offs in the X-Men Universe? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • lenlenlen1

    Wow, so fuck Taylor Kitsch, huh? Don’t want to risk creating another on his string of flops? That’s messed up…

  • KevinOConnor

    Taylor Kitsch is an awesome Gambit!!! If Fox would get better writers and stick close to the comics history and stories that make Gambit so successful Taylor would be perfect!!! I don’t know who came up with Channing Tatum as Gambit but they are way off he really could not pull off playing Gambit at all!!!! Don’t get me wrong Channing is a good actor and i like his movies but not for that role at all!!! About Deadpool if Fox passes up on making his own movie they are idiots he is one of the top comic book characters Marvel has and they would make millions off of him!!! And they should do whatever they have to in order to keep Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. My idea have Deadpool do his own movie after Xmen days of future past about his origins since its all a start over after that movie anyway and and have the ending tie right into the beginning of Xmen Apocalypse since him and Cable’s stories intertwine somewhat that would be the perfect tie in!!!! I wish I could write it for them I have the perfect story for it!!!! Oh well wishful thinking!!!

    • KevinOConnor

      By the way if you do make a Gambit movie make sure he is wearing his signature helmet that would go along way for his character for Taylor Kitsch! !!!!